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There have been many excellent psychological stories out in the last year, Believe Me ranks with the best of them.  Forced by circumstances to take a job most would call "sleazy" Claire tries to do her best.  Then she's involved in a murder investigation where this reader often questioned her involvement and motives.  If you are looking for a lazy Sunday read, this is not it.  Make sure to read when you will have time to thoroughly enjoy this "movie of the week" type book.  Loved it!
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Claire is a struggling actor without a green card. She needs to work, but can't risk getting deported.  Claire agrees to become a decoy for a firm of divorce lawyers. She's hired to legally entrap straying husbands and record the evidence. 
When the wife of one of Claire’s targets is violently murdered, the cops are sure the husband is to blame. They they enlist Claire to lure him into a confession.

There are several twists & turns in this story. Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? Who can Claire trust?  It's a very good read.
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Review by 2shay..........

I didn’t want to write this review. I really don’t like writing negative reviews. Also, on that same note, I really dislike reading bad books, and this one is pretty bad. It’s a mess. Claire, the aspiring actress who is the star of this story is, among other things, glaringly stupid. She comes to America without enough funds to support herself and no legal way to get a job, having no green card. To make matters worse, in my opinion, she takes a job for cash luring husbands into making a proposition so their wives will have evidence against them. That’s just sleezy. I didn’t like her at all.

The rest of the story was awful. Even worse than the main character. The author, for some reason, decided to bless us with her knowledge of an obscure poet who use BDSM themes for his “art”. If the endless quotes weren’t bad enough, there is a play about his life in the works. Boring, at best, pretentious at its worst.

I knew, considering this author’s success with his/her first book, The Girl Before, that this book would get rave reviews. Fans are like that. I read and reviewed that book, and gave it 4 Stars. It was very good. I expected as much of this one and was terribly disappointed. I have heard that this book was written before The Girl Before, and was rewritten and released to, obviously, ride the coat tails of a much, much better book. I know from that first book that J.P. Delaney is a talented and imaginative author, and I hope to see more great work from him/her in the future. This one was just a mess. Forgive the repeat, but it’s the best description I have. My advise? Skip this one.

ARC graciously provided by Random House and NetGalley for an honest and voluntary review.
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This is the kind of book one reads if you can't pay attention to serious books.  I picked it up to read (I had read The Girl Before which was the same kind of book), because I wanted to escape into something that I didn't have to use my brain for.  It is not particularly well written but it zips along.  The narrator is a 25 year old actress and other than knowing she is beautiful, one finishes the book with no idea what cooler hair she has or anything else description about.  She is British and she will do anything for an audience.

There are twists and turns after an initial murder.  The plot is totally unbelievable but that's not the point of the book.  It was written to thrill and for some it may.  It's a page turner but I found that if I skipped 10 pages when I got bored, it made no difference.

If you like your thrillers to be intricately plotted, this is not the book for you.  If you want good characterisation, this is not the book for you.  But if you want to be entertained by unbelievable characters with an unbelievable plot and are willing to suspend your beliefs, you will probably love this book.

Thank you to Netgalley for making this book available to me.
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This book is one of the most twisty books I've ever read. Will need to sue for whiplash! Kidding, but seriously. I found myself so lost and not sure of myself I didn't know who or what to believe anymore. The author does an excellent job of inducing written paranoia.
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I know it is fiction, but just too many parts of it were so unbelievable that those moments took away from enjoying the story.  The characters were interesting and written very well.
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Ballantine Books and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Believe Me.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

As a student who is constantly short on cash, but unable to legally work outside of the college system without a green card, Claire takes jobs for cash that help her develop her acting skills.  Working for a divorce attorney by catching cheaters on tape, Claire gets in over her head one fateful evening.  With no choice but to work for the police, Claire quickly realizes that her acting skills will be strongly tested.  As she helps the police search for evidence of wrongdoing, will Claire's deceptions leave her deceived?  Will the search for the truth lead to a dangerous situation?

Believe Me is a psychological thriller with so much back and forth with regards to the plot that readers will feel like they are watching a tennis match.  If the rating system would allow, I would give the novel three and a half stars.  As the book is written in the perspective of an unreliable narrator, it is too hard for the reader to forge a connection with her.  The "is he or isn't he" part of the plot was too repetitive and ruined some of the suspense for me.  Overall, the author does a good job of keeping the reader on their toes, as the evidence points in one direction or the other.  Believe Me is a quick read and is a novel for those who like psychological thrillers and suspense.
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This book was very interesting. I loved The Girl Before and like it, this follow up book had twists and turns; kept me guessing. I never stay up all night reading a book, but I did with this one. Granted, it was a shorter and quick, easy read, so it was easier to do. I wanted to find out what happened. However, I only gave it four stars. The ending was not as exciting, but it was a good read, overall. Thank you, NetGalley and Random House for allowing me to read! Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub!
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This took me a long time to read. It was hard to keep picking it up night after night. While I liked the premise, I just got extremely bored with it. I stuck it out and it had a couple nice twists.
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Claire is a struggling Brit living in New York. Her dream is to become an actress and it's not as easy as she thought it would be. With no money and no green card she finds herself in positions she never thought she would put herself in. She takes a job with a retired cop who hires her to try and catch husbands cheating. She never takes it too far, just far enough to let the wife know her husband would be unfaithful if given the chance. When one of their "clients" is found brutally murdered Claire soon finds herself as a suspect....or trying to catch the suspect...or both. She soon doesn't know who she can trust or even what's real life and what's an act. 

