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I absolutely love the IQ series of books and this latest installment into the series does not disappoint.  Isaiah Quintabe aka IQ is a hometown, self-proclaimed investigator who helps those in need get the justice they are seeking.  His wit and moral code help those who cannot hire assistance to receive it.  Sometimes they pay cash but most often they give him what they can afford i.e. a knit sweater, a cake or pie and sometimes handy-man services around his house.

In Wrecked IQ (and his friends) are about to go on one of the most dangerous cases yet that may bring IQ to his breaking point both physically and emotionally.  What a ride!  Great characterizations, fantastic syntax, and action-packed events, all with a cinematic plot. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.  I hope the Mr. Joe Ide is writing it right now!

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Synopsis from the Publisher/NetGalley.com
Isaiah Quintabe—IQ for short—has never been more successful, or felt more alone. A series of high-profile wins in his hometown of East Long Beach have made him so notorious that he can hardly go to the corner store without being recognized. Dodson, once his sidekick, is now his full-fledged partner, hell-bent on giving IQ's PI business some real legitimacy: a Facebook page, and IQ's promise to stop accepting Christmas sweaters and carpet cleanings in exchange for PI services.

So when a young painter approaches IQ for help tracking down her missing mother, it's not just the case Isaiah's looking for, but the human connection. And when his new confidant turns out to be connected to a dangerous paramilitary operation, IQ falls victim to a threat even a genius can't see coming.

Waiting for Isaiah around every corner is Seb, the Oxford-educated African gangster who was responsible for the death of his brother, Marcus. Only, this time, Isaiah's not alone. Joined by a new love interest and his familiar band of accomplices, IQ is back—and the adventures are better than ever.
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Self-taught private detective Isaiah Quintabe—IQ— and the crew return in WRECKED, the third in a series that was as good as its predecessors and inspiring hope that it will not be the last.  

When Isaiah agrees to help Grace find her mother—accepting only a painting as payment—he quickly realized he’s not the only one interested in finding her. The case is slow going, not only because the clues are few and far between, but also because his new partner is distracted by the looming threat of their past coming back to haunt them. As the threats converge, Isaiah uses all his skills to protect Grace, find her mother, and keep himself and Dodson alive in the process. 

WRECKED is not only a great addition to the IQ series, it is a nice change of pace from the usual private detective/mystery genre by offering diverse, complex, and differently motivated characters.
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This is a tough book to review. I am a big fan of the previous two books in the series, which I thought were very different from each other. And this one is also not in the same mold. I can't imagine reading this as a standalone without all the background about protagonist Isaiah Quintabe, his brother's murder, his partner Dodson, and the previous cases they worked on.

Isaiah is very very smart -- a young black man in L.A. with equal parts brains and heart. IQ's relationship intelligence is not as high as his reasoning ability. He met Grace, a young woman scarred by a mysterious and hidden past, in the last book. In this novel, she is in serious trouble and IQ agrees to help her but is somewhat hamstrung by his strong attraction to her and her reluctance to share details from her history.

Grace's father was murdered when she was young, and her mother took off. Her father had information and pictures on some hideous crimes committed by security details in Abu Ghraib by a twisted bunch of guards. This band of evil brothers is still intact and working on shadowy cases and situations. The old torture pictures could ruin all of them. They are looking for Grace's mother and they believe Grace can lead them to her.

Warning: the bad guys in this book are evil dudes and the author doesn't spare the violence. I was a bit put off until I got well into the book and the focus shifted more to IQ, Grace and Dodson. Each book has revealed more of IQ's character and personality, especially this one.

These books are not your usual thrillers and they're probably not for everyone, but IQ is such a unique character that I find them rewarding. Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Although I still haven't read the first in this series, NetGalley offered Wrecked, which is the third, and after enjoying Righteous, I decided proceed.

The violent prologue almost made me abandon ship before really setting sail. Prologues have become de rigeur in recent years, and I'm finding fewer and fewer that I appreciate. 

The plot is pretty much a given early on and not so much mystery as suspense. The CEO of the bad guys didn't seem smart enough to have pulled off all of the situations and his crew (back from his Abu Ghraib days) dislike him and taunt him. But perhaps, like in business and politics, sometimes the least capable make their way to being in charge. The whole mess of villains feel like a dark comedy of sinister and corrupt screw-ups--capable of despicable acts and carnage, but little else. Do these folks exist? Without question, we've seen this over and over.

