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So....I pushed myself to finish this book, as it's not super long and not tremendously boring. And I did finish it. But it just left me feeling sort of 'meh', a whole lot of 'blah', and not incredibly jazzed about spending the last couple hours reading it. 
The characters were ok, not great. Tally wasn't incredibly developed and neither were her relationships with others. I always hope for a bit more background and depth with main characters and to some extent, even supporting characters. I'm actually a little shocked that this is the starting point of a series as I feel that there wasn't much of a base established to further build upon. 
The southern charm aspect was laid on a little thick with Tally. And although I appreciate the author's skill at drawing the reader into the setting, I didn't think that descriptions needed to be SO narrow and precise. 
I guess this would be a good read for someone looking for a quick read with a pretty shallow storyline and basic, run-of-the-mill characters. However, it just didn't do it for me.
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Tally owns an ice cream shop in Texas, where she is serving up her ex-husband and his new girlfriend. She knows money's tight so she accepts a job working for him. Yet, as soon as the new girlfriend shows up dead, Tally's the number one suspect. She now has to solve who killed her ex's girlfriend to keep herself out of jail. It's very descriptive much like this review. The plot and characters are funny, but with work I can see this series being really good.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the E-Arc copy of this novel.
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I scream, You Scream is a cute fun mystery that anyone can enjoy from first to last page. Readers will fall in love with Tallulah "Tally" Jones as she figures who, what, why, when and how.  

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Wendy Watson I Scream You Scream
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'I Scream, You Scream' was a wonderful slice of southern life filled with delightfully eccentric characters and charm.  The mystery aspect is well done and kept me guessing.  There is humor, romance and every other thing that makes for great reading.  I'm going right on to the next in the series!
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I really enjoyed this first book in a new cozy mystery series.  Tallulah owns a local ice cream parlor in small town Texas. to help her business she agrees to cater a party for her ex and his new girl friend.  When the girl friend is found murdered Tallulah is the prime suspect.  She and her friends set out to solve the murder and clear her name. I really enjoyed the crazy characters and the small town setting.  The mystery was good with plenty of suspects and secrets to make it interesting. I look for word to reading the next one in the series.  Enjoy
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Really enjoyed this book! The ending was a complete surprise but very satisfying. Storyline was fantastic. Fun read, hard to put down. Excited to read more by this author.
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I Scream, You Scream
A Mystery a La Mode, Book #1 
Wendy Lyn Watson
5 Stars


Recently divorced Tallulah Jones is mortified when she's stuck scooping sundaes for her two-timing ex-husband and his bodacious new girlfriend, Brittanie, at his company luau. 

But when Brittanie drops dead, Tally is suddenly the prime suspect in the murder investigation. To catch the killer, Tally will have to dip deep into her small Texan town's darkest secrets and churn up stories some would prefer to keep in the past. But can she uncover the real culprit before a murder charge puts her dreams on ice for good?  (Goodreads)


Sometimes when you read a book, something clicks and you really enjoy it.  I do not know why that happens, only that it does, I am happy to say that is what happened when I read this book.  There is nothing that I would change about this book, that is how much i liked it.

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  I thought Tally was spunky, smart and funny.  I thought that Bree, he cousin, was a hoot and I enjoyed reading about their relationship and interactions.  I always enjoy storylines revolving about the one that got away, and Finn is the boyfriend that Tally has regrets about.  I felt a little sad for Tally when she had to be Wayne’s (her ex-husband) friend instead of his wife.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I felt like I was right there, watching all of the action taking place and eavesdropping in on conversations.  

I thought the mystery was well plotted and moved along at an even pace.  There were enough clues to sift through and suspects to consider.  It was not an easy mystery to solve and I was not entirely sure until the reveal at the end.  

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well plotted cozy mystery.  I am excitedly looking forward to the next book in this series.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Henery Press, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.
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A thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery, fun and easy to read. I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series
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A great start to a new series. Well described characters and a mystery that keeps you guessing till the end made this a very nice read.
Will definitely read more in the series.
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I loved I Scream, You Scram! Such a fun, quick read. I was expecting it to be a light and fluffy cozy but was pleasantly surprised to find out had a well developed plot and characters. It's wonderful when you find a start to a new series and discover there are more books in the series to read!I

*I would like to thank the author/publisher/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*
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This is a quick read. Keeps you guessing as to who done it. Well written.
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This book was a very quick read, I honestly didn't expect to finish it so quickly. I have a lot of love for it. I am not going to lie two reasons I picked it was the ice cream and the fact that I love a good murder mystery. So it's pretty much a win, win. I have taken about 2-3 days to read this book considering I barley get three to five hours tops of spare time to myself. I have binging on books lately. This book has been nice it focuses a lot on the mystery at hand it hasn't been outright easy to guess. I've been kept on my toes while also really enjoying being able to connect with the main character. It has that bit of romance to it where you really hope they get together without getting off topic and being the main focus. There really are so many twists you start to wonder if it's possible to be reading a soap instead of watching one without it actually being cheesy. I do really enjoy this book. Now you may say but Kati... You put 4 stars... Yes, there were those points where it got a bit dry. I did have my moments where I just wanted it to get to the point or to have something exciting happen. There were some unrealistic things that happened in this book that kind of had me saying "oh come on". But apart from those few moments I would absolutely recommend this book to people because it is very good. I am kind of curious if the author knew that the "town" is actually a road in Texas in real life. The biggest twist to this book was by far the end of it. Man that was absolutely unexpected but the absolutely best way I could see that to end.
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