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I'm assuming there must be an audience out there for the tale of a self-pitying 30 year old who constantly whines about the fact that he's never had a serious relationship, but it's definitely not me. Not sure what else to say. I didn't like the art, either. I kept slogging along waiting for redemption but frankly the protagonist was so unappealing that his eventual realization that women are people too felt like too little, too late.
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This graphic novel is a slice of life manga. The genre tends to be light-hearted in tone. The artwork is great and the best part. Mitsuro Kubo is a wonderful artist. He used both colour and black and white and I was enthralled by his skills. Unfortunately the story arc was not for me. In this Fuji is an angst-filled twenty-nine year old with no steady job or romantic attachment. He seemed to be otaku and was pretty self-absorbed and does some pretty reprehensible acts in the novel. And he is condoned. Not my view on life. If there wasa measure of redemption I would continue. But can't recommend despite the artwork.
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Moteki surely is heavy in more ways than one and somehow I think this was translated due to Yuri!!! on Ice, since these have the same maker behind them. Somehow I don't think this would've been translated otherwise, which isn't to say that Moteki is bad or anything - actually I'm happy seinen like this gets published. We don't have manga like this a lot on the market. Moteki is about a thirty-year-old guy named Yukiyo Fujimoto, who's still a virgin, over-analyzes everything and just wants to get a girlfriend. He surely meets girls, but is too dumb to notice their feelings or misunderstandings taint the rest of the hope. This sudden interest on the girls' part happens after all those years of nothing happening and suddenly the guy cannot function. Fujimoto is pathetic and in a way real, but at the same time a caricature. He's refreshing and annoying at the same time too and the manga is so full of stuff and everything, when in reality hardly anything happens. It's an odd and interesting combination, but exhausting surely.

The art is very seinen-like, precise and crude, but still realistic and wonderful. Moteki is stuffed art-wise too, which hinders the reading experience, since you need to inspect the panels carefully. Moteki isn't your typical manga, which may be a problem for finding readers for this. Kubo surely knows how to create something interesting and for that you should really try this, even though it isn't for everyone.  I wish we'd get more seinen and Moteki is a great add to the genre!  Especially, since this manga is made by a woman.
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I loved the artwork, I enjoyed the journey and story but felt there was far to much going on. Everybit of the page was used. Having said that I would definitely recommend and look forward to the next.
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Moteki is a decade old manga series written by Mitsurou Kubo. It tells the story of Yukiyo Fujimoto who is no-girlfriend since birth and is in his late 20's already. Readers could see how frustrated Yukiyo is about his zero love life and how his life started to transform one day that got him entangled to several ladies. 

The first volume is 438-pages but reading this will not bore readers because of how funny and how fast the story progress. If I have the chance to watch either the film adaptation or the TV series of this manga, I will try to check them out and see if they are as good as the manga version. I can't wait for the second volume of this amusing manga and hopefully that there will be ARC also available.
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I don't read Manga as much as I should, and Moteki kindly pointed that out to me. The story is about a man who is having his moment - his moteki - when all the ladies are supposed to be attracted to him and he'll find his special someone. Only, it doesn't happen the way he thought it would. 

The characters in this manga are so relatable, even to a western audience. The art itself is fantastic, and I found myself unable to put this down once I started. I highly recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys slice of life, realistic stories with great art and a lot of heart. Definitely a 5-Star book.
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I loved Yuri on Ice so I had relatively high expectations for this and I wasn't disappointed. The artwork was superb and the story was funny and touching at times.
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Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review, "Moteki"
by Mitsurou Kubo. The art was great in this book, the content was pretty good also. I loved Yuri on Ice so I did have high expectations for this manga. I was not disappointed. Besides being a little bit creepy, Moteki is an interesting character.
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I really wanted to love this title, because I love Yuri on Ice and I know my teens do as well, but there was just something off about Moteki that I didn't love. I am glad to have read it prior to purchasing due to sexual content (not likely going to fly in a teen department!). On a personal level, I enjoyed Moteki well enough, but from a collection development standpoint, it's a definite pass from me, which still makes me sad.
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*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an Honest Review*
*This also contains volume 1 and volume 2 of the manga*

You know with its plot synopsis I almost assumed this would possibly just be one of those harem manga. 
Which are low key guilty pleasure genre for me xDD

But this manga proved to be more mature than that and you see instead a character who doesn't often come across many who could love him or want to be with him. (Or that's how his self-esteem feels about it.)


