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I didn't find this story gripping or engaging which I had expected based on the blurb.  I liked the characters and their relationship.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Anonymous was such a great and intriguing story. That hooked me in from the very first page. As it had red herrings, tension, surprises, and suspense. Especially as the story neared its conclusion, not to mention great characters.
It was also extremely hard to put down and immensely enjoyable to read. Which is why I would happily recommend Anonymous to others.
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Thanks Netgalley for a copy to read and review 

Great cover and blurb. I love dark reads and this book fenced me. I didn't hate it but it didn't really appeal to me. I guess it was just the characters not really gripping me. Jake and Ellie had great chemistry but the whole stalker angle didn't really grab me. I think instead of going on long tangents about blocking a number for ninety days maybe we could of come up with something better. It was entirely predictable too which made it lose its luster for me. I don't know, I wanted to love it but it just didn't appeal. I gave it a fence rating....three stars.
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I really liked the fact that the main couple was already in established couple and have been married for years. We get to see that love and intimacy from the start. When it comes to the mystery, the author did a good job at making you question the “who” of it all. While I was able to figure it out from the start, it was still a really good read. It had my heart pounding from the start because it was a wild ride. Plot twists and nail biting scene kept me hooked. I was sad when it ended. 4 stars #2OCCJD
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I love dark romances and this one has all of the elements, but it is also mixed with a psychological thriller aspect that I found really intriguing.

Ellie has the perfect life. She has a supportive husband (Jake), she owns the bakery she had always dreamed of, and she is part of a loving extended family. But one day she receives an "anonymous" text on her phone that slowly starts to ruin her world.

I finished this book in one day because I had to find out who was the "anonymous" person stalking Ellie. This is the first book I have read by this author and I'm glad I did.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Books by L.P. Dover LLC for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

One thing I loved about this author is that she never sticks to one genre.  One day she’s writing romance or paranormal and the next it’s mystery.  I flew through this book.  There was no way I could put it down because I wanted to see if I had the mystery figured out.  

Ellie and Jack Kingston have been married for 9 years and were looking to start a family.  Life couldn’t have been more perfect for the couple until Ellie starts getting disturbing texts from a mysterious phone number.  At first she ignores them. Blocks the number and deletes the texts until a few months later they start up again.  Finally she tells her husband about the texts and the feeling that she has that she is being stalked.  Then the texts turn from harmless to attempted murder against Jack.  Filled with twists and turns you don’t know who to trust.

I really enjoyed this book. A quick read filled with mystery and suspense and of course the romance that L.P. is known for. This book kept me guessing pretty much the whole way through.  I had two suspects the whole time in mind in which one of the two was the stalker.  I loved the twists and turn. I loved the relationship between Ellie and Jack.  Definitely pick it up if you are into suspense and romance.
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Fantastic read that is set in North Carolina and Arizona. The young couple own a bakery in a small town. Suspense is built with text messages that escalate to stalker and someone trying to kill her husband. 
It's a thriller and amongst the scares we find the couple trying to get pregnant. It keeps the couple close in whatever happens and very effective for romance.
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Sadly this book was not for me.  In the beginning I thought it might be a great read for me, but it soon turned into a very bland book, in my opinion.  The writing was fine and characters were developed okay, but it just didn't have that oomph I expected from the description.
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This was one tension filled story! 

Ellie and Jack have been married for nine years and life is good. Even with Jack having to travel for his job they are in a great place. So when Ellie suddenly begins to get strange text messages from an anonymous number, she does what anyone would do. Blocks the number and carries on with her perfect life.

However, seeing as this is a romantic suspense, things don’t stay perfect and that number doesn’t stay blocked.

I loved the relationship Ellie and Jack had. They were so deeply in love and it was like reading an extended epilogue of your favorite book couple. Until Anonymous begins to make their presence further known in new and disturbing ways. Then the happy epilogue feeling ends and you realize you’re in a whole new world and you don’t know where the threat is coming from or when it’s going to hit again.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its entirety. From the first page I was so engrossed I read it straight through without pausing. Although it never gets into “boiled bunny” crazy, it’s enough for you to know that whoever is behind the texts are unstable. This is definitely the book you want to read if you like suspense with your romance and a dash of thriller thrown in.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Let me start by saying I wanted to love this book. Creepy text messages, ex-boyfriends who just can't take a hint who hasn't experienced that? 

