Deep Blue Trouble

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 30 Apr 2018

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This is book two in the Lori Anderson series and it is just as entertaining as the first! If you haven’t read book one (Deep Down Dead) I highly recommend you do so first. This book reads well as a standalone, but knowing the backstory makes it even more enjoyable.

This book picks up just days after book one ends. Lori Anderson is trying desperately to convince Special Agent Alex Monroe to let JT out of jail, where she feels he is being held unjustly. However, Monroe has other plans and wants to make a deal – if she brings in Gibson “the Fish” Fletcher then he will exonerate JT.

Lori is searching for Fletcher with very little information to go on. Monroe is very tight-lipped and Lori is convinced that he is hiding pertinent information. She is becoming increasingly frustrated being in the dark and wants answers.

I love Lori’s persistence. She’s smart and resourceful and continues to reflect back on her training with JT. She is no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, and prefers to work alone. Then there is the softer side to Lori who will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe and healthy, that makes her a really well-rounded character that you want to see succeed and come out on top safe and sound.

I will be eagerly anticipating Lori’s next adventure!
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A complex story line with lots of moving pieces and parts.  I struggled some in the beginning with feeling lost as I didn't realize this was a second in series so missed some back story.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Lots of action in this book with Lori, the bounty hunter . This is my first read by this author . I found Lori a little naive when she was dealing with Munroe who was playing her from the get go . McGregor , another bounty hunter pegged her correctly after their first meeting as being not a team player , quick to react and not seeing the whole picture.  The mention of saving her baby girl Dakota and freeing her lover TJ become repetitive at times. Definitely a movie maker with the storyline and the cast of characters. Female bounty hunter with sick child who just experienced a traumatic event, an old lover and the father of her child back in picture , a corrupted FBI agent, an ex convict who agrees to do a deal to be with the woman he loves who has a son but the father is not the abusive and evil
man she is married to. Oh what tangled webs we weave when this cast of characters deceive. If you like lots of action this I recommend this book. Thanks netgalley.
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