A Queen's Spy

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 09 May 2018

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Although the book could be slow at times, it was still very enjoyable. Tudors also seem to be one of the best dynasties for writers to use when they want to incorporate drama and plotting, and quite a few authors succeeded, as did Burnell.
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This book was good but quite slow at times. The author knew what she was talking about so she did her research very well. It was a bit confusing as to who was who (at least to me it was) during the story. That knocked off a star for me.

The plot line & characters were developed quite well and did not take anything away from a person's imagination. The story keeps you engaged and curious as to what is going to happen next. It was a very enjoyable if a bit slow read. If you like historical fiction in this time era it is a good book to read and I do recommend it.
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An inside look at the struggles for power and position during these times. We know the story history has told us but often we forget the story behind the story. Well written.
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