Women of Resistance

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Are these the best poems I've ever read? Nope. Did they still make me feel better? Yeah. They did. And sometimes, that's enough.
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It was my privilege to read this, it was very beautiful. The Women of Resistance boy Danielle Barnhart, Iris Mahan was very good and appreciate that I was able to read it.
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*Thank you to Netgalley and publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.* 

_” You thought to retire, having served us well l, we women who donned you like armor and strode proudly into spaces too spiked for dresses, too fragile for the curve of leg you held with such ease.”- Ode To The Pantsuit, Lauren K. Alleyne 

Women of resistance is a collection of heart-breaking, inspiring, truthful, and beautiful poems. These feminist poems give ownvoice views into the struggles women have faced over the years, and still face to this day. 

There are poems that discuss race, gender, sexuality, abuse and abortion. Each one just as powerful as the last.

“- that instead of you, what falls from above would find no one to endanger, no one to hunger, no one to harm.” - Ryka Aoki, January , After El Niño.

Even though it felt like my heart shattered through a good portion of these poems, I adored this anthology. Like most collections, there were some poems I didn’t like but, those were few and far between. 

Overall: if you’re looking for something that shows you all the different ways women struggle throughout the world. A collection that highlights our pain but, also gives you hope. Then I highly recommend this book. 

“- She will feel the borders of herself constricting. Not today. Springtime has come to the far north. Bloom and bloom and bloom.” - A women and her job.
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Everyone must read this, I feel empowered as a woman and I feel like everyone (male and female) should read this book. Very powerful

“if this poem is the only thing that survives me

tell them i grew a new tongue
tell them i built me a throne

tell them when we discovered life on another planet
it was a woman
& she built a bridge, not a border

got god & named gravity
after herself.”
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A very bold and important book. 

The book contains poetry, which of course you have to be okay with, but if you are, then definitely go ahead and read this book. Me, I love poetry, so I definitely recommend this book. I thought it was a fresh take on the whole feminism-thing.
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I didn't finish this. The formatting of the poems in Kindle format was difficult, and detracted from the poignancy of the poetry. I enjoyed what I got through, but unfortunately couldn't finish. I'd be willing to read it in physical form.
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This was a very informative, interesting book that me and my brother both loved reading. I was glad I found a book both of us could share and learn so much from.
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I enjoyed this book and learned a lot! A great read if you want to know more about important women and what they did.
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The moment I saw the cover, I fell in love with it and tried reading the first few pages on my e-reader but I can't understand it all for the following reasons:

1. The layout of the pdf file is disturbing. I don't know where the poem starts and where it'll end. 
2. The writing style is not what I was expecting as it is a poem. I assumed it is written in verses or it is written in verses but appeared to be a whole lot of paragraph because of (problem 1).

If I'll be able to stumble upon a properly layout copy of this book, I'll still give this a chance. This is a book about women so why not?
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Overall, I liked this book; who won't like to read about a book full of poems and short stories about feminism? There were really cool stories in this book, some of them hurt my heart to read, some of them I couldn't really get to it, maybe it was the writing of the author. But overall? Still a book that I would recommend all girls to read and what the heck I would recommend all boys to read it too because let's admit, being a feminism isn't not been a girl, right? Right!!!

3 out 5 stars...
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I had high hopes from this book. Though this book is an important literary piece, it was certainly not for me. I am always intrigued by the books which talk about the topics such as feminism, sexuality and gender identity. That's what motivated me to pick up this book too. 

The idea behind this book is amazing. It talks about important topic. But poetry is subjective and though the poems for okay, I didn't enjoy them. Most of the poems were rather bland for my taste and were boring. Perhaps, I might not be able to grasp it fully even after I tried so hard. I found myself skipping through most of the pages.

