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A Perfect Sentence

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Last updated on 24 Mar 2018

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This starts with a fairly typical mid life crisis scenario - middle aged man made redundant, falls into depression, then has an affair with a much younger woman. However the story takes some very unexpected turns as Keir is increasingly unable to deal with his situation, and runs away - both literally and metaphorically. His betrayal leads ultimately to tragedy.  
I admire the skill with which the author has cleverly woven the non-linear plot, the characters are well drawn and never wholly sympathetic - Keir is both hero and villain, and I found myself irritated, angry and empathetic (not necessarily in that order!) towards him as I read. It takes talent to have a dislikeable person as the mainstay of your story! 
However I found some of the book a little glib, much of the descriptions of place, Keir's lack of guilt, the ease with which he and Cass travel (money is never an issue!), Charlie's disappearance, Fran's discovery of the truth, all felt a little convenient.
That not withstanding, The Perfect Sentence is a good read, and a cautionary tale.

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