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I've been following Adriel's blog for over 5 years, so I was thrilled to hear she wrote a book. I was so excited to read "Grace Like Scarlett", not only because Adriel is an excellent writer, but because it is such an important book on an extremely common issue (1 in 4 women have had a miscarriage), one that has not been fully talked about in the open and as a result many women feel they have to grieve alone in silence. No more! This book is a warm compassionate hug, from someone who's been there, speaking with beautifully biblical sound truth, both raw and real.

Although I have not personally had a miscarriage yet, but I have numerous close friends who have. In the past I've often struggled with knowing what to say or do and been paralyzed with fear of saying the wrong thing. Now I feel informed, like I know how to be supportive and empathetic. I wish I could give “Grace Like Scarlett” to all my friends!

This book is a great resource for health care providers, counsellors, pastors, anyone in women's ministry, and of course for women who've experienced a miscarriage or any kind of pregnancy or baby loss, whether it be 20 years ago or 20 days ago. This book helps and heals. It will speak to you in whatever grief you find yourself in, meet you where you're at, and join you on the journey to hope again.

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.
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I miscarried my fourth baby in the fall of 2015. I'd walked through so many miscarriages with so many friends, I figured my experience would be similar to what I saw with them. It was not. I wasn't in any way prepared for the numbness that followed.

Nor was I prepared for the sheer terror I experienced when I carried my fifth- the rainbow baby. I was also not ready for the difficulty I had in bonding with that fifth, owing to the disloyalty I felt to the lost little one.

It's been a few years since the loss, and I thought I had pretty fully found peace. Grace Like Scarlet didn't so much disrupt that peace as it deepened it. Reading Adriel's story and heart opened *my* heart to much greater healing for me in my stories. I'm keeping one copy for me and plan to have a copy on hand to give away when a friend needs it. I wish this had been available a couple years ago, but I'm so, so glad it's here now. Worth reading whether you've experienced loss or know somebody who has.
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Grace Like Scarlett came out at the right time in my life. I just had two friends suffer miscarriages and had no idea what to say or do. This book gave me a better understanding of how to help. The chapter where Adriel described her feelings being all over the place helped me to validate my own feelings through infertility. I highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with loss in their life or the life of a loved one.
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Chances are if you’re reading reviews for this book you’ve either experienced a miscarriage or you’re supporting a friend who has.  And if you’re either one of these people, I can wholeheartedly tell you YES!  BUY THE BOOK.  

I have not personally had a miscarriage, but I have lost a child to death.  I talk and write and read a lot about grief.  I’ve walked with many through miscarriage and loss.  So I am really confident in my recommendation of this book, because I know it will transform the reader from hopelessness to hopeful.  Adriel is raw and honest and she draws readers into her journey.  Somehow by sharing her story, she gives others permission to live theirs.  

“I’ve come to learn that grief must be swallowed,” she says. “Not to make it disappear but to let it absorb into us, become a part of us, change us, and nurture us from the inside out.  It will change the way you relate to others, the way you watch the news, read your Bible, pray.  It will change your expectations of yourself, your marriage, your work, your parenting, the way you see God, even the metaphors you use for your life.  In all of these things, turn toward Jesus and let grief shape you like Him.  This, too, is spiritual formation.”

This book is broken into six parts, easy chapters that are designed to give you just a little bit to chew on at a time (which is imperative when you’re grieving a loss).  There is a hefty section of appendixes at the end that include resources, how to help children through loss, ways to remember babies, ideas on how to be a good friend after miscarriage and a special section for grieving dads.  

This book is like a friend.  It’s a safe place to grieve and ask hard questions.  May you be as blessed by Adriel’s words as I was.
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As someone who has not experienced a miscarriage, I picked up Adriel's book for two reasons: 1) to support a writing friend 2) to listen, learn, and hopefully be able to better support and encourage those in my life who have miscarried.

I can only imagine how helpful, honest, and life-giving this book would be to those who have miscarried. I found it to be all of those things as well. Adriel vulnerably shares her story, invites the reader in like a friend would do, doesn't shy away from difficult questions and conversations, and ultimately offers hope in the middle of it all.
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Grace Like Scarlett is the book I wish I’d had after my second miscarriage, when I decided I needed to grieve with intention, with hope. That’s exactly what Adriel does in Grace Like Scarlett. Through her own heartbreaking losses, Adriel offers companionship, resources and hope. Nine years out from my own miscarriages, the journaling prompts in Grace Like Scarlett have helped me sing the song of lament in a new way. Whether experiencing a recent or long-passed loss of a child, this book is for you. Adriel writes like a sister-friend, and any woman who has experienced pregnancy loss will talk about how lonely that time is. We needed Grace Like Scarlett. Thank you for bringing her into the world. 

As a launch team member, I received a copy of Grace Like Scarlett to review, and I have purchased additional copies to give as gifts. These opinions are my own.
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Amazing, honest, heartfelt, emotional and encouraging book. Loss of any kind is dealt with by each person in their own unique ways. There is hope in sharing our journeys with others. This is a book that needs to be read. I received a copy from the publisher and this is my personal honest opinion. No review was required.
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With a mix of honesty and compassion, Adriel Booker shares her journey through hope and grief. In Grace Like Scarlett, Booker recounts the trauma of facing 3 consecutive miscarriages and how she found hope in the midst of heartache. 

Any woman who has ever faced pregnancy loss will find comfort and companionship in Booker’s words. Like a close friend, she allows you to walk with her as she grieves her 3 precious children. She puts words to the pain you feel, but are afraid to speak aloud. Nothing is too hard or too raw. Booker encourages you to openly grieve your loss. No matter where you find yourself in your journey through grief, she offers helpful prompts to honor your grief. Her husband also includes a special letter to fathers who have lost their children. I love their acknowledgment of the men who all-to-often are forgotten. 

Before reading this book, I didn’t understand the complexity of emotional pain caused by pregnancy loss. Booker’s story helped me identify my role in the lives of women who too often suffer in silence. She offered meaningful insight and suggestions for those who are able to support those impacted by this extreme loss. 

Most importantly, Grace Like Scarlett offers insight into the grief process and suggestions that can help anyone. Her story includes miscarriage, but her words apply to anyone who grieves any loss. If you have struggled to find a path through your pain, this book is for you. 

Interwoven throughout is the truth that God was with her always. Even in her darkest moments and when she asked the hardest questions, she shares how faith carried her through. Now, she shares her tender story of grief and hope to help others.

I received an advanced copy from the publisher.
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Adriel's book is powerful and tough. It is convicting and sweet, like holding hands with a friend. This book speaks to the grief, the loss, the doubt, the hurt of losing a baby from Adriel's personal experience of 3 miscarriages, as well as the survey responses she collected from hundreds of women. As someone who has walked this road myself, I didn't really expect to find *my voice* represented in these pages, but nevertheless, I found myself here, reliving some of the pain and grief of my own miscarriage, as well as the anxiety I faced afterward when I got pregnant again. 
Not that I would wish this pain on anyone, ever, but if you are walking this road or know someone who is, this is a beautiful and compassionate way to process your grief, and comes with some incredible pre-order bonuses for those who order before release day (journal, audio meditations, grief coloring pages).
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