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Disclosure: I have not read book one in this series. 

Overall, while this is a very technically sound and interesting story with a great plot, I felt like it lacked a bit of "heart." The main characters seemed a bit one-dimensional to me, which, considering this is the second book in the series, I would have expected more depth. Tess just seemed to me like your typical cop character, and Oliver was just your typical pastor character. I never really truly "liked" the characters because they just seemed so flat to me. As I've said before, characters make or break a story for me, and I'm afraid that's why this was only a mediocre book for me personally. The storyline kept me intrigued and I was constantly guessing as to who our villain was. It was definitely very suspense-y and I was quite literally on the edge of my seat during the final climax. Having not read the first book in the series, I was still able to follow along very well, despite missing pieces of the story from book one. The faith element was well done, and I almost teared up a bit in one scene.

All in all, while not my favorite, this was an interesting suspense read and I will be checking out book one.
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This book is based on the story of Tess O’Rourke who is the Police Chief in a small town in Oregon. She investigates the death of a teenage boy from what seems to be an apparent drug overdose set against the backdrop of the legalisation of cannabis in the area and the rise of the drug epidemic in the community. After hitting some dead ends in her investigation of the death of teenage Tim, things start to spiral in the local town as more interesting characters turn up at the local pot farm and Tess becomes the primary target.

Although this was a second book in the series, I didn’t actually realise it until I finished the book! So even though it’s a sequel, it can definitely be read as a stand alone book.

Whilst I found this book to be well written with a really good storyline, I did struggle to get into the story at the beginning.

There wasn’t a lot of action and pace at the start, and due to the amount of characters in the investigation, it was at times a little confusing as to who was who. Especially when some of the characters were referred to by a first name, and then later on the same page referred to by their surname, it got me a tad confused.

Having said that, once I got to about the middle of the book, I found myself more interested and intrigued with the book and I finished it a lot quicker than i started it!

The ‘whodunnit’ aspect of the book was quite well written in the sense that it was not easy to pick what the outcome would be, even though there were a few things I guessed early on.

Overall I think it was a solid book and those with a love of crime and whodunnit mysteries would enjoy the story. It was nice to see that Janice was able to incorporate a fair bit of spirituality into the book in a way that seemed natural and likely.

Rating 8/10

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me by Tyndale Publishers in exchange for a fair review
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This is book two in The Line of Duty series, even though it is a stand alone book, book one gives you lots of history into the characters in book two and it is a good book to read anyway. I am glad I read them both.

Both books focus on Police Chief Tess O’Rourke and the many struggles past and present she is facing. She is a beautiful, determined police woman who is great at her job, yet when questions fly about her ability to do her job she must learn to trust on God, even though she feels like he left her long ago.

Janice Cantore does an amazing job at putting you in the mind and heart of the police. Her books are full of suspense, problem solving and more. There is a touch of romance in this one but it is by far not the main focus. If you like contemporary police suspense type books you will like this one. There are many twist and turns in this book. I look forward to ready book 3, if there is one.
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WOW! This book was entertaining from the opening pages until the very end.

I love how the author has developed Tess’ character. She is a strong woman with a tremendous burden when it comes to the death of her father. Oliver brings to much to the story as he deals with his own loss and the desire to help those he cares about.

I loved the story. Though, the Hector character bothered me on so many levels. But sadly, I think he represented too many people in our society, the desire to make our police officers look bad. She also dealt with the issue of legalized pot farms and issues they can create in a community. (Especially one like Rogue Hollow)

I would definitely buy this book for my friends who enjoy mystery/suspense novels. As a book two it does stand alone, but you would get more out of this story by reading the first one.

Disclaimer: I did receive this copy free from the publisher through I was under no obligation to give a review and the thoughts I express are my own.
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Janice Cantore has done it again with Lethal Target. Admittedly I was a little concerned when I read the back cover about Tess having feelings for Oliver. Janice made it flow beautifully and reasonably.

The book opens with Tess’s birthday. A day she does not celebrate as her dad was killed in the line of duty on her 16th birthday. She has been angry at God ever since and questioning his existence.

Oliver is the local pastor who lost his wife in the first book.  He plays a major role in the book and in the town. I truly enjoyed his conversations with Don Cherry. This was a great addition to the story.

The blogger who hates Tess has come to her town to continue to harass her. This time someone is paying him to cause her trouble and distract her.

Janice’s books are so realistic and not just the police drama part of it. In Lethal Target we have local politics and the legalization of marijuana and the effects it has on the town.

I was thrilled to see Tilley in the book and the progress she is making. Janice adds these little details that thrill readers and makes the characters real to us.

sex - none
violence - a teen is murdered, people are shot at, some killed, some people kidnapped, 
drugs/alcohol - recovering drug addict, legalized marijuana,
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Janice Cantore has written a powerful sequel to her earlier book, Crisis Shot. Tess O’ourke has now been the Chief of Police of Rogue’s Hollow, OR, for just about a year. The community has accepted her and she feels a part of the community she has made her home. At least until the body is literally found at the doorstep of her home. Oregon’s new legal pot trade has made itself at home in her community – but, surprisingly, there has been an uptick in the number of opioid overdoses during that same time. Suspicions run high that there is a connection between the pot farms and the increasing drug crisis – but Tess, the County Sheriff, nor the Federal DEA can find a connection between the two.

The book has enough suspense to keep this reader’s nose in the book for the four or five nights it took to read. Written by a former police officer, the book has the sound of truth from the first page to the last. Though probably classified as a romantic suspense, the romance is relatively light and does not overwhelm the plot as is sometimes happens in books of this genre. The role of faith is also present – a bit more than romance – but not overwhelmingly so. The book could easily find a home in the public library, the church library, or in the home of anybody looking for a well-written suspense novel. 
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions are mine alone.
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3.5 stars

Police Chief Tess O’Rourke must confront the drug problem in her small town once again. She thought she’d taken care of things, but that was before an eighteen-year-old is found dead, likely of an overdose. She believes local pot farms are involved, as well as even deadlier drugs, which could result in even more deaths. As the anniversary of her father’s murder approaches, she continues to hold on to her anger, which is adding to the problems in her relationship with Sergeant Steve Logan. On top of everything, someone from her past has returned, and Tess doesn’t see anything positive coming out of this new development. Will Tess be able to win her war on drugs in her town before someone decides to silence her?

This is the second installment in Cantore’s “Line of Duty” series, though it could be read as a standalone. The author’s experience as a copy adds credibility and insight into the inner workings of the police force. Thankfully, for me, the mystery angle overshadows the romance, making this an interesting crime drama/police procedural. The drug epidemic is a timely topic. While there is a bit of overdetailing at times which stalls the pace, the characters are authentic and the plot realistic. To get a better grip on the characters’ history, it could be beneficial to read the books in order.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy, but I wasn’t required to leave a positive review.
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