This book wasn't for me, but it doesn't means that it's not for you. If this is something that interests you, then do pick it up.
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I'm not usually one for poetry but this is a very well put together and powerful collection about the lives of women today.
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I enjoyed this read, but there were several poems which went straight over my head. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about and I, therefore, had problems connecting with the poems. Which in turn affected my enjoyment of the collection. I’m not sure if this is due to my ignorance of social issues or if it was my inexperience with poetry, but I was a little bit disappointed. The poems I did understand was pretty good.
I have a few favourites: Elisabeth Acevedo’s poem An Open Letter To The Protesters Outside The Planned Parenthood Near My Job on pro-lifers. I got this poem and I felt for the poet. I connected with it and felt angry toward pro-lifers (which I do normally anyway). Really enjoyed this poem.
My other favourite was more of an experience. It was Anne Waldman’s Matriot Act. It starts off with a list of words with a few descriptive words next to them. All the word are related or similar to Patriarchy. Then later in the poem the author twists it and starts all the word with ‘m’ not ‘p’. Boom! Feminist bomb right there. Well played! Really enjoyed that realisation!
I also loved how The Well of Loneliness was referred to in Jill McDonough’s poem There Are New Worlds.
Rachel McKibben’s poem Shiv was also a poem that hit a cord. It was on point!
As an ARC and e-book, the formatting wasn’t the best which I presume will be a lot better in a printed version and a final version. But as I was reading it, I couldn’t help but wonder how a poetry collection like this could work on audiobook? And I could imagen that. Have the author or poet recite their own poetry the way they intended it to be read. I think I would benefit a lot from that. If this book ever comes out in audiobook format, I might give it another try
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A great collection of women and femme experiences, for and by women, female identifying, and their allies.
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Loved that this book provided inspirational stories of women throughout history. Loved the visuals and diversity represented. 

(5/5 stars)
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This book just made my heart and soul happy. It was well written and I loved how empowering it made me feel.
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I was really intrigued with the title and went in with a lotta expectations and my expectations were mostly met. It is a solid 4 star read, though I wouldn't wanna read them again. It is one of those books that you just pass through.
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This was such an illuminating collection of poetry to read especially right now.  I appreciated the introduction and how it set the stage for the poetry that followed.  It is important to have collections like this, that focus on women so that we can have examples.  While I read this collection I felt so proud to be a woman and wanted to keep those feelings and ideas going.  This is one that I will probably purchase a hard copy of and maybe even give as a gift.  Excellent!
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Like any collection, Women of Resistance has a mix of poems, some were brilliant, all were political, some were cathartic, some I just didnt get. Let me start by acknowledging that money from the purchase of this collection goes towards Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights, so it's actively benefiting women as well as celebrating them through its content. The Editor's Note also makes it clear that this collection celebrates all women, 

'Above all, this resistance exalts those bodies— the bodies of women, of femmes, girls, and all gender-nonconforming people. The bodies of this collection are touched against their will, bombed, stoned, they are giving birth, they are bending and not breaking, they are crying, they are shouting, they are raging.'

On the whole I enjoyed the collection and there were some absolute gems throughout. However, Cynthia Dewa Oka's Elegy With a White Shirt stood out above all the others to me. 

'...My homeland lives like a witch in my house, turning the rice yellow and filling my mouth with marbles when my mother calls. She puts up strange lights in the air of my mind; sometimes they bark like dogs and when the mask of gasoline sticks too zealously, I pause my breath to lick it. Under the white shirt, the wound is longer than any blood. Under the parade of the pure, the wind -defying veils of redemption, my bones suggest spill...'

The imagery is just fantastic in this peace. I also love the lyricism in Christopher Soto's In Support of Violence, a poem describing the 'two hundred women who killed their rapist on the courtroom floor of Nagpur in 2004':

'In this windowless room // where he poured acid & stole money // arrest us all In this windowless room [shut like the gut of an ox] arrest us all 

Gored  &   gorge   are words to describe a wound 
                Gorgeous // the opening 
Of a blade inside his chest 
            Gorgeous  // black galaxies, growing 

Across his skin, we threw rocks & chili pepper 
Arrest us all...'

Definitely worth a read! 

Thanks to Netgalley and OR books for an advance copy in exchange for an unbiased review.
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I weirdly enough LOVED this book. I am not used to reading this style of book, but wow what a beautiful written poetry. It was so empowering to read about different experiences of woman in all aspects: sexually, race, violence, etc. It was heartbreaking and real and I could relate so much to it it was scary.
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