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Although I enjoy Romeo and Juliet, I would not adopt this for my classroom because there are better manga / graphic novel adaptations of this story, some of which have more accessible language to help students better understand the original language of the play.  Since my students already read the play in its original vernacular, I just don't have a reason to get an illustrated edition with the same style of text.
That said, the illustrations are beautiful, and anyone who loves this story in its original language would probably greatly enjoy this edition.
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I generally find Romeo and Juliet to be the most palatable of Shakespeare’s plays. It’s obviously a pretty famous story, and even those not forced to read it in high school or college are generally pretty familiar with the plot. So I was admittedly quite curious to see what was done with the story here to create this manga edition. I’ll skip recapping the plot, since that will likely be a retread for most.
The short version of this review is that this might be the most strictly accurate comic adaption of Romeo and Juliet that could be made, for better and worse. The art is great here. While it isn’t ground breaking, it does a great job of capturing a classic manga feel and telling the story with vivid images. The art is the richest part of this volume.
The dialogue and narration, meanwhile, appear to be lifted exactly from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Purists will likely love this, as it means that no additions or debatable interpretations are made. Non-purists might argue that this defeats the purpose, as the text is still dense and this is effectively just a heavily illustrated edition of the play.
For me, I appreciated the work that went into maintaining accuracy to the play. However, I also think that this caused the manga to be less engaging than it might otherwise have been. Shakespeare’s dialogue is structured and metered. It frequently involves heavy monologuing, and much of the plot is expressed through character dialogue. This creates a dramatically different pacing of dialogue, and by extension plot, than is typical of prototypical manga. In the Manga Classics edition of this play, the dynamic art does not always feel like it fits the Shakespearian verse, creating a disjointed read. I think adapting this play some would have created a better entry vehicle into this play for readers.
Overall, this is not a bad approach to Romeo and Juliet. It is, however, one that may not appeal to readers struggling with Shakespeare’s writing, which seems to be the intended audience of this book. I recommend this for fans of Shakespeare.
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My favourite classic
 'Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet' in the famous Japanese Manga comic format. Beautiful illustrations and word bubbles precisely convey the story. If you are a beginner in classics or you don't want to read the original unabridged editions but still you want to know about the classic story, this one's the perfect pick for you. Once you are used to reading in the Manga style, it's easy-to-follow. Don't miss out reading your favourite classics in their Manga style.
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This version of Romeo and Juliet uses the original text and combines it with a Manga format. The pictures help to illustrate the story so that more readers fully understand the play. The illustration of reality, thoughts, and daydreams. The format shows passion, violence, and emotion. The appendix offers pictures of the real Verona, what went into adapting the play, and tips for understanding literary elements. This is a great version to use in the classroom or to read for fun. Fans of Manga Classics, Shakespeare, or Romeo and Juliet will love this book. Grades 7 – 12. Review copy provided by NetGalley and UDON Entertainment.
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I cannot review this book because my copy was illegible and didn't completely load. I will update my Adobe app in hopes that it will help me in being able to actually read these mangas since I have been trouble and these are some of my favorites to read. Sorry that I am not able to review it properly but the Netgalley app is not letting me choose to submit why I cannot properly review this title.
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The Manga Classics idea is such a great one, and this is a wonderful adaption of Romeo and Juliet for teens or others who think they aren't "readers." Delivering classics in a comic book format is such a great idea! I've read and seen Romeo & Juliet multiple times, and this is a great adaption. I wish they'd do some of Shakespeare's other, maybe less well-known plays. I've been meaning to read The Tempest for FOREVER, and would be a lot more likely to read it in manga format! :)
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This is a classic, and I always enjoy romeo and Juliet. It's a tragic love story, and painful to read but it does have an underlining story that war doesn't solve every problem and innocent people can get seriously hurt by little wars even one's between families.
The art was beautiful and helped tell the story better. I think this book should be in schools to help high schooler understand the story that William Shakespeare is trying to tell.
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’Thou talk’st of nothing!’’
‘’True, I talk of dreams’’

This Manga adaptation of Romeo and Juliet worked really well in my opinion. I read the original not so long ago, and thus have the story fresh in my mind. The dialogue is cut and paste from the original and might be a little difficult to understand at first. Even so, I think the visualisation of the metaphors and the dramatic style of art really worked with the dramatic story and will help you understand the story better. It’s basically the original, but then in Manga format
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{My thoughts} – I am sure everyone has read or seen a variation of this play if they haven’t read the original. I read it back in High School for an English Class that I’d been taking. This was one of those plays that it wasn’t too terribly difficult to relate to in terms of the content and what was taking place.

