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What can I say? We all know Romeo and Juliet's love story, but this new take it's absoluty wonderful, mostly because the art style is really beautiful. I think this manga format is a great idea to approach the classics to a new and young audience.
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Today’s review will take into consideration the artwork, design, story line (and it’s accuracy), and how well the expressions played into the story.

I would like to say that this manga was extremely well written, thanks to Shakespeare. Just as a heads up, I read Romeo and Juliet in grade 9 of high school and therefor know that this manga was basically accurate to all extents.

I would first like to bring up the fact that the artwork done for this manga was extremely well done. I enjoyed the artwork immensely and it gave the reader a much more enjoyable read compared to the traditional words on a page of Romeo and Juliet and nothing else to help you understand the play.

The expressions that the characters gave during events that happened were well drawn out, and you could clearly tell which character was which as they basically all stayed the same the entire time. I personally love the way that these characters were perceived to look like, especially with me being an anime lover myself.

I really took into consideration the way that the backgrounds and items around the characters added to the stories objective, and I personally loved the way they interacted together.

From looking at the text and artwork separately you can tell immediately that the artist must have understood and known Shakespeare’s work very well in order to create such a work that interacted with Shakespeare’s words in such a beautiful way.

Since I am taking into consideration both the artwork and the text, I unfortunately have to bring the rating down from a 5 to a 4. Why is that you ask? Well, unfortunately for me the way the old English was written back then, just doesn’t jive with me. It feels too out of place for this piece of artwork, I feel that the manga artist should have taken the modern English version of Shakespeare and added that to this manga. Why do I think that? Well, if it was a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, many teenagers and some well versed children would be able to read and enjoy the story as well. I feel as though with the play being in old English that is more pointed towards adults with it’s hard to understand language. Of course many young adults will also be able to read it, but a manga should be more enjoyable with easy to understand words.

But heck, that’s my personal opinion.

But overall, this manga was amazing and I will forever remember it.
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Another good entry into the Manga Classics line. I enjoyed this more than Macbeth, but then I am something of a hopeless romantic so all the scenes with Romeo and Juliet were quite charming to watch.

I love the art style. It is very in line and current with the conventions of shoujo (girls) manga from the 2010s. The characters are prettily detailed and cute. In particular, Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, and Paris are so attractively drawn.

I love how the style did well in capturing Mercutio’s distinctive whimsy. The emotions during the famously tragic scenes are well conveyed. Buildings and scenery are also highly detailed and cleanly drawn.

There are many comically drawn scenes that illustrate and express some of the humorous banter that might be hard to grasp from the original prose.

Speaking of prose, as was the case with Manga Classics adaptation of Macbeth, the purity of the lines is fully intact and not re-written with modern standards in mind. I was surprised by how text-heavy some panels are and real effort is made to keep the story as intact as possible. As a result, I find myself reading more slowly to try to fully understand the passages. I like that no major changes were made as the original play as very special and its writing style exquisitely quotable. As usual for Manga Classics, this adaptation is nicely thick at around 400 pages, so I’d say it’s a great dollar value for the time spent.

My two favorite Manga Classics are still The Count of Monte Cristo and especially Les Miserables, but this is easily still among the best in terms of quality and appeal and has perhaps the most high quality art I’ve seen so far from Manga Classics.
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I found this one so difficult to read. Somehow the book started off at the beginning? There were too many pictures on one page and all of the characters looked the same.
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This manga takes a beloved classic and makes it more iconic! The art style is lovely and adds a more cheerful feel to the story.
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I enjoyed the drawings and the colours the designer chose for the book. 

The book follows the same story line as the original play and it was fun reading the famous story of Romeo and Juliet but in a manga format
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Romeo and Juliet is the well-known Shakespeare tale of star-crossed lovers. In this Manga version, the story comes to life in a totally new way. If you’ve never read Shakespeare before, this version will open up the classic story for you. 

The Manga Classics series is bringing these stories to a new generation. Manga is a Japanese comic-style book form. It is read from back to front and right to left. That may seem confusing, but you will quickly get the hang of it. The art in the Manga Classics series is amazing. The artists went into meticulous detail to bring these tales to life. Each scene is carefully researched. The researchers, adapter, and artists visited Verona, where the original story took place, and visited all the locations from the play. You will see these locations throughout the book, as backgrounds and as scene settings. Very nicely done!

The story itself is told in the original text, with nothing left out. The accompanying illustrations help the reader understand the story. Shakespeare’s original language is difficult for modern readers to interpret sometimes, but the Manga version has the advantage of being a visual art, so there are plenty of art panels that assist the reader in setting the scene. 

