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Thank you to netgalley I received this as an ARC. I enjoyed it very much was good solid read. Solid 4 Stars for me!
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This book was pretty good. It definitely held my attention and I’ll be checking out the author’s other books.
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I just finished reading Hidden, and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I rarely read romances, especially the ones with dominance and graphic sex. Yes, this book had that, but it also had a real, even if crazy, story that kept me turning pages into the night. I loved the in-your-face quality of the writing, the rapid pacing, and the off-the-wall story. The protagonist's family had kept a major, earth-shattering secret from her, and people are trying to kill her because of it. That is, until a giant, hunky man decides it is his mission to save her. There is more to him, though, than being hunky. He's actually kind of a beast, except that he's good to her. The two fall in love immediately, which is the part I struggled with. To me, they were in lust, not love, which may be why I rarely read romances. But if you're looking for a light romp, I would recommend this book. The writing is very good, the descriptions are detailed, and the sex is steamy.
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Thankyou to NetGalley, SparkPress and Kelli Clare for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy of Hidden. 
I was really excited about reading this debut novel. From the description,  it promised a lot.  Unfortunately, this book failed to deliver. I am not a fan of romance novels, and I felt this book was way more romance than psychological thriller. Was not a book for me.
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I went into Hidden thinking it would be a suspenseful thriller. Instead, I got a confusing romance.

When I started reading the book, I kept turning back thinking I missed a paragraph or something important.  Once it continued to happen, I just couldn't stand the poorly written transitions.  And then there was the romance and the overuse of the word "baby".  I stopped reading about 30% in because it was taking me a lot more effort to read a chapter than I wanted.
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A steamy thriller, Hidden bridges romance and suspense with intensity. This is an exciting debut from author Kelli Clare, with royal intrigue, a sexual attraction that won't be denied, and a woman's awakening to her true place in the world. The creative backstory and complex characters make this a cinematic book with series potential.
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Very good 👍read look forward to another read from this author good story and characters a few late night's reading this
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OMG how to explain this? Sort of 50 shades of juvenile fantasy maybe? It reads like a teenager’s idea of romantic suspense. Not my cup of tea at all. The hero of the book calls the main character ‘Baby’ in every sentence which sets my teeth on edge for a start. Also, he is domineering and OTT in his defense and protection of her...ick. The story line was intriguing and definitely had possibilities but sadly didn’t manage to live up to it.
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The first time Ellie saw Will at the annual Blessing Of The Fleet his bold gaze had burned into her form across from the street. Jess was Ellie’s best friend and they hadn’t moved even after the parade was over. Then asked why Ellie was staring at that man. Ellie ran an art studio and the last of her daycampers had left as Ellie taught as well as sold art. Ellie was off to go sketch at the pier She didn’t want another of Jess’s lecture on Elle’s self imposed loneliness and she should find someone to date. The pier also gave Ellie a  break from her sister Isabel and her grandmother /Gran. They were all Ellie had and might yell but Ellie could take care of her own life. Then an old fishing boat -The Neptune- came in. Ellie didn’t know why but she did love that old boat. Then the man said Ellie and he was Will. He held Elle’s hand after she introduced herself and pressed his lips to her knuckles and he said “ I will see you again soon.” Then he left to unload the Neptune’s catch. Ellie went and visited the Neptune’s dock hoping to see Will but he wasn’t there. Ellie wanted to know why she was drawn to Will. Some nights Ellie worked at Nicks with Jess they tended bar in addition to their day jobs. Josh came into Nicks and asked Ellie to give him another chance. They had dated on and off for three years since Elle came home from college and they never got it right. He was a cop and a good man. Ellie wanted to love Josh but she just didn’t. Then she found Will staring at her. Ellie followed him out to the patio Will said he was there because he had a job to do and it wasn’t at the pier. Then Ellie asked if he followed her Will said yes and and to ask her little sister to fill her in. After Ellie left she was trapped in her own head and the only clear thing was she wanted to see Will again. When Ellie got home her gran and isabel had been shot, her gran was already gone and Isabel was dying. Isabel tugged at a scrap of paper sticking out of her front pocket and with one of her last breathers she whispered Find Lissie   Get out…”. Ellie got the picture from Isabel's pocket and it was the picture she had sketched of Will but Isabel had written Ethan on it and some numbers on it. Lissie was Isabel’s daughter. Ellie went downstairs to get her phone and was captured but Ellie knew it was Will or Ethan shw wasn’t sure which he was but she knew he could kill her easily. Then Will said he wasn’t the enemy he was there to protect Ellie but Ellie still had to get Lissie  in the safe room up in the closet, Then Will said he knew Ellie was confused but he wouldn’t hurt her ever and he swore it. Then Ellie said she had to get Lissie who was only seven and was crying for her mother. Another man named Ben appeared but he was with Will. Ellie learns she is from a royal lineage and assassins were want to ill out the royal lineage which meant killie Ellie and Lissie. 
I truly enjoyed this book. It grabs you right from the beginning and doesn’t let go. I felt this was well written and I also loved the plot and i Liked the fast pace. I also loved Ellie and Will together. I didn’t want to put this down. I do wish Ellie and Will’s relationship had grown over time instead of instalove/lust. Also maybe a little less sex and less graphic sex at that. I did love how loyal the Hastings family was to Ellie. I hope to read more from this author. I really loved the action, intrigue, and suspense. I really enjoyed the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.
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This cover kind of makes you think it is a YA novel... As the saying goes do not judge a book by it's cover. I was very excited to read. OH MY GOSH. The start of this book, the description the just. WOW. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this book because at the beginning so much had already happened. It had its grips in nice and firmly. There were it's moments of cheesiness. But by goodness I wish I could have dedicated a whole day to just reading this book. Every moment in-between calls I just took my time soaking up the words of this books and enjoying every moment. I love a lot of this book there is very few things I don't love about this book. I love the primal love between the two. I find the construct of the story line to be very interesting and something I've never heard of before. Some of it seems a bit... unbelievable but at the same time you want it to be real, not in the sense of someone's whole family being murdered. I have unfortunately been on the end of that where I never want someone to suffer through that but the romance they have. The immediate draw, the ability to protect those the love. I don't like in the synopsis how it says Will disappears.. at no point does he disappear his brothers know where he is the whole time. That's just misleading. Honestly the synopsis is meh but the book is amazing. The synopsis should have written better. I don't think it fits the book well at all. I think that's my biggest complaint about the book.
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I received an ARC of Kelli Clare's novel, Hidden for an honest review. It is the authors debut novel. It is a  thriller that will take you into the areas of obsession and family intrigue. It involves the heir to the british throne and kept my attention throughout. It has romance, mystery and wonderful writing. I highly recommend.
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Hidden is an amazing read. I love the twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. There is such a mystery in the beginning as everything starts to unfold. The chemistry between Ellie and Will is amazing. It is like they were always meant for each other. You are kept on your toes while Ellie and Will deal with the secret society trying to eliminate their families. Ellie is so strong through everything she and her niece endures. With the ever present treat it's wonderful to watch the bond between Will and Ellie grow more and more. The love becomes so strong you can't help but feel for them as tragedy hits. I love this unique story line. It sucks you in from the very beginning and holds you until the very end.
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Wonderfully written, fullmof passion, heat, amd intrigue.   I had trouble putting it down and am still days later thinkjng about this book.  Greatly enjoyed this new to me author, she will definitely be one of my automatic purchase authors.
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I would consider this to be more of a romance with a bit of action thrown in.  As such, it's really not my style of reading.  The characters did not appeal to me, particularly the level of jealousy displayed by Will. If you enjoy romance with action in the background, this may appeal to you though.
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Main character, Ellie James, is an art teacher/bartender in a small Connecticut town on the coast. Her life is rather mundane but happy until she comes home from work one night and discovers that her grandmother and sister have been murdered. As if that isn’t shocking enough, Ellie discovers that her grandmother and sister were keeping secrets from her – secrets that trace all the way back to Richard III. These secrets place Ellie’s life in danger, and the sexy but dangerous Will Hastings is the only man who can protect her. The question is whether she can trust him.