This was a roller coaster of a read for me. It took off right from the beginning and I liked it. Then bout halfway through certain aspects of Claire's personality annoyed me. Then towards the end it turned back around and hooked me again. The parts of Claire that annoyed me were part of the storyline and made more sense once I realized that. With that being said, she still wasn't a very likable character. No one was in fact. I wasn't cheering for anyone in this story. I didn't like the woman who was murdered, I didn't like either suspect, and I didn't like the people involved with Claire. I still liked the story itself and the twist at the end I didn't see coming (although some others might). The whole Baudelaire part got a little much for me. I know it was part of the story but being completely unaware of who he is, his poems, or anything about the Venus Noire, i just found those parts dull and repetitive. This was my second book by J.P. Delaney and I look forward to more.
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Another great read from JP Delaney. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't like this book as much as the last one, but I was so happy that wasn't the case.
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This is a wonderful mystery about an actress who can’t seem to stop acting. Twists and turns to the very end! Loved it.
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I enjoyed The Girl Before, but did not enjoy this book.  It started out pretty good and then took a wrong turn and I found the plotline to be completely unbelievable.  I'll give the author another shot in the future
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A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma......

This book has more layers than an onion.....every time you think you have it figured out....another layer comes off.

This is an amazingly, well thought out deeply psychological story within a story.    I could not put it down.  It is the story of an inspiring actress who is studying acting in New York City.   She  has a scholarship to the acting school, but she does not have money on which to live.   Oh, and she is from England and has no green card.   So she results to off-book gigs that just a bit shady....And then there is a gruesome murder....and who did it?   The police are looking for the truth.   And thus the story begins......

This will be made into a movie, and actors and actresses will kill to get these roles.

Read this book.   You will not be able to put it down.  Six stars for this book!
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What a thrill this book is!  With twists and turns, a potentially unreliable narrator, and a blend of poetry and prose, Believe Me has a little something for every one.  

The lyrics, "...who's the hunted, who's the game..." most definitely apply to this one. It will keep you reading to see how it turns out.
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I did not enjoy this book nearly as much as the author's previous book (The Girl Before). I didn't like the format of the writing (the periodic script/stage direction POV was annoying). The main character wasn't likable.  I was disappointed, because I really liked The Girl Before. This one was a real struggle to get through.
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"How do we trust each other again, when we both know how good we are at lying?"

Believe me,  what a ride!    Claire lives as an actress, she is always in character.   When she does things, her way of thinking:  "scene location,  dialogue..." as if she's in a play.  

She does undercover work for attorneys attempting to nab cheating husbands.    A wife of one of the husbands is killed.   Claire then is asked by the police to help catch the killer.   If she does, then she can get a green card and stay in the U.S.A.  

A creepy novel.  Necropolis.  Twists.    

I enjoyed this so much that I immediately went to Delaney's other book,    "The Girl Before."
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Believe Me A Novel by JP Delaney published by Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine
Ballantine Books is by far my stand out book for 2018. If you fallow my reviews then you know The Girl Before is my favorite book from 2017. Do you see a pattern here? Like The Girl Before this book is very well researched and is in the first person perspective and making it a horrific joy to read. But unlike the previous novel it is not about buildings and lines but about acting. My thoughts while I read this is who is fooling who.  Claire is  a fantastic character making the story well-paced making Claire feel put together yet not all there in the same breath. But what is more intense in the story is Claire’s decisions and connection with the male character. I get the feel that Claire does not feel loved by many if she even loves herself. Before you think that this story is just like the previous book this is it’s own mix of crazy special. I found this book like a puzzle that works your brain from page one until the last page. I find myself conflicted because there is so much that could be said but I don’t want to give it away to anyone so I will say that this is a book you must read when you have more time because it is a book you can and will want to read in one sitting. What’s next for this author? I am all in for the Perfect Wife insomnia welcome!
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I’m at a loss of words. This book took me on a rollercoaster ride. I loved it then hated it, then loved it again.

Claire is an struggling and aspiring actress looking for her come up. She lures and captures evidence of cheating husbands as a side hustle to pay the rent. Things turn left for her when a client ends up dead and her husband is the primary suspect. A psychologist and deceive recruits her to get close to the husband and get him to reveal his secrets. 

I don’t want to give away spoilers so I’ll be vague. The beginning started off interesting and grabbed my attention. Then towards a quarter of the way in, I was like, what? I got a bit confused with the plot and started losing interest. But the ending redeemed itself. So I was a bit conflicted with how I should rate the book; it’s not the best book I’ve read but I think an author who can get you to feel all these emotions deserves some applause. 

I would recommend giving this book a try. Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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I almost didn't finish this book about 2/3 of the way through.  I am glad I did!   It's a great story.  I will probably reread it soon, as I don't think I grasped the entire concept the first time around.
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