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I read Sadie over 6 months ago, and it has stuck with me. Beautiful writing in a unique style. She nailed both grief and the mind of a teenage girl. Perhaps I’ll go read it again.
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What an intense YA book! I love the twist and turns that had me at the edge of my seat. Love love loved the ending, I was honestly shook! The character of Sadie is so well written that I felt her jumping out of the pages. A captivating book that will have you speechless.
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I knew that Sadie by Courtney Summers would be an emotional, hard-hitting book to read but I had no idea how dark it would go.  Courtney Summers didn't hold back with this story about revenge.  The structure of the novel, with the script of a true crime podcast reminiscent of Serial was an interesting addition to the story but it's Sadie and her life story practically raising her sister Mattie and when Mattie found dead, Sadie goes on the cross country trip of revenge to hunt down her sister's killer.  It was thrilling, gripping and utterly harrowing.  Courtney Summers is a really impressive author.
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This book is my kind of book!  I read this in one sitting because I just needed to get to the end.  I purchased it for my library and plan on re-reading it.  It is an excellent addition to any YA collection!
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I took me awhile to write this review because I needed time to process this book. This book was not an easy read but it was a page turner that I could not put down. The balance between the true crime podcast and Sadie's perspective really keeps glued to the page. I thought it was well written, had strong character development and an interesting plot. This is YA with broader appeal and the writing and depth of character will make it an intriguing read for adults. This is not as easy book content wise but each of the characters stories and challenges are stories worth hearing.
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Thank you for this copy.

‘People don't change. They just get better at hiding who they really are.’

I absolutely loved this book and still think about it, even when I read it a long long time ago. The story is heart breaking, the characters are remarkable and the writing style is brilliant. 

If the ending didn’t frustrate me so much I would’ve given 5 stars.
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This novel reads like a true crime story. From the podcast transcript to the plot itself, this book will grip readers from the very beginning. A murder, a missing girl, and a revenge plot are just the tips of what this story has to offer; the writing the style and the character development will keep readers engaged throughout Sadie's journey.  Mystery like this is often not featured in the YA genre, and Summers did a great job of crafting a story that will appear to audiences of all ages.
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The premise sounds really cool, but this was one that just did not work for me unfortunately :( I think this is the first Courtney Summers book that I have not enjoyed, and that makes me incredibly sad.
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I grew up watching crime shows.

At my house, Thursday nights were reserved for another episode of Law & Order: SVU. Fridays, there was Dateline. Countless others played across my television screen over the years, but those two have always stuck out for me. The former, because I remember when I stopped watching it. I was just entering high school and every time I watched it, I started to feel uncomfortable. I began to realize how easily I could be one of the women in those stories. Dateline remains memorable because I still occasionally watch it, often relaying the shocking details in conversations later on, discussing all the terrible and horrific things that happened in the episode. Usually, these terrible and horrific things happen to women.

I've been wanting to read Sadie since before it had a title. I remember reading the rights announcement years ago and immediately texted my best friend about it. When I had the opportunity to read an early copy, thanks to a generous friend of mine, I jumped at the chance. I had waited all these years and I didn't want to wait a single moment longer.

Sadie isn't Dateline.

There are a number of reasons that Sadie doesn't fall into the same category as Dateline. But, one of the main difference, for me at least, was that in all my years of watching Dateline, it never once made me question my consumption of violence.

Sadie did that on page seven.

Sadie opens with West McCray on his podcast "The Girls" and we're introduced to Sadie's story, and that of her late sister Mattie's. As he is setting the scene of Mattie's death, West states that the "gruesome details...will not be a part of this show." I remember reaching that moment and pausing, thinking to myself "wait...they won't?" I had been bracing myself to read them, part of me anticipating just how horrible it was going to be. He continues, explaining that "its violence and brutality do not exist for your entertainment." It was like a slap in the face. Because wasn't that what I was just doing? Waiting for the violent death of a girl to be part of my entertainment. Anticipating its brutality in some sort of grim excitement?

It's hard to admit that you've been part of, and perpetuated, a system that uses violence against women as entertainment. 

I thought I knew better.

I didn't.

Sadie made me question my role in this commodification of violence in just one. single. line. That's the power of a novel like this. I don't know what it says about me that it took a fictional portrayal of violence for me to truly question my role in this commodification. Maybe it's because I've always been able to see myself, see the world, more clearly in books. Maybe it's because I looked externally at how others viewed violence as entertainment, and didn't turn the lens on myself. Maybe it's because I never really had to think about it. In the end, it doesn't matter. In the end, this book reminded me of how insidious our society's obsession with dead girls, with violence can be. Even though I have talked openly and repeatedly about this obsession, I can still be a part of the system that perpetuates it. It was a sobering reminder that my learning is never done.

After I read Sadie, it took me a full week to talk to anyone about it. It wasn't because of this internal revelation, but rather, because I felt my words were not enough. I still don't think they are. I feel lucky yo have been able to read Courtney Summers books for so many years. To grow with them as a reader and a person. To have had them there for me to learn from.

