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I can’t say I was much of a fan of the Obama Presidency on a whole, even knowing what the current situation has brought us.  But I did think Obama was a good dude, and the whole “Uncle Joe Biden” persona that kind of got cultivated in popular culture certainly amused me.  So when I saw that there was a murder mystery starring Joe Biden trying to solve the murder of his favorite train conductor, and post-presidency Barack featured heavily?  Yeah, I’ll give it a look. 

The good news is that it starts out as goofy as you’d imagine, and the charm that is laid on thick during the opening scenes of this book is crucial, as the book unfortunately devolves into a bit of a formulaic mystery noir without a ton of heart or character.  The novelty quickly becomes secondary to a story that is only really interesting because of the novelty, and it leads to what is ultimately a bit of a disappointment. 

My expectations were not especially high, and this was serviceable enough.  It just should have been more.
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Highly entertaining 

3.5 stars 

I started this book expecting tongue in cheek humor and that's exactly what I got. Not sure why anyone would have expected anything different. There were a couple errors and inconsistencies but I've kinda come to expect that with the way things are edited now.
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Did you say Obama and Biden crime mystery? Sign me up! Hope Never Dies is pure fan fiction, following a retired Joe Biden as he comes to grips with life after vice presidency. It's been over six months since he left the White House and he's no longer in receipt of a Secret Service detail. It feels like every day the news is full of Obama and his shiny new celeb friends. Has Joe been forgotten?

An Amtrak conductor is killed on the tracks and in his belongings is a map with Joe's house marked on it. They knew each other from when he used to take the train into Washington DC. Obama gives his old partner a visit to advise him to hire some private security. They agree to tell the police that the Secret Service are looking into it to keep Joe's name out the papers. But Joe can't leave it be, he needs to uncover the truth.

Barack and Secret Service Steve, keep coming to Joe's rescue and eventually they team up, much to Steve's disapproval. They will just have to give him the slip. There's seedy motels, biker gangs, and one dodgy knee. It's silly and fun, even if the mystery element isn't anything amazing. I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

There's plenty of little jabs at the current administration too. I liked how it didn't gloss over Joe's age, he can't just charge around like a young man and he spends half the book with a knee injury after falling over. Some of the jokes were a bit cringey, but I also chuckled in places. I'd probably read another one if Andrew Shaffer were to write another.
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If you’re dismayed by the current administration and thinking nostalgically about the previous one, this book will delight you. Our detectives are Joe Biden and Barak Obama, who have seen very little of one another since leaving the White House. Biden, a train buff, decides to investigate the recent death of a favorite conductor, and Obama joins him on the hunt. The Biden and Obama characters are grounded in the men’s public personae, but Shaffer gives them unexpected talents and foibles that add to the fun of the novel. I very much hope this title will be the first of a series.
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A book I never knew I wanted! I can only hope it's the start of a series, or at least something similar themed with other real characters.
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A fun and funny who done it told from the point of view of 44th Vice President of the United States, Uncle Joe Biden. Featuring President Obama was his sidekick, the dynamic duo are back! Ducking out on secret service agents, tussling with bikers, and solving a murder this team shows that out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind.
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As soon as I saw the cover of this book, I knew I had to have it! Thanks to NetGalley and to Quirk Books for granting my wish. 

Andrew Shaffer takes the former leader of the free world, joins him back up with Joe Biden, and together they work on a mystery. Amtrak Joe lost a friend, an engineer on the train that he rode nearly every day before he before he became Vice President. (This story is told from Joe's point of view.) After discovering a few unsavory facts about his friend and discovering a few things about himself, he teams up with former best friend Barack Obama, and together they set about learning what happened. Will the two solve the mystery of the Amtrak engineer? Will they continue to be friends after this case is over? You'll have to read this to find out. 

I'll admit here and now that I was and am a big fan of both of these men. It's because I miss them and because the cover made me laugh that I requested this book. HOPE NEVER DIES doesn't get into politics much and I appreciated that. (I did enough comparisons between these two and our current administration in my head, I didn't need anything more spelled out.) I have no way of knowing how close this book comes to the real personalities of these two, and you know what? I don't care! It was a fun and entertaining story and that's all that I was looking for.

