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A 3 part book encompassing the first 3 books in the Windmill Cafe, this was a lighthearted, easy read as Rosie attempts to solve the mysteries in her town whilst keeping her beloved long awaited cafe open.
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Lovely cover that drew me to the book. The book was lovely. A feel good read perfect for this time of year lazing on holiday or in the garden. It was easy to read and well written. Great read
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This was a really cute, cozy romance. It's definitely some fun escapism, which I think we all need from time to time. Overall, I'm glad I was able to read it. It was light and fluffy in a really good way.
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The perfect magical festive read.  Absolutely lovely!  This is the third in the series of The Windmill Café - another delightful story by Poppy Blake!   We are back with Rosie at her wonderful Windmill Cafe with super characters, a great story line, lots of mystery and plenty of romance and fun! I loved the Christmas Tree Festival - what a great idea!

A book full of festivity, love, friendship and happiness - definitely been a great series and I have loved all three books in this series. Rosie and Matt are the best couple and team and I would love to hear more about their future.

This can be read as a standalone book but I would highly recommend reading the other two first as they great stories and very enjoyable! I am now off to make homemade lemonade, sticky chocolate brownies and mince pies - the perfect combination for reading this book!
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My rating: 3.5 Stars

Summer Breeze

The Windmill Café is an omnibus containing three novels all set in the same location. In the first story, Rosie Barnes has fled to the small town of Willerby to attend a garden party. This should be a great distraction to Rosie as she has experienced a bad breakup. Having caught her fiancé in the act of cheating was horrible for Rosie. Things are still not pleasant for Rosie, however, as an apparent accident occurs to one of the guests. Was it an accident that occurred, or was it actually a poisoning? How could it have happened? Now working at the Café, Rosie decides to team up with a town local, Matt, to solve the case.

The police appear to be dragging their feet. Suki, a singer at the lodge, is the woman that was poisoned. A lot of questions arise and Rosie won’t rule out any possibility as to the cause. Is the town safe? Better yet, what of the Café? This is Rosie’s chance for a new life. Yes, she must get to the bottom of things.

In this entry into the series, Rosie and Matt begin interviewing everyone that could possibly have been responsible for poisoning Suzi. all the while a gentle romance blooms between Rosie and Matt.

As I read the second book in this series six months ago, I looked forward to reading the series in order. I found the dialogue to be rather droll, but I am glad to have given this series a try.

Autumn Leaves - *Published individually on June 26, 2018.

In this second book in the series, Rosie is still quite busy at the Windmill Café, but wonders if she wants more. Presently, she agrees to help her good friend Matt Wilson on one of his outdoor expeditions. After a drudging hike and a night's sleep, the first morning brings on worries. As leader of the expedition, Matt has an early morning pre-sunrise hike planned, but he and the rest of the group oversleep. Two things are quickly realized. They must've have been poisoned, causing them all to oversleep, and one of their party is missing, and is discovered after having been shot with an arrow, and it was no accident.

Meanwhile, although having suffered recent heartbreak at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Rosie now finds herself quite drawn to Matt, and he seems to feel the same. Over the summer, there was a poisoning at the café, and Matt and Rosie teamed up to solve it, and it appears they plan on doing the same again this time, a crime-solving duo.

This is a cute story with a budding, sweet romance. Having not read the first in the series, I still felt connected enough with the story and the characters. This was a very quick read with a great little mystery. I was surprised at the ending, which means to get the complete story, the third book in the series must be read when it is released.

Christmas Trees

When Rosie’s ex Harry turns up she is nonplussed. Why is he in Willerby? She has gotten her life back together and she’d much rather prepare for the Christmas celebration about to take place at the Windmill Café. Plans have been underway for months. There will be a Christmas tree competition and Rosie wants everything to run perfectly. Rosie hardly has time to think of the sudden business proposition that Harry makes. Not only does she have her current job to consider, there is Matt, the man she met and has worked with while at the café.

Rosie gets even more distracted by a change in events. There is a cycle race about to take place, and one of the town’s members, Theo, is injured. Another accident? Of course, Rosie doesn’t believe that, so she starts her own investigation.

