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You know those times when you really want to love a book but you just don't? That was me with this book. I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly why because all things considered I should have loved this. As someone who loved the original series a lot, maybe I had too high of expectations. I think I was expecting this to be like another Chicagoland book and that's something this wasn't even though there are a lot of similarities to the original series. Overall, I thought it was okay.

Elisa is not Merit. She's more serious and prone to angst than her mother without the delightful snarkiness that made me love her. And that missing snark really changes the tone of the story. One thing that bothered me and it was probably just me but Elisa's pop culture references were a bit... dated. The book is set twenty years after the epilogue of Blade Bound and she's making Seinfeld references that I had to ask someone to explain to me. Maybe it comes from growing up with a bunch of immortals but a lot of the pop culture referenced in the book felt old by today's standard let alone in the future. Although, it did make my heart happy to see that people were still sorting themselves into Hogwarts Houses.

I will say that I liked Elisa even though the excess angst got on my nerves at times. She's really a perfect blend of her parents. I will say that the overall character arc for Elisa is really similar to Merit's arc in the first couple Chicagoland books with how they both characterize themselves as "monsters" and try to hide that something is different about their supernatural side. With Elisa having to hunt down a killer during the peace talks and figure out the new big bad's plan before it's too late, it felt like the plot was very similar to the original series'. And while that's not a bad thing, it would have been nice to see some variation in the plot.

What I did love of was Elisa's friendship with Lulu, Mallory and Catcher's daughter! Lulu was probably my favorite part of the story along with the new Ombuddies team. They were seriously a delight to read about. I'm still on the fence about Connor as a love interest. I can see the romance is slowly starting to build but I feel like we didn't get to learn enough about him. Then again, I wasn't sold on Ethan until like the fourth book of the original series. I will say I was really hoping we'd see more of the shifter world with Connor as a main character. There's still a chance since we will get more of that as the series continues though.

One thing that I will forever applaud Chloe Neill for is her ability to write action-packed books with some very excellent fight scenes. And I loved that she did give us some updates on characters from the previous series even though most of them didn't make an actual appearance in the story. Like Gretl said in her review at VBC, I wish Neill had written something else first and come back to this idea a few years from now. I too would have really liked to have seen her write some novellas exploring some of the minor characters from the original series like the necromancer, Annabelle.

Honestly, I think the series will get better as it continues on but this one definitely suffered from UF first book syndrome. If you're looking at picking this up, I would recommend reading the Chicagoland Vampires series first but know that you don't have to understand what's going on. Neill does a good job at giving us all the necessary backstory. Ultimately, I'm interested in reading the next book. I just didn't enjoy this one as much as I wanted to.
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wild hunger kicks off a spin-off series to the chicagoland vampires series—which full disclosure i haven't read—and features the only vampire child ever born, elisa sullivan. after years in paris, she is back in chicago for peace talks that are intended to solve the violence erupting between the vampires in europe.

the supernatural community is unsettled. and the fairies seem to be in the thick of things. when one of elisa's long-time friends is falsely accused of murder, she starts investigating even as this act could threaten the fragile peace the chicago vampires enjoy with their human counterparts. 

if this weren't all, elisa is finding herself drawn to connor keene, her childhood nemesis. the self-proclaimed prince of werewolves, connor is cocky and knows exactly how to push her buttons. connor is also the one person in the world who knows her secret. elisa isn't a normal vampire. there is a magic locked within her, a monster that increases her power and strength and aptitude for violence. she is afraid of this part of herself, but with connor's help, she might possibly learn to accept it and use it to her advantage. 

a fast-paced start to an intriguing urban fantasy series, i can't wait to see what is next in store for elisa and connor and their friends. 

**wild hunger will publish on august 14, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/berkley publishing group (berkley) in exchange for my honest review.
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For a typical human, trying live up to the expectations people have for you based on your parents and / or family can be daunting. Add to that being the first vampire ever born (not made) and the parents are the famous Master and Sentinel of Cadogan House in Chicago and you've got Elisa Sullivan. So, it's not surprising that Elisa would choose to go to school in Paris. Trying to figure out her own path in life away from the prying eyes of those with said expectations. But you can't avoid your past, or your family, forever as Elisa prepares to return to Chicago for peace talks between the European houses.  When one of the delegates winds up murdered, and one of Elisa's friends is named as the culprit, she'll do everything in her power to see that justice is served and the real murderer is found. Even if it means enlisting the help of Connor Keene, the Pack's prince and childhood bane of Elisa's existence. Connor is the only one who knows Elisa's secret, the monster that Elisa has struggled with for years to keep quiet and now threatens to break free as the investigation heats up. 

