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I'm not a fan of classic literature transposed as manga (or even simplified for children, for all that matters) because I believe that the original writing of the author has to be read. However, here things are a bit different: there are no descriptions of places or feelings that might go lost, a play is just dialogue.
Ironically, a play is better as a manga. Whereas just seeing the lines on a paper might not appeal to the readers, this format will absolutely attract them. The original lines are all there, but there are also these beautiful drawings.
If I'm not wrong, this series is for students... well, well thought. I believe a lot of students not really interested in Shakespeare might be more willing to read his plays in this format.
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Thank you to NetGalley for giving me an E-ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book disappointed me because the art and coloring of this book were stunning, but the organization didn't work for me. I think that part of what added to the issue was the ebook format because it made it a lot harder to read and navigate. I believe that this was an overall stunning book, so I'm very sorry to DNF it.
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I read and received this book for free through the publisher and NetGalley. Thank you so much! The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to read another manga adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and to see what Manga Classics Inc. has to offer. I encountered countless Romeo and Juliet adaptations, from featured films to a Japanese animation television series as I was a fan back in 2007. The Japanese animation was adapted into a manga series, first from a Japanese publisher named Kadokawa Shoten in their Monthly Asuka shoujo magazine. From there, the manga was licensed in North America by Yen Press and released in 2010.

But what makes Manga Classics Inc.’s adaptation special is how it stays faithful to William Shakespeare’s famous classic play. This play takes place in Verona, Italy where there is a feud between the Montague and Capulet families. Romeo Montague happens to fall in love with Juliet Capulet, despite Juliet intending to marry the County Paris upon her father’s wishes. The events lead to tragic results for not only the two star-crossed lovers, but for their families as well.

As I read this manga adaptation, I can tell how much heart and soul has been put into this; from the bonus pages with the staff talking about researching and traveling to Verona, Italy for inspiration, to character concepts and designs, to the types of weaponry and swordplay used in the time period. It is quite refreshing to read about the whole process of adapting a classic play into a graphic novel medium! All of the original text is in this adaptation, carefully placed for each character to be put under the spotlight. If there is a monologue, the character expresses them both out loud or while thinking to themselves with added gestures, giving the reader a visual of what their facial expressions and their personalities are like. Even as they’re speaking to other characters am I able to see how the relationships and interactions develop overtime, whether it be familial, friends, or lovers in a given situation.

Along with the text, there is a fine balance with the visuals. The visuals and backgrounds are absolutely stunning. The use of shading and the imagery with the text helped me immerse myself into a broader world or to visualize a character in another character’s perspective. I was able to follow along with what is happening in the play more than what I could imagine if I were just reading the text alone. I even love how innovative the illustrator is with shaping the panels to create fantastical scenes. Every panel and every page, whether it be double-paged or not, emphasized not only the dramatic scenes in the play, but the other scenes that help build up to those moments.

I highly recommend this to readers who are starting to read and learn about Shakespeare’s plays for the first time.
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such a wonderful manga adaption! I'm surprised that the dialogues themselves also extracted from the real play of Romeo and Juliet. But still, they make the dialogues seem easy to understand. I think middle grades can enjoy reading this. Usually, I'd seen them in written stage play or movie adaption but I didn't know that the one in the manga version could be more exciting.
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Thank you Netgalley for the arc! It was a bit hard to get into but a not bad Retelling of Romeo and Juliet. I've never finished reading the orignal play of Romeo and Juliet but it seems to have similar if not identical dialogue so I would say it's quite faithful.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me a free copy of Manga Classics: Romeo and Juliet in exchange for an honest review!

The one main problem I had with this manga is not about the story but about the way I received the pdf. Since mangas read from right to left, the pdf file had the very last page be the first page. This made it confusing at the beginning because I assumed page 1 of the pdf would be the start of the story. Then I realized page 416 was the beginning, and I had to scroll up to see the next page. Then this was a whole other problem because I had to scroll up to see the top of the page, then scroll back down to read the bottom, then scroll up again to get to the next page. It just made reading the manga a chore and contributed to my disliking it. So, if you get a physical copy of the manga, you will not have this problem. I'm just putting this in here to give context for my lower rating. I mean, Romeo and Juliet is my second favorite Shakespeare play that I have read, so my 2-star rating is swayed by the format, not by the content. The manga, I believe, is word-for-word the original play, so you are getting an interpretation visually rather than textually if that makes sense.

As far as the artwork goes, it looks nice and suits the story well. The character designs are great, and so are the settings/scenery. I also enjoyed how at the end of the manga, the authors talk about the adaptation process. It was great to get insight into that aspect and see the level of detail that goes into making the manga faithful to the original. I feel this will be an excellent read for someone intimidated by Shakespeare's writing style (definitely me 😂) because the visuals help to understand what Shakespeare is meaning in the text.