That said, I had only one big issue and it's likely mine and mine alone. I know that Joe Biden loves cars, (well Corvettes at least for sure.) So do I, and I've worked with them in some capacity my entire adult life. With that in mind, I couldn't understand why a lot of the vehicles referenced in this novel are referred to incorrectly. Ford does not make Impalas. I'm pretty sure Plymouth didn't make Firebirds either. (They made Thunderbirds and Superbirds- Firebirds were all Pontiac.) I did receive an ARC of this book, so perhaps those things were tidied up before publication? Even if not, most people probably wouldn't even notice. 

Other than that, HOPE NEVER DIES was a lot of fun. It's not going to break any literary records or anything, but as a humorous detective story featuring two of my favorite politicians, it certainly fit the bill! I recommend it to anyone who thinks this premise is fun!

*Thanks to Quirk Books and to NetGalley for the e-ARC of this book, in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*
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Thank you to NetGalley and Quirk Books for giving me a copy of Hope Never Dies to read and review honestly.

This book is a campy fanfiction turned full novel and I enjoyed it immensely. After their second term in office is over, Joe Biden and Barrack Obama go their own separate ways. While Barrack is windsurfing and skydiving around the world with famous celebrities, poor Uncle Joe is home feeling left out by his old buddy Barrack.

Fortunately, they reunite to solve the mysterious death of Joe's old friend. The antics the boys got into kept me laughing and turning page after page. The best thing about this story is that it is actually well written and decent. My only complaint is that a lot of things said and done by the main characters don't seem accurate to their real-life counterparts, but I was able to turn off the nagging voice in my head to keep reading.

I hope to read more in a Biden/Obama mystery series!!
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Review: Hope Never Dies

This book is the Magnum, P.I. remake we all deserved. Andrew Shaffer has taken the Obama/Biden bromance meme and turned it into a fast-paced mystery with humor and heart in Hope Never Dies.

After the 2016 election, Joe Biden feels that the world has forgotten him and moved on. That includes his BFF Barack Obama, who has been whooping it up with celebrities around the globe and not even kicking an occasional text to his former VP. But when Obama slips back into his life bringing news of a friend’s death, and the puzzling document found near his body that includes Biden’s address, Delaware’s favorite son has to know if this truly was an accident, or if it was something far more sinister. It’s time for mirrored shades, muscle cars, and getting down and dirty with the law.

Joe Biden goes full-on Jim Rockford complete with bang-ups, bruises, tight scrapes and near-misses to find out what happened to his friend. Obama, along with Secret Service Steve, provides backup when Biden needs it most, but even in the midst of barfights, greasy spoon meals and a trip through the underbelly of the East Coast’s opioid drug trade, Smilin’ Joe can’t seem to crack a grin with his former Commander in Chief. Can this relationship be saved? You won’t know until the very end, and there’s plenty of twists and turns along the way.  One thing is for sure: if you’re musclebound and into clean eating, don’t take an old man’s loaded hash browns. It doesn’t end well for you.

I’ve been a fan of Andrew Shaffer’s work for years, but this book is some of his best work yet in terms of voice and tone. The language in every chapter is a spot-on homage to old school pulp detective novels and TV shows, and Shaffer has captured the public image of Biden so well, my inner narrator read the whole thing in his voice.

If you’re looking for a fun, offbeat summer read, pick up Hope Never Dies.  It’s  a great escape revved up with weird like a Dodge Challenger. Hop in and go for a ride.
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Hope Never Dies is a noir detective story that just happens to feature our favorite presidential bromantic couple as the lead action heroes. In this funny, warm-hearted satire, retired Joe Biden is still a good guy, but one with enough time on his hands to build up a great big load of resentment over former bestie Barack's never-ending parade of fun celebrity outings... while Joe just waits for a simple call or a text. But when the Amtrak conductor who'd been a part of Joe's commute for decades turns up dead under suspicious circumstances, Joe and Barack are thrown together into a crime investigation that features drugs, bikers, shady cops, and plenty of stops for fast food.

This book is charming AF and oh-so-silly, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about the good old days when these two were in the White House. Their fictional counterparts are adorable, and their ongoing friendship and devotion brought the teeniest little lump to my throat. The author has a knack for keeping the story moving while weaving in little snippets of dialogue and actions that bring our former POTUS and VPOTUS to life on the page.

