Beyond Control

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wow! what an amazing read! tons of twists and turns and full of suspense. held my attention right from the first page to the last page. just when I think I have figured out what is going to happen I am proved wrong. can't wait for more from this amazing author!
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After I finished Kat Martin’s Texas Trilogy’s first two books I was pretty certain that I will not read the third book of the series, since the first two already were too much alike, so what would be the point to read the third book. But since one topic in my reading challenge 2018 was “Give author another chance”, I chose Kat Martin’s third book of the series, to fill this topic.

If you would read this book as standalone, it would be a perfect example of contemporary romance novels – there are ex-marines, amputees, terrorists, serial killers and of course extremely seamy sex scenes. The heroine of the book is a single mom, who in on a run from her ex fiancé, who turned out to be a violent and extremely possessive jerk. The hero is ex-marine, who was forced to leave active duty after he was dangerously injured while saving his men in combat. So Tory has to find a new safe place for herself and her daughter and Josh is taking care of his farm, but he needs a farmhand. 

Of course at first they do not click – Josh does not want a female farmhand and Tory does not need another macho in her life, but they both were kind of desperate, so they try it out for three days. But their sexual attraction, Tory’s lovely kid, Josh primal urge to protect the threatened and some very crafty terrorists do the trick to bond the heroine and hero so they will neutralize the terrorists’ cell and the serial killer … and live happily ever after.

So once again, if you read it as a standalone, it would be pretty good example of the contemporary romance novel, but as part of the series, it was too much like the previous two to offer an enjoyable reading. Readable but not good.
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Book three of Texas Trilogy series, “Beyond Control” is even more captivating to read! Big Texas skies, a lone rancher and a tenacious redhead with a daughter is the premise for an interesting read as danger and passion go “Beyond Control”.

The first meeting between Josh Cain and Victoria Bradford pretty much lays the foundation for a great read as Kat Martin weaves in a love story of pain and loss, hope and love.

A worthy read indeed from Kat Martin!

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via NetGalley for an honest review.
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Beyond Control by Kat Martin
Series: Texas Trilogy #3
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 29 May 2018
Publisher: Zebra
Format: paperback / ebook
Length: 368 pages
RRP: A$14.99 / A$9.56
[This story contains words and events that may trigger memories.]
Damon Bridger is on the hunt. He wants what he wants.
Victoria Bradford, or Tory Ford as she now calls herself, is trying to escape Damon’s clutches. He beat her so badly that she ended up in hospital for two months. The relationship started ideally but then he became more and more possessive. When she leaves, he relentlessly searches for her to get her back. They were engaged, so she is his. He is more than prepared to break the law. Damon prepares a cabin in the mountains so he can have his pleasure with her. His mind has become so focused on her, he feels energised with his plans and desire for Tory. He is prepared to go to any lengths including computer hacking and murder to have her.
Tory turns up at Josh’s ranch looking to hide and for work so she can support her and her daughter, Ivy. Josh isn’t convinced she is able to complete the tasks and agrees to give her a trial. As he finds he is attracted to her and this makes it difficult for him to let her go. He eventually finds a job on the ranch for her. Tory finds a sense of security being with Josh but she is still wary of men. When her friend goes missing, (and Damon is responsible), Tory breaks cover with Josh’s support and Damon tracks her.
As it turns out, Joshua Cain is ex-military. And is an extremely accurate sniper. One of the best. He has settled on the ranch as he wants the space and to build something that is his. Josh’s brother is the very wealthy Lincoln Cain, a man who has lots of ‘toys’ (like jets) at his disposal and wants to help Josh whenever he can.
This story is a page turner. I wanted to keep reading until I finished. The suspense was tremendous as there is a race against time to find Damon before he finds Tory. Josh also has problems, and two of his friends are murdered, and we have to wonder if the two are connected. The story takes two streams and then come together at the end. Josh and Tory find their HEA.
Reviewed by Heather
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This novel went beyond my expectations, keeping me captivated from cover to cover.  It was a fantastic tale that I'd definitely recommend to others.
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As has become my habit, I'm starting to read Kat Martin's Texas Trilogy with the third and final novel, but surprisingly, it was one of the best standalone novels I've read in quite some time, and it gets 5 stars from this reader.

This novel used a combination of so many tropes that I should have felt that it was enough already, but they all worked for me, I fell for them hook, line and sinker, and I simply couldn't put it down. The heroine, Tory, is an abused and terrified woman with a young daughter, Ivy, and Tory has been on the run from her physically, sexually and mentally abusive ex-fiance, Damon. He's been stalking her with murderous intent for months, and he shows no signs of stopping. No matter where she goes or what job she finds, Damon and his private investigators manage to track her down and terrorize her, but he hasn't caught her yet. 

