Another Mother

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A gripping and well written book with a really strong storyline and fantastic characters, ,l oved it.!
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Thanks to netgalley for the opportunity to have read such a thought-provoking and sweet novel.  I just love Amanda's work, and once again she did not disappoint. Recommended.
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Loved the characters and their interaction was superb, I literally had no idea where the story was going and then everything I thought I’d guessed right went straight out the window!!

If you are looking for a great physical thriller then this is a very good choice to read!
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Excellent story with a fab back drop. Strong characters and twists and turns that I didn't see coming. Really enjoyable read
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I very much enjoyed this book. I had an idea of some of what would happen but not all of it. The ending worked well and I felt that the threads were nicely tied up.
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Wow I really enjoyed this dark, creepy crime thriller.  Lu's real mother comes into the picture shortly after the death of her much loved adoptive Mum.   All is not as it seems the mother appears disturbed and peoplle get hurt.  Asthe tale progresses I feared for Lus life but the ending brought tears to my eyes.  Great book!
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I don't want to give anything away because it's best if you just read the book and be shocked. Loved the romance - it was nicely done. It is seemingly just another thriller, but it is on a deeper level a look at how we all just want to be accepted. Lu feels disenfranchised because she's adopted. Mellyn feels like an outsider in Lu's life even though she's her mother. We all just want to be loved. That's the beauty of this book - love creeps up slowly, but surely. I did feel bad for Lu's dad. He was just kinda put on the back burner. But I loved Rosie. I wish there were more scenes with her. If you like twisty and complicated mysteries with great character development, this one's for you. I didn't figure it out. I will definitely be looking for more from this author.
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Murder combined with a wicked psychological thriller makes for intense reading

Adopted Lucinda has just tragically lost her birth mother. Her adoptive parents were a very caring and loving couple creating a happy family in spite of the emotionally draining bullying Lucinda experienced at school.

Her grief was still very raw when she told Steve, her adoptive father, that she wanted to find her birth mother. She had already started her research and within days she left for Cornwall where she was to meet her birth mother. Little did she know the aftermath of bullying at school was going to have another dimension of bullying added to her life experience.  It is at this point that things unravel rapidly in this psychological thriller.

Lucinda, searching for a more complete life knowing her birth mother, has such a shocking amount of abuse and psychological manipulation to deal with in this quest of hers. However, she is courageous and is able to be critically reflective of herself in this process. She does have support though from Steve’s neighbour Adelaide and the new friends she makes along the way. It turns out that those supporting her are critical to the outcome of her horrifying experience.

The book is riveting but I found the psychological thriller aspect a bit too dramatic or outrageous. Yet on the other hand taking a little of that away would dampen the intensity of reading. The murder that is revealed is astonishing. 

It is definitely worth reading because there is also redemptive influence that Amanda James skilfully included in the plot.


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Lu has a happy home life although was bullied at school due to her being adopted so when her mother dies unexpectedly she starts to look into her adoption and finding her biological mother. Her father seems to have withdrawn into himself and so when she tracks her 'mother' down she goes to visit her in Cornwall, initially everything seems to be great and they get on quite well but as Lu tries to find out why she was put up for adoption the cracks start to appear but Lu seems unable to see what is happening will she get the truth? or will she regret ever setting out on this journey?
This is a little slow at the beginning but I think it is necessary to get to know Lu's background and then when she gets to Cornwall it hot's up. I really liked this book a 4.5 stars if I could give halves. 
Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of the book.
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After reading the first chapter I was completely hooked, I love a book that throws you straight in to the story and this was definitely one of them.

I loved the build up through the story as we crept along to the end at a steady pace that suited the book perfectly. This books has some fascinating characters and I loved the writing style - it is a very good psychological thriller.

A solid four stars from me, highly recommended!!
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Lu is a young lady whose life has stalled. She gives up her dead end job and, following the sudden accidental death of her Mother, is at a loose end. Her days revolve around supporting her Father and supposedly looking for jobs. A chance comment by a helpful neighbour sets her on a trail to find her birth mother. Once contact has been made, Lu seems prepared to settle for a while in the quiet Cornish village and support her birth Mother, Mellyn, who has had a difficult few years.

This is a well constructed thriller that I found hard to put down. It does start slowly but do keep going. It doesn't take long before the book settles into an interesting and well constructed plot. Lu has a low self esteem. She was bullied at school and despite the assurrances of her adoptive parents she always wondered why her birth Mother gave her away. In Cornwall she starts to blossom. She makes a new friend, gets a part time job and feels needed by her birth Mother, Mellyn. It is interesting to see the complex personalities of Mellyn & Lu develop as the book progresses.

I very much enjoyed this book. I had an idea of some of what would happen but not all of it. The ending worked well and I felt that the threads were nicely tied up.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.
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This is a book that starts off quite slowly as a family story but develops into a psychological thriller. I did guess how it was going to end but that didn't spoil it
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I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the aspects of the different relationships Lu has and the sense of who can she trust and how we as the reader discover that alongside her. i thought the ending was interesting and unexpected and would read other books by this author.
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I received a digital ARC of #AnotherMother from #netgalley for an honest review. There were a couple of spelling errors as this was a pre- publication copy, but nothing major or distracting. 

