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This is my second read by this author and they have quickly become a top favourite of mine with the way they can create this really suspenseful reads. This story had a lot of twists and turns throughout the story creating suspense throughout the story. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this story and could not get enough of it.
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I'd actually rate this 3.5 - when, oh when, are review sites going to allow 1/2 stars? Ellie has the perfect life, perfect husband, perfect male bestie, pretty much a pretty perfect life. Then things suddenly take a turn when she starts being stalked by someone who wants her, and that someone is a little bit creepy and willing to try to take her husband out of the picture to get at her. There are a few twists and turns along the way, but I was able to figure out the whodunnit and why pretty early on. Not to say that it wasn't a well done certainly was. The writing was good, the characters well-developed. I had my mind set on a pretty spine-tingly story, and this just didn't give me a lot of those vibes. But it was very enjoyable nonetheless!!!
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So i am a huge fan of L.P. Dover. Everything i have read so far has been amazing, but this book wasn't one of them. It took me months to finally finish this book. Usually i can devour a book but this one was just to boring for me.
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I really really wanted to like this story.....eeek, you know it's not going to be glowing but here goes....

The premise of Anonymous was pretty good, which is why I requested the book. And the initial set up as I began reading felt good too, but too soon, way too soon I guessed the ending. That's right, essentially from the very very very beginning I guessed. I felt frustrated because Ally and Jake couldn’t see what was going on which made me cranky throughout the book.

Jake and Ally are married in the story. That's fine, but I love romance stories and this one was already established. There was no slow burn or hurdle that drove them apart where I could root for them to get back together. They were always together.

I think the other problem besides guessing the ending for me was the lack of research that went into this. I am no police officer but I know that the official witness protection program is not what was in this book. And I like loose ends tied up a lot more than this - there were only so many leaps of faith I could take without follow through.

In the end the idea was good, but it was obvious to me what was going on the whole time so the execution fell short. The writing itself was fine, but since the romance was already established I didn't have a strong attachment to any of the characters.

Yes, I read this book pretty quickly. I’d really probably recommend skipping as there are many other thrillers out there that are a little bit more complex, researched and thought through that also have a romantic element in them.

Good luck and happy reading!
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Jack and Ellie appeared extremely happy. Married to one another you can see the joy they still have in their marriage. However, Ellie begins keeping a secret from her husband. Anonymous texts are coming through her phone. Who could possibly be contacting her? Jealously consumes the one person who is trying to threaten what she is. Great suspense story that will keep you engaged to the end.
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This was a quick paced book full of mystery and suspense that wasn't easily anticipated.  It had me hooked until the end.  Would definitely recommend it.
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I love LP Dover and have enjoyed all of her previous work! The title is perfect and the blurb hooked me right away. A stalker? Creepy text messages? She's married? Sign me up! 

Somehow, though, I just didn't connect as much as I wanted to. I did keep reading, to figure out who was stalking her but it was bland and I found myself skimming just to finish. 

Not every book is for every reader and that's okay! What I like might be totally different from what someone else likes. Give it a try. The writing is great and the plot is solid, I just wasn't in the right mood.
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Ellie and Jake seem like the perfect couple with a perfect marriage, a perfect life and perfect jobs, but that all changes when Ellie starts to receive texts from an anonymous number. At first Ellie hides these messages from her husband, but after a while she needs his help and the help of her male best friend to try and figure out who is threatening her. 
This book was a good read. It was filled with a lot of suspense and had me guessing who it was till the end.
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I couldn't really get into this book, the character's didn't thrill me the story line just didn't hook me I just wasn't impressed I wanted a lot more from this story...
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It was a quick paced book full of mystery and suspense that wasn't easily anticipated.  It had me questing until the end.  Would definitely recommend it.
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I'm a huge sucker for a good suspense drama, and this book had me enthralled and enraptured from page one! It had the right mixture of action and adventure, plus a great romantic story-line that certainly fulfilled my want of a good, non-dramatic love story.

So often, authors in the romance genre think that in order to call it romance, there HAS to be drama in the love story, shaking the foundations of loving relationships simply for that purpose. L.P. doesn't fall for that misconception, and presents us with a healthy, happy, loving couple! I loved taking this break from the "norm" right now, and just enjoying seeing a snapshot into their life as a couple.

And can we talk about the hero? I love a solid, loving man who does everything he can to make his wife happy! Jake was everything you want in a romance hero. Strong, loving, and fully engaged in the relationship. He knows how to step back and let his woman take lead when needed, but also knows when he needs to step in and handle business.

