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Like every Courtney Summers' book, this one takes a difficult story and tells it beautifully. Some sections are hard to read because they're so raw and real, but the story she's telling is so incredibly important for everyone to hear. If you have daughters, teach young woman, frequently interact with young woman, or if you are a teenage girl, then I highly recommend checking out this book.
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Absolutely perfect for this moment in culture. Smartly appeals to true-crime lovers while exploring and exposing the more questionable tendencies of the genre. Summers knocks it out of the park, as usual.
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Another amazing book written by Courtney Summers! 
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The hype around Sadie is absolutely earned. This book was incredibly dark, and hard to read at times, but it was such a fantastic read. The podcast element was such a unique thing to have within the book and I really enjoyed having that in there. I also listened to the audiobook based on several recommendations and it definitely heightened my reading experience! I would advise that readers check the trigger warnings for this book but would absolutely recommend this. The story and the writing were incredible and I'm so ready to read it all over again!
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This was a very powerful book, but I sadly found the ending severely lacking. So I’m being generous in giving this two stars. 

The writing in this book was stellar. The chapters alternate between Sadie’s first person POV and transcripts for West’s podcast. The story was well thought out and you really felt pulled into the words. I felt completely captivated by the story; so much so that when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. I honestly had started thinking it was going to be a favourite read of the year. I spent 90% of the book certain it was going to be a 5 Star read.

But sadly, the ending ruined the book for me. I won’t say why because of spoilers, but it actually has left me feeling that reading this book was a massive waste of time. A part of me thinks giving it 2 stars seems a little too harsh considering how captivating the majority of the book was, but I can’t stop this feeling.

Summers writing style is unique and effective. She is a gifted and talented story teller who can draw you in effortlessly, and make you feel like you’re living these moments right alongside her characters.
I just didn’t care for the ending. At all.
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Definitely 5 stars. One of my top books of the year. I really enjoyed the two time lines and the difference between Sadie's POV vs the podcast investigator's. This is definitely a book that will stick with me.
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This novel sucks you into the saga of Sadie and leaves you with lingering thoughts when you are finished. Truly a stellar work with the promise of more great stories to come.
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Sadie is one of those books that never leaves you. Each chapter alternates points of view between Sadie and a podcaster, West McCray, as they both try to solve the murder of Sadie’s sister. As the plot develops, the suspense builds and builds until everything crashes together.
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I loved the format of the book, which was in podcast form. I had never read a book before that incorporated the modern day format of podcasts into the text and blended that with a story that jumped out of the page. This book is great.
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I have been a fan of Courtney Summers' books for a long time so I knew this was going to be a book I was interested in. As usual, Summers does not disappoint with Sadie. The more Summers writes, the more I'm convinced she has remained a teenage girl her entire life: she "gets it" better than any other young adult author out there. Sadie is a gripping, suspenseful thriller told in a truly unique structural fashion. It really hit me hard.
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Cliff hangers at the end of every chapter! Loved the format from Sadie's point of view and then the podcast show and the tension that created wanting to know what happened or what they found out next.
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You must listen to this book on audio! It makes everything so much more intense. Sadie on audiobook is like a mix of Limetown and someone knows something. It takes you between the podcast recording the history of the crime and it gives you real time in Sadie’s search for her sisters killer. This story is tragic and triggering and it hits a height of emotion for anyone with a personal history of abuse. Truly amazing work.
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Amazing book. Reads just like a podcast and interviews. The realization of what is happening in the book sucks the reader in until you can't put the book down, lest you miss something. The relationships between all the people and characters are so realistic, showing the perfect blend of compassion mixed with selfishness. A perfect book for everyone to read, as well as a book club choice. I feel like there is a real Sadie in every small town.
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Sadie is well deserving of any and all accolades it’s receiving. Summers is the rare writer that knocks all her previous work out of the water with each new release.
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This was a fast, very dark read. It took me a minute to get used to the podcast script, and I liked Sadie's POV chapters much more.

I hurt so much for Sadie and was rooting for her so hard. I really enjoyed seeing characters living in poverty because so often YA books are about middle class, if not upper middle class or wealthy, characters. I was little confused why her double wide was called cozy (some double wides are bigger than detached homes, and all of the double wides I stepped foot in as a kid were nicer than my house), but perhaps that was show to privilege of the guy doing the podcast as those comments were always in his chapters. 

This is suited to more mature readers who are prepared for a lot of potentially triggering material, and it's definitely blurring the lines a little between YA and Adult, but it's a well-crafted novel sure to find an eager audience.
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This was a really good book. It was suspenseful, exciting, and interesting. I loved how the book switched off and on between characters. It took me on a guy wrenching journey as Sadie attempts to find out who killed her sister. I was intrigued, disgusted at times, but overall a really good book.
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The review goes live on ugust 26.

I went into this book not really knowing what to expect, and I think that's the best way to go into it!

What I Liked:

-The audiobook! I was lucky enough to experience this novel as an audiobook the first time I picked it up, which I highly recommend doing. Each chapter starts with a podcast, and Macmillan went through the trouble of making the listening experience as amazing as possible, because they make it sound like an actual podcast. It's amazing and really adds to the story overall. The storytelling was just amazing. 
-The plot. The plot mainly follows Sadie and what happened to her. Her sister was murdered and Sadie's car was found abandoned, without her in sight. It just kept me hooked the whole time. 
-The power of family. I loved reading a book about how strong family and sister bonds can be. 
-The way the story is told. The mix of the podcast with Sadie's POV makes it so that the reader has to sort of piece everything together on their own which only adds to the fun. 

What I disliked:
-seriously nothing! 

If you're looking for a book, any book at all, and you don't know what to read, I'm telling you: you have to pick up Sadie! You will not be disappointed.
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This book was amazing, incredible, and so so so important.  I also loved the podcast that went along with it.
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A fast paced, keep you guessing story about a girl running away. I loved Sadie almost instantly, her story was so heartbreaking and seeing what she had to go through was rough. Miss Summers' writing was immersive and the book's format made the story that much more entertaining. I was slightly disappointed by the ending however, I knew there probably wasn't going to be a happy ending for everyone but I wanted to see a bit more of what happened to everyone, where Sadie went etc. 
Overall I rated it 3.5 stars
Recommendation: ages 16 & up
FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review
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TW: child abuse, sexual assault, substance abuse/addiction, PTSD, violence, child abduction, murder

This book is a horrible story told incredibly well.

For anyone who loves Tiffany D. Jackson or true-crime serial podcasts, this is the book for you. As a personal lover of both, this story had me engaged from page one. 

This is a book that follows a journalist who is investigating the story of a missing girl. It also follows that missing girl as she tracks down the person she believes responsible for her sister's murder. Two mysteries that are tightly entwined in a uniquely written format. 

I don't know of any other book that is written in the format of a podcast. But I am now convinced that more books should. But, in particular, this book is actually written in a way that feels like a podcast transcription. The casual conversation, the edited clips of phone calls with producers. If you binge podcasts like I do, you will love the familiarity of this writing style.

Each character holds an important element in the story. From Sadie herself, the missing girl the book is named after, to her adopted grandmother and the journalist investigating her disappearance - they all have something that keeps you wanting to follow their part of the story. 

All round, this book is an absolute must to check out and Courtney Summers is officially on my radar for future releases.
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