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This book was extremely fast paced, albeit a little predictable. I had a feeling all along! 

I enjoyed reading and could really feel the love between Jake and Ellie. You can appreciate his intense desire to protect his wife. This was the perfect mix of sexy, steamy and love and romance.
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Wow! That's the first word that comes to mind when thinking of how to describe this novel. From the first page of the prologue to the last page of the book, I was hooked on Ellie and Jake's story. This book was such a page turner and I read it within 12 hours. It was just that good and I couldn't even put it down. I love when stories flow so easily and are fast paced and keep me engaged. As I was reading, I could perfectly envision every character and scene as if I were watching it being displayed on a movie screen. The suspense behind the anonymous text messages and trying to figure out who Ellie's stalker was thrilling. By the middle of the book, I had pinpointed who the culprit was, but that did not keep me from wanting to continue the story. 

And, let me say this... This book is so steamy, sexy, and might I dare to say, "Hot!" The sexual chemistry between Jake and Ellie is one that every man and his wife should have. OOOO weeee! I loved their chemistry and L.P. Dover did an excellent job in describing the sex scenes between the married couple. Outside of the steamy hot sex, I thoroughly enjoyed the couple's strong devotion and love for one another. Not every married couple is blessed to experience a love so passionate and profound.

I cannot wait to get my hands on another copy of this author's work in the future, because her writing style is simply amazing. The story leaped off of the page and was nail biting intense and that's exactly the type of suspenseful thriller that I enjoy reading. I would most highly recommend this book to anyone searching for an amazing, gripping read that will keep your attention from cover to cover. Bravo! Well done!
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Anonymous follows Ellie who is being stalked by a mystery texter who begins to infiltrate her life. This thriller keeps you turning page after page as you try to figure out who is doing this to her. Dover not only allows us to connect to the characters but builds the anxiety of the climax of this story to the point where you start to look over your own shoulder. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a page turning thriller!
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Anonymous by LP Dover was a great contemporary romance that I really enjoyed reading.  Dover wove a great storyline that kept me guessing and had a great balance of romance and suspense. I loved the relationship between Ellie and Jake, and I really liked the stalker aspect and the effect it had on them. There were subtle clues given throughout the story of who was behind the stalking, and I think the author did a great job keeping things off balance.  The characters were well-written, the writing was terrific, and the storyline flowed really well.  I am a fan of Dover's stories and look forward to reading her future books.
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I really enjoyed this well written romantic suspense with an established couple.  This author did a fantastic job of writing a married couple but still including a good amount of romance.  The suspense was really well done and kept me guessing until the end.  Highly recommend!
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4.5 stars

From the cover this book could look like a dark romance, but it isn't. This is a romantic suspense story where our heroine Ellie starts getting uneasy because she receives some texts from a number she doesn't know. Hence the title "Anonymous". She doesn't reveal to her husband Jake that she's getting these messages hoping the sender won't bother her anymore, but she's forced to seek help when the assailant doesn't stop contacting her.

I have to be honest. Despite the book is not that long, I wasn't hooked up at first. The first thing was that we have a married couple here and I like when there's suspense but with a blooming love story as well. Moving forward with the story, though, I understand why the author chose to tell the story of a married couple instead of two people who have just met. I liked the book better after the 20% mark, and I read it all in a few hours because I needed to have answers.

The author was great at inserting doubts and suppositions as to who the stalker would be. I admit I realized at some point, and imagined how the main characters would find out, but the climatic moment was reached in ways I didn't expect, so I was glad. I think this book could work well as a movie, it has the right characteristics to intrigue people and make them guess. Plus, there's romance. I like mysteries but I prefer that ultimately, the focus is romance. In this book like I said we have a married couple, so there are plenty of romantic and hot moments between the two.

Speaking of the characters, Ellie and Jake were a solid couple. She had a career she loved and he did as well. Despite sometimes he was away because of work, Ellie never doubted her husband of flimsy things we see in some romances like cheating and whatnot. Same went for Jake, who was a strong male protagonist who would do anything to protect his wife. Personality speaking, sometimes I couldn't digest Ellie. Yes, she was an indipendent woman and yes, she could do what she wanted, but sometimes I felt like she was too naive. 

I would recommend this book to romantic suspense lovers but also contemporary romance lovers, because there is both. After all, the book is not long and is a quick and compelling read.
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Suspenseful standalone that will keep you on the edge of your seat... unless it doesn’t. 
it’s an enjoyable quick read but unfortunately nothing more. It’s predictable and the writing is plain and dull. There’s a great unexpected twist at the end and by that I mean you will figure out who the stalker is 20 pages in but then you will say “no way, that would be too obvious so it has to be anyone but” and then BAM! You were right all along. What a twist dot dot dot

