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Great read, well written with a great plot and characters. I was engrossed from start to finish. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Netgalley.
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The description of the story really appealed to me, but I had no idea that this is a second book in a series when I requested for it on NetGalley. There are some books that belong in a series which you can pick up at any numbered issue and be able to follow through with it, and there are some which require you to be well aware of all its development from the very first book. Bloodcraft is the latter. I was extremely confused and could not get into the story as I had no idea who was who and what transgressions have transpired to induce the actions taken by the protagonists. I have to say, that the writing is great and Amalie has a descriptive flair. Even though I had no idea what was going on, the scenes materialized in my head like I happened to chance upon a movie my brothers have been watching halfway in.
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A wonderful follow up to a great first book. I really loved how this story played out. It picked up where the first book finished and followed Victoria and Christian as they battled everything together, The relationship between Tori and Christian was up and down and the story had a lot of twists and turms. The book did have some slow moments and some ups and downs but it was an overall good book.
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Good but I wasn't aware that this was the second book
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Bloodcraft is the 2nd book in the Cruentus Curse series. Tori has control of her powers now and has joined a witch school. Christian & Tori's relationship is touch and go. When witches and vampires start dying, they start to point at each other. Tori has a choice. She can rise to the occasion to lead the witches in a war or she can choose Christian - or the 3rd option is maybe it's not them killing each other after all. Bloodcraft was better than the first book. I almost didn't get thru the first book to get to the 2nd book. Tori is so insecure in the first book. Christian is over a century old. It makes me cringe because I can only imagine that being that old, he would put up with that.
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I had no clue this was the second book in a duology. It didn't really allude to it at all.
Overall both books in the series were mediocre at best. The characters were alright. The plot line was okay but it wasn't anything fantastic or super gripping. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend but I didn't hate reading it. I really don't have many thoughts on this series since I did think it was so boring. This is a 2/5 stars for me.
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Cannot be read as a standalone. 

I think I liked this slightly more than book 1, but I still wouldn't recommend this series to any of my friends.

The witches vs warlocks vs vampires was a bit tiring and at moments I found Victoria exhausting. 

I did like the romance with Christian... but nothing special.
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I had to buy the first book because I tried reading this one but got really confused. A definite must in order to understand events and people's reactions. With that said, this books plot was well developed and had so many different turns that it kinda gave me emotional whiplash. The forbidden romance escalates and changes throughout this book but I can say that Christian remains ever faithful and supportive of Victoria. There is development in handling the blood curse and learning more about it. A lot of enemies popping up here and there. It's all over the place and emotionally you will be too. Really hard to cope with some characters, some new and old ones have the spotlight in this book, and even though we aren't supposed to like the evil characters I have developed a fondness for one. There will be shocks and not all characters last forever but it was a very well written book.
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4.5 stars – Gripping conclusion to this YA paranormal romance duology featuring witches and vampires.  All similarities to ‘Twilight’ should be abandoned.

New characters are introduced and we discover even more about the supernatural world created by author Amalie Howard.  In ‘Bloodspell’ we learn the lore of witches and the history of the Cruentus Curse.  In its sequel, vampire legends are expanded upon beyond Le Sang Noir; we hear about the oldest vampires and their abilities, and what happens when an Ancient creates a new vampire.  We also learn more about Warlocks; their culture and their goals.

Though this book is slightly steamier than the last, I'm sorry to say that war is coming and allegiances shift in unexpected ways.  Friendships and relationships become strained as more and more secrets are revealed.

‘Bloodcraft’ is narrated by Tori, Christian, and Lucian, each offering different pieces of the puzzle as secrets and betrayals are uncovered.  Diving into the accompanying novella, ‘Bloodbound.’

#Bloodcraft #NetGalley  I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book.  All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s.
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I was so excited to read this book and it was so worth it. Like with the first book I love the characters the most,
Tori is a great as she is strong, but she does makes mistakes and Christian is so sweet.
The plot is great and will keep you on your toes with twists and turns all, I would highly recommend the series.
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Victoria is a witch that has a special blood that gives her incredible strength but makes a vampire lose control. Her first problem is that her boyfriend is a vampire. She goes to Paris with him to meet other witches and to learn from them. She encounters deceit at most every turn. Christian learns he has enhanced gifts that he inherited by his maker. They are able to work together and enlist assistance of allies to battle for the good of all. The artwork on the cover is beautiful and draws the reader in immediately. The story keeps the reader intrigued.
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This book!! I've been waiting for this to come out ever since I finished book one and that felt like centuries ago. But damn every agonizing second of waiting WAS SO WORTH IT.

I was a bit scared to read this because I might not love it as much as I remember loving Bloodspell (it has been way too long) but I was sucked in from the start! Victoria has become more of a badass and Christian is just more irresistible and lovable. And they're so adorable together!

Action-packed with a toe-curling romance and a lot of surprises, Bloodcraft is one book you shouldn't miss! It's an AMAZING sequel and here's me hoping this isn't the end.

Please please please Amalie?
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