Hope Never Dies is a surprisingly fun read, and the detective elements are actually pretty clever and engaging too. But really, read it for the Biden-isms and cool-as-hell Obama appearances. It's like a little ray of sunshine in book form.
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It's always fun to see "famous" people (celebrities, political figures, etc.) involved in situations you're certain could never happen. We see them on television or in publis, but have no idea of the tense situations and dangers they face behind the scenes. Books such as this gives us a fictionalized idea of what we'd like to think happens, while at the same time we're certain it could never happen.

The former president is still a celebrity, hang-gliding, golfing with movie stars while his Vice President sits at home brooding, because his friend Barack never calls. When the conductor on the line Joe Biden rode to the Capitol every day is killed in a suspicious accident (read suicide), the Veep and the ex-POTUS spring in some well-needed action. Ditching the ex-Prez's Secret Service guard, they don disguises (Hawaiian shirts and ball caps) and head out to discover what the man knew that made someone kill him. It's an adventure that's at the same time dangerous (visualize the former VP wrestling with a gun-wielding assassin while on a moving train) while retaining a Keystone Kops-type air of slapstick.

It's fun, it's entertaining, and I hope there's more to some.

This novel was supplied by the publisher and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.
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Light-hearted, amusing mystery starring Joe Biden, with special appearances by his former boss. As long as Joe doesn't find another job in the next couple of years, perhaps there will be more appearances as an amateur sleuth.
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Do you remember the Obama/Biden memes that were ever so popular and super funny?  Well, if you liked those, you are probably going to like Hope Never Dies, because Andrew Shaffer has taken everything that tickled the funny bone in those memes and translated that into a fanfiction buddy tale that has Joe Biden solving the mystery of "who killed Amtrak Joe's favorite conductor".

The story starts with an adorably insecure former vice president Joe Biden  missing his friend Barack Obama while being angry at him for seemingly deserting him now that they are both out of office.  But when Barack drops by in the dead of night to tell him about the death of his favorite conductor, it's the the evidence that points to Joe Biden that has him determined to find his friend's killer.

Written entirely in Joe Biden's first person point of view, what follows is a romp around Delaware in which Joe solves the murder with the help of Barack Obama.  There's all sorts of characters involved -- insurance investigators, motorcycle clubs and dirty cops.  This story touches upon every tidbit of Joe's and Barack's public personas, and I found myself either chuckling or groaning  over most of what Biden has to say in this fanfic.  Some of the bits made me laugh out loud, and I believe there was a gigglesnort of two along the way.  While the mystery keeps the story moving, it really is the one-liners that made this book an almost 5 star read for me.

If you are looking for some relief from the current political scene and just want a good head-shaking laugh, you will probably like Hope Never Dies.  I'll admit to buying a copy of this just for the cover that makes me smile every time I look at it.  I think Andrew Shaffer did an amazing job of capturing the personality of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, and I can only hope that their real relationship was akin to how they are portrayed in Hope Never Dies because it's pretty terrific.

An ARC was provided for review.
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This is not the best book you'll read this year, but there's a really good chance it'll be the most fun. It's a complete delight and I'm pretty sure I had a goofy grin on my face the whole time I read it.

This book is incredibly campy (as naturally it would be) and I can almost guarantee you'll laugh out loud multiple times.

I hope this becomes a series. I would love to spend more time with Amtrak Joe. (NOTE: We spend a lot more time with him than we do with Barack Obama. He's definitely in there a not-small chunk of time, but Joe Biden is the narrator. So if you actively dislike Joe Biden---which I don't see how, but whatever---be aware that he is in 100% of this book.)

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This is such a fun and quirky book. The idea of Joe Biden and Barack Obama solving mysteries together is a lovely momentarily reprieve from the stresses of the modern political world, and it feels like the classic meme come to life. While at times it did feel a little slow (Biden is a hoot, but the monologues can feel a bit long), overall I found this book to be VERY entertaining. I hope that Amtrak Joe and Barack continue to solve mysteries together, but even if they don't this was a satisfying read!
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Very entertaining, suspenseful thriller about two former politicians who join forces to solve the possible murder of a friend. The first published work of Obama/Biden fanfiction, I found this story to be a funny tongue-in-cheek mystery that made me laugh and nostalgic for better times in our country. Regardless of party affiliation, this is a great light read for summer beach visits with none of the heavy oppression of today's political scene. I hope there are more Obama/Biden adventures to come!
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*Received a copy of this book from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer is a satire on the detective novel. The tropes from the tough guy protagonist follow Joe Biden like a heavy smoke of a cigarette (see what I did there). He’s impenetrable, barely speaks to women (Jill should have had more dialogue, just saying), and doesn’t communicate his feelings to others. He doesn’t care for police authority and feels he has to take on the mystery of his dead friend on his own. He feels his age, but doesn’t let it get in the way of his impulsive nature. However, this is the “full fledged” Joe Biden, so he does have a more well rounded character profile, he eats ice cream any chance he can, he cares about others from his time in politics, knows his glory days are in the past, but genuinely misses his friendship with Barack Obama.