So our main character Yukio, he's literally a virgin who's near the end of his 20's and has yet to find a girlfriend. (Man I feel for you dude.) He suddenly gets all these phone calls which start to give him some kind of hope. He's hoping this year might be his year or season to feel popular with the ladies. (Which the manga's name Moteki=Popularity or popular according to the manga's translation.)  Yukio likes Aki  or he at least thought maybe she liked him, but he was rejected especially when his friends showed him that she had a boyfriend. And Yukio almost felt like he was used just for her to try to get her boyfriend jealous and to make up with him. 

But eventually I think Aki and Yukio will possibly have some kind of romance bloom between them, I'd just need to read the next volumes. Or maybe between him and Natsuki. But of course his luck with women isn't the best, so you can never be sure how he'd fare. 

On another note:

I get the feeling that this manga is actually accurate for some of Japan's population with all it's otakus that don't usually settle down because some find them to be gross or because they'd rather be with waifus/husbandos than look for a real, living companion. And then there's those who are looking for love, but don't catch it because they work themselves so often. But yeah I think the mangaka is onto something with this manga, the main character kind of feels realistic to some of the people in real life who have dating troubles. 
Yukio Fujimoto:  He's the main character who struggles with finding love, and he's just super awkward. But who wouldn't be awkward if you were a virgin(He loses it eventually), introverted, temp that found out that someone you thought you could date, actually had a boyfriend. Or if that someone you liked wasn't with you because she has no confidence in herself for a relationship. That's gotta be the suckiest way to be rejected!! Goodness, life can suck sometimes!! -.-"

Aki Doi: She's a love interest, who suddenly calls Yukio up on the phone. She tends to go to concerts and she kind of rejected Yukio. (Not completely on purpose of course!!) She wants him to admit his feelings for her. 

Natsuki Komiyama: Another person Yukio had some kinds of feelings for. Maybe she could be that loved one he's looking for in his life. She's nice, but has some self confidence issues. 

There's many female characters in this manga, that Yukio comes across. Will he ever get with any of them?? Probably not. But I can't say that his character isn't at least "trying".

Recommends to: 
Well  if you liked this manga you'd likely get a kick out of its drama adaptation, which many refer to as funny and sexy. xD  In fact I think I should give the drama chance eventually myself.  Also if you enjoyed this maybe you'd like other works by the mangaka. 

Hope you enjoyed my review!! Thanks for Reading!! ^_^
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I liked the artwork style. I can't tell if the story is funny or heart breaking, there's a lot going on but I enjoyed it. Don't like Aki Doi. If he ends up with anyone I hope it's the ex delinquent.
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An old fave of mine. "Moteki" is a popular manga series that has been adapted into a drama and a movie in Japan. I appreciate having a translated manga to enjoy reading again.
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3,5 stars

Before reading this, I had never heard the term "moteki" before, but the notion of, in some point of my life, having a lot of people interested in me all of sudden doesn't sound too awful.

The main character managed to be somewhat likeable and to feel relatable (at least for me), despite .the fact that he wasn't that nice of a person. Although it got kind of repetitive sometimes, it was easy to understand his insecurities and his anger at the fact that, despite being 30 years-old already, he had never had a girlfriend. 

The book kept me interested in finding out if Fujimoto would ever find someone, and I will probably read the rest of the books.
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'Moteki Vol. 1' by Mitsurou Kubo is an English translation of an older manga by a famous creator.  The manga is popular enought that it has been turned into a television series.

When Yukiyo Fujimoto turns 30, he finds himself single with no prospects.  When he suddenly gets contacted by several women in his life, he thinks it is his "moteki" or time of popularity.  Through the course of the story, we see how these past relationships have gone badly, mostly due to Yuki being awkward and not being assertive enough.  We also see a few of these events from the female side.  Yuki seems doomed to be single forever, but with the help and advice of friends, he may yet find the right person to be with.

At first, I wasn't crazy about this story of a love-starved, sex-focused, inept guy.  I didn't really feel for him.  Through the course of the 438 pages (!), I did end up liking the story and it's female characters, even if I didn't warm much to Yuki. 

