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Thank you so much Lake Union Authors for a copy of Jane Doe in exchange for an honest review.

I loved Jane Doe a lot. Such a unique and fun concept for a novel. Steven really deserved everything he got.

Jane is a sociopath who is using her powers of manipulation to seduce Steven and learn all his dirty little secrets. It is a bit of a train wreck relationship in all the best ways. Such a fun and interesting story, it definitely kept my interest and I could not stop reading it.
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5 Stars!

“My cat appears and rubs her cheek against me in approval. She understands exactly. The kill is fun, but toying with your prey is really the best part.”

I just finished this book and I feel like I need more Jane in my life. This was such a satisfying read and I felt like each chapter made me want to keep coming back for more Jane!

Jane is a young professional and is good looking. She starts a job in Minnesota and catches the attention of her boss. They start flirting, he asks her out and the Jane/Steven Journey begins. Jane's best friend Meg, who was also in Minnesota, recently took her own life, and Jane is trying to figure out how best to cope with it. Meg's husband was abusive and condescending and Meg just couldn't take it anymore. Jane has always wanted revenge and just doesn't know how to properly "love". She see's certain qualities in Steven that make her made - he tries to bring her down, he turns everything he does wrong on her and uses her for favors all while he's living a double life. But she has to get revenge on men like this for Meg, right??? I won't say much more as there's a few twists and turns that come up within the story.

I loved this book so much. I thought that the pacing was perfect and it really emotionally grabbed me. When there were parts of the book where Jane was getting blamed for doing things like a woman I wanted to punch the book! It was infuriating to think that people are treated this way by their partners. It's truly sickening but it does make for a good book. I pretty much read this in a single day - plus it's only like 250 pages so it's a shorter length!

I highly recommend this to all that love thrillers. It kept my attention the whole time and I really want there to be a sequel so that I can read more of Jane! She is a character that will definitely stick with me for a long time. This is my first Victoria Helen Stone novel and I will definitely be reading more!
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Thank you Netgalley, the publisher and Victoria Helen Stone.
I absolutely loved, loved this book. Could not put it down.
I loved Jane, what a character.
I would not want her mad at me.
I cannot wait to read more books from this author.
Absolutely love it and highly recommend.
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I really enjoyed this book. From the beginning I was drawn in by the short chapters and direct narration by the main character. I wanted to know Jane, how she operated, and what her plans were when it came to dealing with Steven. I was pretty sure of Jane’s motives from the beginning but that didn’t take away from the story at all. There were a few moving pieces and it was interesting watching Jane work.

I appreciated the tone Jane used through the story and getting to know her felt a lot like when Jane discusses how it feels to watch her cat. Jane was a little unpredictable but that just made the situation that much more entertaining. I really liked how the story compared Steven to Luke and how each relationship highlighted a piece of Jane. It was fun getting to know Jane through her relationships in addition to her sharing directly with the reader.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense thrillers or domestic thrillers with a strong female main lead. Jane took no one’s crap and was great at manipulating, which is a refreshing look into a thriller story. Most of the time the man is chasing the woman and it was enjoyable to see Jane in charge.
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Pretty sure the author hates men, religion, and white people. A horrible book that doesn’t deserve a review. Horrible
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Hell hath no fury! A fascinating look at the lengths someone will go for revenge. Because so much of the book is in "Jane"'s POV, it was a bit choppy with an unreliable narrator. That said, it kept my interest--and kept me guessing--all the way through. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for my review.  Jane takes a job at an insurance agency in Minneapolis with the sole intention of destroying the life of her coworker, Steven.  It is full of suspense and revenge.  It is dark and and twisty-which are typically fun stories to read.  I read this book very quickly and it kept my interest, but there was just something about the writing style that was so distracting to me.  The chapters were very choppy and Jane's narration of events was a little unbelievable.  With that being said, I think I would try another of this author's books because all the pieces were there, it just didn't come together for me.
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This book was so good. A twisted tale that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading. I really enjoyed the story line. I feel like it wrapped up quickly and nicely. I will for sure be reading more by this author.
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Three words to describe this book – vengeful, relentless, gripping!

This book! Wow! Where to start!? What a fabulous dark thriller of a novel. I devoured this book in one day it is THAT GOOD! I was unable to put this book down and found myself immersed in the story, turning the pages to see what Jane would do next. She was out for revenge, and would stop at nothing to get that revenge! And boy oh boy, revenge she certainly did get!

Jane would stop at nothing to destroy the person she set out to destroy. She was relentless in her goal to destroy this person’s life and to get back for all the wrongs this person has done in the past. Jane was quite convincing acting as a “plain Jane” and it was fun to read about her dual personalities… the “real” Jane vs. “plain” Jane. Such a gripping read that had me hooked from the start of the book and had me sitting on the edge of my seat as I read through the book.

Victoria girl, you need to write a sequel to this book. I am not ready to be done with Jane yet and I absolutely LOVED her character in this book. Jane was so unpredictable it was fun to read what she would do next. She was dark and twisted! And that made for a wonderful book.

If you haven’t read this book yet be sure to get your hands on a copy. You will absolutely love it!
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Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of “Jane Doe” by Victoria Helen Stone.  I will not give any spoilers.  I enjoyed this book. I got it done fairly quickly.  