Wild Hunger felt strange to me. On one hand, I loved being back in familiar territory, so to speak, in regards to the mythos Chloe Neill created in her Chicagoland Vampires series that now carries over into this series. I knew the score in what I could expect from the various supes. But on the other hand, Wild Hunger is NOT Chicagoland Vampires. It has a different feel and the characters are, obviously, different than the characters I spent thirteen books, and various novellas, getting to know and love. It's definitely not a bad thing, just strange. I kind of felt it was a little off that the story takes place twenty years after the end of the original series, yet I felt like, politically speaking, nothing had truly changed. I was actually surprised that the European Houses were just having peace talks now. I don't know if it speaks to the immortality of vampires and the idea that time moves a little differently for them, but to this reader, I felt like the twenty year wait was a bit too long. Also, the attitudes the shifters still harbor for vampires. I felt like the animosity between the groups was a "been there, done that" issue we dealt with in the Chicagoland series. I would have liked to have seen a little more progression, you know, given that twenty years has gone by. 

I appreciated the fact that Chloe Neill defied any kind of expectation I had going into this new spin-off series. I loved that she also didn't shy away from featuring both Merit and Ethan - along with cameos or mentions of most of our beloved characters - pretty frequently. In fact, I was pretty happy with not only Merit and Ethan being featured as much as they are, but that The Pack - namely Gabriel Keene - was as well. It made me feel like they were ushering in the new generation to take the spotlight. The issue that Elisa faces with her "monster" ties the series back into its predecessor, but I feel like as that issue is explored, it'll also pave the way for where this series will go on its own. 

There's a lot of set up of characters that I assume will form Elisa's "Scooby gang" including various  members of the new Ombudsman office, Elisa's childhood friend Lulu (who happens to be the daughter of Mallory and Catcher Bell), and of course Connor. 

Now, I defy anyone to say that based on the ending of Blade Bound, they didn't feel like and Elisa and Connor romance was in the cards for these kids. While Wild Hunger does nothing to dissuade this notion - in fact it does the opposite - it's also not the focus of the book which is definitely Elisa and her journey back to Chicago. 

I liked that Chloe Neill is continuing  / expanding the world she created in the Chicagoland Vampires. I have quite a few series have I have read or that I'm reading now, where the potential of expanding (i.e. using the next generation) is there, but I think Chloe Neill is the first of my authors to do so and she pulls it off rather well. 

Overall, Chloe Neill crafted an interesting mystery, like the previous series, it pulled me in, and while i didn't feel like it was groundbreaking or surprising, I still enjoyed figuring out how everything played out and why. I think that anyone who loved the first series, will enjoy this one as well. It also works pretty good as a starting point for new readers, although I caution that starting this series without having read the Chicagoland Vampires first pretty much ruins any surprises that series may have offered. I do look forward to seeing what Chloe Neill has planned next for the Heirs of Chicagoland. The Epilogue hints at some interesting things to come.
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Elisa Sullivan is the only vampire child that had ever been born. She is regarded like royalty in Chicago, so she had gone to get her education in Paris and experience what it was like to be an ordinary vampire. She volunteered to be part of one of the European vampire houses, following their tradition of a year of service in exchange for sponsorship in education. As a result, when Chicago vampires host European delegates from multiple houses to try to broker a peace treaty as the supernatural creatures of Chicago have. Unfortunately, one of the Spanish delegates is slain and a Chicago werewolf if blamed for the deed. Elisa had known the shifter and is aware that he was framed. Trying to prove his innocence opens old conflicts and puts Chicago in danger.

Wild Hunger is the first in the Heirs of Chicagoland series, which is a spinoff of the Chicagoland Vampires series. I hadn't read the original series, but I didn't feel at a disadvantage when I picked up this one to start reading. We get enough background into Elisa's unique identity, as well as references to past events in this version of Chicago that likely were the original series' novels. There is political intrigue between humans, vampires, and fairies, as well as the shapeshifters of various kinds. The vampire conflict is at the forefront, as well as that of the fairies, but there are rumblings and politicking mentioned that no doubt will be explored in future novels in this series.

