Undercover with the Nanny

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Undercover with the Nanny was a first time read for this author, for the most part it was a decent/OK read, but I don't know what it was. I constantly found myself thinking about other things while reading the book, it wasn't hooking my attention as much as I wanted it to do. I could have definitely not been in the right mindset...

This was a bit of a romantic suspense, but it definitely felt light on the suspenseful part. From the very beginning, you will definitely know what will go down between Sawyer and Kate. The man is hiding his profession and I know he wasn't counting on factoring a woman he could possibly fall in love with. The deeper these two get, the whole that Saywer is digging himself in is just getting deeper. And no good will come from that.

I did love these two together, they're so cute! And Kate is definitely the sweetest, there was no doubt about that.

Undercover with the Nanny is a quick read, just wished there was a bit more development all the way around.
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A broody, alpha male who is deliciously sexy. Hot chemistry that pulls me in and captivates me from start to finish. “Undercover with the Nanny” has everything you need in a fantastic romantic suspense book and more. By far my favourite book by this author and I would highly recommend
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It was a nice combination of DEA undercover agent that is tracking cartel leads and he stumbles on a nanny. There is instaconnection there but Sawer needs to see is she involved in the cartel or innocent...
Interesting read that had me entertained till the very end.
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Sawyer is a DEA agent whose search for a notorious cartel leader has led him from Texas to California.  He has found a way in to surveil his lead, he just has to get the pretty nanny to trust him.

Kate had to give up her business when her parents died and left a pile of debt.  To help pay the bills she worlds as a nanny for a pilot.  It pays well but her boss..well he's never going to win father of the year!  When she meets the deliciously handsome Sawyer three times in quick succession her alarm bells should have rung, that would have saved her a whole lot of heartache.

Just because he met her under false pretences doesn't mean that Sawyer doesn't have feelings for Kate...but will they survive once she knows exactly who he is?

Great read and little Bobby...OMG you just feel for poor wee blighter!
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I really liked the premise of the story and the likability of both characters. As the story went along it really picked up speed for a good ending.
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Good story with Sawyer and Kate. Keeps the pages turning and suspense. 

Ebook from Netgalley and publisher with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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This is the first book I have read by Cathy and it won't be the last what a fantastic addition to the Entangled Publishing family. This was a really good read I was pulled right into the story and really enjoyed getting to know Sawyer and Kate I really enjoyed the undercover plot and would definitely recommend this one to all
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. First time reading this author.  I am not sure why, but I just didn't click with the characters.  Maybe it was the undercover aspect and the lies. Not sure.  I found this to be just ok.  I think many romance readers would enjoy.  I rate this a 3.
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Overall I found "Undercover with the Nanny" to be quite enjoyable. The romance was kind of weak but the writing made up for it.
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Sawyer, a DEA agent, is hunting a drug cartel leader and the path has led him to California. His lead? A nanny. No, this isn't a joke. Her boss, the father of her charge, Bobby, is one of the leader's henchmen. Sawyer now has to go undercover, claiming to be someone he's not, in order to determine whether she's completely innocent or fully aware of what's going on. The problem is he didn't expect to actually like her.

Kate had dreams to become an interior designer, however, as happens, life has a way of changing your plans and after tragically losing her parents, Kate had to let go of her dreams and survive any way she could. That resulted in her current situation of sleeping on a friend's couch and becoming a nanny. While it's not what she wanted for her life, she does love Bobby and enjoys watching over him.

Things are finally looking up for Kate when she meets her new sexy neighbor. Thankfully, he's just as drawn to her and they begin a friendship, creating a solid foundation to becoming so much more. As for Sawyer, he knows Kate, the woman he's fallen for, is innocent and now he must protect her and ensure Bobby is safe as well.

What happens when Kate, already having trust issues, finds out who Sawyer really is? Can Sawyer get Kate to understand that what he feels for her is real and not part of his cover? Will Sawyer be able to close his case and get his HEA?

One-click now and follow along as two people meet under false pretenses but discover a love that couldn't be more real.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**
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DEA agent Sawyer Hayes is determined to take down the drug leader that got away from him and his team in El Paso. However, his only lead is Kate Monroe, the nanny of one of the leader's henchmen. But the more time he spends with Kate, the more Sawyer finds himself doing the one thing he shouldn't -- getting involved with a potential suspect. Will Sawyer be able to prove her innocence, so they have a shot at happy ever after or will Kate's trust issues send her running from the man she's falling for?

Ms. Skendrovich pens an utterly captivating read in this book, which I loved right from the beginning because it brought a smile to my face due to how the hero and heroine meet. Could the hero have been a little more sophisticated and co-ordinated in his approach or is what he does the perfect way to introduce himself? In all honesty, what he does is sure to get the heroine's attention whether it's good or bad attention, depending on how she reacts.

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories, as the heroine doesn't trust easily and the hero is determined to find and take down the drug leader that hurt someone he cares about. Will the heroine be able to help the hero? Will the hero finally arrest the drug leader he's after? However, in saying that the dialogue was intense in this book, there are also moments where I smiled and cried a little, especially towards the end. Moreover, the heroine is strong, brave and I liked that she took a chance on the her. I also liked how good she was to the kid she took care of since she knows what it's like to have no one that's there for her. Not that the heroine's situation was the same as the boy's, but it isn't easy for her to watch the boy wanting his father's approval time and again and being left disappointed. Will she speak up to the kid's father?

While the hero, he's confident, hard-working, doesn't back down when the going gets tough including when he butts heads with another agent, and I liked how persistent he was when it came to getting close with the heroine. Will she be the lead he needs to take down the drug leader he's after? Will the hero realize how important the heroine has come to mean to him before it's too late? I also liked how far the hero was willing to go to protect the heroine, especially once he and his team realize how costly the operation they're running could be by not knowing all the facts. 

