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Newt Gingrich is a long standing political figure in the Republican party.  He was an advisor to President Reagan and help get the 1994 Contract with America passed through Congress. He is a personal friend of President Trump and offers insight style of leadership that many people don't understand. It's sad that very few people will read this with an open mind and follow the logic and insight that Mr. Gingrich offers. This man is a prolific author and has several outstanding titles dealing with American history.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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"In the words of George Washington, "The freedom of Speech may be taken away, and , dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter."
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of the nation, must begin by subduing the freeness of speech."
"If President Trump has a single defining characteristic it is his willingness to say what he believes regardless of who might be offended." Yet, for others this is considered a 'loose cannon' ready to blow.
Now Mr. Gingrich, I honorably respect a man who served our country. I respect a man who fights for justice and writes a wrong, however, I cannot stomach the commentary you made and I will explain.
Much of what you noted such as "Thanks to President Trump free speech is making a comeback in America today" is truly absurd and is the opposite of what is currently occurring.
Remember, what the narcissist accuses others of doing is what they themselves are doing?!
With all due respect, if anything 'DT' is taking our freedoms, our rights, our democracy, our respect among other nations and disintegrating it. Remember the Cold War? Yes, I do too and I'm sorry to inform my father who served in it was just awarded his medal for his service from 1961-66 in 2012
Not quite what I'd expect in honoring our veterans and patriotism regardless of who was our President at the time. Our President should be patriotic, strong, but also loving, empathetic, and supportive of those in need who are struggling to survive.
While I appreciate his 'tough exterior and no nonsense approach' which I feel is needed I cannot respect someone who talks down about women, who blatantly lies, who runs a 'one man' show, who doesn't respect our media and never accepts accountabilty or responsibility for one's own actions.
Having married a malignant narcissist and now counseling others, I can assure you I know what gaslighting, manipulation, projecting, mirroring, dependency, and dictatorship looks like.
I've been a 'prisoner in my own home' for our entire 11 yr marriage and transparency was not a word I would've associated with a narcissist. Nor was cooperation, sharing, or even consideration for anyone other than self part of the vocabulary.
Since I cannot judge a man I never met , I will simply state the signs are obvious including the recent charges of collusion against 12 Russian individuals. 
With a narcissist comes 'fool's gold' and a belief in 'hope' for brighter days ahead. Yet, it's met with empty promises and broken dreams. Kicking the can down the road is not what we need as a nation.
When the naivete and denial end and reality becomes clearer beyond the smoke screen of fog and mirrors and bottomless pits you will see the truths.
The truths shall set you free.
What I've learned over the years is that narcissists love to spin false truths. The world is against them. Me, me, me so yes, when you note "President Trump continues to blaze a trail of unassailable success" I wonder if you mean for him personally or for our nation and the world beyond. Your book Trump's America shows the blame on everyone from Democrats to Obama and the media along with Non Trump Supporters but where is accountability for DT?! When will he be responsible for his own actions including the back stepping and commentary he tweets out daily and the hatred that other nations now have for us?
Silencing the opposition, inciting riots through threats/fear/intimidation/bullying tactics or trolls, inability to follow his own staff notes, inability to spell his own wife's name, inability to think through his a coherent thought process and act accordingly is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.
You see, upon reading your words used I chuckled. Many of those words are the exact same words used in describing what a narcissistic/toxic individual does to their victims.
Words like 'revolving door', manipulation' , 'smear campaign', & puppeteer are often what survivors describe in full detail along with devalue and discard. 
However, the trail of destruction is evident. Characterize a person by their actions not words and you'll never be fooled.
Gingrich describes for us some insight into the mentality of 'DT'. "If you want to go after me, I will go after you ten times harder." This is what won him some votes but he never did win the popular vote
Ok, well this sounds great if we are at war his tough guy image will be working overtime, but not everyone is an enemy to us and our nation.
Gingrich points out the state of the economy, "despite this unemployment remained at 17 year low and wages grew."
I'm sorry but unless I'm on another planet, here in WBTWP PA where we had DT trump campaign we have lost more jobs than were replaced. We have companies who took loans from our government with empty promises of more jobs but failed to deliver and cut jobs not increased.