What I did enjoy was the secondary characters: Dodson, Deronda, and T.K. The sub-plots associated with these characters are the most enjoyable, but the romance element with IQ and Grace fell short for me.

I still want to read the first book, and I will give the next book a chance before deciding whether or not I want to continue the series.

NetGalley/Mulholland Books
PI/Suspense. Oct. 9, 2018. Print length: 352 pages.
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There is nothing like the books Joe Ide writes, read them all you won't regret the time
Q is inspiring, entertaining, reflective and just damn smart
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For those who didn't read the previous 2 books, the book opens with an overview of the main events of the first 2 books. This can easily be read as a stand alone. It's a quick read with a bit of humor throughout as well. Lovely book
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I have such a soft spot for smart, vulnerable IQ. This entry in the series is a blur of action and violence, leaving us wondering, once again, where IQ is headed in life.
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If you haven't started this series, what are you waiting for?  Isaiah, known as IQ, is one of the most complex, well-developed, lovable yet realistic heroes I've read in a long, long time.  To be honest, I could read about him reading a phone book - he is so well written! This latest book pushes Isaiah past his comfort zone more than ever before and, without giving much away, it's a necessary push. I loved seeing Isaiah confront his new challenge and placed in this new light.  I loved this book and can't wait for more!

Wrecked came out last week on October 16, 2018, you can purchase HERE!  I am in love with this series; you can read my review of book 1 HERE.

Slowly, they moved toward each other, and with that came a growing anxiety that made the progression even more momentous. The pieces massed together and conjoined, breathtaking in their scope and meaning. It was as if an exploded star had reassembled itself, its shards and fragments returned to their proper places, its shining form filling the emptiness with light. He didn't move for fear it would fall apart.
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Joe Ide is able to capture loneliness in a way that is both identifiable and brilliant. Isaac is someone that is both alone and filled with a sense of community. I enjoy the way Ide has created someone who is both believable and a true character.
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Joe Ide is back with another great read. Wrecked is as engrossing as his first two novels in the series.
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Joe Ide delights his many fans again with another exciting entry in his IQ series with Wrecked.  Ide’s version of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes in L.A. manages to be creative, funny, touching and thought-provoking.  In this third installment, Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) finally gets a chance to reconnect with a mesmerizing girl he encountered at the end of the last novel (Righteous).  Although IQ is so perceptive, calm and assured in his sleuthing abilities, he obviously lacks experience and confidence when it comes to connecting with a potential love-interest.  Fortunately for him, Grace initiates contact when she approaches IQ to enlist his help as a highly regarded detective.  She needs his aid in tracking down her mother who left under mysterious circumstances shortly after her father’s death many years ago.  Grace is certain she has seen her mother watching her recently, despite the outstanding warrant for her arrest.  IQ is so anxious to get close to Grace that he risks the displeasure of his new partner, Dodson, by accepting one of her paintings as payment.  Of course, this case will be more complicated than it first appears. IQ may be outmatched in a confrontation with a ruthless group of ex-military operatives who are also looking for Grace’s mother.  These people are leftovers from Abu Ghraib, ready to enthusiastically employ the “enhanced interrogation techniques” they learned there.  Meanwhile, Dodson has been trying to keep secret from IQ that he is being blackmailed for a past action by a man who is apparently completely unhinged.  The action in the IQ series is always fast-paced and the repartee often hilarious. This entry reflectively draws comparisons between the lack of regard for human life fostered in gangs on the street as well as in military “gangs” that have been allowed to cross certain lines with impunity.  Ide’s writing is clever, his characters are captivating, and his storylines are unique.  As with his other IQ books, Wrecked ends on a satisfying note but will leave readers clamoring for more stories about IQ and his friends.

