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Romeo and juliet is hands down one of my favorite classics out there. Reading this manga was such a cool experience. First of all I think classics are wonderful but hard to read and to get into, so reading a manga version is a great idea. What i loved the most is the artwork. It was stunning, every piece was amazing and really well done. The story is pretty much the same and they did a really good job translating it to the graphic version. Sure, it's not as dense as the original but you get pretty much all the info and the plot is well done. I can't wait to read more mangas about my fave classics
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Thank you to UDON Entertainment and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this manga free in exchange for an honest review. #NetGalley

I'm not a big fan of Romeo and Juliet's story, but this manga is a great adaptation of the original. The art is very pretty, Juliet is beautiful and the characters are easy to distinguish. I loved how sometimes even the backgrounds were busy, with curious little details. The text wasn't altered, which on one hand was true to the original, on the other hand if the manga was intended for younger audiences, they'll have a hard time understanding it. I loved the 'behind the scenes' part, where we can see how the places and characters were created.

I think the Manga Classics edition of Romeo and Juliet is a great adaptation; I would definitely recommend it to manga fans!
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I wasn’t the biggest fan of Romeo and Juliet, so I had hoped that the Manga would help me like it more. Honestly, I still don’t like it. As I’ve stated with a previous Shakespeare Manga Classic, I just don’t think his work adapts well to Manga. There’s too much going on on the page with both the art and the words that it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on at times. It gets confusing and overwhelming. 
I love the Manga classics, but any of the Shakespeare adaptations are a no for me.
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Thank you to @netgalley @mangaclassics @udonent for a digital copy in return for my honest review. 
My thoughts…
Gorgeous. I just thought the artwork was gorgeous and fits perfectly with the original narrative. I was engaged in this graphic novel and it’s adaptation of this famous classic. The graphic novel illustrated the drama, romance, actions and facial expressions so well. I have not been disappointed with Manga Classics I have read so far. A great way to introduce yourself to classics.
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I haven’t seen any movies or plays on Romeo and Juliet and I haven’t read the books too. It is also my first ever manga that I picked so I was a bit too excited for it. But I wasn’t a fan of the story. I can’t say that I hate reading mangas but I really didn’t like this book.
The cover is really pretty and the illustrations in the books are beautiful as well. There was a lot of hard work put into the illustrations but I think if there could be a little more work in the dialogues then it might have been better. 
I know the publisher makes it very clear that the dialogues in every adaptation that they make are from the original text but that text is too old. It is not fun reading it to be honest and very very difficult to understand. I could not make a connection with the story at all. I just feel that the dialogues should be in modern English because it makes it easy and also interesting.
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The cover was absolutely stunning, I’ve read Romeo and Juliet multiple times growing up and was excited to see a manga adaption. Absolutely loved the drawings, I’ll be recommending this to my friends and hopefully buy a physical copy in the future as well
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book! The title and this beautiful cover drew me in and i was excited to read this book! I will be recommending this book to others for readers advisory
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC!

I think this is an okay adaptation. It’s not the best one out there but the artwork really moved me. They’re impressive and the flow of the story is good, but it’s missing a but of spark. I think it’s because I’ve read more than a couple of Romeo and Juliet adaptations, that’s why I tended to compare one over the over, but I still enjoyed it 😊
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I was so excited when NetGalley approved this one because I love graphic novels and I wanted to get through some classics but I didn't want to *actually* get through them, yk?. so, what better than to read the adaptation in a manga format. anyway, not the biggest fan of the story but that's not the manga fault obviously. it was kind of hard to get through at first because I didn't know the original story besides the ending so yeah, there's that. the art is cool but something that bugged me was the quality of the images, I understand that it was supposed to look bad because it's an arc but still. 
nevertheless, i really recommend this if you want to know the story of some classics without needing to read the original work
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Digital copy given is blurry and unreadable. There isn't a problem with device nor application, as other comics in PDF format are readable. 

Due to being unreadable, I cannot provide a proper review.
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I really enjoyed this Manga adaptation of the Romeo and Juliet story. The original story did not excite me, in fact it does not have a good score for me. It is true that, speaking Spanish, it was a little difficult for me to concentrate on the English vocabulary but, as I have read the original work, I have grasped the concepts. The drawing is very nice and well cared for. In fact, I loved Julieta's expressions. I gave it a higher score than the original work because, even though the story doesn't really change, I liked the way it was told and the illustrations much better.

You will have the complete review in Spanish on my website soon.
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**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Manga Classics Romeo and Juliet by Stacy King through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this opportunity.

Manga Classics Romeo and Juliet by Stacy King is a graphic novel adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic play Romeo and Juliet.  It tells the story of two young star crossed lovers from feuding families.  It was published on May 25th, 2018.  I rated it five stars on GoodReads.

