A Lingering Crime

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As a psychology major, I found this book to be intriguing since it highlighted the long term effects that abuse has on a victim.  The premise of Jack being falsely arrested for the murder of the man who abused him years before was interesting.  The author did a great job of capturing the emotions that Jack felt during various stages.  I am going to seek out more of their work.
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The topic is timely.  There is truth in the telling of this story.  The framework is a little unusual.   I hope the book great success but think it will have limited appeal, particularly in the U. S.
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A lingering crime is something that once it happens to you, it never goes away. It changes you from day one and life as you know it is never the same. 

Jack Watson, an older man of 65, is at home one day minding his business and tending his garden. He is a widower of five years. He lost his wife to cancer. The police come to him with an extradition order for murder. He has no idea who or what murder they are informing about. He only knows that he will be sent from Scotland to Florida. As additional information comes to light about who was killed, when and where, Jack begins to tell his story. Though he is forced to go for a plea deal and sentenced to 20 years, Jack is determined to see that he is exonerated from his guilty sentence. Will he be able to do so? Or will he spend the next 20 years behind bars?
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A very engrossing read!  It's not often that i will sit and read a book within a day, but this was certainly a page turner.  I was hooked from the moment that Jack was in his garden when a police car pulled up and then found himself on his way to Florida to face a murder charge.  I am not going to spoil the story by telling what happens, as i prefer one to read for themselves.

I know that the system is not always perfect and so pleased that I'm in the UK where there is no capital punishment.  My eldest granddaughter is going into the Police Force, not only because it's her chosen career, but having had personal experience of someone going free due to bad evidence, she has vowed to do a better job.  

I highly recommend this book, and may be of particular interest to those who work in the Police Force, Legal System or Social Workers.  It is the first time that i have read any books by this author and hope to read more.

My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers.  This is my honest review.
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out of 5 stars. It's a great read; as a powerful message the author delivers
21 April 2018
Format: Kindle Edition Harry Dynes

This is a novella breaking new ground in its concept. The legal, police and social work professions will find this book addresses circumstantial evidence in a new light. HARRY DYNES.
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This is not a big book, and can be read quickly. I liked the fact that it brings focus to an important issue of abuse and it's long term implications. 

Jack Watson is in the UK, working in his garden, when he is picked up by the police. He is extradited to the US to face trial for the murder of Gary McFaul. Gary's name rings a bell, he had sexually abused Jack when he was a teen, and in the same school. Since then Jack's life changed entirely - he was always watchful, took different routes, and did all he could to stay away from Gary. The possibility that Gary could still be an abuser gets Jack to think about doing something about it. 

Gary's wife reports to the police that Jack has been hounding him, and so it seems to the police that Jack has the motive. He was also in the US at that time. Jack, however, denies the allegation and claims to have never entered Florida where the crime took place. And yet, the police claim to have circumstantial evidence of his involvement. 

The story moves fast and is very readable. The suspense element of it is fairly basic & simplistic though. 

The story of how Jack deals with the abuse is very enlightening on how abuse can have long term implications. There is an interview with the author at the end where he explains what he wrote the book for and how in modern times authorities have to gear up to spot and prevent abuse before it happens. Social media has made the situation far worse.

I recommend this book for its treatment of an important topic in a sensitive and mature manner.
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Jack Watson, a 65-year-old widower is arrested as he is on his knees in his garden.  The police put handcuffs on him as they  mumble he's being charged with murder of some man in Florida.  Jack looks incredulous as he tries to tell them he has never been to Florida and he's never hear of this man.

It's only when he's extradited to Florida and actually learns who he was supposed to murder, he realizes that he does have a connection with the murder victim.

He is assigned a public defender who seems like he might be able to help . but he disappears before the trial date.  The next public defender talks him into entering a guilty plea to avoid a death sentence and is automatically given a sentence of 20 years.

While in prison he meets a prison visitor who also happens to be a retired detective.  Once again telling his story, the detective starts to look into Jack's case. It's obvious to him that Jack is not guilty of this crime ... but who is?  And how is he ever going to prove it?

I found this an interesting read, just not particularly suspenseful or mysterious.  Jack Watson is a retiree with a few medical problems, mostly with his short term memory, that is worked into the story nicely.   He seemed to handle his imprisonment well without a lot of drama.  

Many thanks to the author /  Troubador Publishing / Netgalley for the advanced digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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Jack Watson is working in his yard in Scotland when two men come to arrest him for a murder in Florida. He is not given any information, the next thing he is in Florida with a public defender. He goes to court with another public defender and is in prison for 20 yeaars before he knows it. The man killed was a neighbor growing up and had molested Jack on one occasion. He was afraid of him and what he could do his whole life. He became a child advocate because of this one person. This story makes you wonder about how the system can go wrong and if not for good people willing to help where you could wind up. A very interesting read.
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