Jake and Ellie had explosive chemistry, and I loved that even though they have been together and married for awhile, we get to see the romance isn't dead, and it hasn't taken a back seat to their busy lives. The passion is in play,  and there was no shortage of steam between these characters!

When the suspense picked up, I felt like everyone was a suspect! I absolutely LOVE when I can't predict the ending of a book, but too often, I can. Luckily, L.P. knows what she's doing, and every twist and turn in the book had me going back and revising my theories!

I absolutely LOVED this book and cannot wait to see what L.P. has in store for us next!
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This is the 7th book by this author I've read, so as you can tell I do enjoy some of her books....others though have just fallen flat.  It seems to be hit and miss for me and unfortunately this is one that just didn't do it for me.  

It's slow, boring and predictable.  I felt everything was drawn out.

DNF 20%
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This was a pretty quick read for me that was enjoyable if not a little predictable. I enjoyed the suspense aspect of the storyline, I always tend to like a little mystery in a book. There were a few times that I felt the story jumped or left me confused but it always seems to work itself out rather quickly. Overall I enjoyed the fact that there were no marital issues in the plot lines and it was nice to see a couple united against an outside force. While I was able to guess the major surprise there were a few others that I wasn't expecting! #Anonymous #NetGalley
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I am not even sure what to write, this had so much potential for me for to love it, with it already being an established couple... but something went wrong. Half way through I figured out who the bad guy was, and I think that ruined it for me. knowing to soon in the story, but the writing itself was good, nothing amazing for me to get excited about. I would probably check out the authors other work in the future.
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I was given an ARC in exchange of my honest review. 
Anonymous is a romantic suspense that will have the reader wondering who it is.
Elizabeth Kingston has it all. A wonderful husband, her own bakery, and great friends.  But she
starts getting strange texts messages from someone called Anonymous. 
Must read to find out!!!!!
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This book isnt what I expected it to be. While ir did have some mystery to it, I felt it almost fell inro an erorica or soft porn at several points.  If you're into that,  you will most likely enjoy this book immensely.  It's not my cup of tea,  unfortunately
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Anonymous is NOT a dark read. Therefore I had to step back, reprogram my brain, and begin again. After beginning again, the writing in this story held me hostage in its clutches from beginning to end!

Jack and Ellie are married so there’s no first meeting, at least for me. In this romantic suspense, someone is jealous and set out to tamper with Jack and Ellie’s bliss. Don’t you hate when people can’t get over themselves and are purposely petty? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cussed out Anonymous! He or she could definitely benefit from a good ole southern beat down! 

If you’re easily rattled, this story is not for you. Some of the scenes and it’s intensity resulted in me running like Anonymous found me! I swear if Ellie had my Fitbit, I’d win every challenge in creation!

Four stars!

Disclaimer: This review is my personal opinion of this story. As usual my personal opinion should have ZERO influence on your experience with the story. With that being said, read, enjoy, and leave a review!
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4.5 Stars! This was an exciting thriller. It had some sexy times between Jake and Ellie that made this a romantic suspense novel. I don’t want to say any details about the book. It’s best to go in completely blind and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is!
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I wanted to like this book. The description sounded so intriguing and right up my alley. But sadly, it wasn’t. I must be one of the few who didn’t enjoy it. It seems to be grouped into romantic suspense but what I was able to read, it was mostly sex. I kept pushing myself to read this book but it seemed like every other page was the same thing. I never got to a suspenful part. Reading reviews, I can guess how this story is going to end. I don’t mind books with sex in them but it has to be more than just that. Maybe one day I will read this all the way through. 
Thanks to the publisher for the opportunity to read this book and give an honest review.
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I love thrillers that make me feel tense and afraid for the main character and those around them. Anonymous fit the bill! I had meant to read this until I began to get drowsy one night but I became so captivated by the story that I ended up staying up and finishing it in one night. I had to know what was going to happen! I enjoyed the progression of the book from the first moment that Elizabeth is contacted by her stalker on. At first, it seemed like a harmless text but it quickly turns into something far more dangerous and sinister. I loved the tone of the story which I attribute to the writing style of the author as well as the choices and personality of the main character. Elizabeth doesn't want to believe that there is someone out there that means her harm but eventually can't wish away what is happening. There is someone watching her. Someone that wants her for his own. 

I thought that the identity of the stalker was obvious but I enjoyed how everything played out in the story. The reasoning behind the stalker's motives made sense and in the end the author showed what a twisted and skewed perception he had. I wish that the book would have been longer. i woud have liked to have seen the stalker developed even more and maybe even had his point of view in the story. I thought that the characters actually made decisions using common sense which I appreciated. I could understand why they made certain choices because I believe that I would have made similar ones.
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