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This book kept me up at night because, not only was it difficult to put down but it gave e the creeps! This book sucks you in from the beginning and keeps you wanting more then suddenly the action stalls leaving you wondering what is going on!. I know this sounds confusing but I have mixed feelings about this. First part was great and suspenseful then slows down some.
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I was given this book from Net Galley with a promise of and honest review. So here is my review.
I started out liking this book at the beginning. I made me curious and I was so looking forward in reading it. I like how it started out, but then it went down hill. I felt there was a lot of analysing and psychology which I found my self not relating to the characters in the book. I also found that there were unnecessarily long chapters that seemed to drag on and I felt didn't relate. This book is divided into three parts, I have to say that part three was my favorite. I wish I could have gave a better review, but I just couldn't get in to this.
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I enjoyed S.D. Monaghan's debut novel The Accident and looked forward to reading The Family at Number 13.

I love the nosy curtain-twitching of neighbourhood thrillers - as the old adage goes you never know what goes on behind closed doors.
The first chapter opens with a dead body and it would be easy to assume it would be an average whodunnit, but how wrong I was. The rich story was so all-consuming that I almost forgot about the crescendo I was hurtling towards chapter by chapter, until the final twist!

The story is about families.
The story is about relationships and marriages.
The story is about neighbours.
The story is about difficult teenagers.
The story is about ambition.
Above all, the story is about the complexity of people living in close proximity to others.

I lost counts of clever, subtle twists. It was a joy to spend time with the multi-faceted residents of St Catherine's Hill. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of The Family at Number 13 in exchange for my honest review.
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What a weird read. I was overjoyed to get to the last page. There were many times that I almost gave up on this one. I don't recommend this book at all.
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I read S.D Monaghan first novel The accident, which I enjoyed, so I was really looking forward to reading this one. But I was quite disappointed. I thought was this the same author that wrote the first one, because I didn’t get the enjoyment I got from this one.
Connor moves into an exclusive flat in St Catherine’s Hill and from day one he doesn’t seem to be welcomed. He is a therapist and wants to have his business from his home. He is accused of sending hate letters as they started as soon as he arrived, so the neighbours think its him.  He also accused of assaulted a teenager who was trying to kill a cat. He wasn’t aware that this child has a mental problem and one of the neighbours puts the video of this on the internet that harbours his chances of promotion. Everyone is out to get him.
I found this book very strange.  This is classed as a psychological thriller but, for me personally I wouldn’t class it as that. In the story, why are they accusing Connor of things without any proof? There is a lot of analysing of people behaviour of each neighbour and the ending wasn’t what I was expecting.  I struggled through this from start to finish. Sorry this book wasn’t for me. 
Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book.
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I enjoyed the first few chapters of this well written book but then it took a turn for the worst. I was puzzled and bemused by the weird storyline. I am so sorry that the book was not to my taste but feel I have to give my honest opinion. Thanks to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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Having read The Accident by S.D Monaghan which was a good read i was looking forward to reading The Family at Number 13.Unfortunately this latest book for me left a lot to be desired and left me feeling quite glad when i'd finished it.Based around Mary who lives with Andrew her husband and her disturbed nephew who has behaviour issues and Connor who moves in next door,but unbeknown to him doesn't realise what he is getting into.The story is told alternately from their views but to be honest i lost interest in this book long before the end as it just didn't seem to be heading anywhere with not really a story line to get me interested even with the decent ending i can only give this book 2 stars.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview The Family at Number 13.
This novel centers on several characters that live in a complex.   The central character is Mary who is an entitled woman who lives a perfect life.  Things start to change, and take a turn and Mary realizes that things are not what they seem to be with the people close to her.
I found this book longwinded and hard to follow.  Starts out slow and stayed that way.  Unfortunately, I did not find this to be a thriller.
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Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It started off ok but soon enough I found the storyline very strange and everytime I thought I had finally figured out what the story was about and where it was going, something else was thrown into the storyline mix. Too surreal, too strange and not for me I'm afraid.
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Not everything is what it seems. A relationship is not as happy as they look. Smiles are fake, laughs are forced.

☆°☆☆°ARC provided by netgallery☆°☆°☆
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Wow so much going on in this book! The ending is amazing.. great book would highly recommend to friends. 
The first for me from this author.. will be watching for more.

Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for an early release of this book
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I liked the beginning. It made me curious and I liked the way the story started in the present, then went back in time for a few days to pick up again in the present. The book is divided in 3 parts and part 3 was my favourite by far.
The book was like a rollercoaster for me with some ups (ah I like this part) but unfortunately a lot more downs (Pff, I would like to skip this part). 
It was not gripping and although I have to say there sometimes was a hint of suspense, I can't really call it a thriller. 
There was a lot of analysing and psychology, but I never had the feeling of learning more about the characters. I felt there was a lot of unfinished business and I still have pile of unanswered questions.
I am sorry that I can't be more positive, but this is my honest opinion. I am grateful for receiving the chance to read the book. 2,5 stars.
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I received an advanced readers copy of The Family At Number 13 in return for my honest opinion, so brace yourselves, because an honest opinion is exactly what you will get. 

