A Passion for Haunted Fashion

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A Passion for Haunted Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #6) by Rose Pressey is a book I requested and the review is voluntary. I love a good ghost story and this was a funny and fun ghost, murder mystery. Lots of suspects, clues, craziness, and suspense to go with the silliness. Made me giggle lots of times! I have heard that this author was funny but now I know just how good she is! I have several of her books I haven't started but I sure will now! This was great! Great characters, touch of romance, good mystery, and wonderful plot.
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4.5 Stars


The Good: the pacing was better then the last entry in the series, and the conflicts between Cookie and Dylan and Ken are a lot of fun to read. I really loved that this book addressed that triangle. Even though Cookie had chosen Dylan, Ken was still in the background and I felt that the author finally addressed the tension that was between Dylan and Ken, and how Cookie reacted to that. Using Heather as a suspect was a great idea for this book! I adore Heather as a character and this book really brought her character to life. The ghosts, of course, were delightful (I love me some Charlotte LOL). 

The mystery was also far better then the previous book. The last book was lacking in several areas, while this one was not only better paced, but also well put together and the flow of the story was was perfect as well.

The Bad: the dialogue was a bit choppy in places, enough so that I had to reread some passages. 

Overall: this was a wonderful addition of the series! I can't wait to read the next one.

I recommend this book to those who love paranormal mysteries with ghosts, psychics, and a dash of romance.
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I felt this book was ok. There are sections that aren’t consistent, for example when Dylan says they couldn’t determine Peggy’s cause of death when they found her body, then later states that they have to find Peggy’s body. Cookie seems to be very timid and wish-washy in this book. There are two murders to investigate, Morris who is stabbed in the theater and Peggy, a ghost from the 1920’s who is haunting the theater. Most of the “investigation” focuses on the murder of Morris, with very little investigation into Peggy’s death.  The emotions and connections between the characters feel detached and superficial as we don’t meet Morris before his death, and there is little interaction with the suspects. I’m much more interested in Peggy’s story as she feels real and alive in her ghost’s interaction with Cookie. #APassionForHauntedFashion #NetGalley
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Another favorite series. A  charming mystery with well loved characters. Nice touch with the bit of history with the trunk (which tugged my heart as I have my great grandmothers trunk which was similar) and the costume design, which is always fun to read about for me.
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Although they are a bit formulaic at this point, I always love Rose's vintage-series books!  This was a read-it-in-one-day story, that is light-hearted and fun to follow.  We pick up with characters that we've known and loved for several stories now.  If this is your first story, then you might miss out on some of the background for the characters.  Having read them all, I'm not sure how well the author does about inserting the background here and there, as I glossed over it.  Cookie still has Charlotte hanging around, as well as her two suitors, and we have the addition of another ghost.  Everything wraps up neatly with a bow by the end, but it's fun to follow the hijinks as the mystery unravels!
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Cookie Chanel, owner of a chic retro boutique, isn’t afraid to take on the role of costume designer for  the Sugar Creek Theater. Folks say it’s haunted, but Cookie is used to ghosts, she talks to her dead grandmother every day. But when she encounters the ghost of a young woman keeping watch over a bunch of 1950’s costumes and then discovers her friend, Heather, in a compromising position with a dead actor, Cookie knows she’s got her work cut out for her. This is a charming Southern cozy, even the ghosts are nice!
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