The thing is this book fell flat for me. The main premise had potential. Some events that lead us to the ending felt lazy and inconsistent with the reality I'm familiar with. The author took a lot of liberties, such as police consulting with the husband of a victim and turning on one of their own even with only minimal circumstantial evidence.

But, perhaps the biggest barrier to my enjoyment of this book is that it didn't read as something that had been thoroughly and professionally proofread. Don't get me wrong, the spelling and grammar were solid. But, tenses shifted sometimes three or four times in a paragraph. The word "convict" was used in place of "charge" or "arrest" more times than I could count which made for a very frustrating read.

Several times it appeared scenes were moved around and never corrected. For example, Ellie tells us about Jakes reaction to a suggestion (this is difficult to do without spoilers) that hadn't been previously suggested, it takes another 3 or 4 chapters for the suggestion to arise.

There were many inconsistencies in the book. For example, in October Ellie and Jake decide they would like to have a baby, they go to a Halloween party and she makes a point of not drinking. Then in early December, 
Jake is making sure her wine glass never gets empty, mere paragraphs after that Ellie tells us she hopes she's pregnant but she won't be able to take the test for another week. I raged on behalf of the poor baby.

I could have looked past all that, saw the story for the potential and reminded myself that I was reading an ARC which could very well be changed before publication. Like I said, the story had potential, there were a lot of twists and turns, I didn't know who the villain was until the author revealed it and I was surprised.

I had one enormous problem with this book. No amount of mental gymnastics would let me get past it. I ONLY read love stories. This book had a couple in, the couple even has sex, but they're married for the duration of the book and their relationship doesn't even grow because of the situation they're in. This was not a romance, it was a mystery/ suspense that featured a couple.
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Oh boy!!! Another amazing book by L.P. Dover. Anonymous was provided to me as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

What do you do when everything in your life is running smoothly and nothing could go wrong? Loving husband, amazing job, and wonderful family and friends...... everything can change in an instant. That's what happens to Ellie Kingstom when she gets a text from someone from her past. What starts out as just creepy quickly escalates when lives are put into danger. 

It was such a great book. You have mystery, romance, a husband who anyone woman would die for, friends and family that go above and beyond that the mystery behind the texts is crazy intriguing. It's something that could happen any day to anyone. 

I love L.P. Dover's books and this is no exception. I can't wait to drive some of my book buddies crazy to make them read this one!
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Every person has a story to tell. Some may be sweet with a happily ever after, but there are others that end in tragedy. Mine has yet to be finished.My name is Elizabeth Kingston and this is where my story begins. 
I never thought my life could be so perfect. I have an amazing job owning my own bakery, and a wonderful husband who I love and who loves me back. Never once did I have to worry about anything, at least, not until the texts started coming in. They always begin the same way … numbers that spell my nickname when read upside down. When I started reading I couldn't put it down I read the book in one day.L.P. Dover is magnifysent writer.I cannot wait to read more of her books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.
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This book. WOW. Seriously it's amazing. I love how you're kept on your toes the whole way through trying to figure out who Anonymous really is. That came as somewhat of a shock to me once it was revealed. I did not expect that but I should of. Ellie and Jake are so hot. Like fan yourself hot. I love them together so much. They are such a strong couple even with the added stress of Anonymous looming in the background. Ellie is sweet and you can't help but to be drawn to her. Jake is a strong Alpha who is madly in love with his wife Ellie and she's his whole world. The twists and turn of this one will keep you glued to the pages. I couldn't and didn't want to put this one down. L.P. Dover has a knack for drawing you into the pages and not letting go. Such a fabulous read for those how are looking for a thriller/suspense with hot as heck couple. A MUST READ!!
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Even though this book was a thriller it had a lighter feel to it than I'm used to. This was a quick read that really made you ask a lot of questions which is always good in a thriller. The thing I liked the best was all of the twists
and turns right when you had yourself convinced you knew what was going on the author threw another large curve ball your way that had you questioning everything you thought you were certain about. The book starts out with our main character Elizabeth getting chilling text messages from an unknown number.  Things in her life are going great but this person wants her past to come to light and will make sure it happens. This book was really good and I do feel that if you like thrillers then you wouldn't want to miss out on this one.
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L.P Dover never fails to deliver a book that will leave your jaw dropping and looking at your better half wonder wtf??