Elisa is a great heroine to follow. She has her own unique gifts as a born vampire with an innate magical beast that rises in response to strong emotion like anger or fear, as well as a complex history with mages and shifters in Chicago. She isn't a spoiled brat, for all her childhood nemesis Connor Keane calls her one, so of course, that indicates from the beginning that he's going to be a love interest for her. It doesn't impede the story here, and I like that there are elements of friendships, family relationships and romantic hints alongside the main storyline. None get short shrift, even though it sounds like it would be a complex juggling act.

As the first in a series, we have a conclusion to the story as well as hints of more developing over time. It's enough to draw you in and keep interest for further books in the series and doesn't feel incomplete. I'm a bit disappointed that a lot of the final battle is told and not shown, especially since we've seen so much of Elisa in action fighting with katanas and fists earlier in the book. She isn't even part of the final battle, and I had hoped to see her help take part in it. I suppose that would have made her too overpowered, and there's enough going on in the book as it is. I'm sure that a lot of this conclusion will still have echoes into future novels of the series, so it'll still be fun to see play out.
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Wild Hunger is the first installment in author Chloe Neill's Heirs of Chicagoland spin-off series. For those who haven't yet read the book, let me summarize as best as I can without any spoilers. First, this story picks up 23 years after the finale of Blade Bound. Alas, there is also a novella called Slaying It that you can also read before picking up this new series, but I don't think it's actually necessary. I've read where reviewers are calling the novella a bridge between the series.

Let's next start out by not calling Elisa Sullivan mini-Merit, or mini-Ethan. Elisa, now 23, and having lived in Paris for the past 4 years, is something the world has never seen before. The first vampire born, not made. Therefore, there are some things that definitely separate her from her parents who were once humans. Readers should also know that Elisa interesting twists to her character which I'm not going to talk about. But, you have it on good authority that the author will explain how she ended up the way she is.

After 4 years in Paris, and attending the Dumas School for Supernaturals, Elisa agreed to a one year mandatory armed service escorting delegates for the Maison Dumas Vampire House. Now, things are going to get a bit wild. First, the story does start out with a bit of suspense. This comes as Elisa is preparing to return to Chicago where a major peace conference is to take place. The conference features all the major vampire houses of Europe, as well as the usual suspects, IE, Merit and Ethan's Cadogan House.

Elisa is thrust into a mystery when one of her friends, shifter Riley Sixkiller, is accused of murder. Something just doesn't add up. Does this incident have anything to do with what happened in Paris? Elisa chooses to investigate along with the new members of the Ombudsmen office, her best friend Lulu Carmichael, and Connor Keene, the heir apparent to the North American Central Park and her childhood nemesis. The investigation will bring back an old nemesis of her parents, as well as a new villain who focuses on Elisa.

Do I have to mention who Lulu's mother & father are? Do I have to mention who Connor's father is? I thought not. I liked Lulu, but I am curious as to where the author is going to take her story. She isn't like her mother, at all and that's probably a good thing. She's also really good with a certain sword thanks to her father. I liked Lulu & Elisa's friendship. It reminds me of the beginning when Merit and Mallory lived together before she became a vampire. 

Let's chat briefly about Connor and Elisa. The author actually includes a prologue of Elisa and Conner as kids so that you get an understanding of their history. Even though they are often found bickering at each other, you can clearly tell that Connor has made it his job to keep an eye out for her. Yes, he might have been a nuisance as a child, but he's the only one who knows what she is really capable of. Let's call this a slow burn romance, and not be shocked that it happens at all.

The conflict in this story is a long time coming, especially if you read the final 3 books in Merit's series. The political intrigue and players are not subtle, especially not the Fae. It is clear from the get go who the main threats are. Elisa has some real issues to deal with. Can Connor be the voice that she needs to deal with her so called prophecy? Why is it that the author had to name drop like 30 characters before moving on to the good parts of the story? Why is the real action takes place in the final 1/3 of the story? And, why does the author always wrap thing up too quickly? Things to think about while enjoying the story.
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I know it has not been that long but I have to admit that its great to be back in this wonderful world of the Chicagoland Vampires series that Chloe Neill. Sure we do not have Merit as the main heroine anymore but Chloe Neill gives us her daughter, Elisa Sullivan, who quickly shows us that she’s just as tough and brave as her parents.