Overall, Ms. Skendrovich has penned a fantastic read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was strong and undeniable; the romance was splendid and had me loving these two together; and the ending had me worried for the main characters because of the daring rescue that definitely had me wanting to bite my nails, yet I liked how everything worked out for the best and that the heroine gave the hero another chance after their relationship went awry because of his secrets. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely because Kate and Sawyer are so good together and deserve every bit of happiness they've found. I would recommend Undercover with the Nanny by Cathy Skendrovich, if you enjoy romantic suspense, the sexy protector trope or books by authors Taylor Lunsford, Tonya Burrows, Allison B. Hanson and Tee O'Fallon.
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Received in exchange for a honest review.
Sawyer was a great leading man. He was thoughtful, dedicated and had a conscious. He was also smart and he did try so hard to fight his attraction to Kate but couldn’t.
Kate was the nanny of the man that Sawyer was undercover investigating. When he first meets the kind and sweet Kate, he has instant attraction but cannot act on it because there was doubt as to whether she knew anything about the drug cartel. Over time, he couldn’t fight the attraction and it did eat ate him.
The story shows us how one man can fight an attraction due to his job and morals only to succumb and feel guilt about it due to his job. How he tries to do what is right and gets caught in a touch situation. As the investigation went on and Sawyer got to know Kate and the little boy she was the nanny for, he was torn between his job and feelings. In the end when things hit the fan as they inevitably do, Kate is hard on him and hurt. This leads to her being in more danger and Sawyer feeling more guilt. He helps save the day but also almost loses the girl in the process.
Sawyer does sacrifice in the end but for love it was worth it for him because he met a girl who is kind, smart and supportive. And he is the same for her. A wonderfully entertaining story where the main characters have chemistry and you like from the beginning. You even feel empathy for the rock and hard place Sawyer is in.
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This is my first time in reading this author. What drew me to this one was the story and the DEA agent that is at the center of it. With the bait is a woman of course named Kate who will be the one that gives him run for what it is worth with the chemistry and the mystery too. As the story grows with you getting in deeper it does its job. This goes quick with you getting to the end before you know it.
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DEA agent Sawyer Hayes is working undercover and will do anything to get the men who are killing anyone who gets in the way of their terrible business.  
Kate Monroe is working as a nanny to a little boy whose father is too wound up in his business to pay attention to the boy.  She is also trying to get over the death of both of her parents,  and get her own business up and running.  
This is an exciting and sometimes emotional story with characters you will want to follow even further than this book.  The story is much more about them than the drug lord involved.  Lies have a habit of coming back to bite you.  
Very enjoyable.
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Cathy Skendrovich was a new author to me but I admit the blurb really got my interest and I'm glad I picked the book because it turned out to be quite an enjoyable read. 
While the premise for the story is simple it did hook me from the start, I found the characters were believable and compelling; plus I really enjoyed the romance! I loved reading how it all develops but besides that aspect there is some action and suspense, as well as an interesting twist in the plot.

undercover with the Nanny is a fast and easy read but very nicely written so I hope more people get to read it and enjoy it as well.
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Undercover with the Nanny by Cathy Skendrovich is the story of Sawyer Hayes and Kate Munroe.  
Kate had dreams of becoming a interior designer but life got in the way...she lost her parents then settled to become a nanny for the time being.  Sawyer is trying to hunt down a Mexican drug cartel which is leading him to Kate's boss.  Now Sawyer has to decide if Kate is a innocent person or something more. 
Really enjoyed this exciting book!
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Holy cow were these two hot together! The sparks were instant and once the walls came down, they both gave it their all. *fans self* Combustible comes to mind when I think about their crazy smexy-thon :)

But on the other side of the spectrum, I really enjoyed Sawyer and Kate’s interaction with Bobby and the fact that their relationship (even if it was under unfavorable pretenses) didn’t ride solely on their sexual attraction. They talked and shared things outside the bedroom and became friends as well as lovers.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It's fast paced with some mystery and suspense along with a nice little romance.  Sawyer Hayes is a DEA agent hot on the trail of a cartel boss.  Kate Munro is the unsuspecting nanny charged with caring for the young son of the boss.  She would do anything for the little boy.  Sawyer thought Kate would be an easy in for getting information.  He never expected to fall so hard and fast for the nanny.  Now he needs to get his man without losing the girl.

Very nicely done book and one I would definitely recommend.
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I have not read many romantic suspense novels so the description for this book caught my attention.

Sawyer is a DEA agent chasing a notorious drug lord. Part of his surveillance includes the nanny of a pilot who works in the organization. After meeting Kate, though, he's torn by his attraction to her and his duty to investigate if she is involved in any way.

I didn't find anything I really disliked about the characters, but I didn't particularly connect with any of them either. I did like both Sawyer and Kate's relationship with Bobby, the boy she nannies. He was adorable and sweet, and it was great how much they cared for and  encouraged him.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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As much as I wanted to love Undercover with the Nanny, and though I found some moments to both surprising and enjoyable, overall, this one was a little lackluster. 

The chemistry between Sawyer and Kate didn’t quite grow the way I wanted it to—the emotional connection falling by the wayside at time as Sawyer investigated Kate’s boss. And as much as I love suspense, the details in this one left me wondering more about the little things than the larger case, which meant Undercover with the Nanny was something of a miss for me on both fronts. 

Having said that, there are some fun elements that deserve to be highlighted. The ending built the tension well and the reveal was both engaging and surprising. Sawyer’s words had definite swoony feels and the interactions with Bobby certainly made my heart flutter. 

Ultimately, though, there just weren’t enough of those good moments to bolster the rest of this book, which had a good concept, but didn’t quite pull it off. 

~ 2.5 STARS ~
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