Each character has a unique style, and they are drawn with very realistic expressions and body language. What you would see in a play is different from what you see in print form. But the Manga art form really handles storytelling well and gets across the emotions that actors would portray on stage. 

I highly recommend Manga Classics Romeo and Juliet. You will see the story come to life. I recommend this for any teacher who wants to bring the classics to their students. This entire series is very well-done. Five stars.
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As a high school English teacher I was very excited to so this manga adaptation, It is often very difficult to get my students interested in reading Shakespeare, mostly because the drama format is very unfamiliar and often hard to understand. The best thing for me is that they stick to the original text of the drama. I will be using this in my classroom in the future. I have already requested that my school put in an order for my ninth graders.
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I will admit, I was very interested in these classic stories adapted to manga format to see how these artists would illustrate and change the original stories as they turned them into manga. And, after a long struggle with getting them to download, I finally got all of the manga/graphic novels I requested to download onto my e-reader. However, I found myself very underwhelmed at all of these stories, as I feel they were okay but were nothing amazing or life-changing. Overall, I thought this whole collection of stories was alright, but I will probably not pick any more of these up in the future.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Udon Entertainment for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. It has not influenced my opinions.

Thanks to the Manga Classics collections, readers can read international literature’s classics in a new guise. I personally think that Manga adaptations are such a great idea! As a huge fan of the Romeo and Juliet I read the book, watched the movie, visited their homes in Verona and could not read the Manga adaptation! Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite classic and I read it long time ago, so I really enjoyed refreshing my memory with this manga adaptation! I loved the manga format because it gives to the story a new cute look, more simple, easy and funny to read. What I loved most of Romeo and Juliet is how has been reinterpreted and illustrated. I was concerned of missing parts, on the contrary I feel the story has been told in a proper way attentive to details. 
I do not have negative remarks, on the contrary I will search for other manga classics, and I will definitely recommend to everyone loving classic novels.
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I have never read the original Romeo and Juliet, but this Manga was really nice to read. The art style was beautiful. and I'd definitely read more manga classics!
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After reading Macbeth by the same company I was excited to see what they would produce with Romeo and Juliet. While this is not my favorite Shakespeare production this was still an interesting adaptation. My one complaint was the flow of the speaking parts. If you are not previously familiar with the piece you may not be able to follow the correct direction of the dialogue. Outside of that its still a lovely version visually and a nice addition to your shelf if your are a fan of The Bard.
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***I received this e-arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.***                                         

I think it would be a waste of time to explain the story, because everyone already knows it. I liked the drawings the story with the originalShakespearean language. This adaptation is great to get readers to try and read classics. For me manga is not really my thing, I would have enjoyed it better in regular graphic novel form.
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This manga was beautifully drawn, but would have been so much better with color (not sure if my copy doesn't have color just because it's a review copy or if all copies have no color). I did enjoy that the original shakespearian language was kept and overall enjoyed this piece.
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This is my first manga classic and I was impressed that they used true manga format. I am very glad that it not only explains this, but also shows an illustration of just how to read this book. You start at the back of the book working your way forward and read from right to left starting at the top of the page. It takes a bit of adjustment, but it's really very cool. I think they did a good job of turning this into a manga piece. Romeo and Juliet has never really been an easy piece for me to read and that may have dampened my enjoyment of this some, but overall I know I would recommend it for fans of Romeo and Juliet as I think it was represented beautifully here.
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Romeo and Juliet in Manga form was interesting, but not my favorite representation of the classic. The original play is so much more intense and this manga felt like it left out this intensity. What I did appreciate, however, was the artwork as I can see it helping students visualize and comprehend the play better. Thank you NetGalley and Udon Entertainment for this eARC. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I am afraid I will not be able to write a review on this manga because none of my electronic devices seems to support the type of file and it won't open or convert into any other format... I will just give a 1 star rating because the platform obliges me to give a punctuation.
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I love manga so decided to give this a try even though it isn't a favorite plot.

The cover is beautiful and the art shows the youth of the main characters.  I ddin't care for how some side characters looked.

I appreciated this more after reading the behind the scenes information.  Most of it I didn't realize ans I was impressed.

But the subject still isn't something I care to read again.

I received a free ARC from Netgalley.
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I have never read Romeo and Juliet so I can't compare the original classic with this manga. To me, this manga was nicely drawn and delivered the emotions of love and despair. I enjoyed reading it.
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Romeo and Juliet was by far my least favorite in school so I wanted to see if I would enjoy it in Manga—and I did! It was far more entertaining (still a tragedy of course) but the absorption of the play was fresh. It had a youthful vibe that I didn’t feel as much in either the reading/studying or the Leo film they had us watch in school. Recommended!
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