Wild Hunger starts off with Elisa Sullivan not in Chicago but in Paris. The reason for that is Elisa wanted to have a life of being normal. That’s not easy when you are the first vampire to be born in existence and so she decided to study abroad in Paris. Not to mention that Elisa also had another reason for wanting to leave home. Now finished with her schooling,  Elisa is now serving a year in service to the French House that sponsored her in her schooling and training. However, Elisa soon finds herself heading back home for the first time in four years when she has to escort and guard delegates from her French House to Chicago. The reason is Cadogan House is hosting a peace summit for the European Houses who are still in turmoil and are constantly fighting for power. However, as always, talk of peace don’t go well as you hope especially when a murder occurs during the talks. Now Elisa has to track down a killer because she’s not going to let one of her friends take the fall or let the killer have his or her way and ruin the peace summit.

Overall, Wild Hunger was a fantastic story and a great first installment to a new series! I was worried that the old generation would overshadow Elisa and her group but it was the opposite since we only saw glimpse of the old characters. So kudos to Chloe Neill for that wonderful job. Connor Keene, son of Gabriel the shifter Apex, was not what I expected but I love him already along his banter relationship with Elisa. Seriously, these two can give Merit and Ethan a run on complicated relationship. Look forward to seeing them grow closer. Lulu Bell, Mallory and Catcher’s daughter, was also treat and I can’t wait to see more of her as well! Chloe Neill certainly did an excellent job with this new generation of characters and I’m excited to see what’s in store for them in this series. So I highly recommend fans of the Chicagoland Vampire series to go get Wild Hunger asap because you really do not want to miss this enjoyable installment and the begining of a new generation.



*I received Wild Hunger from Berkley Publishing Group via Netgalley in return for an honest review.*
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Nothing could have prepared me for the excitement I felt reading about the Chicagoland second generation. Total. Book. Hangover!

Elisa is the only child born of two vampires and everyone is curious to know what secrets her impressive heritage might hold. But there is only one person, Connor, that knows her secret…not even her parents have a clue. Connor is the heir and son to the King of the USA werewolf packs.

After a time away, Elisa returns to Chicago as security for a European vampire. An assassination, of a diplomat, puts all the supernatural in Chicago at risk and reunites Elisa with her family, Connor and the life she left behind.

A Spin off series, of a beloved series, had me anxiously waiting its release. Heirs of Chicagoland was worth totally worht it. Fresh, exciting, a generous amount of humor and heartache, Neill doesn’t miss a beat keeping the reader clinging to every word.

I FLAT OUT LOVED IT. Loved how Neill balanced the humor, fantasy, crossovers and new and exciting into a world we couldn’t get enough of... but now its reinvented with a new amazing characters and circumstances.

P.S. I went back and re-read the entire Chicagoland Vampire series and then jumped to Wild Hunger once again because I clearly couldn't get enough of Neill's writing.

I received this ARC copy of Wild Hunger from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. Wild Hunger is set for publication August 14, 2018.

My Rating: 5 stars
Written by: Chloe Neill
Series: An Heirs of Chicagoland Novel 
Sequence in Series: Book 1
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Berkley 
Publication Date: August 14, 2018
ISBN-10: 0399587098
ISBN-13: 978-0399587092
Genre: Urban Fantasy | Paranormal Romance

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***4.5 Stars***

“Snoopy was a realist. Much respect for Snoopy. Woodstock was the asshole.”

I have to admit that I went into Wild Hunger both excited and worried all at the same time. I was excited because I loved the Chicagoland Vampires series and was thrilled that didn’t have to truly say goodbye to that world and all the crazy characters I’d come to love. But I was worried because I loved the characters in CV so much and may not love the next generation as much.

Thankfully, the worry was not needed. 

While it did take me a bit to get used to the new characters, I ended up loving them. Elise, Merit and Ethan’s daughter, was a really good mix of both her parents strengths and weaknesses and I love that, despite how “special” she is in the sup world, she is extremely down to earth. She does the right thing more often than not and just has a good heart.  As for the rest of the new characters, Connor, Lulu, Theo, Petra, Yuen and Riley, were a lot of fun ~ even when things weren’t so fun. Each are quite unique in their personalities and attitudes and I really enjoyed their interactions with each other.

