Can Dreams Come True?

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 20 Apr 2018

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Can Dreams Come True by Krysten Lindsay Hager is the 1st book in the Cecily Taylor Series, and my first book by this author.  Cecily has always dreamed of being an actress, so when her friend asked her to come along to the auditions for Andrew Holiday's, her favorite singer's, music video, she agrees.  Will Cecily's dreams come true?  I love this genre, there is something so innocent about first loves.   I love the quirky people and situations in this book, and watching the characters grow.  I found this book to be a quick read, and recommend it to all readers who enjoy a sweet romance.  

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Well written and enjoyable. I love the characters especially the main Cecily, she is relatable and thoughtful. It’s a fun story, quick to read and I can’t wait to read book 2. I would highly recommend.
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Cecily has the opportunity of a lifetime: to be in a music video for her celebrity crush, singer Andrew Holiday. She would love to be an actress, and this seems like a good first step. Her boyfriend Zach is not as confident about things. He worries his relationship with Cecily will change after she meets Andrew, particularly when Zach notices that there seems to be a connection between her and Andrew. Is it really possible for dreams to come true?

Hager’s latest is a true joy to read. The characters, particularly Cecily, demonstrate a depth not always shown in teen characters. There are times where Andrew is a bit annoying, but it is realistic, nonetheless. Andrew’s song lyrics were what...

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I could not get past the way it was written. It was too rushed but it also had to many details that were not necessary to the story. I know it's YA but it seemed very childish to me.
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