Thanks to NetGalley and Mulholland Books for an Early Review copy of this book.
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To see Joe Ide's wonderful character, Isaiah Quintabe (otherwise known as IQ), back on the scene. Ide's characters populate the Long Beach area as a series of capers unfolds to a satisfying end. I strongly recommend this book.
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Oh IQ, your heart is too big for any man! And in the third installment in this down to earth, brutally honest look at the people who live in the forgotten neighborhoods in our cities, Isaiah wears his heart on his sleeve. IQ is there to help out where the police, social workers, and others whose job is to take care of those who can't, fail. I love his heart and how a sense of personal responsibility and love are shown by what is otherwise a man who easily gets involved in some very dangerous situations. This book is no different. Isaiah can't resist helping a woman he is infatuated with look for her mother. What starts as a simple missing person case quickly puts them and those around them in danger. But IQ is still able to take time to check on a neighbor! I also love how Mr. Ide can write the book as a stand alone, but still manage to weave in characters, big and small, from previous books throughout. Sure some will continue in the future, but even those you thought were incidental or event specific characters seem to come back to haunt IQ. When does the next book come out?
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Story opens with a prologue bringing the reader back to things past, from real world news, ones of past horrors and Abu Ghraib, men and women part of those terrible images of degradation. The first chapter shifts to IQ and his management of business as a pi and trying to get some more monies in, with social media and such, he needs some changes to do and so partnering up with Dodson.

With a new client he finds himself amidst art and trying to feel again, maybe with this case he could have the chances of reigniting some passion and love. This case has him going deeper than he imagined and can he handle it and succeed up against one corrupt nasty Walczak?
For this guy the antagonist there is a big crime sheet and he is ex-CIA, and now with his own seek and destroy and hide, security company.

This time round with Isaiah Quintabe there is only so much time for coffees at The Coffee Cup shop, as there is possible opportunities with romance and the heat is on, and its big, there is a team after his client and himself.

I am happy to say I have been there from the beginning, that is the rise and growth of Isaiah Quintabe on his first episode into narrative in IQ and the second episode Righteous and now here in Wrecked.
Same old IQ, a likeable PI, with style and originality, street smarts, witty dialogue, and this time round wiser, and open for some love, and problem solving with tragedies.
With all the three narratives and chronicles of IQ, the author, Joe Ide has crafted a tale about the alternative American dream, the other side of the fences tale, tales of poetic justice in ways, in pursuit of happiness and what people in the concrete jungle will do for it.
Nicely written modern tragedies, and human terribleness, with some seek out in dangers and correct, saving lives problem solving, in a sharp witty and original style.
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Wrecked by Joe Ide is an action-packed mystery starring street smart and highly observant sleuth Isaiah “IQ” Quintabe and his somewhat trusty sidekick/partner Juanell Dodson. This third installment in the IQ series can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend the previous two novels as well.

  IQ has been admiring struggling artist Grace Monarova from afar  and he is pleased but nervous when she requests a meeting. Although disappointed she is only interested in his investigative abilities, he nonetheless agrees to help find her missing mother, Sarah. Quickly delving into his new case, IQ is aware his new client is being less than forthcoming  but he soon figures out he and Grace are in serious danger. Unbeknownst to Grace or IQ, Sarah is blackmailing Stan Walczak, a former CIA agent who viciously tortured prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Stan has cobbled together a group of disgraced veterans who worked for him at the prison and they are determined to find Sarah and neutralize the threat she poses to them. Will IQ find Sarah before Walczak and his henchman?

  IQ’s newly acquired business partner and long time friend, Dodson, however is less than thrilled to discover IQ is not adhering to their newly formed business model. Instead of agreeing to be paid in actual money instead of bartered goods, IQ instead selects one of Grace’s paintings for payment. However, Dodson is embroiled in his own troubles when his past with his former business partner Deronda Simmons comes back to haunt them.  Years earlier,  IQ rescued Dodson and Deronda from their ill-thought out plan to rob a neighborhood thug, Junior. Someone divulged their secret to knife store owner Chester Babbitt who is in desperate need of funds and he uses this knowledge to blackmail Dodson into stealing money from Junior. In typical Dodson fashion, he attempts to handle this latest predicament without assistance from IQ.  But  will Dodson be able to  get out from underneath Babbitt’s demands on his own?

  Wrecked is a fast-paced and energetic mystery that moves at a brisk pace. Isaiah is back on his home turf in this latest entry in the IQ series but his feelings for Grace leave him off balance. His investigation into Sarah’s whereabouts is interesting and he and Grace are both in grave danger throughout the novel. Dodson’s story arc is just as intriguing and readers will be quite satisfied by its clever resolution. Another gritty and adrenaline-fueled installment in Joe Ide’s IQ series that old and new fans are sure to enjoy.
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The third book in this series is just as good as the previous two. All the characters are there, Isaiah, Dodgson, Deronda and Grace from the second book. Full of humor, shady, wounded, and evil people the action and story just keeps humming along. A great read.
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