This was a nice addition to the series.  As in the previous two books, the mysteries are rather light, as is the romance. So, the crime, Christmas and the planned wedding of two people named Josh and Grace all tie in together to make an engaging story. This really was a nice conclusion and I am glad that I got to read the entire series in order.

Many thanks to Harper Impulse and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The Windmill Café: Christmas Trees by Poppy Blake is another delightful escape to Willerby as we join the residents battling to solve a crime before a Christmas wedding.
This is my third trip to the small Norfolk village and once again, I was both enchanted and perplexed by village life.
The crime busting duo once more, put on their amateur sleuthing hats to solve the mystery. Willerby seems to have as many perpetrators of crimes visiting as sleepy Midsomer on ITV!
I was entertained trying to guess whodunit. A warm welcome awaits the reader from the locals as they prepare for both a wedding and a Christmas tree competition.
Christmas Trees is a mix of Miss Marple meets Death In Paradise with its light-hearted atmosphere and its super sleuths. 
Once again Poppy Blake has produced a most entertaining read that would translate perfectly into a Channel 5 afternoon movie. A great fun read.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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The Windmill Cafe is last in a charming series. It's such a good cute story. It's also a fast entertaining read, so you can read on the go.The characters are adorable and the story is lively and fun. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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To be honest, I felt sort of curiosity about this book due to its cover. I like it because it is so cute, so winter and because it reminded me of the Castilla fields of Spain. However, I was surprised mainly because I thought I was reading a romantic story and suddenly the book became in a totally whodunnit. I didn’t know that this book belongs to a series of book, and that is so good, because you don’t have to read necessarily the first ones to enjoy the third book of the series Windmill Café. Although, if you can read the first ones before I think it is better, because you end up having a lot of curiosity about the main characters’ personal life.

Everything happens in the small community of Willerby, where all the neighbors are excited, not only for the arrival of Christmas in less than a week, but for the celebration of the wedding of Grace and Sam. On the other hand, Mia and Rosie, who run Windmill's coffee, this year are responsible for carrying out the traditional "Christmas tree" decoration contest. In this festive atmosphere, a mountain bike race is celebrated where one of the participants is injured. Someone has tensed a cable between two trees of the forest so that the arrogant Theo does not get the trophy, who has been ?. At first, all are friends, who have gathered to participate in the big wedding, so no one would want his friend Theo suffered any mishap. Matt and Rosie will be the ones who will take care of asking everyone to find out the truth. As they have done in previous events, they have become the singular sleuths in the Willerby community. This provokes that the chemistry between them grow up and they don’t know how to manage it. At last, all friends have reasons to want an unpleasant ending for the unfortunate Theo.

It is an easy and fast reading, so you can finish it in an only afternoon because you have a tremendous necessity to know who is the culprit.
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This was a lovely conclusion to the Windmill Cafe story and I found myself really rooting for the characters to get the ending they deserved. Enough twists and turns to keep me interested throughout. Highly recommended!
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I read the 2nd book In this series and absolutely loved it, so was desperate to read the next book and be reacquainted with all the wonderful characters that feel as familiar to me as if they were my own friends also!!

Rosie has moved to Willerby after discovering her boyfriend cheated on her. She is the Manager of the Windmill Cafe and has made several new friends.

Josh and Grace are getting married, a bike race is arranged as a pre wedding activity but Theo is injured by a wire trap that has been deliberately set up. But who would do that?

Matt and Rosie team up again to investigate and find out who the culprit is. Really enjoy their interaction and watching their budding relationship develop.

Loved this mystery book and it’s wonderful characters. Would love to live in this village and visit the Windmill cafe with its delightful cakes.

Looking forward to reading more in this series, I love a good whodunnit and this series has me enthralled.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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Without doubt The Windmill Café series has been a highlight of my reading this year, I chanced upon it by accident when I spotted book one Summer Breeze and have been enthralled ever since. What sets this series apart is that it's not your usual run of the mill girl meets boy story, instead within each book is an element of mystery that pervades throughout the story and our main character Rosie Barnes has become the investigator. Normally I would run a mile from these kind of books but Poppy Blake has achieved a brilliant balance between the mystery, comedy, some serious issues and of course romance. Sadly we have reached the conclusion of this series with The Windmill Café: Christmas Trees and suffice to say it was another brilliant read keeping the reader hooked and engaged from beginning to end. There were plenty of questions arising from the first two books that needed definite answers but again the element of mystery which I so adore was present. But surely sinister things can not be occurring at the most wonderful time of year especially with a wedding just around the corner?

