Last Exit to Montauk

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I try to always read reviews once I have my review written, so I am going back in and adding this in my review. One reviewer said "This book was okay. I just felt that the book was a bit too long." I have NEVER EVER in my life read a book that I thought was too long. This book is 388 pages. No way on earth is that TOO LONG! But anyways.. 

I was hooked on this book not only from the first chapter, but before that, the description. I am a sucker for high school/first romance books, and romance books in general. The first chapter was amazing. It set the stage for the whole book for me. The way the author described the feelings that he was feeling at the supermarket. The writing in this book was really good. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Vega's work!
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This book was okay. I just felt that the book was a bit too long.
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Unfortunately, this book was not for me. I live on Long Island so I download it but romances are really far out of my wheelhouse. I was interested in a story about my area without looking into what the story was about. The fact that I couldn't get into the story does not reflect on the book or author in any way.
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