Now this leads me to my next point. I worked here at this very distribution center. I was injured on the job when a 50lb metal trolley hit me on the head and I had to call my mother to take me to the hospital. Upon seeking legal remedies I was told I couldn't as my injuries weren't severe enough and they had the top of the line legal team. I was a young 'able bodied' teen who used the job to pay for college. I was top producer in two departments, produced over 400 units an hr., received $7.25hr with 10 cent raise, and $25bonus for associate of the month award.
Fast forward Newt, as I married and had 3 kids one med disabled since birth with Vater Syndrome. He receives disability (ssi/ssp) as you mentioned you claim many are now using the system. I assumed after staying home to raise him till current that I'd be able to re-enter the workforce with a dual Masters degree. I assumed wrongly that nearly 20 yrs of volunteer service with more than 13 nonprofits would be suffice to fill the employment gap. I assumed wrongly that our legal system would support and applaud me for doing the work of twenty in tending to my son daily and two other kids all high risk c sections with my son being an emergency section as I had placenta abruptio. I assumed I'd be compensated for loss wages if I ever divorced and would get alimony of some sort from an 11 yr marriage and some type of child support at the very least. What I received was 15k arrearages , no alimony, no support for over a year with 1st payment of $100 dollars for a family of four with zero reportable earned income.
I never thought I'd be paying nearly $300 a month on student loan debt to repay a 30k loan especially after being left homeless, bankrupt, LT unemployed, without income/assets/savings/credit and unable to afford to defer.
I currently have just turned 45yo. I have 3 degenerative disks in upper, mid, lower back. I have vertigo. I have had to have surgery to repair tendons on my right hand to simply assure use. I have had a yearly issue for last several years with acute bronchitis and I'm a non smoker. I've had to have electrotherapy shock on my hand for nerve damage. I'm again just 45yo having worked in a factory. 
I tell you this, because you noted, "able bodied" in describing SNAP recipients who are of working age.
Sir, If I may enlighten. I'm able bodied and would give my right arm for a job. I've searched since 2010 for FT living wage with benefits. You see, I'm locked into poverty. For every $1 dollar received $10 is taken away. You cannot climb out without credit nor employment. I don't need more training or skills I need a job paying a living wage. 
The poor actually have it harder than the rich in terms of getting assistance. Money orders, loans, jobs, etc.. all rely on credit and much of it has heavy fees or taxes much more than the wealthy pay out.
You might wonder how I have room to talk, my story about food insecurities was told to every member of Congress by Rosa DeLauro D-Conn pg 38 Community Voices
I'll respond further by noting I am the proud recipient of the Points of Light Award presented by President George H.W. Bush. Ironically, the daily points of light award that 'DT' mocked recently in the news for it's slogan.
I'm also a proud recipient of Cabot Cheese Cooperative Volunteer Reward Program 6.0
Now I'm hardly someone who decided to obtain her masters to not use it and mooch off the system. It's a safety net I and many others desperately need for 'basic survival'.
Because jobs pay less than poverty level. We cannot afford to go lower than poverty and many of us can't afford childcare or health care on our own without proper much needed benefits. 
You may wish to hide behind your misconceptions but I will talk facts. I worked before going to college in my late teens, married in my late 20's, divorced in my early 40's with all marital debt. 
I worked in rough factory conditions that I believe directly correlate to many medical issues I now face as a 'able bodied adult of working age'. In essence I worked myself to death.
Here's the problem with theories and misconceptions. Workers need living wages to support families not peanuts and below min wages. We need benefits. We need flex schedules for those with families. We need affordable healthcare. We need respect, dignity, and safe working conditions.
Let me enlighten: I worked in my teens, put myself through college, earned my MPA/CJ and here I sit unable to enter workforce. Not because I'm not a hard worker but because companies won't hire a mid age woman with 3 kids to support who has no prior work experience and is overqualified in their opinion. I was told to dummy down my resume. A resume I earned with hard work and determination.
I live in a Dog Eat Dog World in which one wrong move such as divorce, bankruptcy, sudden illness can result in an upturned life with unplanned consequences.
I fight for scraps and will continue this daily fight.
However, my point is in working young, then entering adult hood being worked to death, led to this current situation. 
Ever hear of 'working poor'? Those are people who work multiple jobs and still require the aid you seek to rid the country of because of prior myths.
Just for the record drug testing, all for it. In fact I'd be honored to show you my drug abuse certifications from my early education in seeking my masters in criminal justice. 
Able bodied workers - yes! I'd be honored to show you my impeccable record of being the highest producer in two departments CTH and GTH producing 400 units per hr. 