The novel takes place after the January 2017 inauguration, and Joe is feeling defeated that he no longer spends time with his friend Barack, who instead is on vacations with various celebrities. When a local friend dies in Wilmington, Delaware, a single clue links the case to Joe and he won’t stop until the truth is realized. Barack is the one who alerts him that something is wrong and has the secret service in on the investigation. They team up and search for clues when it becomes apparent that the police won’t look into the case to their full potential. As detectives, they are old and clumsy, easily recognized, and can barely string along a cohesive theory. However, the writing and the plotting work. I was charmed reading the book. There is just enough “Biden”-ness and “Obama”-ness peppered throughout that you can read these characters as someone you know from TV in this bizarre situation. That’s why I was so excited to read the book in the first place. The humor, the joke of it all did not disappoint.

Honestly, detective novels are not books I gravitate toward so I was frustrated reading through the investigative parts of the book, but that’s not the reason I was reading. The satire and the fact that the main characters are two of the most popular politicians in the world made this book worth the read. These are exaggerated versions of the people we think we know.

The ending wrapped up nicely, I like that we weren’t given the answers easily and the plot took a lot of turns that I was not expecting (maybe this was because of my lack of knowledge regarding detective novel tropes), but I found the end satisfying. Plus, there was some interpersonal drama between our two protagonists that was resolved very sweetly so the book ends on a strong note. More Joe and Barack novels, please!

Of course, I recommend this with full confidence because it’s just such a silly concept for a novel, worthy of adding to your summer reading. The rating I gave is more based on the fact that I struggled through the “detective novel” aspects. Quirk Books always publish fun books and I’m glad I was able to read this book. Comment below if satirical books are your jam, like me!
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As campy as you'd expect, "Hope Never Days" reads like a 1940's film noir mystery, set in current day, with Joe Biden narrating the story.  Enjoyable if light weight.
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When Barack Obama and Joe Biden left the White House, the big joke on the internet was what they'd do next. Well, author Andrew Shaffer has given us a hilarious answer. In his new book Hope Never Dies,  Biden and Obama team up to become the ultimate detective team. When an Amtrak driver and long time friend of Biden's ends up dead, Barack Obama shows up under cover of darkness to warn Joe that the dead man was carrying a map in his pocket. That map was of Joe Biden's home. What follows is a mystery involving the opioid epidemic, motorcycle gangs, trains, an SUV, and a son of Delaware. 

At first I was worried that Hope Never Dies was going to be a joke idea that died within the first few chapters. My worries were unfounded, because Andrew Shaffer's book is an intriguing mystery where it just so happens the two detectives are former residents of the White House. There's mystery, intrigue, and the aching joints of age. There's also real danger, even with a Secret Service agent driving. Hope Never Dies doesn't pull punches with the current political administration and does make sure Biden gets his ice cream cone. 

Hope Never Dies is an enjoyable book and a fun read for the Summer. It is available July 10th from Quirk Books.
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I enjoyed this book, even though it wasn't quite what I expected. Honestly, I thought this would be more of a comedic take on the mystery series with Joe Biden and Barack Obama as the main characters. That's not what this was. What we have here is a detective novel with a little bit of a different twist. It does have a more lighthearted feel than what you would find in a James Patterson novel or something of the like, but it is still a gritty mystery. 

The relationship between Joe and Barack was also not what I expected. I thought perhaps Shaffer would play on their personas as being goofy friends like we see on Twitter. But the main pair almost played off as enemies for a while. The relationship was strained and I have to confess that it turned me off a little. 

But overall, this was a cute book that tapped into an interesting niche. I think I would enjoy if there were more books to come out of this.
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