This book has been one of the top 3 hardest books to get through for me, in my whole life. Why you ask? Because of its incredibly and unnecessarily LONG chapters and it’s very humdrum story line.

Upon completion of this book, I IMMEDIATELY went and deleted “The Accident”, another book by the same author, from ALL of my wishlists and TBR lists. I cannot put myself through this agony once more. Cannot. 

What started out as a very confusing first few pages that had disorganized ideas flowing through them, began a very brisk spiraling descent into what I can only refer to as the gutter. 
The story centered around a horrible psychiatrist, 2 rich couples and a poor understanding of religion. 
Throughout the novel you’ll stumble upon lines such as “Oh wow, I think I just had a money-gasm. So the milky bars are on you? I’ll have to start charging you rent.” Which honestly made me wonder what in the actual hell this book was even about anymore. 
There were entirely TOO MANY confusing themes going on throughout all 310 pages. Ranging from being a story about the spoiled rich, to a story about super sexual frustration, then somehow moving on to a story about coming out and concluding on masochism. I honestly didn’t know what else to expect after I’d finish the 6483950 page chapter because it seemed like the author was literally throwing a little bit of everything in there. We had rape, religion, money, animals getting hurt, stalking, murder, psychotic breaks, mental institutions, threats, you name it. 
Had there been only 1-3 themes going throughout the book, and had there not been over 100 pages worth of absolute time wasting garbage, perhaps the book would have been more tolerable. 

I honestly cannot even begin to fathom how some people enjoyed this atrocity. 
I should have listened to the other reviewers and just stopped reading it, but of course, me being so stubborn, I had to read it in its entirety because I was hopeful that they were wrong and that this book would be some literary masterpiece. 

Absolutely nothing about this novel hooked me in and there were no “gripping psychological thriller”-esque twists throughout the whole book. At all. 

I am beyond disappointed and had I not read this book on a kindle format, I would have used it to feed the flame of my ever burning heart and my fireplace along with Into The Water by Paula Hawkins which was another disaster all on its own. 

Special thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in return for my honest review.
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Very disappointed. This book was so surreal I just couldn't get into it and gave up half way through. Something I very rarely do.
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I couldn't get into this book , i got close to half way but just isn't my kind of read. Thank you for the chance to read it though.
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I am afraid after 50% I had had enough and decided to stop reading it so a DNF from me
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3.5 stars.
Irish crime fiction is my favorite subdivision of literature, and SD Monaghan is a noble addition. His novel, THE FAMILY AT NUMBER 13, is a frightening family drama set in a picturesque Irish neighborhood. The characters in this book are so relatable, but at the same time, I was terrified for Connor's safety after interacting with them. The premise of a therapist moving (unintentionally or intentionally) next door to a prior client is intense, which is only exacerbated by the devilish scenarios that then accumulate. I admire Monaghan's ability to create such well-developed flawed humans; I felt them leaping off the page (no trampoline pun intended). This novel is an alarming familial drama that slowly cracks itself open, revealing even more dysfunction and depravity that I thought would be explored. Monoghan is a strong voice in this genre, and I look forward to more of his writing.
I received this novel through NetGalley, from Bookouture, in exchange for an honest review.
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Beautiful, intelligent and wealthy, Mary seems to have it all but what’s happening behind closed doors is what makes her story worth telling. 
Sounds like an excerpt of many mystery thriller books we seem to read these days but what makes it stand out is that Mr. Monaghan is so clearly expending the existing norm of this genre, pushing the boundaries with his unique voice which leaves me nothing less than impressed and for that alone i add an additional star to my rating. 
This is not just another mystery full of twists just for the sake of it, it’s an insightful and a beautifully written tale of a family so broken beyond repair. 
 I was drawn into their lives from the very first page thanks to author’s incredible way with words, it made me care. 
This wasn’t a typical thrilling whodunnit type of book, instead it was slow paced in a best possible way. To quote Mr. Monaghan “Power was always more effective when it was quiet.”

I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a very twisted tale of a therapist to wealthy individuals called Connor, who manages to annoy the wrong client leading to a set of circumstances that finds him living next door to Mary and her family. The neighbourhood appears genteel, but Connor is in for a shock when life at Mary's house begins to spill over into his, and his ordered life descends into chaos.

Mary and her family all have secrets, and I really enjoyed the way they were exposed as the story progressed; the reveals melding nicely into the overall plot. I read this quickly as I found the characters intriguing and I really wanted to see if poor Connor could extract himself from the crazy situation. A very good, slightly different thriller that kept me hooked.
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