This is a book of two halves. The first half reads like an emotional, moving and poignant novel about a woman losing her adopted mother and trying to find her birth mother. Then the second half is notched up a gear or two and is the psych thriller that the book is advertised to be.

It's a more slow paced read than most psych thrillers, but it still draws you in and once the big (and long dreaded) secret is revealed it is a much faster paced novel. I had hoped that my suspicions about the secret were wrong. They weren't. During the last 20% of the book, my heart was in my mouth! I was totally hooked. And then, right when you have everything straight in your head, whack. A major twist happens that knocks you for six! Very well written and would look out for more by this author in the future.
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When I first got into this book, I was expecting a fast-paced psychological thriller but it turned out to be a bit different. The book is much slower paced but has enough tension to keep one's interest going. So, I would categorise this as more of a suspense/mystery story. Besides this, I did enjoy the novel a lot. I thought there were many aspects that made the story thrilling. Let me elaborate further.

Firstly, I found the setting for the story to be charming, idyllic but at the same time had a foreboding undercurrent. I think by placing our characters in a sleepy English village really amped up the atmosphere in the novel. This juxtaposition with Lu's town life added richer detail and context to the plotline. I also loved the descriptions that the author gives of the village such as the bed and breakfast, the shops, scenery and so on. This made for a pretty immersive read and I could easily picture our characters walking down the streets and engaging with their surroundings. 

Secondly, I found Lu's character very likeable. I liked how she was independent and resourceful but also caring. I loved reading about her relationship with her parents and Adelaide. She was easily relatable as well. She's a girl who is trying to find herself after the death of her mother and her courage takes her in search of her birth mother, Mellyn. I found Lu decision making to be very level headed but you can see the emotional struggle she faces especially when she meets Mellyn. She tries to form a relationship with her and seeks to help her out when she realises she suffers from mental instability. I also liked how she pushes herself to be self-sufficient and makes a new life for herself. I especially enjoyed how she didn't make silly moves and actually listens to those around her even though at times it was hard.

Mellyn, on the other hand, was very dramatic. I really liked how the author unraveled her character. From the outset, you can see how volatile she is. I loved reading the details of her reactions to situations. You never really knew what to expect but I liked how her psychosis played out. It had me on the edge of my seat. However, the only fault that I had with the story was how it was resolved. I found it quite unsatisfying, especially with all the built-up tension and lies. I would have preferred an explosive finish instead of it just pattering out like that. I felt it was a bit of a cop-out. Regardless of this, I found the characters well developed even the minor ones. I felt they gave the book much-needed dimension and helped support as well as round off the protagonists. 

Last but not least, I thought the writing style was seamless. The plot devices and reveals were shocking and that's what I look for in a mystery. The story progressed at a nice even pace and as a reader, you get entangled in the turmoil and chaos of the characters as long-buried secrets come tumbling out. At the heart of this story, it is about family, identity, love especially the relationship between a mother and daughter. The author does a good job exploring the effects of adoption from the point of view of a child and the process of finding one's roots. The addition of a sinister plotline gave the book a unique twist. So, all in all, an engaging read and I would recommend this book if you are looking for a novel with suspense and mystery but not one that's too intensive or heavy.
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After having started this book about a month ago, I have tried many times to get back into it and I just can't. Please know that this does not mean the book is bad or that I have any negative things to post. It simply just isn't for me and I found it difficult to get interested in the story. Not every book is perfect for every person, right?
I wish the author nothing but success and I gracefully bow out of reading this one. 
Thank you #NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.  Since I didn't finish it I won't post on GoodReads as I don't believe that's fair to the author and I wouldnt want to taint anyone else's interest int he book.
Much luck!
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This was truly amazing. Heart stoppingly tense in places. I think I held my breath for the majority of it.

One of my top reads this year.
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This was not really my cup of tea! I was very interested in the adoption angle of this story, but didn’t find it credible how quickly Lu puts her dad to one side and throws her lot in with her new mum. I think a lot of the emotions were correct around meeting a biological parent, but I was uncomfortable with this then becoming the premise of this thriller. Apart from that, I did not enjoy the writing style either.
Thanks to Netgalley for an arc of this book. All opinions are my own.
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4.5 Stars

Lucinda (Lu) was adopted at birth.  For years, she has thought about looking for her birth parents, and it's not until a tragic accident changes her life forever.

She eventually tracks down her birth mother just 5 hours away.  There is a solemn/happy reunion between the two women and a relationship starts to take form.  What Lu wants to know more than anything is why she was given up.

But you know the saying ... be careful what you wish for .. you might get it.

This is an exceptional psychological thriller, well-written, with stand-out characters. Lu finds herself questioning all the things that her birth mother is telling her .... her fear becomes palpable.  And the ending is nothing short of stupendous.

Many thanks to the author / Bloodhound Books / Netgalley for the digital copy of this psychological thriller.  Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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A fantastic novel keeps you hooked from the very beginning lots of twists and turns Lu is on a rollercoaster of a ride as she tries to get to know her birth mother after her adopted mother dies what happens is a story that you have to keep reading a real page turner which is told brilliantly by the author a fantastic read
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