The hero in this novel is Joshua Cain, a former marine sniper, who suffered near fatal injuries while in Afghanistan, and he has the nightmares to prove it. He left the military, and with the help of his brother, Linc, bought a broken down ranch he's trying to rebuild and restore, and he's trying his best to tame and train an uncontrollable, gorgeous, black stallion stud, Satan's Star, and has been totally unsuccessful so far.

While on the run, Tory saw an ad for a stable hand that Josh had run, and by the time she turns up at his ranch, she's exhausted, nearly out of money, and hoping that Josh will hire her, already knowing he was looking for a male stable hand. The best part for Tory is that the ranch is off the grid, and comes with living quarters in the form of a house trailer, perfect for her and her utterly charming and adorable, 4-year-old daughter, Ivy. Josh can tell from her desperation that Tory and Ivy need a safe place to live, and Tory eventually convinces him to give her a 3-day trial period to prove she can do the work. Josh figures that by the end of the 3 days, she'll fail and he'll let her go. But he's attracted to Tory, who works her butt off to prove herself to him, and Josh is shocked speechless when it turns out that she's the one person that Satan's Star immediately responds to, and so Josh hires her, but as his cook and housekeeper, not his stable hand, and you already know that there's a mutual attraction building.

Of course, the sadistic, controlling and violent Damon hasn't given up searching for Tory, and he isn't above kidnapping, rape, torture and murder in his quest to find her--in fact, his love of the aforementioned continues growing as Damon slowly becomes one of the most murderous, psychotic, and evil villains this reader has encountered in a very long time, and Damon is slowly working his way up to becoming a serial killer--sexually aroused by the very thought of the ways he can terrorize and harm his prey. If any of these violent acts are triggers for you, this is not the book you should be reading. As if that isn't enough suspense, there are also murderous terrorists afoot killing off some of the men Josh served with and befriended in the military. 

So, I've given you the basic set-up and plot, and from this point on, I suggest that you get your hands on this novel, get comfortable, and settle in, because you're in for one seriously suspenseful, sexy, sweet, gripping and entertaining read.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.
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The last book of the Texas Trilogy series, Beyond Control, does not disappoint.  Tory Bradford and her four year old daughter Ivy are on the run from a rich and abusive boyfriend when she happens on ex-marine Josh Cain.  He is trying to make a calmer life for himself after leaving behind the horrors of Afghanistan.  Tory and Josh have an instant attraction to each other but fight to deny it.  Finally, they can no longer contain the feelings that they have for each other.  As Tory's ex-boyfriend gets closer, Josh and Tory do everything in their power to break the control that Damian Bridges has over Tory's life.  In the end, Damien is out of Tory and Ivy's life and Josh and Tory can begin their new life together.  The story line is typical romance but as always fulfilling to the reader who appreciates a good romance story.  Beyond Control is a great romance story.
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Single mother Tory Bradford and her young daughter Ivy are on the run from Damon, Tory’s abusive ex-fiancé. But no matter where they run, Damon finds them.

Force to accept cash only jobs and to live without internet, credit cards, bank accounts or access to friends, Tory and Ivy wind up at Josh Cain’s ranch looking for work, and a place to stay. They are out of money, out of gas, and out of options; Josh is their last chance.

Josh, a former Marine sniper, is skeptical Tory will be able to do the job, he recognizes someone in trouble when he sees them and agrees to give them a chance. 

But trouble soon follows. Tory and Josh must lean to trust each other while they fight a host of bad guys, work the ranch, and fall in love. 

Both Tory and Josh are likable heroine and hero, and it would be difficult not to root for them. To round out the story, there are also lots of lovely secondary characters from Cole, the ex-Marine double amputee ranch hand, Mrs. T, the very convenient neighbor with a soft spot for little girls, and the big black stallion who loves Tory but wants to kill everyone else. 

Beyond Control is well written, well plotted, and a fast-paced read. Both the romance and the suspense are well integrated into the story and each adds and builds on the other.  The ending is satisfying for both romance readers and suspense readers. Fans of Lindsay McKenna’s Wild River Valley Series, Robin Perini’s Forgotten Secrets or Jennifer Apodaca’s Once a Marine Series will enjoy this title.