Rosie Barnes helps to run the Windmill Café and the adjacent luxury holiday site in the absence of the owner Graham, who likes to spend his time travelling to far flung destinations. Rosie is ably assisted by her friend Mia, who is chaotic, yet enthusiastic and loyal.  As the Christmas season draws ever nearer the range of enticing treats available in the café expands on a daily basis. The smells and sights of minced pies, yule logs, iced ginger biscuits, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves are mouth watering. But don't be fooled into thinking this is just another café book of which we've all read so many of before, Poppy Blake has gone beyond the realm of endlessly describing delicacies, nice although they may be, and given the 'café genre' a new twist by always having some crime or misdemeanour to solve alongside keeping the café and holiday site running smoothly.

Rosie has only been in Willerby for several months and just when she was settling into a new life and attempting to put the past behind her, unfortunately the past made a reappearance but thankfully she has now put her foot down and put the past in its place. But it's the future she needs to look forward to and to decide will she open up to Matt, co owner of Ultimate Adventures, and partner in crime when it comes to solving all the unusual circumstances that seem to crop up? They are really becoming amateur super sleuths extraordinare. Or will another proposition be too tempting and once again Rosie will flee? 'She couldn't envisage being any happier than she was at The Windmill Café surrounded by friends who loved her and accepted her for what and who she was, foibles and all. Surely no gold plated business opportunity could come closer to delivering that?'

Rosie is a complex character, not straight forward by any means, but as she battles inner demons in contrast to the sanctuary, but also the excitement of the café and the people she has met and now comes to call friends, she must decide once and for all what her final decision should be. Should she leave or should she try and make a go of things with Matt? 'But what you have here is more than just a job. You have a home and you are surrounded by friends you love- not to mention a guy who thinks the world of you'. Rosie's obsession with cleanliness and order and abhorrence to clutter and disorganisation leads to anxiety and it controlling her life whereas baking gives her the break she needs from this stress.

It was brilliant to get an even deeper glimpse into Rosie's past to learn and understand why she thought and acted the way she did. I had even more compassion for her as character and it made me wish even more for a positive outcome for her. She is changing but I think she needed one more final push to truly express how she feels and make that final commitment needed to find full and true happiness. 'She was a totally different person to the one who had arrived at the café, draped in a mantle of gloom that she's worn as some sort of protective battle armour - and there was one person who had contributed to that improvement more than any other'. But as a stag party gather to celebrate the upcoming Christmas wedding of Grace and Josh, Rosie will once again find herself out of her comfort zone and working alongside Matt to discover who would want one of the stag party - Theo - to meet with an unfortunate accident?

When Theo doesn't make it back from the cycling activity the stag party have engaged in, worries arise and soon he is found  injured and unconscious. Just who could have set things up and who would have known Theo would venture off the normal route in his quest to outdo and be better than everyone else? Naturally suspicion falls on the various members of the group and as Rosie and Matt work together establishing motives and trying to rule people out one by one more than a few surprising revelations occur. That's what I really love about these books the wool is always pulled over my eyes and even when the big, pivotal moment arrives and things are being wrapped up I'm still guessing as to who the culprit could be? More importantly what were the reasons for wanting rid of somebody? Suffice to say it's always the one you least expect and you think god I really should have paid closer attention to him or her. The connections established between the guilty party and the person to whom the damage has been done are never flimsy or too far fetched instead you think ah that really does make sense and I get why everything occurred.

As the group work away on their creations for the Christmas Tree Carousel Competition, Matt and Rosie delve even deeper because Grace and Josh want everything resolved before they marry. They can't have a suspect amongst their wedding party which would only create angst and unease. Theo like all the previous culprits was a horrible character and one whom you begin to think really did deserve to get what came to him. Maybe not to be written off completely but still a little torment was what he needed. He was so competitive and combined with his arrogant, condescending and bullying nature really it was only a matter of time before someone decided to do something about it. He has trampled on so many people's dreams to get what he wants but will the same happen for Grace and Josh or will Rosie and Matt win in the race against time and discover the mystery behind everything? I was so keen to find out and it was just a joy to see Rosie become more determined and confident in the entire process of doing so.