Since this is a first in series and a spinoff, there is a lot of information getting tossed out throughout the book, especially in the beginning, to set everything up, but it didn’t overwhelm me or impede in my enjoyment of the book. I enjoyed getting the updates on the major players from CV and though I know that most won’t be making steady appearances in the series, I do hope that they will pop in briefly at some point in the series. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Wild Hunger. The writing is clean and engaging. The main issue in this book was well thought out and executed, and though the resolution was good, I would have a liked a little more follow up, but I’m also not mad at it. And then there is the epilogue. I love that she mixed things up a bit with it ~ in more ways than one ~ and cannot wait to see what is coming next!
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I loved this book. It was SO good. When I saw Wild Hunger was next on my reading list, I wasn't sure I was in the mood for a supernatural tale, as I haven't really been feeling that shtick for months upon months. I feel like that particular genre has been bombarded with the same tired ideas and "surprises" and I wasn't reading anything new or attention-grabbing. But this book broke the trend and made me believe that I can't write off that whole supernatural thing quite yet. 

Let's start off with the characters. I never read the Chicagoland Vampires series so I was not familiar with any of the characters that may have carried over. Sometimes with a spin-off series, I do a little bit of mourning over the original characters that I loved so much not being as present and I have a difficult time really caring about a new storyline. Obviously, I did not have to deal with that issue here and I was able to appreciate Elisa and Conner's characters right from the start. 

Elisa is a woman on a bit of a journey of self-discovery. Looking to separate her own identity from that of her parents, their vampire house, and her "celebrity" status over her unique birth situation, she left for Paris to study abroad for four years. She's pledged to spend a fifth year in Paris, volunteering her abilities to help the house that boarded her. She's independent, thoughtful, and not afraid to help fight the good fight. She was extremely likable and a great main character to carry the series. 

Conner's personality slowly built throughout the book as his relationship with Elisa evolved from a childhood rivalry into an adult attraction with some spark. His world and the conflicts within it were interesting and added a side of drama to the already complex plot. He got a bit "knight-in-shining-armor"-ish in a few places, but I mean, I'm not complaining. 

After reading the plot synopsis again after finishing the book, I don't think it does the book justice. It makes it seem like Elisa and Conner's relationship is more dramatic and consuming than it actually is. This is the first book of the series...its baby steps and a slow build-up. But I'm guessing the next book or two will have their chemistry on full-tilt and it will be everything. 

I think one of the biggest indicators of an author's talent is how well she can spread the plot among different characters without losing control of the many different personalities. Several characters played important roles in this book and I thought that each was well-developed and necessary. Each character contributed something to the overall story and it was satisfying to read a book that accomplished that so seemingly easily. 

Do I recommend this book? Yes, absolutely. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book of this wonderful series. Don't miss out on this gem!
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Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill holds a tantalizing appeal. This spin off of the Chicagoland Vampires grabs your interest from the very beginning. Beware if you haven't read the Chicagoland Vampires there may be some spoilers. Neill does a wonderful job of giving readers a glimpse of the past while setting the stage for this new series. Elisa is all sorts of badass. As the only born vampire in existence, she lived in Paris for a time to escape notoriety and a few of her own demons. Once back home, Elisa faces her past and all the reasons she loves her home. When powerful feuds threaten the lives of her family and home, Elisa steps in to help and face her fears. What Elisa never expected was the discovery of feelings for Connor, the future Apex. I enjoyed this paranormal. I can't wait to see Connor and Elisa's relationship evolve.
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Guest Review by Bianca, AKA Binky Boodle

“Vampires were made, not born.
All except one.
All except me.”

I’ll admit. I was a bit hesitant to read this book. I LOVED the Chicagoland Vampires series (even though I was a little traumatized at one point and stopped—if you’ve read the series, you’ll know EXACTLY what I mean), and reading a series based after a loved series and set a couple of decades into the future… I thought Ms. Neill was taking a risk.

Also, the whole pregnant vampire thing… I was scarred after Twilight.

But I was pleasantly surprised. Wild Hunger in essence picks up where Ms. Neill finished with Blade Bound.

This series is beginning of Elisa Sullivan’s tale—born of two vampires, Sentinel and Master. Unique in every way and yet, like everyone, trying to find her place in the world. Trying to discover who she can be as her own person, rather than being known as the child of Merit and Ethan.

The world has evolved slightly (as one would expect after 20 or so years), and Ms. Neill does an excellent job of explaining who the new faces are without interrupting the story as well as interweaving old faces and pieces of the story from all those years ago.

Lulu Bell (daughter of sorcerers Mallory and Catcher), as well as Connor Keene (prince of wolves—son of Gabriel and Tanya), are introduced by Elisa to continue the adventures of the next generation of supes in Chicago.