I enjoyed reading Beyond Control and look forward to Ms. Martin’s next book.
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Available Now: Beyond Control (Texas Trilogy)

****3.5/5 stars

Beyond Control is a quick paced read with action and passion.

Recommended readers:

Looking for a page-turner romance
Want a book that both you and your guy will like?
Fans of Kat Martin
Here's my Rankings:

3.5/5 for characters
3/5 for plot
3.5/5 overall
3/5 steaminess
Victoria is escaping her abusive ex-fiance and discovers a ranch in the middle of nowhere, Texas. It's an opportunity to hide with her 4-year-old daughter and work for the tough, mysterious Josh Cain. Beyond Control is an action packed thriller, you'll finish it before you know it. Compared to Martin's other novels, this is a little more edgy, with more of a thriller vs action so be prepared for some danger.

Available Now: Beyond Control (Texas Trilogy)
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Wow, Josh and Victoria tore up the pages with their heat and passion. This book was hard to put down as I couldn't wait to see how it all played out in the end.
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Victoria Langford was so excited to finally find a man that she loved and was looking forward to marrying, but now six months later, she's discovered what a monster her fiancé is and now she's on the run. Determined to stay off the grid, so her fiancé doesn't find her, she applies for a job at the Iron River Ranch. However, even though the new owner, Josh Cain, allows her to prove she has what it takes to do the hard work needed, she finds he's not happy to have her there. Yet, when trouble comes for her, he's determined to do anything to keep her safe. Will Josh be able to keep Victoria and her daughter safe or will he fail to keep her safe when both their pasts start coming back to haunt them?

I absolutely love this series and Ms. Martin has delivered another fantastic read for it in this one. Really, right from the beginning I was drawn into this story, as the heroine's ex is a nasty piece of work and I could understand why she's determined to get away from him before it's too late for her to be able to. Will she succeed in her plans? Will securing a job and staying off the grid be enough to keep Victoria one step ahead of her ex? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine meet for the first time where things get really interesting, as the hero doesn't think Victoria has what it takes to work on the ranch, but she's determined to prove him wrong. Will Victoria convince Josh to let her stay?

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories because both the hero and heroine are haunted by their pasts and find their pasts coming back to haunt them, especially with what's going on with men that Josh served alongside. Will he get to the bottom of who is coming after him? Will he be able to keep Victoria and her daughter safe? Moreover, the heroine is a fighter, resilient, courageous, stubborn and I liked how determined she was to prove her worth and that she has what it takes to do the work Josh needs done on the ranch. I also liked the close bond she shares with her daughter and that she would do anything to protect her, which is proven by decisions she makes that put her in harms way. 

While the hero, he's been through a lot in his past and it's understandable why he's wary of trusting anyone outside of the tight circle of friends and family he has. However, in saying that, I liked that he gave the heroine a chance, even though he's certain she's trouble with a capital T, especially once he realizes she's hiding something. Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero was how protective he was of the heroine and how he proved to the heroine over and over again that he's a good man and nothing like her ex. 

Overall, Ms. Martin has delivered a wonderful and well-written read in this book where the suspense kept me on the edge-of-seat with worry for the main characters; the chemistry between Victoria and Josh was intense; the romance was delightful and had me happy that these two take a chance on each other; and the ending had me concerned for the main characters safety because it's palpable that the heroine's ex will not give up. Will Victoria and Josh come out on top against the danger they face? I would recommend Beyond Control by Kat Martin, if you enjoy romantic suspense or books by authors Allison B. Hanson, Laura Griffin, AJ Nuest and Melinda Leigh.
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Victoria Bradford is on the run from her abusive fiance with her four year old daughter. They end up on Josh Cain's ranch. He's former military and served in Afghanistan. He wants nothing to do with Victoria--sensing trouble. But he gives her a chance, and the more time he and Victoria spend together, the more he wants her. Victoria feels the same way, but as such stories go, there are plot devices to keep them apart, get them together, split them up, and so on.
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This first part of the book is gripping and full of suspense and you are taken on a ride by the author and her character Victoria Langford. She thought she was marrying a guy who was nice and would take care of her child and instead turned into an abusive man full of hate. On the run with her daughter and scared of being found once again by this man she ends up in Texas at a Ranch Iron River answering an ad for a job. Josh Cain a Veteran and dealing with his own issues was not looking for a women with a little girl when he put the ad up but now he gives her a chance for three days. He is surprised the first day when she is working before he is even outside and as much as he wants to let her go he can’t. Slowly these too begin to work together and hopefully they can heal each other. That is until when accidents begin to happen first to her friend in Phoenix and then on his ranch it starts to become personal and slowly the fight is brought to the ranch. I will not tell you what happens because here the author does a very good job with suspense and intrigue. This is a good book and I was surprised by who much I liked the story overall. A very good book.
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This was such a good book. I really liked getting to know Josh and seeing his brother again. Like most Kat Martin books, this one is a definite win and worth taking the time to read.
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This is the first book I've read by this author and boy does she make an impression!  Loved the story heart broke for Tory and Ivy; everything they went through and are still going through.  Their fears were real, especially when it came to Josh.  Tory had such determination even though she had no idea what she was doing when it came to working on the ranch.