The Windmill Café: Christmas Trees was a brilliant and exciting conclusion to what has had to have been one of my top reads of the year. It's a little gem of a trilogy that shouldn’t get lost amongst all the women's fiction books that are published every year. It has showcased what a talent Poppy Blake is and I am very interested to see what she will write next. She has found her formula and it is very successful but will she go even further and venture down different paths in future books? If you haven't read any of these books yet I suggest you start with Summer breeze and work your way through the three books. They are an absolute delight to read and it was a privilege to journey with Rosie as she navigates uncertain and unstable waters. Will she find happiness with Matt? Will the culprit roam free? To find out the answers to these questions and so many more and to just enjoy an excellent story do pick up this book as soon as possible.
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This is the third book of Poppy Blake's 'The Windmill Café' series which I was not aware of before I started reading however this wasn't a problem as the lovely tale was easy to follow as a stand-alone short story.

It is a lovely Christmas story with all the friendship, romance, mystery and suspense which goes into making the perfect family Christmas romance.  I enjoyed the fast pace of this book which is expertly penned and will be recommending to fellow readers.

Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Impulse and Killer Reads and Poppy Blake for the opportunity to read and review this novel.
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Amazing book. Loved it from beginning to end. 
Well written which kept me captivated throughout. 
I will definitely be reading other books by this author
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This is a pleasant holiday romance with a touch of mystery.  Third in a series, the previous titles would probably add more depth to the story, but I had no problem following the characters despite missing the first two books.  While pondering a business offer to return to London, Rosie prepares the cafe to host a Christmas tree decoration contest and her friends' Christmas Eve wedding.  Then a not-so-accidental accident happens to one of the stag party and the mystery begins.  
Very pleasant if predictable cozy mystery/romance.  Most was quite enjoyable with lovely Christmas touches, though saccharine bits crept into the middle part a few times.  And so lovely to have a mystery with no dead bodies....
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A great book by poppy blake again, its the fourth in the series and i have followed all of the books through to the end and loved them. Poppy did an excellent job at describing the English town and you can almost imagine yourself at the cafe seeing what the characters do. Its centralised around a cafe, who does a christmas decorating competition theres a lso the town getting ready for a big wedding celebration too. It really is a magical read.
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A sweet Christmas  story. This is book 3 in the series so I had trouble following parts of it. I think I'd have enjoyed it more if I'd read the first two. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Book 3 in this series an we are back with Rosie while she host a wedding and solve a mystery. In another great mystery that happens at Christmas time : perfect  quick read in between getting ready for the holiday events. So carve out some time to read this latest book.   Net Galley   Lisa
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the book in exchange for an honest review.
I thoroughly enjoyed this third book in ‘The Windmill Cafe’ series. It was a funny, entertaining , delightful book with the two main characters Rosie and Matt once again playing at being detectives and finding the guilty party.
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this is the third instalment in this fantastic series and I couldn't put it down. I have read all three of the books and wow what a series. I have loved reading all about the mysteries the Rosie and Matt find themselves being drawn into to help their family and friends. Part 3 is no exception this and after a bike race ends badly for Theo who is staying in the one of the windmill lodges whilst on a stag do with his friends. Rosie and Matt have a big job on their hands as they need to solve the mystery before the wedding on Christmas Eve or it is in danger of being cancelled. However all is not what it seems with Theo and he isn't as liked as first thought. This book is written so well and the mystery within the story will have you guessing right up to the end.
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I love the Windmill cafe series-this in the final book in the series.
There is a wedding booked and the stag and hen party are staying. When one of the guests has an accident Rosie is asked to investigate along with Matt, who runs the outward bound centre. The spark between them is starting to ignite.
A Christmas Tree competition has sparked everyones imagination and they all want to create a masterpiece and some of the decorations sound just wonderful.
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