The art is pretty good.  There are something like 14 issues of the series as well as some funny back up comics included.

I received a review copy of this manga from Kodansha Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this manga.
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For a slice-of-life manga this realistic drawing portrayed the story and message very well. Fujimoto is a cynical man when it comes to love since all his experiences has only hurt him. I found the story to have much more impact and some realism to the characters.

I loved the use of the harem in this manga. In anime and manga harems are portrayed with three or more people of the opposite sex expressing some romantic interest in the main character. Typically found in such mediums, the main character is a heterosexual male. Depending on how the story is told I usually try to avoid harems since girls fighting over one guy for no reason just don’t interest me. I like how Fujimoto is taking an active role in pursuing a human connection. This makes all his efforts more meaningful.

That being said, Fujimoto is a very flawed main character. He can’t make up his mind on who he likes, but he will take the initiative to understand each woman to see if he can make her happy. He’s also quick to denounce love, but once he decides to take an active role in finding some closure from all these women he shines just a bit more.

The main focus is not on the romance as there is not much. I feel the focus is more on Fujimoto learning to break out of his shell to find what it is he actually wants. I can’t help but want to see what kind of man he turns out to be in the end.
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Yukiyo Fujimoto's Moteki, his year to find romance, has finally arrived. For years Yukiyo has always wanted a girlfriend, but he has been continuously unlucky in love. Now, he's thirty years old. When a few women from his past begin contacting him at the same time, Yukiyo is convinced that this is his year to find love. But who ever said love was easy? Moteki is full of the ups and downs of romance, and unrequited love. Yukiyo is the poster child for someone unlucky in love. He is the sort of person who lives in his head, and often, his mind will wander into impossible fantasies. Funny and sometimes tragic, Moteki takes the reader on a ride of emotions. 
The artwork of this manga is excellent, but there was just too much text on one page sometimes. It didn't really read fluidly as Yukiyo's fantasies begin to blend in with his daily life. It was a little confusing. Although there were parts I enjoyed, I found this manga is meant for a male audience more than a female audience. The female characters hardly have any depth to them, and Yukiyo was too single minded for me to fully connect with his character. Overall, I would recommend this manga to a male audience.
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I didnt enjoy this. I didnt finish reading it but unfortunately Netgalley is set up so that you must provide a rebiew and rating..
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I liked it though it was sometimes hard to relate to the story considering it is heavily centered on a mans persepective. The art was pretty and the emotions and frustrations portrayed by the characters felt very realistic. A good slice of life tho I’d recommend it more towards a male audience for more of an accurate understanding!
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welp, this was just the worst. I am sorry, but I didn't enjoy it. I kept reading in hopes that it would get better, but instead it didn't. It also didn't help that this book isn't volume one only... it is also volume 2. If I had known that I would probably not have requested it. 

What the problem was with this manga? The MC. My word, he was just terrible, depressing, at times he didn't seem to understand the word no (sure, just keep kissing and putting your hand up her shirt while she clearly stated no and wants to be your friend), and he was also creepy (really, taking a picture of a sleeping girl?), and I could go on. I didn't like him at all. He just kept whining about not having a girlfriend, about his virginity (which he did lose), about his sex life, about woman.

What did I expect? A cute romance story with a guy getting into his Moteki (some magical period in which guys/girls get very popular) and him deciding which girl he wants to go for from the whole batch of girls interested in him. I expected lots of hilarity as girls would try to meet him at every opportunity.
Instead the only thing that happens is that girls are vaguely interested in him, he gets a ton of mails/calls (at first), and well... that is it.

It was a really depressing read, and I just wanted to kick the MC between his legs for being such a dick about stuff. 

Sure, the girls aren't always better, I also wanted to shake some of them. 

The only thing that I did like was the art. That was pretty gorgeous. 

But yeah, I am not going to be reading this one any further, and I am happy I had the chance to read this one before it released as I now know I will not be buying this one for my collection.
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Moteki was a fun read. I wish the protagonist wasn't so desperate but I guess anyone in his situation might react similarly. 
I finished this book in one sitting and it is hilarious. The characters were fun and were developed and described well by the author.
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