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First the good..
This was a creative and creepy tale with a decent back story that tells the legend of this cursed village. Personally I love stories about creepy little towns with strange inhabitants who are all in on a secret that leaves the newcomers in peril.
This picturesque town of Clervaux delivers that along with a demonic being who will take revenge on anyone who kills a cat. The main characters are Aidan, a controlling, selfish, yet weak willed veterinarian who expects his wife to just go along with every whim he has, and Jess the put upon wife who can't be bothered to stand up for herself..
The not so good..
The characters behavior sometimes came across as unnatural...

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A family moves to Clervaux, known as "cat haven", and slowly unravels the roots of the city's strange superstition with cats.
As a cat person and a lover of spooky stories, this should be right up my alley, I thought. And indeed, I really loved the concept of it - the build-up of suspense and/or a creepy mood was very slow though, sometimes a little too slow with all those mundane tasks of the family. Overall, I did enjoy it.

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!
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This book started a little slow and bumpy for me, it took a while to grow on me so to say. However, once it had, I was glad I had picked it up. The tension grew, between the characters as well as in the atmosphere. It was a nice enough book to read in the end.
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Clowders by Vanessa Morgan is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in mid-April.

Clervaux, Luxembourg: a place with suspicious locals and a whole lot of cats. The story of Aidan, a veterinarian, his wife, Jess, and daughter Eleanore settling in as newcomers to Clervaux is riddled with heavily implied suspense and tension through banal, repetitive interactions with second glances; rather a lot like a weak-tea Hot Fuzz.
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Clowders by Vanessa Morgan is a first-rate horror story. When Adrian Burns is offered a job as a vet in a cat clinic in Luxembourg, it seems a dream come true for his wanderlust. The little village of Clervaux is a cat lover’s paradise. People come from all over to see the cats.

But Clervaux hides a dark secret. Cats must die a natural death here. If humans cause the death of a cat, maliciously or accidentally, the guardian spirit that protects the cats will retaliate by taking the lives of nine humans in return. When Jess hits a cat on the way back from a party, its death releases the curse upon the tiny town once more.

I really enjoyed this story. It reminded me of Thomas Olde...

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