There are new political intrigues, mysteries to be solved and a secret Elisa carries that could decide her fate.

Similarly to the Chicagoland Vampires series, supernatural intrigue is the name of the game for Ms. Neill, and she plays the game oh, so well. Whilst geared at a YA audience, the novel appeals to adults as well and I thoroughly enjoyed her latest foray into Chicago.

I look forward to continuation of Elisa’s story!
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I was both really excited and really nervous to read WILD HUNGER. On one hand, I love the world of the Chicagoland Vampires and was excited to jump back into it. On the other hand, I love Merit and Ethan and I kinda didn't want to follow someone else.

Elisa is Ethan and Merit's daughter, so I was expecting her to be pretty bad-ass and she definitely was. You can definitely see some of her parents in the things she does, but I felt like her personality and thinking brought a heavier feel to the book. I was a little surprised to see that she didn't live in Chicago. I am glad that WILD HUNGER brought her back there pretty quickly.  Connor came off as kind of a playboy/bad boy. I liked his POV moments and I can see myself liking him more and more as more of himself is revealed. 

There is a lot of push and pull between Elisa and Connor. They have more of a love hate relationship for most of the book that was pretty entertaining. I really enjoyed the flashbacks to Elisa and Connor's childhood. I kinda wish that we had another book before this to see more of their shenanigans as they grew up together. 

We already know a lot about the world that the series takes place in, but it was neat seeing everything from someone else's perspective. It was nice seeing some of our favorite past characters, getting updates on some that were no longer in Chicago as well as meeting some new characters that we knew about, but hadn't gotten to know.

There are a lot of places that this series could go and I plan to keep reading to find out where exactly it ends up. 

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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3.5 stars

I love the beginning of a new series. The possibilities and introductions. Finding out who is who and what side they belong to, good or evil. I was also looking forward to reading my first vampire/werwolf fantasy this year.

The author, Chloe Neill, is a seasoned writer. With an eye to detail she built an imaginative world that easily confirms why readers love her books so much. Wild Hunger, the first book in a spin off series, based on her acclaimed  Chicagoland Vampires, featured Elisa, daughter of Ethan and Merit, and Connor, son of the werwolf apex of Chicago. They grew up together, and the familiarity and comfort they felt around each other was plainly evident. It was a unique setup, which I greatly enjoyed. Because of their long acquaintance and friendship, there was this subtle understanding that really helped move the slow burn romance along.

Maybe because it was a first novel, the author introduced a slew of characters, that unfortunately  became a little overwhelming at times. And the dark secret that Elisa was fighting to control fizzled out before it blew my mind. But that doesn't mean that it might not turn into more in the upcoming books. I just hate it when the big revelation isn't anything special. Especially if it's a fantasy novel. I expect authors to blow my mind. Because possibilities are endless in a fantasy world.

But all in all I enjoyed Wild Hunger and I'm truly interested in seeing Elisa and Connor's journey continue. iWild Hunger was a solid performance by the author, not perfect, but a great beginning to a new series that certainly intrigued me enough to keep on reading.
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In this new series we follow Elisa, Merit's daughter and Ethan Sullivan as well as Connor, Gabriel Keene's son. Elisa has a slight problem, which I let you discover by reading the story, we find the atmosphere of Chicago vampires but with a little something more. I really liked this book and I loved seeing Ethan, Merit, Luc, Kelley, Gabriel again even though I would have liked to see some people again, that's not what's important because I think they will appear later. 
So we discover Elisa, who is on a mission with the Dumas house in Paris to make peace among all European vampires. For that she must return to Chicago because the Cadogan house is at the center of negotiations. She will find Lulu, Mallory and Catcher's daughter who is also her best friend. She'll find Connor who used to bother her when she was little but who has a lot of charm now. And she will meet new people, some very nice and others much less. 
I loved Elisa, she has the character of her father mixed with that of her mother, she respects them both enormously. It made me feel weird to see Merit as a mother, so much for Ethan it doesn't shock me, probably because he's already kind of a father to all his vampires but for Merit it made me feel weird and I enjoyed it. 
The plot is very interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next because Elisa will have to work on herself and trust Connor. Will she go back to Paris or stay in Chicago or go somewhere else, I don't know but I admit that I like the quartet Elisa, Theo, Connor and Lulu. 
Quick Word: A first book that puts us in the mood, a very interesting next generation.
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What a nice surprise ! Truth be told, sequel tends to disappoint me but I should have expected more from Ethan and Merit's daughter. 