Romeo and Juliet are two teenagers that are obviously in love with one another. Their families the Capulet’s and Montague’s have been feuding with one another for quite sometime. Because of the feud the two are not allowed to be in love per their families wishes. The two of them come up with a plan and they try to make their love work, however in the end, there is only tragedy.

I really enjoyed reading this version of the famous play. It was incredible well done. I was completely and utterly engrossed in this book and had to finish it before I was able to move onto other things. The illustrations and the text flow together seamlessly. The raw emotion depicted in many of the illustrations send your heart into a flutter.

I have to admit I do think this is the best Manga Classic I have had the pleasure to read. I could gush over this particular book for hours. Instead though I am going to recommend that you get a copy and read it and see for yourself. I promise your not going to be disappointed!
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This new version uses Shakespeare’s original language in a manga format, making it more accessible for young people and beginners to Shakespeare. The characters are introduced to make them clear, and the illustrations add feeling to the text.
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I really enjoy the manga classics. The graphics are great. I like that the old English is used. 
Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read.
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the art style for this manga adaptation of romeo and juliet was absolutely breathtaking, but sadly it wasn’t enough for me to love this. that’s pretty much my fault however, because i don’t enjoy the original story of romeo and juliet, and the author’s used the original text for this manga. i will pick up the other manga classics, but this wasn’t for me.
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This was the second story from Manga Classics that I have read so far! I really enjoy this style and I want to explore it more!
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The artwork is breathtaking and it was a fun experience to read a classic that has been given life through visualization of all characters and settings with vivid imagery.
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This is wonderful! I love Shakespeare and manga. The art is beautiful and this is a great way for people to read Shakespeare without being overwhelmed.
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I really liked the art involved and how much of the storyline this manga fit in. This adaption didn't just show a 'love story', as usual, it also showed a catastrophic feud between two families that was tearing a city apart, affecting even innocent bystanders and all the drama involved with that. I really do feel like this adaption added to my understanding and view of the original story of Romeo and Juliet. I really enjoyed the "I bite my thumb at you" scene near the beginning, it was funnier seeing it in manga form than reading it, and I found that I enjoyed the story more as a whole. It also featured some of my favorite lines (for instance, "I have lost myself, I am not here: this is not Romeo, he's some other where.") 
However, the story of Romeo and Juliet still isn't one I particularly like, it's a just a teen romance gone very, very wrong (three people and the main couple died after a few days, etc.). It really showed how dramatic Romeo really is (to a hilarious degree as well, though I'm sure that was probably the intention of the artist as well as Shakespeare himself, haha). The adaption itself was great quality and true to original, but I'm still not a big fan of Romeo and Juliet, but this is probably my favorite version thus far. It made me laugh at some points and the ending scene was very beautiful.

My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher Udon Entertainment, and the author for giving me the opportunity to read a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Manga Classics are always exceptional, but their adaptation of Romeo and Juliet goes above and beyond. For one, this volume keeps the translated text of the play so in theory someone struggling to understand Shakespeare's work could read this as a way to help them understand what is happening. But the true highlight of this book is the artwork. The manga artist  does a stunning job bringing the story to life. From character designs to the setting to the spreads depicting Shakespeare's lush use of language--the entire volume bursts with a beauty only found through manga style artwork. I appreciate how the artist designed the characters because Romeo and Juliet are so young and it's a reminder how naive they truly were. I would definitely recommend this to someone who finds Shakespeare's plays difficult or who likes manga style graphic novels. I hope Manga Classics adapts other Shakespeare plays in the future.
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I love the collection of Manga Classics! I was so excited about the Romeo and Juliet manga because it is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.

I have fond memories of this play because my class performed it in grade 5. It was the first Shakespeare play I ever read. I can still remember parts of it off by heart.

This was a great adaptation of the play. My favourite part was Juliet’s nurse. She was such a funny and dramatic character. She would ramble on about things without getting to the point. Her character in this story was a large woman who screamed a lot. She was overly dramatic, which added a lot of humour to this tragic story.

This is a great adaptation of Romeo and Juliet!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Stacy King is a marvelous writer. I love her manga adaptations of classics (even though I’ve only read two so far). I enjoy her adaptation even more due to the fact that she puts so much research into her work – you can clearly see that in the final pages of the manga where she explains how she visited the locations mentioned in the story and puts her sketches.

I enjoyed the art very much and the characterisation through it. For example, I loved that every male character had a specific sword which was weirdly very fitting for his character.

There is no point in putting a summary of the story of Romeo and Juliet since this play by Shakespeare is one of the most famous stories in the world. This is why I am keeping this review short. I believe everyone who enjoys Shakespeare and plays in general will sincerely enjoy this manga classic.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
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An amazing adaptation of a classic tale. Shakespeare's tragedy comes to life with brilliantly imagined art.
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