Volunteering - Yes! Been serving others for nearly 20 yrs unpaid. Currently with 267 hours of service since January 2018.
You simply cannot put everyone in the same category and expect it to work.
Not everyone is a fraud!
People need the safety nets because of the current state of the economy. When the economy falls into a recession hope is lost, crime goes up, drug use and inmate crowding rises, mental illness sky rockets why do you not think it's a direct correlation to the economy?
Which leads to my next point.
You say the numbers show 4.1% but what numbers are you counting? I'm on the front line serving others with CEO and with stamp out hunger. I don't see that much fraud, I see desperation, I see despair, I see long lines full of a diversity of people in need of help.
I know for a fact those who are out of work longer than 6 months are no longer counted. Those who gave up looking are not on the radar. Those who are working but are pt, grant funded, seasonal, temp or low wage earners are counted but unable to earn a living wage requiring further aid.
Your theory of making able bodied workers work and not be locked in is just that a theory. It's not factual. The top 1% make out great but don't dare mention the bottom workers hoping for a piece of the pie.
The fact is all the training in the world won't help if the jobs aren't there!
I have training. Heck I have my dual masters I can't get hired, so please do hire me or tell a friend I'm still here looking in NEPA. The home of DT Campaign Stop for Presidency.
I'm also hoping you can help stay at home moms who are deemed by courts as 'just stay home moms' yet receive no loss wage earnings in giving up our careers to raise our families for free.
Why are we not being reimbursed for raising our kids, the hardest jobs on the planet?
Rather than training would you not think it's wiser to raise the minimum wage so workers don't have to work themselves to death to support themselves or their families. Perhaps make it easier for small businesses to secure loans to create more jobs.
I might also enlighten you that you forgot early retirement and pensions.
One of the reasons this too is on the rise is because jobs are nearly extinct brought on by technological advancements. 
Many are leaving the workforce because of the job insecurity not knowing if their Social Security benefits will even be available later on in life so they are leaving early. Early leave packages are also enticing them to leave as many businesses are struggling to even pay out the pensions they earned.
I bring you to my point again:
This above link is for Wilkes Barre City a city in Luzerne County PA where I reside. We just filed for ACT 47 status to try to get us back on track. 
This is not winning sir!
We do not have an abundance of jobs, nor high paying jobs, nor even living wage jobs.
We were recently hit with a EF2 tornado which wiped out even more jobs and more aid needed.
More people are on aid because more people are out of jobs and searching but losing ground and losing hope with each passing day.
I wish I could sit back on my laurels and make 200k with you but I can't because I'm a woman who earns less than a man.
I don't have the ability to decline hire using nepotism and corruption to seek employment but I know who does.
So I will do what I must to survive as will the other 99% who are struggling to make ends meet along side of me.
I hope you come to realize the myths and misconceptions and half truths hurt everyone. We cannot afford to have half baked stories so please do share my story as I'm still here, still suffering, still hoping for change, still telling my story in hopes of change.
For more on food insecurities and to listen to powerful stories such as mine please visit this link: 
Clancy Cash Harrison was the President of Al Beech West Side Food Pantry a pantry I was forced to visit. She took my story to Congress so that it could be told on my behalf . Rosa DeLauro was gracious to tell my story through Community Voices.
Ps If you know anyone willing to hire an MPA seeking a living wage to raise her three kids please show them my links:
Thank you for this ARC copy in exchange for this honest review.
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This book was a very well written explanation and exploration of the ideas and views of President Trump. Gingrich is the perfect person to assess Trump since he is an excellent politician with some questionable history in his personal life.  Instead of defending Trump as a person or human, this book defends and explores his ideas and plans for actually improving the country.  It is easy to listen to the media twist everything Trump says and does but it is not easy to investigate his actual ideas and why he appeals to so many people.  This book addresses several areas  of concern to America at this time.  Any honest and self-aware critic of Trump would have to admit that he has not received fair or unbiased media coverage. I like that this book addresses all the l controversial topics and policies including BLM, immigration and climate change.  This book isn't simply for fans of Trump or the Republican Party, its written for people to understand the how and why behind how Trump thinks and how its going to affect America over the rest of his term as President of the United States.Thanks so much to Netaglley for the ARC.
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It was ok. That's what my two-star rating is.