The story kept me interested from beginning till the end and I really loved the  characters. I would recommend this book to family and friends.
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I would love a friend like Jane. Even though she's a sociopath she had genuine feelings for Meg. Steven was a real piece of shit. I couldn't have done what she did especially for the length of time she did it.
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Thank you to netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.  I really enjoyed this one.  Every time that I was able to pick this one up, I flew through the pages and couldn’t wait to see where it was headed!  It is a quick read that will have you guessing the narrator’s motives and plans! I suggest going into it blind so that you can really stay perplexed throughout the novel!
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I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Did I hate it? Not in the least. Did I like it?  To an extent.  First, the good: I liked the idea of a sociopath-as-main-character, because it's different, and something you don't see/get often.  It lent a unique perspective.  It also had some great moments of humor with some laugh-out-loud, to-die-for one liners.  And I'm a sucker for revenge stories.

However, the bad kind of outweighs the good.  The writing felt forced and felt like a first draft short story that got turned into a small novel...not short enough to be a novella, but not long enough to feel like a full novel.  Jane also felt like she was written like a teenager who decided to give payback to the mean boy who hurt her best friend...and the payback she was looking for was a bit all over the place.  She was flat out sinister the whole way through...but then decided for a bit of "Cruel Intentions" payback in the end, just so she could get a "happily ever after".  She either needed to commit to her sinister, murderous impulses...or she should have been written more in the vein of how she ended up.  Also, the characters were just so black-and-white, you never really invested in them.  Steven was just so awful, with no redeeming qualities...and Luke was like a saint who did no wrong.  Eh.  I think if the characters were better developed, and the plotting a little more puzzle-like, it could have been a longer, more fulfilling read.

In the end, I wouldn't handsell this book, but I wouldn't put it up there in "Top Worst Books I've Ever Read", either.  I give it three stars for daring to be different...but still coming up short.
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This is a story that grips from the very beginning. What an intriguing character Jane is. I recommend this book
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I won't lie, this book really caught me off guard. I went in not expecting much at all, given how gimmicky the plot sounded: a self-declared sociopath seduces her boss with plans for revenge. It could have been a really bad version of Basic Instinct, but instead this ended up being a tense, seriously gripping and entertaining thriller. 

I loved, LOVED Jane. Seriously, this is the most fun I've had with a main character in a long time. Somehow, despite her being a sociopath with some fairly questionable morals, I found myself really identifying with her. She's got a no-bullshit approach to life that I can definitely appreciate, and there are some parts of this novel that are absolutely hilarious. Not something I would typically expect from a thriller, but it works beautifully with Jane. I really appreciated this fresh approach to the sociopath protagonist. Too often they're portrayed as bloodthirsty killers, with no emotions, no personality outside of their desire to kill. That isn't Jane. She's a very rich, interesting character who has wants, passions (in a way), and while she's definitely bent on revenge, it's clear from the very beginning that she isn't some kind of ruthless killing machine. 

This book is definitely one I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys thrillers, or hell, just anyone who's kind of tired of bullshit and hypocrisy and looking for a book that won't put up with it. I loved all the twists and turns this book took, and I definitely could use more Jane in my life!
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If you feel a bit of helplessness and some restless urge for vengence Jane Doe is a great fix.  It’s definitely different and does a great job in getting that bloodthirsty feeling out of you.  Great characters and nicely plotted with just the right amount of pacing.
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This was a very enjoyable read. Jane is a sociopathic, dissociative personality who’s closest experience of love has been the care and affection she feels for her best friend Meg. But now, Meg is gone. She killed herself after suffering a breakdown and a broken heart. Now, Jane has returned to Meg’s hometown with a new superficial identity with the promise on avenging Meg. I have never before read of a sociopathic character with such great qualities as Jane. The character development is amazing! As we meet the people from Meg’s past, the ones who led to her demise, Jane does everything in her power to make sure she hides her true sociopathic self and entices those enemies to her grasp of destruction. I truly loved the ending and the build up was not boring at all. I knocked one star off because I did feel that the book took a little longer to build up, though I appreciate the detail in each character’s story. I would definitely recommend this one.
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From my blog and instagram account - @livereadandprosper

I came in with high expectations about this one after a lot of my friends ranted and raved about it. I loved the fact that the female role was equally lovable and completely crazy. I wasn't a fan of the male counterparts in the story and wasn't completely hooked the entire time. Overall an enjoyable read!

4/5 Stars
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Completely enthralling psychological thriller, from the very start! Unputdownable!

Jane is a character unapologetically written,  equal parts sympathetic and terrifying. She reads people instantly, and understands what needs to be done to get the results she wants, This is a brutally honest breakdown of the fragile toxic male, and how easily their weaknesses can be used against them.  

Jane is certain that she is not a 'good' or 'normal' person. She is also sure that she is a sociopath, and has learned to make that work for her. When her best and only friend is emotionally and mentally abused to the point of taking her own life, Jane feels that some retaliation is necessary. She targets her friend's toxic, hypocritical, mess of an ex, with the intention of ruining his life and preventing him from continuing his harmful behavior.

What follows is a delightful game of cat and mouse, with Jane in control every step of the way, The ending - when toxic ex is finally, spectacularly taken down at the end - is thoroughly satisfying. We know that payback is going to happen, we continue reading to see the what and how of it.
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Jane is one of the most unique characters I've read. I feel like she can do bad things, but we still love her anyway. I liked her refreshing honesty and insight into the macho male psyche. I am lucky to be married to a man who has no issues with women and doesn't mind a strong, confident woman. I urge you to read this book if you are looking for a great psychological read.
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