Cascading Petals

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This book was written about how bullying really affects teens, which is a real dynamic that a lot of teenagers and adults experience in various times in their life.  It made a point on how serious it can be and how isolating it feels to the victom.  What was hard to identify with was Jewel who was continuously described as anice girl, who was pretty, smart and had a loving family.    I guess it depends on what you feel inside, but Jewel didn’t seem like the type to be bullied or to have any reason to feel insecure.  The fact that her family was supportive didn’t make sense to why Jewel would not discuss her feelings more with them and to take action or stand up to her tormentors.  The fact that she was aloof and a loner and she didn't have any real close friends made sense on why she became a target but it was never disclosed why she didn’t have friends until she meets Kaiden.  She wasn’t described as ‘shy” or ‘insecure’ which would make more sense to me. The book does portray how serious teens take bullying and how it can drive a kid to extremes because of the shame, hurt and pain they feel because of treatment by their peers.  That part is absolutely true and very real.  In general,.  I was happy for Jewel and Kaiden and their friend Finn, that they all found each other and in spite of some bad things, they became close and stuck together, supporting each other.  The best part of this story was Jewel becoming her own person through the love and support of her family and friends.
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Wonderfully written, with a great message. I will defiantly want to check out more by this author after reading this.
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I was very eager to read this book because it dealt with bullying, which is a matter I'm incredibly into, since it's very relevant and I want to delve into it's causes and it's aftermath as much as I can. I think this book does a very good job of portraying how a victim of bullying navigates high school and how affected by it this person is, even out of school, when he/she is supposedly safe from the harmful comments and the mean behavior.

What impressed me most, was how amazing Jewel's family is. And by amazing I don't mean that they did anything extraordinary, they were simply an ordinary caring family, that only had Jewel's best interests at heart. I think it's important to portray good family models in books, because especially in young adult and contemporary fiction, I rarely see a family that's united and where the kids don't have problems with the parents, etc. It was very refreshing to see Jewel's family interact and I think it promotes a very healthy model of how families should be: close-knit, loving and supporting towards one another.

I had two problems with this book: 1) it was too short and 2) there was some stereotyping of characters and situations. Let me explain what I mean.
By "too short" I mean that I wanted more detail in a lot of stuff and I also wanted some situations explored more thoroughly. For example, we are told that Jewel sings, paints, does horseback riding, but we only read about horseback riding. It was like the other two hobbies were just mentioned to make her more interesting. Also, after a certain event, Jewel and Kaiden said that they wanted to take a more active role in preventing bullying and that they would organise speeches and stuff like that, which never happened and after a few pages the reader just reads that they work they did on that area was very successful. But I wanted to see what they did, I wanted to read about Jewel giving a speech, I wanted more from the book, because in my opinion that would make it more wholesome.
Now to my second point, there were some stereotypes being mentioned and I would love it so so much if they weren't there. For example, the "nerdy" guy had his glasses taped with white tape in the middle, which is such a stereotype for someone that's more studious than most. Why couldn't the "nerdy" guy have piercings? Or be super hot? Don't these people exist? Or the definition of someone who studies a lot and loves science is only what we see in high school movies?

Kaiden and Jewel's relationship was so sweet and not toxic at all and I was very glad for that. It was far from the typical high school romance and Kaiden was exactly what Jewel needed to help her get through another difficult high school year. Kaiden had such a nice and charming personality, even though he himself had been through a lot and I was very happy to see them together, because they fitted each other very good!

All in all, "Cascading Petals" is a very nice book about bullying that can be read in a breeze, as it is very engrossing and has interesting characters. It's a book that I would read again and would recommend to anyone who wants to get glimpse about bullying.
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Emotional, and raw. I was looking for something in the vein of "Thirteen Reasons Why", and this is definitely a good choice.
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This was such an intense book. It was full of some very serious subject matters but I thought the author wrote an amazing emotional, intense, and unexpected story. I found myself reading this and putting myself in the mindset of a teenager once again. I found myself crying a few time, yellow and swearing. The surprises where fantastic.
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‘’ In this world, cruel people take many forms’’ 

This story had my cry a couple of times. This book makes you feel so much emotion, I felt so much sadness, anger but also a lot of love while reading this book. 

‘’Remember, they’re the ones with the issues, not you. They’re the ones hurting inside, and you just happen to be the one they spew it out on.’’ 

I really liked the different point of views while reading this. It gave me much more insight in what others were dealing with. It shows you that every single person has gone through, or is going through, tough things in life. Some people can’t deal with their problems and start treating others poorly because of that. This book made me feel some empathy for the things the bullies went through (except for Chad, I hate him) 

I ABSOLUTLY LOVED Jewel, I think she is such a strong person. She will always stay kind to everyone and try to make the best out of everything life throws at her. I really loved how the relation between her and Kaiden wasn’t insta-love. It developed so slowly and I think they’re a really cute couple together. I also loved the friendships that developed in the story, I really admire Jewel for the choices she made (I will not go into detail, because I don’t want to spoil anything) 

‘’But I found the more I worked on deleting the files of garbage stored in my subconscious, the more I started to believe in myself’’

I also want to talk about the family dynamics of this story. Because her little sister Ellie is such a cute little angel, my heart melted reading some of the things she said. I loved the bound between Jewel and her parents, and I loved to see how things worked out for Kaiden in the end. It was so nice to read about Jewels parents, they were so supportive and I just think they’re the best. This book showed how much bullying can effect a whole family. 