A few things I didn't care for: they kept shoving Ivy off to the neighbor.  I think Josh should have done more with Ivy to build their relationship.  Why didn't they think she was at risk being with the neighbor?  Josh was determined that Tory is never out alone, but Ivy is with an elderly lady nearly constantly?  The additional drama from their previous mission just felt unnecessary.  There was enough going on already with the story, adding in this was just overkill.

Great story
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What a rollercoaster of action and emotion in this third segment of the Texas Trilogy! 

Joshua Cain doesn't want to get involved when Tory Ford drives out to his place. She's driving an old car filled with all of her belongings, she has a young daughter, and she wants a job working on his ranch. He knows that Tory is trouble but he cannot help the protective and lustful feelings that she stirs up. There are plenty of surprises for both of them!

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC; all opinions are my own.
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4.5 Stars

This is the third book in the series but was easy to pick up with out knowing the other two stories.  Victoria is on the run with her young daughter and she runs to a small town rancher, Josh, who wants nothing to do with this woman and her secrets.  He decides to give her a chance, knowing she will fail.  

Tory can be just as stubborn as Josh. She is determined to earn her keep.  Danger stalks both of them.  While things are swirling, their hearts start to become involved as well.  There is no way Josh is letting Tory go.  

I enjoyed the pacing of the story. Loved Tory and her daughter.  Great frenemies to lovers romance with a great setting.  

Happy to have read this author.
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Josh and Victoria's story is filled with heartfelt emotions throughout, with Tory and her daughter on the run from an abusive ex. Josh is dealing with his own demons after returning home from the war, just wanting to get on with his life. The twists and turns in the story as details emerge, kept me as a reader, guessing as page after page is filled with an incredible story. With so much richness and depth, I found myself unable to put it down until the very last page to read how the three of them get their HEA. A must read for the romantic suspense reader, I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington/Zebra books for gifting me "Beyond Control". My opinion is my own. This is mine. 5 Stars!
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Beyond Control by Kat Martin Review. This is the third book in the Texas trilogy and very different.  We learned of Josh in Linc’s book.  Josh, a marine, had just returned home after being injured in Iraq. He is running the ranch.  He has two military buddies helping him on the ranch and I thought they might get their own story.  
Victoria is in an abusive relationship.  The book opens revealing Victoria’s abusive relationship with her husband.  She was trying to take her daughter and leave him.  She wakes up in the hospital.  She and her daughter are now on the run from him and she finds herself at Josh’s ranch.  She begs him to keep her just three days to prove she can do the work.  You have to admire her determination.  Her daughter was adorable and added a sweetness to the story that was full of violence. 

The villain is a lot more demented that I’m used to in a Kat Martin book. There was a lot of violence and the villain beat up his wife and several other women, and kidnapped, raped and tortured two additional women.  In addition, there was violence on the ranch.  I was not sure the reason behind adding the side story of someone killing the members of the service.  It didn’t seem to support the main storyline.  

Sexual content 4 several descriptive scenes
Violence – 4 as mentioned above there was a lot of violence 
Language – f#ck –12 times, sh*t – 5 times, d@mn – 24. B*tch – 14 times
Drugs/alcohol – responsible drinking,  

I received this book from Netgalley.  I was not required to write a positive review.
You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Kat Martin is one of my favourite authors and this book is true to her style of romantic suspense.  An exciting intense story line that  action, suspense, romance, and an nasty villain. Tori is on the run from a controlling, abusive ex-husband with her young daughter in tow. She applies for a job at Josh's ranch and he is reluctant to take a chance on her. He agrees to a trial period and Tori's persistence and hard work as well as her devotion to her daughter Ivy win him over. But he knows she lives in fear of her ex-husband finding them and after a fire on the ranch and a visit by a group of bikers, he feels the need to protect her and Ivy.
I really enjoyed the story and thought they made a great couple.
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