I began Newt Gingrich's Trump's America in an effort to understand what President Trumps appeal is. A little more than 50% in I had to give up. It is true that Gingrich writes this in an approachable, precise, and captivating manner but I couldn't help but feel like this America that in some aspects, this "Make America Great Again" never existed. Or at least it never existed for people like me... or my parents... or grandparents.

If we're going back to those times when Freedom of Speech (as long as it's spoken in English) was not in peril, that would also mean it was in peril for someone else. If we went back to this America they speak of when no one disrespected the flag and stood during the National Anthem (that many should study the history of because it's actually quite racist), I still must figure he doesn't mean me as well. I grew up pledging allegiance (daily in middle school) and am still unaffected by it. I'm neither more or less patriotic for having done so.

I won't even get into the police thing and the BLM he decries because I absolutely admonish any acts of hatred against the blue, but I also know the angst I feel when being pulled over in Highland Park as I drive my late model Nissan Murano is real. The numbers are real that minorities and poorer neighborhoods are ticketed more often. Oh... and please put your hand down in the back who wants to scream well "y'all" commit the most crimes. There's seriously no reason why a driving infraction should result in the loss of my life if I comply with all the officers orders. The America that was so great they want to return to would allow police to be judge and jury. Why not just offer cops a noose. It was just as efficient in the America that we want to return to...

I GET IT. Gingrich is suggesting Trump is only interested in putting America's needs first, and I'm not against that. But there are a lot of countries that have been devastated economically by the beast that is America. We want clothing cheap, food cheap, and America doesn't care who's country we have to pillage in order to make that happen. That's a "them" problem.

Don't get me wrong. I love this country but we love playing slight of hand with the truth.

Either way... once Gingrich got into the regulations that impose sanctions on a global warming that's not even happening or are many years away according the Gingrich... I just had to stop. Believe me, I tried to give this read an impartial try. I genuinely want to be able to see a middle ground where in some alternate reality I could come to stomach Trump... but instead I just kept getting more and more unhappy with this read. 

I choose to be stingy with my time. It's extremely precious. Thanks Newt Gingrich for trying to help me understand Trump's America. This one was simply an "ok" for me. Based on it's readability... I couldn't give it a 1-star. That just wouldn't be fair... but then again... this is Trump's America, I can do what I want and not be fair to anyone or anything. Patrice's feelings are first.

Copy provided by Center Street via Netgalley
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Newt Gingrich always captivated me with his book, when I read them I am fascinated by his words. This one was so easy to understand and see things in a different light I loved how Newt didn't hold back anything and in his normal fashion told the truth the whole truth. A must read book!
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When I read books by Gingrich or hear him speak, I always wish that I could sit in on one of his American history classes.  It’s certainly a loss that he’s no longer teaching via college classes; however, I suppose more people can benefit from his teaching via books.  

Typical of Gingrich, “Trump’s America” is well organized into sections within each of the 16 chapters to make it easy to understand the subjects of each chapter.  Gingrich gives background and history to each of the governmental areas he covers as well as how Trump is addressing these current day problems.

In spite of his conservative views and Republican membership, Gingrich speaks well to all Americans – regardless of their political leanings.  He addresses issues ultimately affecting all Americans and concerns we should all seek to understand.  This is information critical to our well being as American citizens.  His purpose is not to sway voters to one side or the other, but rather to educate.  I highly recommend this book.

My thanks to NetGalley and Center Street Publishers for an advanced reader copy of this book.  This review will be published on GoodReads, Amazon and Public Library of Anniston-Calhoun Co.
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I  expected to hate this book, but I was wrong…

Americans, even the most jaded liberal, generally accept that the mainstream media doesn’t care for Donald Trump and is more than a bit biased toward the left, Obama, and Clinton. Newt Gingrich has documented in Trump's America: The Truth about Our Nation's Great Comeback what Trump has done to meet his campaign promises and the steps he has made toward his agenda of making America great again, because the media has reported so little positive. I didn’t read the description before I nabbed this book. I just thought I’d see what Gingrich said about Trump’s America, expecting it to be mostly political posturing and bluster with some pertinent data now and then. I expected to hate this book overall while finding nuggets of useful truth. Why? Because I hate comb-overs (petty, I know), wince at Trump’s sometimes strange tweets, and I haven’t trusted him (or any other politician) to keep his campaign promises.

I grabbed this book because I thought this book might be a decent way to catch up on current events and Trump-age. I have a confession; I don’t watch political news that closely anymore because, frankly, I don’t trust the media or the American political system. I’m tired and I’ve lost the idealistic faith in our country that had me tromping through the snow in New Hampshire with other college students going door-to-door campaigning for Reagan. I think I’m a pretty average American in that. I mean, don’t you sometimes want to just scrape our whole entrenched multitude of elitist, rich, clueless, condescending politicians right out of their offices and start over? Don’t you sometimes long to throw them all out, get a fresh crop, establish term limits, give candidates all the same amount for campaigning, and just start over with zero professional politicians, zero elitists, and get some people in DC who actually understand what it’s like to be regular American? Well, Trump comes as close to a non-professional politician as it’s possible to get. And he’s got the plain speaking down… but how is he actually doing as President?