I want to say Sadie is one of the best books I've ever read (and it is) but it's more than that. Sadie is compelling. It is devastating. It is unforgettable. It is unforgettable.

Sade is in stores September 4th, and you can pre-order it at any of the fine retailers below. I hope you do.

I grew up watching crime shows. I still watch them. But, I'll look at them through a new lens now. And I have Sadie, and Courtney Summers, to thank for that.

- Ciara (at Midnight)
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My first five star read in awhile.  Definitely what I needed to get me out of my slump.  The audio book is the best way to read this as is reads like a podcast and was such a great read.  I loved the character development and the plot is so fast paced and well developed.  Devoured the book in two days and can't wait to read more from Courtney Summers
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Such a captivating, devastating book. The writing is beautifully fluid and kept me engaged and hanging on to every sentence. Sadie's voice was very strong, and loud. I loved the conflicts with her inner monologue and her speaking out loud. Definitely one I would recommend!
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This is another of the books where I was late to the party. I am glad I waited, because I was able to get a copy of the audiobook and I really enjoyed it. This was a sad story. Sadie, now 19, is on the hunt. She is looking for her mother's ex-boyfriend. He is a pedophile and Sadie was abused by him when she was young. She finds out that her 13 year old sister has gone off with him to find her mother. When Mattie's body is found, Sadie is sure that he is responsible. As soon as she is old enough, and has the means, she leaves and is on the hunt.

The story is told from Sadie's POV, but also from the POV of West McCray, a radio personality who is hired by Sadie's grandmother when she is missing. West and his producer decide to do a podcast about the mystery. Is Sadie dead? Did she find out what happened to Mattie? The clues are there and West is finally able to put everything together. Sadie does a rather amazing job of tracking down Keith. I was quite impressed with the skills this young lady possessed. She was not only alone in her quest, but she had some social issues stemming from the fact that she stutters and has been teased most of her life. The characters that she meets along the way were often helpful, although they didn't know they were helping. Some put up roadblocks because they weren't sure what to believe or what Sadie was after. This was a well-written story with some great, well-developed characters. I was hooked by this story and listened to it whenever I had the chance. I definitely recommend this one to anyone who likes a mystery, a realistic story as well. There is some discussion of child abuse, but it is not graphic.
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Absolutely loved Sadie and the unique way it was written. The relationships between the characters were unbelievably realistic. The story sucked me in and I  was glued to it until the very end. Highly rec!!
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I was really disappointed by this book. It fell flat.

I'd heard this raved about - even more so the audiobook which is how I chose to read this in the end and it just let me down. I didn't find it that mysterious or thrilling and it could also be very triggering to some. 

Overall, I just felt like it was gearing up for some big shocking moment and then it just... didn't. I gave it three stars originally but I'm considering lowering to two...
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I really liked the podcast format of this book, but it took me a while to get interested in the Sadie chapters. It was a quick read that was interesting, but I wasn't as into it as I expected. The ending also wasn't my favorite.
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This was not my cup of tea, but due to the popularity, I know it's just that I'm not the right demographic. I like how it's such a unique and relevant format. Podcasts are so popular right now, especially true crime, so it makes sense to make a YA mystery novel be one. I wish there were a little more closure at the end.
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This novel is a gut punch in so many ways, but also a beautiful story of devotion. Sadie's life & experiences will break your heart, but you have to respect her stubborn resilience as she searches for her sister's killer. Her love for Mattie is nearly all-consuming, but the reader can't help but root for Sadie to find the answers she so deeply needs.
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Nineteen year-old Sadie Hunter made it her life's purpose to care for her thirteen year-old sister Mattie Southern. She raised Mattie on her own because she knew that her mother, who was addicted to drugs, could not. After Mattie was murdered, Sadie was determined to locate the man she knew was responsible and get revenge.

The book was told through Sadie's first person point-of-view as she journeys to find her sister's killer and through the transcript of The Girls, a serialized investigative journalism podcast which sought to find Sadie and discover the truth about her disappearance. 

This was a hard book to read and rate. It was dark, gritty, and unsettling. It did not shy away from tackling difficult topics, such as pedophilia, child sexual abuse, and parental neglect. My high rating is definitely not from my actual enjoyment of the book, but because I appreciated how it was well-written and had multi-dimensional characters, particularly Sadie.
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I absolutely adored the heck out of the dark and twisty book.

The formar of it was my absolute favourite aspect. Told through a podcast format, it really added depth to the book in an altwenate way. The audiobook is even better!

I thought Sadie was a fantsstic protagonist and the hunt for her sister really takes a toll on her, so much so, she might not end up liking what she finds. 

Summers' writing is fantastic and creepy and this plot is super unique. 

I will definately be reading more by her
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Like every Courtney Summers' book, this one takes a difficult story and tells it beautifully. Some sections are hard to read because they're so raw and real, but the story she's telling is so incredibly important for everyone to hear. If you have daughters, teach young woman, frequently interact with young woman, or if you are a teenage girl, then I highly recommend checking out this book.
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