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I enjoyed this one, I can’t wait to see what develops.  The art style/ artwork is crazy, definitely gives off a 70s vibe, which fits the theme.  I also love strong female characters, kick a** chicks!  Yes!
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I couldn't tell what was going on in most of this.  They're a band...and pirates?  There's a lot of confusing, made up, future lingo to parse through as well.
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I had to pull up James Brown’s Get On Up to read this! 

And can I just say… 

I love it! 

OK, so it’s not without it’s problems. It jumps around at times. Sometimes it’s a bit convoluted and hard to follow. 

But, damn! It’s just so fun and colorful and amazing. 

It’s really different from anything I’ve ever read, really. 

It’s experimental, and different, and just hits you right in the face with how crazy it is. 

Once again, this is why I’m on NetGalley. 

I'll definitely be picking up a copy of this when it's available in print. It's the kind of thing you want on your shelf. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Rosarium Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review.
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*** I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much to NetGalley and Rosarium Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Baaaad Muthaz! ***

Where do I even start! This was kind of meh for me it is more like 2.5 stars for me round it down to three stars on Goodreads, this graphic novel was only ok for me. But wait I am getting ahead of myself let me start out with why I really wanted to read this graphic novel. When I was browsing through NetGalley to see if they had any graphic novels to review I find this graphic novel Baaaad Muthaz first when I read the synopsis that this graphic novel is about these women who are truly baaaad and are space pirates who are in search of the almighty booty. I was sold I thought this graphic novel would be really funny and a great graphic novel I especially love the art on the book cover. Now I did absolutely love the artwork in this graphic novel the artwork reminded me somewhat of the Hawkeye graphic novel artwork and the writing style flow well and was on point but that is all that I love about this graphic novel. Sorry, I really didn't even love or like this graphic novel so much there were some funny moments in this book that I did enjoy but I kind of got confused with the plotline and concept of Baaaad Muthaz. I really didn't understand at first on what I was reading at the beginning chapters it really didn't give us any background on how these women got together or how they become space pirates. Plus this graphic novel is a really short book that I don't even know how I feel about each character I really didn't feel anything for them, yes these women are a bad-ass but I really didn't feel or connect to any of them. I think I will not continue on reading Baaaad Muthaz series which is a shame because I really love the idea of Baaaad Muthaz but this graphic novel fell kind of flat for me which is very disappointing to me.
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I really liked the art. 

The dialogue was just about okay but overall I actually expected more from the book and I was bit disappointed with that. It also just sort of ended abruptly, further adding to my disappointment.
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A shaky but promising start - nothing much happens, which isn't so much of a knock on the first issue, but nothing much happens in a kind of boring way.  The colors are amazing, however, and some of the panels are great in a 70's blacksploitation way so I'll definitely give the next few issues a try.
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'Baaaad Muthaz #1' by Bill Campbell, David Brame and Damian Duffy shows some interesting promise, but it's a bit hard to tell based on 28 pages.

Characters Afro Desia, Cali Vera, Alley Bastard, Candy Ass, and Katana Jade are a band.  They are also smugglers in space trying to make a buck.  There are also some interesting flashbacks that Afro Desia has that make me wonder what is real and what is a dream.  

It's a bit confusing and a bit all over the place.  Still I liked it well enough and the art was colorful and interesting.  I liked the call outs to other music groups like James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and Kid & Play.  I'd be interested to see where this goes.

I received a review copy of this issue from Rosarium Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this first issue.
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This was really too short for me to get a feel for the characters and book. It seemed like it was a good start to a series but I really don't have enough background on the story to actually have an opinion.
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Baaaaad Muthaz is an interesting premise that sets the tone really well but doesn’t really come into its own until the violent conclusion that made me want to read No.2.  Female Space Pirates, what’s not to love.
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As always I find it a bit difficult to rate a single issue of a comic because to me it's kind of like trying to rate only the first few chapters of a book - there's not really a complete story - but this was just a lot of fun and I definitely look forward to more issues. A 70s B-movie inspired sci-fi story with awesome lady pirates who are also in a band? Seriously, what's not to love. I get that this probably isn't going to be for everyone - I mean one character basically spends half the issue doing kung-fu moves in a bathrobe - but if you got excited when I said '70s B-movie' earlier then you know exactly what you're in for. 

I've seen a few reviews say they hate the art, but I absolutely loved it. It's maybe a bit too 'sketchy' at times but overall it was really bright and vivid and I absolutely loved all the character designs [also I just feel like it fit the overall mood really well]. Not a lot happens here because it is just one issue, but it definitely feels like the set up for what could become a really fun series.
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A small taste of what I expect to be a quick seller. Baaaad Muthaz first issue was a great introductory to the characters. I can see this story definitely going places, and the characters are going to be a hit. It's a little hard to judge too much more on this 26 page issue.... but I will definitely be reading on. Thanks to NetGalley for putting this onto my radar. I am always up for a new comic book or graphic novel series. 

I have received a much appreciated digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Alright, this was.... very underwhelming?

Not much happened plot-wise, and even though I was very intrigued (come on, that title? How could I resist? One of my favourite mangas is called "Gangsta"), it never really went anywhere. Maybe this was just because it was the first issue and everything will go down later, but shouldn't the first issue be the one that got my attention the most?

The characters intrigued me too, they are all different and interesting looking. I'll probably end up reading the next issue just for them.

But.... the art I can't forgive. It's baaad. I don't know if it's just me who personally didn't "click" with it, but, there's no way to sugarcoat this: I hated it. I've read DIY underground self-published zines with more polished art than this. Hopefully this will be improved later on.
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This was a really interesting first edition of the comic and i liked how the characters came alive. The art style was interesting and i liked how the story developed over the first comic. I do not know if i would continue this but it was a fun, brief read.
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Great colors and story in this graphic novel. A fun, fast-paced space mission. A lot of fun.
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I was very unclear as to what was happening in this first issue.  Issue #1s often are used as build up for the ongoing story but it needs to be able to at least provide a hook to make you want to read issue 2 and this did not do that at all. The art style was not to my liking and the lettering was messy which made it hard to know what a word was at times.  Its a shame because I wanted to like this after reading that this book was pirates in space.
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I really wanted this to be awesome. Funky female space pirates? Yes please! 

But the execution wasn't great. I don't like to judge art because it's so subjective, but there was a distinct lack of polish to the drawing and the lettering, and I'm not sure whether that was a stylistic some friend who is not a professional or experienced comic artist got their first draft published. There really wasn't a story....I get that a first issue is going to be mostly set-up for an ongoing story, but that is not what this was. This was just pure disappointment.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing free digital access to this title in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Bahahaha, this was way trippy! Just what in hell did the authors smoke before they made this? I don't think it's supposed to be funny in that kind of way, but this was a hoot. 

The story is a bit all over the place, but for me that's just a part of the weirdness. I think I'm going to check out the next one in this series. I'm already curious as to what happens next to Desia and her 'fro.
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And...... in English, please?

Artwork - vivid, messy.  2 stars.
Plot, dialogue, comprehension levels - 0 stars.
Wanton use of bodily fluids and bad music - 6 stars.
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