Trump’s America is a blow-by-blow explanation of some of the major actions and policies that Trump has made so far in office in many areas, including immigration, freedom of religion, trade, free speech, economic policies, tax cuts, judiciary appointments, healthcare, fake news, the rule of law, bureaucracy, addiction, welfare reform, and our expansion into space.

Each book section discusses the steps taken, historical context, the anti-Trump view, the impact on Americans, etc. It was surprisingly informative and while I didn’t agree with a few things…Okay, I have to mention one: Sorry, Mr. Gingrich, but some dust actually is a problem that needs to be regulated. It’s not the dust that rises as you drive down the gravel road; it’s the dust from a newly plowed field on the American plains when entire layers of topsoil are being swept through the air at 35-65 miles per hour causing the street lights to come on at noon. Standing there, bracing yourself against the wind and trying not to breathe in all that burnt-rubber scented dust, you remember the tales of the Dust Bowl and how the great endless cloud left thousands across multiple states choking with dust pneumonia, decimated the local economies, and actually reached DC , darkening the skies there. (Climbs off soapbox.)

I left this book feeling as if I just took a refresher crash course in civics and government, past, present, and hopeful future. I was surprised at the accounting of how many campaign promises and how much real work Trump has accomplished since he took office. Trump’s America is a dense read with a lot of explanations and historical/background data, an appendix of Trump’s speeches, and a lot of endnotes. Mr. Gingrich was thorough and his backup data is comprehensive.

I reached the end convinced that while we haven’t enacted my pet plan of scraping DC down to the bedrock and populating it with non-professional political idealists, Trump might be better due to his past experience in business and his no-nonsense get-it-done-or-get-out-of-my-way attitude. He’s blunt, plain-spoken, and sometimes a little over the edge, but he’s actually making headway in helping ordinary Americans have a higher wage, attracting American businesses and dollars back to America, returning to a more orderly and sustainable plan for immigration, etc. He’s not perfect, he’s polarizing, and he’s not always politically correct, but Trump has been good for America. Surprisingly good.

Highly recommended for those with open minds or a Republican/Trump bent. Die-hard liberals will probably just want to set their book on fire.

I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) through NetGalley. My opinions are my own.
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Trumps America: The Truth About America’s Great Comeback by Newt Gingrich was received directly from the publisher.  Newt was the architect of the Contract With America and was the actual driving force of the budget surpluses during the Clinton years while he was the Speaker of the House.  Nowadays he does political commentary and writes fiction and non fiction books, in case you didn’t know.  The books intent is to document the changes that America has undergone in the first 18 months of President Trumps administration.  This includes, but is definitely not limited to, national pride, unprecedented job creation and the rebuilding of the military, since you will hear none of this in the mainstream media. This book will show you how Trumps America is sick and tired of the status quo where is doesn't matter if a Republican or Democrat is “in charge,” since nothing ever changed.  We can only hope that Trumps America will continue to vote with common sense for the country, not because “every politician (except mine), should be voted out."  The current course correction should continue.  If you believe in Make America Great Again or if you only watch the mainstream news, you should definitely give this book a read.  Let the hater comments start now....
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This is Newt Gingrich's honest approach about how Trump is making America great again. It's hard for the common person to see the changes because of the strife the media shows. I stopped watching the news when Dan Rather left CBS and all news became was a tv show of the things the media want you to see. What a circus the media has become. You can clearly see that Trump is different from anything we have ever seen and change scares people. It has become clear though that they can not control him and he is a force to be reckoned with whether or not we will admit it. Making America great again is something a lot of Americans want to happen. 

Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Our currency declares, “In God We Trust.” And we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and proclaim we are “One Nation Under God.” Our rights are not given to us by man; our rights come from our Creator. No matter what, no Earthly force can take those rights away. That is why the words “Praise be to God” are etched atop the Washington Monument, and those same words are etched into the hearts of our people.

I enjoyed the book and the views spoken by the author explaining some of the anti-Trump political propaganda. Five stars. I received a ARC copy to read and give my honest opinion.
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