Anonymous sucked me in right away and I instantly loved all the characters, even the cray cray ones. Ellie has everything she could ever want, a beautiful home, she can make some truffles---now I really want one, has her own bakery, she's married to Jake (Lawd....I'll get to him later) Everything is perfect in her life until she receives a text message that just screws everything up.

The suspense, romance, and the pull in this book will leave you wanting more and more. I read this in one sitting and will definitely be reading it again. I read this in one sitting and highly recommend it.

Jake is mine.. Let's just clear that up right now, he's a former MMA fighter-check, now a successful architect-check and ummm let's see, oh and he's mine. Definitely, book husband material

All in all, a great read! Don't miss out on this one!
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Everything in Ellie's life is darn near perfect, she has a job and business she loves, a husband she adores, and great friends and family to share her life with... but little does she know someone in her life is about to shake things up. First she starts receiving playful text messages from a stranger, then when she doesn't play the game quite how he wants her too, things start to escalate, and the messages become threatening, and soon after things start to get dangerous. Dangerous enough that she has to go into hiding, and just when she thinks the police are on the path to catching the mysterious man from her past, things take an unexpected turn, and she is left shaken to her core!

Anonymous is a eerie tension-filled tale that is sure to sink it's claws into you in from the very first page and hold you hostage until the last! This newest offering from Ms. Dover is a story of obsession, jealousy, and a woman fighting to keep the ones she loves close and sadistic killer that will stop at nothing to get what he wants at bay. The story line comes with a good mix of everything; a decent amount of suspenseful action to keep you on your toes, some naughty bits to weaken your knees and make you swoon, and a strong emotional base that will speak to your heart! I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it was highly engaging, super steamy, and riddled with lots of unexpected twists and turns that kept me guessing right up and until the last few pages. Highly recommend!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and voluntarily read and reviewed.
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I enjoyed this quick read. Story had a few twists that were pretty awesome and it was really well written. I loved how in love Jake and Ellie were.
Oh and the sex...lots of it. 🙊 Jake and Ellie had their own 50 shades of grey going on 🙊
I do recommend this book for a fun read that promises a few twists. Enjoy! 
I rate it a 3.5 /4 

Thank you to #NewGalley, the publisher and the author for my free ARC in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!!!
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Very well played out. Kept me guessing most of the way through... then it hit me. Great ending. 
Between creepy  and loving.. great mix!
Would recommend to others.

Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for an early release of this book
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I enjoyed this read and it was a page turner for me. I liked Jake and Ellie and thought they were an awesome couple. I had my suspicions of who the villain was and I ended up being right. Even though I was pretty sure who the villain was, I still enjoyed the mystery. All in all, I would recommend this read!
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I literally went into this book blind. I had no clue from the blurb or any reviews what to expect. I don't know how to feel about it. I mean it started out good and I was like what in the world. But then I could sense who was behind it all. It was all very obvious. I did not at all connect with the heroine. She acted too badass without being badass. I could see her potential but then it would just fall flat. How she believed one thing and in another instance think nah that can't be. I have to be vague to not give anything away. I hate that I have to give this book a low rating. It had so much potential and could have really gone in any direction. But it was clear in the first few chapters who it could be. The only exciting part to me was trying to figure out how could who I thought it could be, be doing this when they were present. It's like trying to be in two places at once. Received from Netgalley for an honest review. Thanks
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