Elisa is sweet, fun and badass enough with a touch of reality that her mother usually lacks. Though she does have her moment ha! The characters are well built and really easy to love, especially Lulu and Theo. 
It is a pleasure to see characters from the prequel coming back and mingling with the new ones. They're not overwhelming this new series, only enhancing the already existing world.   

My very few remarks would have been to check with a native French speaker or a really good one before using some sentences that doesn't make sense.... A great reminder that Google Translate is NOT your friend. 
Also, I would have loved more interactions between Elisa and Connor. For the future I'm really expecting a LOT from these two ! :D

All in all a solid start for the sequel of Chicagoland Vampires! I'll definitely recommand reading Wild Hunger. 
Well done Mrs Neill for another great book!
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3.5 Stars

Wild Hunger is an Heirs of Chicagoland novel which is a spin off from the Chicagoland Vampire series set 24 years later. Elisa Sullivan is the grown up daughter of Master vampire Ethan and his Sentinel wife, Merit. As the only vampire born not made she is one of a kind; however, the way in which Elisa was made through an incredibly strong magic event has left her with a deadly secret. She has been away from home for four years in the vampire version of a university in France. Because of an escalation of violence among vampires, Elisa acts as protection while escorting delegates from her French House to peace talk meetings hosted in Chicago by her father’s Cadogan House. Elisa has used the time away from the pressures of everyone’s interest in her to decide who she is and what she wants life to be. Her childhood nemesis, Connor Keene, is also coming into his own as a potential leader of his Apex father’s shifter pack. 

Another of the supernatural groups, Claudia and her fairies seem to have their own agenda and cause problems during the accord talks. Connor and Elisa must learn to work together to track down the troublemakers and prevent a major magical event that will devastate Chicago. Elisa’s best friend, Lulu, is the daughter of Catcher and Mallory Bell who fit that role for her parents. Lulu has her own issues with magic because of her mother’s dark past. 

This book has all the elements one comes to expect from Ms. Neill’s writing including action, adventure, and a little romance, cross species in this case. While I enjoyed the story, there were times it felt as though I was reading Merit 2.0 which made the interactions with Ethan, her father, seem odd. Elisa’s “voice” comes across so similar to Merit that I had to keep reminding myself this was not a CVS book. Her relationship with Lulu also closely mimics Merit and Mallory’s even to the point of them living and fighting together. Merit has less of a presence in this book than does Ethan as she is more in the background whereas Ethan plays a more predominate role in the solution to their current crisis. Fans of the Chicago Vampire Series will be interested to see this new version of the world they have come to know.
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The Heirs of Chicagoland series is here!   I am not sure I had any specific expectation. It was comfortable to be back in world of Chicagoland Vampires.  The setting is 20-odd years later. Elisa is the voice and our view to the world now.  I think you could read this without reading the other series. I'm OCD so I wouldn't but the mentions of well-known characters are brief. A few jokes might go over your head as they are idiosyncrasies of those characters but the story itself is not affected, just the level of humor you might find here.

Elisa is young, a new adult, learning her life and place in the world. So is Connor Keene. We don't get as much insight into Connor though. Wild Hunger is more of an adventure than a romance, which is typical in an urban fantasy series. There's a good groundwork here for the future in this world. The characters like Lulu Bell, Miranda, Tanya, Riley Sixkiller and more are presented with more development hopefully to follow.

It was a bit odd to have Elisa involved in the investigation as Merit would have done in the past. The Ombudsman office has changed, although Chuck is alive but retired, we meet some of the new players. I'm not sure of them yet. So Elisa doesn't have the familial connection plus Cadogan House agreed to stay out of investigations. She's also been away at school and doesn't know the players so it's odd she was included so rapidly.

It's a fun tale with quick updates on old friends and introductions of the new gang forming.  I'll be looking forward to what is next.
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Are you a fan a vampires and the urban paranormal worlds filled with supernatural creatures? Do you hate starting a series in the middle and feeling like you’re behind? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, then you’ll want to pick up Chloe Neill’s latest. She has returned to the world of the Chicagoland Vampires with the first in a brand-new series, Wild Hunger. 