Gosh, if my pdf was not so messed up, I would give this a solid 3-stars! I'm just bitter about it, haha, so it is 2-stars for me.
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Another winning manga classic, Romeo and Juliet is one of my favourite stories, and this is a magnificent visual retelling, bringing Shakespeare to a new audience with a story that will never cease to be relevant.
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Romeo and Juliet is the classic tragedy of western literature. Created by William Shakespeare, it is tale of two very young lovers from Verona, Italy who defy the wishes of their feuding families, get married then, and tragically, end their own lives in the name of love. It is their deaths that ultimately help the rival families of the Capulet's and Montague's find reconciliation.

Amazing adaptation with beautiful art. I absolutely loved it.
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Thank you to Udon Entertainment and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this title of Manga Classics.
It's nice that the poetic part of "Romeo and Juliet" is there, as if you're reading the play and not just a novel, and taking advantage of the architecture of Verona, with a nice style. In the balcony scene, the house of Juliet is the one in actual Verona, as almost all the places used in the background of the story.
I also like the Japanese manga style, and remembering you that Juliet is not 15 yet. 

The only thing didn't like, as an ebook, is that you need to go manual till the end to start reading it, because the structure is the same as in a manga. If you have it as a physical one, there's no problem.
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Cute art style which I enjoyed. Though I struggled a little with the Shakespeare speech, the manga format still made it easy to read and understand.
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I really liked the manga version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The illustrations are pretty good and the story is presented pretty well. This is a fun way to read the classic play.
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This was an entertaining way of reading a classic. I would say it was hard to read at first but it was fun. Nothing really new done to the story.
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This was a great visual telling for Romeo and Juilet on a Manga backdrop. I'm a huge Shakespeare fan so to see this as a manga was great. The artwork was very nice, and I really enjoyed it.
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So Shakespeare is a author you either love his works, or you don’t. I’m in the category of I like his stuff. I think it’s super good to have manga adaptations of this in case if the text is hard to comprehend.
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This adaptation of Romeo and Juliet was obviously well researched and thoughtfully composed. The illustrations were beautifully done and enhanced the story tremendously. I thoroughly enjoyed this manga classic!
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I, unfortunately, wasn't a fan of this one. I just didn't enjoy the combination of the typical Manga art style (with overexaggerated expressions etc.) and the Shakespearean speech. I hadn't expected them to use the original dialogue from the actual story, because the previous classic Manga adaptation I read (Les Misérables) didn't have that, as far as I can remember. Still, I enjoyed the art style a lot so that is mostly where my rating went into.
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This is an excellent version of Shakespeare's work!
Line by line, the full text is there and the addition of the beautiful manga-style art really adds to the reading. This version is sure to aid those who "just don't get it" when it comes to only reading Shakespeare's work.
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Thank you Netgally for giving me this opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I have to say the soft illustration of the cover drew me in when I saw it's a manga adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. I was curious to see how well the story was adapted considering how well known the play is and many screen adaptations have been made over the years. I'm not going to say much about the Montagues and Capulets since this is a well known Shakespearean play. 

If you are not familiar with manga, do not worry for there are instructions on how to read the story and follow along. There is also a lovely map detailing the characters which is pretty neat! The art and design of the characters are done exceptionally well and I think capture the characters wonderfully. Manga art is always lovely to appreciate and Romeo and Juliet adaptation does not disappoint with the story. 

I think it was fair to follow along. At the end of the manga, there is information about Shakespeare which is pretty cool if you want to know a bit more. Overall, this manga classic was beautifully done. I highly recommend this manga, if not for anything else, the enjoyment of the art. 

Thank you again.
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Romeo and Juliet is a classic. When I discovered the accompanying manga, I was curious to see how well it was implemented. 

The cover alone already gave an insight into the drawing style and I'm totally excited about it. The colleration is also perfect for me. I really like the colors. 

I don't think I have to say more about the story of the Montagues and Capulets. Everyone knows Shakespeare's most famous work. 

I am enthusiastic about this classic and I am totally in love with the soft drawing style. The subject is nothing new in the manga and anime area, and yet it's great to see the work done again in such a classic way. It was implemented well and nothing was left out. 

All in all a really good edition and worth 5 stars for me.
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I enjoyed this one far more than the Manga Classic Macbeth. Romeo and Juliet is a bit easier to follow than Macbeth, which definitely helped.

I found this version of Romeo and Juliet to make more sense than the play - the illustrations helped illuminate some of the more obscure dialogue. Of course, that made the crude jests of the boys that much more obvious, but ah well.

The illustrations are lovely and the characters richly and distinctly drawn so I had no trouble distinguishing between them as I did in Macbeth. The heightened (and overwrought) emotions of Romeo and Juliet were beautifully illustrated, and being able to "see" the play made it obvious how young Romeo and Juliet were, and how passionate and easily led astray.
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