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This story was predictable but still good. Suspense, mystery, danger combine to make this an entertaining read. Plenty of twists and turns. The romance side was good too.  Jake and Ellie were married for a number of years and were just as much in love as if it was in year one.  They were sweet together but also the chemistry was heated. good read if your like romantic suspense. Again it was pretty easy to figure out what was going on, but the story still was a page turner.
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NO SPOILERS!!!!L.P Dover has writing style that is very enjoyable! Anonymous is not the same old girl meets hot guy and falls madly in love at first sight , etc...... This story has the mystery side to it, which I loved! Elizabeth  and Jake have great chemistry! Short version of the story Elizabeth starts to receive text messages from an unknown phone number ...and so it begins .....Overall a very good read that will keep you entertained !
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Another amazing read by L.P that had me hooked from page one. L.P once again captivated me with her words, so much that I didn’t want too stop reading. This story was phenomenal, with amazing characters. You think you know what’s going to happen and bam it completely changes. I truly love Jake & Ellie and didn’t want the story to end. Truly an amazing read that everyone should one click.
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Anonymous had great suspense with wonderful characters. Ellie and Jake have a great marriage and relationship. And then someone from Ellie's past sends her mysterious and disturbing text messages. The plot thickens as the police try to figure out who it is.
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Storyline: 5
Angst: 2
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 4
Over All Rating: 4.25 Stars
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At times this was pretty intense. I enjoyed figuring out who was texting Ellie and trying to take her husband out of the picture. I waffled just slightly but I had my suspect zeroed in on pretty quickly. But even then I didn’t have all the facts quite narrowed down. Jake and Ellie are a pretty cute couple and I definitely wanted them to keep a united front. Owen, their mutual cop BFF, helps to keep Ellie safe while Jake tries to help the police track down a suspect...ex-boyfriend Bryan. Who also happens to be a cop. Then we have an extra nice/creepy boss calling Ellie every time Jake has to work out of town. I mean...there really isn’t a short list of potential stalkers. I know they assume it’s a male...but what about a jilted female that is really after Jake? It was fun to run with all of my theories and this book was just a joy to read.
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3  31773 Stars 
I have been on a thriller/suspense kick recently and this book appeared to tick the boxes for me 

This story is about Ellie who is your average woman in an average relationship who want average kids and an overall average life.  Then all of a sudden she starts get anonymous text messages.  literally they weren’t even frightening and I have gotten worse text messages from wrong number people  . It appears Ellie has a stalker and she eventually tells her husband about it. Everyone went full panic mode to include trying to place the family into protective custody/leave the country.  The husband jake has to fly to another state often for work as a contractor and it caused Ellie to keep the truth from her husband due to trying not to worry him.  The book reads fairly quickly since the writing is simple and flows well but I felt it was predictable.  I think the story would have resounded better if  anonymous was maybe dark, mean, twisted .. something since the “scariest” thing he did was tell her what color shirt she was wearing …which caused her to flee the country in fear.  I would read the author again but this wasn’t doing it for me.
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Jake is a successful architect and his wife Ellie owns a very successful bakery.   Things are going great for them until Ellie starts receiving anonymous texts from someone who is obviously a former boyfriend.  This book is very suspenseful with lots of twists and turns which lead to a very nail-biting ending.  I enjoyed this book very much.
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The story line of this book was fantastic.  It took you through so many emotions, and kept you coming back for more.  As the author takes you through the journey of Ellie and Jake, she definitely knows how to keep you on your toes.  I found myself often saying, just one more chapter.  From the suspense of who is sending Ellie the cryptic and creepy texts, to the beautiful love between Ellie and Jake, this was not only a #Goodreads, it was a great read.  Unfortunately, i feel like this book bordered on just too many details.  However, I would still recommend it for a suspenseful easy read.  Thank you #Netgalley for the advanced copy of #Anonymous.
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What a wild ride,from the beginning till the end!Anonymous is all about Ellie, who starts receiving random text messages from an anonymous number. At first it seems like it's just a wrong number kind of situation, but then the messages continue, and eventually we realize that Ellie has herself a stalker. 

 I really enjoyed this book. A quick read filled with mystery, romance and suspense!The twists and turns in this story had me guessing, just when I think I had the answer I understand that I was wrong.
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Omg! I was hooked from the very beginning and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading this book. I’ve read several books from J.P. Dover and this is the first suspenseful mystery that I’ve read from her and all I have to say is that I am hooked. Anonymous was beautifully written and the love that Jack and Ellie share is just wonderful. I really loved reading this book and I can’t wait to read more of J.P. Dover.

*** I was given this ARC by NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
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The premise of Anonymous sounded really interesting when I first decided to read this book. The creepy text messages and stalker aspect had me intrigued and I was excited to dive into this story. Sadly, the novel fell flat for me! There was just something missing to completely grab my attention.

My biggest problem is that I didn’t felt connected to the characters. The investigation was interesting, but it took a few chapters to finally take flight. Every hint added had me having my own suspicions about the person responsible for stalking Ellie and I was right from very early into the story.

Overall, the suspense part of Anonymous is diverting but the other aspects felt poor for me. If you’re looking for a short read with twists and action, this book will provide you all of that though.
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It seems that I have some hit or miss with this author, I wont knock her I like some of her books but this one wasn't for me. We meet Ellie and the story is about her, she has been married to Jack for a god while now, but I didn't really feel their marriage. Anyway, in Anonymous, Ellie starts getting text messages from an anonymous number, and of course she thinks nothing of it but then the text continue and she realizes that she has a stalker. I actually enjoyed that part, and yes we have twist and turns but something were just a little to out there for me to accept..
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They say that you should always trust your gut. (I know mine's expanded over the years but so has my paranoia.) I am the first person to get the creepy feels. The first to start looking over her shoulder. I don't scare easily by I think my paranoia meter has always been set to freak the f... out mode. 

Nothing says freak the f... out like creepy texts and veiled threats. Unless of course they come from an Anonymous source, now your in way over your head. 

Anonymous definitely had my meter freaking, twitching, and calling up suspect lists. I'm proud to say my crazy is occasionally on point- except for the dozens of my own death scenes that have played out as horrific accidents...(are you afraid to talk to me now?) 

Anonymous will get you hackles and possibly your heart rate up. You will be flipping through these pages as quick as you can to find out just who Anonymous is. But are you ready...for all that they will do?

I loved the harsh edge of suspense. Anonymous kept me on my toes and very entertained. 

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