While a compelling read, the plot of HIDDEN can get a bit wild at times, and you might have to suspend your belief. The storytelling is amazing and intense. It is not your typical romance novel. There is a lot going on, and the romance sometimes takes a back seat to the other storyline. Ellie’s life is in danger, and the multiple threats to her life that Will and his team of mercenaries must deal keep the reading very exciting. 

Also the two main characters are very bold and in-your-face. Ellie is a bit of a drama queen who can’t handle when things don’t go her way, and the reader might get annoyed with her at times because she doesn’t seem to take her safety or the situation seriously. She also comes off as very fragile and unable to take care of herself. Enter Will Hastings – the man who is tasked with taking care of Ellie. Will says he will do anything he can to protect Ellie – everything except teach her how to take care of herself. Will is possessive, dominate, and dangerous. He also has a jealous streak. The romance between the two is very passionate – as is the sex. The two balance each other out very well, and the supportive cast fills in the gaps.
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♥♥ 2.5 Obsessive Stars ♥♥


Soooo, let's just talk about this cover. Along with the title and book description, I was all over this. I'm expecting an intense stalker-type thriller romance, very Killing Me Softly-esque. But, man, was I disappointed. Okay, it's advertised as a "thriller", and I was not thrilled. I felt maybe a couple moments of tension where I was wondering what was going to happen, but literally, it all felt like a means to make the characters' relationship grow.

Let's look at the main characters; hell, let's look at all the characters. Ellie and Will confuse the shit out of me. Ellie is all, I've never loved anyone, I have a heart of ice, and Will is just like, I've loved you from afar for ten years, don't you remember us making eye contact that one time when you didn't know who I was? And I'm just sitting here like....

