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Girl boner is geared towards 'good girls' seeking sexual empowerment.  There are journal exercises throughout the book and stories from abuse victims as well as ways to self are and pointers on sex positions.  It seems like a woman's pleasure is always an after thought to the man's, so this book helps educate the women and hopefully help make their sex lifes a little bit more pleasurable.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.
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Sexual empowerment for women is long overdue.   Women should enjoy their sexuality.  We live in a culture that faults female sexuality then uses bad words for women who enjoy their sexuality.  It's time for this book.
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This is not a scientific book but it can be used for educational purposes for 101 Sex Ed for young adults.  August collects information about different subjects like anatomy, conceptual meaning,  birth controls methods and more. Also, she added a personal flavor by adding her personal experiences. She did an amazing work!
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I can find no other word to describe this book except for weird. Not because it was very feminist and what is called progressive, because I know about these theories. But the author seems to be obsessed with masturbation and sex. Masturbation was presented as a magical cure that (alongside therapy) helps with anxiety and other mental problems and also seems to be necessary for a healthy sex life. Almost every chapter contained a remark about how wonderful masturbation helps with the topic of the chapter. She also mentions intercourse positions that are supposed to help with anxiety (I wonder how that is supposed to work). The author also supports prostitution as well as recommends watching (feminist, ethical - though I wonder if porn can ever be ethical) porn and reading erotica multiple times and doesn't adress the fact that some women (and "women with penises", this is supposed to be an inclusive book) might not be interested in masturbation, porn and erotica. 

The weirdest chapter was the one about religion. Throughout the book, she already mentioned that "spiritual things" can help with various problems, but then again, she states that you should not let any religion limit your sexuality (why then turn to religion to get help with your sexuality if you don't want to follow its rules?). 

There is also a big mistake in the chapter about contraception, where she says that natural family planning is another word for the rythm method, which is completely wrong, and she states a Pearl Index of 24 for all natural methods, which is also wrong. The symptothermal method by Weschler has a Pearl Index of 2 and is as safe as the birth control pill, while the rythm method is not safe and that is the natural method with a Pearl Index of 24. She also gives no reference to where she got the information that the rythm method and NFP/FAM are the same. This is something that she should definitely know as a sex educator! 

This book is basically the adult version of Girl ( Not recommended. 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I was really surprised at how much I learned from this book. I think it will be a hit at my library, once people get past the title. Excellent and filled with useful info. Highly recommend.
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Didn’t enjoy this much. A bit cliche. Wanted to like it, but kept having to put it down. Was hard for me to push myself to finish.
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This is an excellent book on female sexuality.  It is open, accepting, and empowering.  While this book is nonfiction on a somewhat bawdy subject that is often treated a bit irreverently, the author manages to manage the subject with the appropriate amount of humor, facts, respect, and social relevance to intrigue, entertain, and teach the reader.

Some of the basics covered:

•	Human anatomy
•	Dispelling myths
•	Birth control basics
•	Basics of arousal and desire
•	Loving your body

Some of the more complex topics:

•	The brain and organism
•	Solo play
•	Safer Sex
•	oral
•	Toys
•	Porn
•	Positions and pointers

Psychological issues surrounding sex:

•	Social issues surrounding females
•	Overcoming past trauma
•	Stress, depression, and Anxiety
•	Gender identity and Sexual Orientation
•	Faith and Sex
•	Healthy relationships

The text is interspersed with “frisky facts”, appropriate illustrations, basic facts, games, journaling exercises, tables and charts to help illuminate points and entertain.  I highly recommend this book.

Thanks so much to Netgalley, the publishers, and the author for providing me with a copy for an honest review.
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What do you do when you're accused of only reading cruddy fiction books? Well first off you tell that person to mind their own business, and then you challenge yourself to read something outside your comfort zone, in this case a nonfiction book. I'm going to be cliche and say that this book completely took me by surprise, not the content itself, though it was wonderfully informative, but the writing is what really surprised me. I generally avoid nonfiction books because they take me a lot longer to slog through and I constantly feel like I'm not making any progress. While I still felt like that with this book, it is has been written in an informative but humorous style that makes it more of a journey than a painful slog. As for the book itself, I think its one of those books that is becoming increasingly important for any, and all, people to read as it helps identify things that people aren't aware of, or things that they think are strange or unique to them, and therefore feel ashamed to share with others, and yet this book just normalises it all, and that is something that we all need to start thinking about and appreciating.
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Girl Boner is a book about getting to know your own body.There are insight from many experts in health, sexuality and relationships, the writing style is a big chaotic but very informative.
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A frank, ultra-unabashed exploration into female sexuality - with plenty of pointers!

Okay, so I'll come clean. I'm one of 'those' girls. You know, the ones who giggle nervously through sex ed class, blush at the mere mention of any 'naughty' word, and basically should have been born in the Victorian era. 

However, this is very at odds with my feminist outlook, and my deep-seated belief that women should fully own their sexuality and be empowered by it. As such, I seized the chance to scoop up this book and start bringing my 'ooh matron' prudery into line with my forward-thinking attitudes. 

What we have here is a book that talks frankly about sex - but I'm guessing you knew that already. It operates on a number of levels - providing advice and guidance on several different sexual topics (ranging from the serious and emotional, like rape; to to the light-hearted and playful!). There are also several fascinating interviews in there - with women, and people who identify as women. The author has no problem with discussing her own sexual experiences too, which she does in a refreshingly frank, down-to-earth way. 

And that's really the good thing about this book; because as I was reading it and turning pink, I found myself questioning why I was pinkening (is this a word? It really should be) and how very silly it was that sexual matters are so taboo. Perhaps it's not so bad in the US, where the author is from, but my goodness in the UK, we all titter anxiously if anyone even hints at discussing their sex life, unless it's a very, very close friend. Ha! 

So, hooray for August McLaughlin and her sexual revolution - let's hope she leads the way in challenging stereotyped, outdated notions about women's 'role' in bed, and in getting more women to own their sexuality. Right on!
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This was such a fun and interesting read!

I find that the trick to writing a good non-fiction book is the balance between being informative and being entertaining. Too often I read non-fiction books that are too heavy on the information without being interesting. In other words; boring. This book is not boring. At all!

Girl Boner is a book about getting to know your own body, and that basically everything is okay and normal. I would have loved to have read this 15 years ago, or even 20 years ago when I was just starting puberty. I would have learned so much, and I think I also would have nipped many a myth in the bud, before they could get a hold of my pubescent brain.

This book is written in quite a caotic way, but I think that's what makes it so interesting in my eyes. Even if it has its chapterized contents, such as a chapter on rape and trafficing (that one hurt to read, I'll tell you), and a chapter on mental health, it jumps back and forth within these loose frames to make it a very pleasurable read.

There are insight from many experts in health, sexuality and relationships, including sex therapists, OB-GYNs, a professional dominatrix and many more. In addition to these often clinical and informative statements, there are stories from real women of all genders, the book embracing trans and non-binary gender identities like a champ. Including practical tips on solo play, porn and more, and you get a cocktail that is hard to not down in one sip.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, both female, male, other and both. :)
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