To end this review I want to add another quote that I really liked
‘’ People have this misconception that bullying affects only the kids who are acne-covered and overweight, their mouths full of braces. But it affects us all – kids of all ages, shapes, sizes and races. Pretty or not, we all became part of bullying at some point in our lives
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Honestly, I really enjoyed this book. Although it is a book based on the romance between two young people who are completely different from each other in the way of being and acting, the main theme addressed in this book is something that is currently a very serious problem in our society: bullying.
Jewel is a young girl in her final year of high school. She is beautiful and intelligent, although she does not consider herself like that. Until she meets Kaiden, but we will be there soon enough.
Jewel has always been chased at school. She always walks alone and is the target of her colleagues, especially Lexi and Jess, who torment her all day and make her want to give up of everything. However, because he has a solid and loving family, she is able to cope with all the bullying. The bullying that is ignored by adults and guardians that don't want to do nothing about and prefer to pas it over and over again.
When Jewel meets Kaiden, something inside her changes. Kaiden manages to break down the wall and the defenses she created for her own physical and mental health. He is attractive, sensitive and affectionate and makes her feel as if she is someone unique and special. It made her feel loved and appreciated for what and who she really was. The momment Kaiden had seen her, he'd fall in love for her, and the more he knew her, the more he clung to her. Generally, it is always the girl to be charmed first. In this case, it was the boy. 
Someone like him is not easy to find, much less someone as solitary and reserved as Jewel who would not let anyone down. I loved to see Jewel grow up with Kaiden and how, little by little, she was getting friends, few but good, like Amy and Finn.

Someone like him is not easy to find, much less someone as solitary and reserved as Jewel, who would not let anyone get in . I loved to see Jewel grow up with Kaiden and how, little by little, she was getting friends, few but good, like Amy and Finn.
It took a tragedy, someone who put an end to her own life because she could not stand the attacks she was targeted at school, to things would start to change. Jewel, Kaiden, and the other friends she had succeeded in doing, would go through terrible and painful phases of loss and impotence. Jewel will often feel guilty and responsible for everything bad that happens to her and her friends and it will take another brutal event to give her the notion that she does not control everything and can not even do it, in what says respect to those she loves and without which she can not live.
I really enjoyed the writing of this author and the way she puts the emotions in the right place and makes us feel all that the characters felt, were good things or bad.
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By the end, I really loved this book. It took a bit at first to be hooked. I felt, at the beginning, that the situation we are dropped into, with a senior in high school being so severely bullied, for seemingly no reason, was a bit unrealistic.

Jewel is constantly bullied all her years of school. This is despite her being beautiful, smart, and coming from a good, healthy family, and a large enough school, that not everyone knows everyone else. In small schools, I can *maybe* see a situation like this (at the start of the book, Jewel’s status in school) happening, but I feel it’s very unlikely. There’s seemingly NO reason for anyone to not like this girl! She’s written this way purely to make the plot work. After the first quarter to third of the book, the cheesiness and unrealistic details are finally not so prominent, and it gets much better.

One thing that irks me a bit is this “insta friend/love-ship” desire. The new boy initially runs into her at a coffee shop by accidentally grabbing her coffee, instead of his own, and taking a drink of it. He immediately apologizes, buys her a new one, and while waiting, he asks a total of 4 questions, 2 of which concerned the coffee. The other 2 were about if she went to the local high school, and if he’d see her around later. All of which she was very stand offish, and answered with short, one word answers, and left. Anyone else would have written it completely off and figured nothing of it, but for some reason, he’s *enthralled with this gorgeous girl* and can’t stop thinking of her. Pah-lease. AND THEN, the barista just informs this random stranger of her full name!!! On the first day of school, when they run into each other, they make easy, joking conversation like they’re friends already. They just come into that easy friendship way too easily and quickly for reality. And I don’t know why, but I did not like it at all. ANYways…

There are **MAJOR TRIGGERS** for bullying and suicide, also a little self harm.

For my minimal knowledge in such subjects, I feel like this book does a really good job of showing how bullying can affect teenagers, and how that alone, just words or direct injury, can lead someone to committing suicide. It also covers, at least a little bit, how suicide is a selfish thing that doesn’t consider the pain of those on the outside goes through, afterwards.
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This book was pretty good, a little trite in the story line, but a good lesson about how bullying really affects teens and how serious it can be.  Jewel was a really nice girl, pretty, smart and had a loving family which is why the girls in her high school picked on her and bullied her.  I guess it depends on where you live, but I think that the reasons she was bullied in this book seem a little implausible.   In spite of my opinions on why she was bullied, she was and she didn't have any real close friends until Kaiden moves to town and takes a shine to her.  She learns what it is like to have a person who cares about her and wants to be with her and stands up for her, and she learns to stand up for herself as well.  The book does portray how serious teens take bullying and how it can drive a kid to extremes because of the shame, hurt and pain they feel because of treatment by their peers.  That part is absolutely true and very real.  In general, I think this is an important book because it does in fact accurately portray much of high school lief today.  I was happy for Jewel and Kaiden and their friend Finn, that they all found each other and in spite of some bad things, they became close and stuck together, supporting each other.  Thanks for the ARC!!!
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A hard but well written take on bullying and teenage suicides. Jewel seems like she has it all, but at school she's dealing with a bully that makes her miserable. I felt like the author didn't try to milk this topic and over sensationalize it, but to show a realistic take on it.
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