Last year, fans were sad when Blade Bound brought the end of Merit’s and Ethan’s adventures. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t one of them. I never read all the Chicagoland Vampire series. I read the first four or five. But I wasn’t a fan of the decision to bring a certain character back to life. And even the Chicago setting didn’t keep me reading. Given the trajectory of the series, I can’t fault the decision. Ultimately, Ethan and Merit are just not a OTP (One True pair) for me. And that’s okay.  Not every series is for everyone. And it’s important to remember that every series is different. Wild Hunger is the first in a new series, so I gave it a read. 

I enjoyed Wild Hunger. I didn’t find it groundbreaking or particularly earth-shattering, but it’s a great entry into the urban paranormal fantasy genre. There are vampires and shifters and intrigue between species. And hints of budding romance. Always the romance. That telegraphed romance may be why I enjoyed Wild Hunger more than the series it grew out of – the romance seems more natural and not built on a power differential and forced allegiance. I think I also identified more with Elisa than I ever did with her mother, Merit. Elisa is making her own way, despite her lineage. She’s also dealing with her own demons.  

There are references to events in the Chicagoland Vampire series (after all that’s how Elisa Sullivan came to be), but you don’t have to have read those books to enjoy Wild Hunger. There’s enough background for you to know what you need to know, even if some of the main characters are tied directly to the Chicagoland Vampires. This book is entirely about the next generation. In addition to Elisa and Connor, there is Lulu. Lulu is the daughter of a close friend of Merit’s. Lulu is an amazing addition to the cast of characters. She is an artist avoiding her own heritage out of fear. But she too is making her own way in the world. And on of my favorite quotes in the book is attributed to her.

“I’m…determined,” [Lulu] said. “I think sometimes that’s more important. Just putting a little bit our there, every day. You do the work or you don’t. The externalities don’t really matter.”

It’s a great reminder to all of us. And I think it will apply to all the characters in the Heirs of Chicagoland, one way or another. Wild Hunger is an entertaining, quick read that serves as an easy entry point into a well-defined world.
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The only vampire ever born, Elisa Sullivan is the daughter of an established and respected vampire house and of its leaders. But growing up is never easy, no matter whose child you are. Elisa goes away to Paris for college, and returns to Chicago on a job, where she encounters the friends she left behind. Elisa’s goal is to help extend the peace that exists in Chicago between humans and supernaturals to her adopted home in France. But her work makes her witnesses to an event that demonstrates not everyone wants the peace to spread across the ocean. Elisa tries to uncover who- or what- is determined to prevent an accord form being reached, all while navigating the political currents in Chicago.

I was eagerly awaiting Wild Hunger, as I am a fan of the Chicagoland series. I was nervous about meeting Elisa, daughter of two great characters, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked her. Elisa stands up as her own person, but at the same time, the influence of her parents is clear. Fans will enjoy seeing favorite characters from past books and sometimes, their children, interact in a slightly futuristic Chicago. I hope we will learn more about Elisa’s time in France, and her relationship with the French houses in future books. That part of the plot wasn’t fully explored or given closure in this book. Overall, Wild Hunger was an enjoyable read, and I loved the tension between Elisa and a certain figure from her childhood. It reminded me of the chemistry between two other beloved characters (cough *Duchess and Darth Sullivan* cough) and I am excited to read the next installment of this story.
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Chicagoland Vampires: The Next Generation

Elisa, Ethan and Merit’s miracle baby, has grown up. At twenty-three, she has spent the past four years studying in France and now works for one of the French vampire Houses. Decades after the fall of the ruling European council, the various Houses there still are in turmoil, fighting for power. Ethan and Cadogan House negotiated a lasting peace in Chicago, so they offer to hold talks for the European Houses to settle their differences.

Time for the prodigal daughter to return.

Elisa is happy to see her friends and family again, and readers are treated to older (but not all aged) versions of Ethan, Merit, and many of the other characters from CLV. Catcher and Mallory’s daughter Lulu is Elisa’s best friend and Pack alpha Gabriel’s son Connor, Elisa’s nemesis growing up, has matured in a rather intriguing way.

But the reunion—and the peace talks—do not go well. Chicago’s fairies are acting aggressively and when a delegate is murdered and one of Elisa’s friends is accused, she feels compelled to solve the case. Elisa’s efforts are made more difficult by politics and by a secret she’s harbored even from her parents: her magical conception and birth came with an unwanted magical complication. 

The story is an enjoyable read, a revisit with some old “friends” and the introduction of the younger generation. The mystery, though not especially compelling, was entertaining enough, and the relationships of the new cast promise some interesting future storylines. All in all, a good way to spend a couple of evenings.
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