Caught in Time

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 30 Jun 2018

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McElwain's third installment in her Kendra Donovan series was a fun quick read!  Fans of this series will not be disappointing!
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I received an advanced copy from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.

This was another amazing story in the Kendra Donovan time travel, murder mystery adventures! If you like Outlander, this is completely up your alley.

Kendra has been in 1815 for a few months now and is feeling less and less like she is going to be able to travel back to her own time 200 years into the future. As Kendra is getting restless her guardian, the Duke of Alridge, suggest they take a trip to one of his country homes and Kendra agrees. As they are taking the long, slow journey to Lancashire they pass through the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire where the Industrial Revolution is taking place before their eyes and the violence that came with it. 

As Kendra and the Duke are traveling they came upon a great deal of fog and had to walk to the closest inn to take shelter for the evening, and in the fog they came across a group of Luddites who are against the Industrial Revolution due to job losses. The Luddites go on their way, as does Kendra and the Duke, however, the Duke informs the local magistrate that he feels something may have occurred at the mill due to the Luddites being in the area. The magistrate goes to check and instead finds the mill manager dead in his office.

As the local magistrate wants to believe it is the Luddites, Kendra suspects otherwise and realizes she has to find the real killer. The Duke and Kendra reach out to their friend the Bow Street Runner and the Duke's nephew (and Kendra's lover) Alec to assist them in this task in East Dingleford. 

As Kendra is on the case and using her Special Agent FBI skills she must uncover a great deal of secrets and unexpected surprises along the way, and I have to say, the twist at the end is AMAZING and completely insane! I did NOT at all see that one coming!

Another spectacular story in this continuing saga and I just want to read more!
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As expected, I loved this. I'm glad Kendra is finally adapting to 19th century life better; she wasn't so glaringly out of place in this book, and the mystery itself was excellent.
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I have really, really enjoyed this series. I would love to travel back in time and feel like I live vicariously through all of Kendra’s experiences. I like that these novels are centered almost entirely on crime solving and not romance. If you enjoy historical fiction & time travel then this is a must read series. 5 stars.
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Julie McElwain is truly a mystery maven!!!! I can hardly wait for new titles in her Kendra Donovan series, and I've never been disappointed. This third book shed more light on what challenges women faced in Georgian England. In fact, I identified with Kendra's reaction to those restrictions more than I have when reading the earlier books. McElwain's descriptions of the period are spot on. I like reading about it, but I wouldn't want to live there. This time the multiple mysteries keep one guessing until fairly near the end. I thought I'd found the solution to the last one only to have McElwain throw in a -to me - complete surprise. Anyone interested in either historical mysteries or modern forensics should welcome this delightful series!! Thanks to Pegasus Books and NetGalley for providing access to the electronic ARC in return for an honest review.
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I had read the other books in this series and completely enjoyed this one as well. I wait eagerly for the next adventures of Kendra Donovan, her Alec and the rest of the characters. I hope that there's a time travel forward or more information on the hunt for Kendra in the future. There is a surprising twist that I didn't see coming at all. I forgot about someone who was in the first book and this character comes into the story.
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This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite mystery series'.  It's such a fun mashup of some of my favorite genres: murder mystery, an FBI agent, time-travel....  This volume did not disappoint.  

Our main character, Kendra, is an FBI agent from our era.  In the first volume of the series, she somehow traveled back in time to Regency England.  Through some incredible luck, she has managed to land on her feet, under the protection of a very open-minded Duke.  In the first and second books, she and the Duke and his nephew have to deal with some pretty horrific crimes.  As this book begins, Kendra and the Duke are traveling to one of the Duke's other estates and stop in a small village to wait out some bad traveling weather just in time to be of help in another murder investigation.  An eye-rolling, amazing coincidence?  Fate? Interestingly, the book almost seems to take that on and in a way that I appreciated. 

Obviously, Kendra's experience as an FBI agent is very helpful with all the murders she tends to happen across, although it is interesting to see her navigate the criminal justice system as it existed in England at that time.  As a thoroughly modern woman, Kendra also has a very hard time with the social mores and hierarchy of the era, as one would expect.  Sometimes, I wish she would not fight so hard and just roll with it all a little better.   

Just like the first two books in this series, I found Caught In Time to be great fun, and I look forward to the next one.
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Another great book in the Kendra Donovan series! 

This time, Kendra and The Duke are traveling to another one of his homes when they are stuck in a small town due to the dense fog. During their stay, a murder at the mill happens. Kendra and the Duke insert themselves into the investigation and are soon followed by Alec and Bow Street Runner Sam Kelly. 

You may think you have the ending figured out, but the author throws in a twist!
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This series is my guilty pleasure. People look at me strangely when I first tell them about it, and probably for good reason as "she's an FBI agent who time travels to regency England & solves crimes" sounds bananas-- but it all just works.  The 3rd installment of the series was the perfect read for a stressful week and at this point I'd like to request at least 6 more books and an HBO series.
I'd 100% recommend it to patrons-- the setting is great, Kendra is totally kick-ass, & the romance is steamy. 5 stars from this librarian!
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Caught in Time is the thrilling new episode in the Kendra Donovan series. I love this modern FBI agent who brings her keen wit and intelligence to solving murders in Regency England. Everything I love about Regency England, the romance, the gentility, the manners, is combined with the excitement of a modern murder mystery. This latest chapter brings several important issues - technology, unemployment, women's rights - to the forefront and shows us that the issues from yesteryear still resonate today.
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Once again, Ms McElwain has written another stunning Kendra Donovan novel! There was great character and plot progression in Caught In Time, and I honestly didn't see the twist at the end! This series is hopelessly addicting and I cannot wait for book #4!
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I love this series. This book seemed more like a stepping stone for the development of the entire series. Nothing too major happens but Kendra might be coming to terms with not going home. Honestly, ever since she so spectacularly burned bridges in our time, I never thought she could go home. 

The murderer wasn't a surprise but there was a nice twist in the end. I enjoyed the world too much to be bothered.

I do have a plea for the writer: Please stop having people shrugging their shoulder. Kendra does it constantly but some side characters do too. For this entire series, Kendra is always shrugging her shoulders.
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