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Outstaning read 
never read work by this authour so found it well wrtten easy to read exciting story will be readi g future publications
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When Andy and Mel’s double date turns into a snuff film .
Detective David Connor finds another Six bodies in the bush land .
Andy and Mel’s lives look for outwitted the killers . 
I thank Netgalley
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You know those horror movies where the characters decide to go outside and investigate the noise despite terrible things happening, and you sit there wanting to yell at the screen 'no, what the hell are you doing, stay inside' and you feel totally frustrated, we'll that's how this book had me feeling, I wanted to keep throwing the book down every time the main character Andy does something stupid, which is most of the time. Despite this I got through the book and did enjoy it, though on occasion I got a bit lost with the amount of side characters I had to keep track of. This is the first in a new Australian crime series.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy in return for an honest review.
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I was immediately attracted by the cover of this book and its catchphrase: "when your appointment turns into a bad movie, only survive is the beginning."

It all starts when Andy and Mel go to a double date and it will turn into a bad movie. Especially since the discovery of six women's bodies in the undergrowth will allow Detective Connor to get his hands on an organized network. And the video of the attack will be put online. They will be in a deadly game, the detective will do everything for the protected.

A good thriller that deserves to be known in France, with a captivating story, moving and endearing characters.
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Excellent thriller!  Very disturbing and suspenseful!  It's one that you ask yourself many questions while reading, because you can't believe the situation, but you still have to find out!  Normally I don't do series, because I hate to wait and I likely would've waited had I known prior, but glad I didn't, because it was my type of book'! Highly recommend!
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Thanks Netgalley for a copy to read and review.

Well this was quite the read. Starring in your own snuff film, the reality of that has got to be a shocker. Andy Knight and her girlfriend Mel head out on a date with a couple of guys only to have their night end in terror and tragedy. This book was hell on wheels. A long cast of characters and a ton of stuff going on made it really hard to keep up with everything but I just couldn't put the book down. It seems Andy has quite the allure, since pretty much every guy she meets wants a peice of her. I thought the book was pretty good even though the cast of characters was outrageous. I almost had to make a spreadsheet there were so many characters. Other than that I look forward to the second installment of Andy Knight. Four stars of entertainment!
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This was a great book. Loved it from page 1. Very well wrote.
Its a page turner. Keeps you guessing from the start.
Only thing i didn't like is that its part of a series and i didn't know until the end.
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