Like, this was insta-love to the max. Which is fine, I guess, if that's your thing. Just don't play the main character off as being incapable of love when she is basically ready to marry him after making eye contact with him through a crowd at a fair. The insta-love is the main thing that bothered me, and the commentary from the secondary characters was just annoying. Everyone is all, "Oh, no, you're the most important thing ever and we have to save you or Will will literally kill me." Like, I'm pretty sure if Will is beating guys up for just looking at Ellie (maybe a slight exaggeration), then perhaps their relationship is a little unhealthy? Like Will and Ellie are so obsessed with each other and so caught up in their little bubble that they become super codependent and just unstable.  And then at the climax, I was expecting more of a big fallout or threat and before I knew it everything was over.

So all in all, this looked like a promising book. If you're a fan of insta-love and are in the mood for something a little mindless and light, then this is a fun read. Just don't expect something actually suspenseful or thrilling.
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2.5 stars! The premise for "Hidden" -- a mysterious stranger, two murders, and at the center a young innocent girl -- hinted at an exciting thriller with a little romance thrown in for good measure.

I didn't not like the storyline. 

When the stranger Will Hastings turns out to be some sort of protector who's been watching Elle James for a decade, nope, not creepy at all. 

Then, when Will darkly proclaims Elle was the intended murder target and whisks her to England with Elle's young niece in tow, okay, that seems convincing why Elle would go without much protest. 

So Will is rich, extraordinarily handsome and comes with equally attractive brothers, including one who resembles a picture that was in the hand of her dead sister, I was still disbelieving but fiction doesn't need to be perfect. 

Where this fell apart for me was the disjointed dialogues and scene transitions. Perhaps it was the page format, but it was unclear throughout the book who exactly was speaking, almost as if this was a movie script and one was expected to see the characters. Scenes ended abruptly within chapters, making me wonder "what just happened?" 

Elle, who is described as beautiful and fragile and self proclaims she's stronger than she looks, comes across mostly helpless and weepy while Will is gorgeous, dominant, aggressive, jealous and possessive. These character profiles may work in other books, but for some reason, in "Hidden" it only serves to make one wonder what they see in each other besides the surface. 

I'll say that the steamy sex scenes are pretty intense and graphically written, but so much so that the mystery reveal is almost an afterthought especially when the murderer is exposed and the reasons behind the murders left me confused and sadly uncaring at that point.

I really wanted to like this book because ... cool cover and intriguing plot ... but it didn't follow through. Appreciate the ARC from #Netgalley and #SparkPress!
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This book does not disappoint. It is emotional, spellbinding, and sexy. Ellie is strong and honest and really vulnerable at the same time. She kept me on the edge of my seat with her thoughts and reactions. Will is a dark and flawed hero but with so many strong qualities it was hard not to want more of him. It's hard not to think about what his past looks like. Cliffhanger scenes and unexpected ending twists kept me turning pages. Highly recommend. If you like JR Ward, you'll like this book. It has a feel similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood but without the paranormal trope.
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First of all, I am not a fan of romance. However, the suspense and mystery pulled me all the way through this book. I enjoyed it. The reveals were exciting! I would definitely like to read another book by this author.  
Thanks  to Netgalley and Spark Press for an ARC of this book.
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A Romance novel with a twist that fans of Romance and Fantasy will likely enjoy!

I want to be honest and preface that I am a poor fit as a reader and reviewer for this book. I had agreed to review it because it is marketed as a Mystery/Thriller, but this book is firmly in the Romance category and the thriller subplot is only background tension for the relationship between the two main characters. I think readers who are fans of Romance, and also enjoy Fantasy or Young Adult books will enjoy this book.

In terms of writing ability, Kelli Clare has a gift with prose, and that was the part of this book I found rewarding. I think Clare will achieve success applying this gift to the romantic fiction world, and I would love if one day she branches out into other types of fiction. I certainly would consider reading more from her in a different genre.

The book tells the story of Ellie James, who spots a mysterious stranger across the pier and can't seem to get him out of her head. Until she returns home, that is, and finds her grandmother and sister murdered and a photo of the stranger from the pier in her sister's pocket. Ellie is confused, how does her sister know him? When the stranger shows up to rescue her, the connection becomes clear. Ellie and her niece Lissie are whisked away before they suffer the same fate. In a whirlwind of action, Ellie simultaneously learns that she is part of a royal lineage that a group of assassins is trying to eliminate, and Will and his family has been tasked with protecting them. Meanwhile, Ellie can't help but fall for Will, the passion between them is intense and undeniable. Will he be able to save her??

This is a fast-paced novel with a lot of momentum, broken only by the stolen moments between Ellie and Will. Ellie is a classic beauty, incredibly delicate and fragile, but with a bit of spunk. Will is barbaric and mysterious and dangerous, but fiercely protective and controlling. Though I found the gender archetypes to be disappointing, I don't think all readers will feel that way. I think many readers will enjoy the relationship between Ellie and Will. Their passion is undeniable.

Thank you to SparkPress, NetGalley, and Kelli Clare for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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