Here's the summary from GoodReads:

A classic Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two star-crossed young lovers who dare to defy their feuding families, put aside all obstacles, and find happiness together - but at a tremendous cost. This grimly beautiful tale, set in the Renaissance Italy, follows Romeo and Juliet from their hateful first meeting to their last.
Manga Classics ™ brings you this incredible new manga version of William Shakespeare's most popular play, featuring the unaltered original text in its entirety! 

I loved this.  I have a fond place in my heart for Romeo and Juliet and the dramatics of the story, and I felt like a manga was a perfect way to adapt it.  It stuck with the usual setting of the play, but it really emphasized the drama and teenaged angst that the play is so well known for.  

I can't say that I have anything special to say about the story.  I love the characters and the angst.  It was fun and heartbreaking, and just everything that Romeo and Juliet always is.  I've raved about it before.

The art style was beautiful, and I really liked how some of the eccentricities of the story were really well emphasized by the way manga can be as an art form (though I will admit to not being super well versed in it).  I liked the different character designs and how well suited each of the characters was to their particular designs.

The manga did use the original language, but having the pictures to go along with it, really helps the reader to understand what is going on at any given point.

Overall, I can't recommend this enough.  If you want a fun adaptation of the classic play, you should totally check this out.
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What can be a better idea than adapting classics into manga? 
Apparently nothing!

Seeing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in a manga version is oh so refreshing. It is definitely not my favorite play of his, but seeing it in this form, I can't say that I'm not amused. 

I can't say that I love Shakespeare and manga equally, but I think it's safe to say that the bard would have approved of this adaptation. 

I love it how they kept the original dialogue, it's in early modern English! So the combination of light-hearted manga art style with Shakespearean modern English is an absolute delight!

The art of course is amazing, the pacing of the story and deciding how the scenes will be presented was done immaculately. 

Due to the fact that manga is read backwards to forwards, I had to scroll down to end of the file and go way up till I reached the end.
What else can I say except that I strongly recommend reading classics alongside their manga adaptations - trust me it will better the experience.
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I love Shakespeare so this was a very fun book to stumble upon. I like that this book may make new readers gain exposure to Shakespeare for the first time.
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Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. Seeing that it was also on a manga platform, I could resist, as the artwork on the cover looked so beautifully done. Even though we all know how the story ends, it was still refreshing to read the story once again, on a different format.
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Thank you to Netgalley for this one! 

This is a fantastic alternative to Shakespeare for visual learners. Honestly it’s quite brilliant to turn the classics into manga novels.
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This was such a great read! This was my first time reading a manga, and reading a detailed story of Romeo and Juliet. So I had high expectations, and It did not disappoint. Not to mention the art is absolutely STUNNING!. Thank you to NetGalley and Udon Entertainment for providing me with an e-copy of this wonderful story!
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Romeo and Juliet has always been one of my favourite plays by William Shakespeare. I seriously loved the manga adaptation of this play because all the graphics are drawn very beautifully with precise details. Furthermore, the dialogue in this play isn't different from the original one. Therefore, those who have a hard time understanding the context would get to have a better comprehension if they read this adaptation. Overall, it was an enjoyable read for me. I liked how this manga is pretty light and I was able to finish everything in one seating. I really recommend for everyone to try out this manga. 

A big thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this manga in exchange for honest review.
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I love manga classics, but unfortunately this time I had lots of difficulties reading it since the dialogues are written in Early Modern English. On the other hand, the illustrations are really beautiful and can help a bit the reader to comprehend what is going on.
I loved the idea behind this manga, but I hope that in the future the publisher will try to make the dialogues more understandable.
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I have always loved the story about Romeo & Juliet and have during the years seen many adaptions as movies, tv-series, and other works that are inspired by Romeo & Juliet as a theme. Therefore I have always wanted to read the original material, but haven't because Shakespeare is writing an old and hard to read English that makes it a torturous read, and who would like to torture themself? Not me!

I read a lot of comics, so when I saw Romeo & Juliet as a manga that stayed true to the original story, I had to try it.

The drawings in the manga helped bringing this story alive to me.

This manga is a direct adaption and stays very true to the original story. It has the old language, and though I had lines I didn't understand one-to-one, the visual story and gestures of the characters on the page made me understand a whole lot more than if I had read the text only. I can truthfully say that I enjoyed this read!

It was an amazing detailed read. It was like seeing a theatre play!
The costumes were unique to each character and you could see their personality shine through.

It took some time to get used to the language, but when Romeo & Juliets story began unfolding on the pages, I was captured and reached the end much too soon.

I think supporting the classics with pictures while staying true to the original is a clever idea. I already got my eye on some of the other books in this series.
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