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I found this graphic novel super interesting and loved how expansive the world felt, but like with most graphic novels you get thrown into the middle of things without much explanation. I felt like I didn't really understand what was happening until the very end so the impactful ending was a little bit dulled for me. However, I would recommend checking out Chimera for the artwork alone, it is absolutely stunning.
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Loved it! The art style was great! The storyline was interesting. The characters were dynamic. 

Just right when the story got more interesting and thrilling, I didn't noticed - IT'S THE LAST PAGE! 

That was a cliffhanger and I am sad for what happened to Russell!
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Four thieves are hired for a job that is practically suicidal and outside the skill level of any other crew... They are looking for the Chimera, a mysterious object desired by many different factions. A Rebel group is vieing for it as is the "one true God" who is waging an interstellar war on the universe. Will they be able to escape the war and deliver the Chimera for their freedom?!

I quite enjoyed the art! You know I had to start with that! It's similar to manga art in that there is a simplicity to it, except the characters, whose designs bring them to life. The world is pretty much a sci-fi hodge podge similar to Star Wars, Firefly and Saga (which are the series the publisher related Chimera to...) mixed with Egypt... which suits the world they spend a lot of time on... a desert world we've seen before with dangers that are all new. I'm okay with that, not everything can be new in a series. And it's the characters I'm interested in! And I was intrigued by all of them (the art going a long way here) even though one particular character hogs the spotlight... Russell.

The plot pretty much focuses on our "terrier like" Russell who reminds you of an Egyptian god. He's a morally grey character who is not as cold as he appears. We learn that there is some heavy manipulation going on. We don't really understand what roles the major players hold... but one creepy guy is called a god and wants everyone to worship him for it! Is he a nasty being who is using the people who believe in him?! And who is that other creepy guy he keeps in the tank?! A lot of questions are raised and even though they aren't necessarily answered we are left with a decided cap on Russell's story that I didn't see coming...

I admit that the various happenings with the different villains (there are even more than in Saga) kept me tense and wanting to read more. It was a total side story of one of the god's priestesses that I most wanted to see the outcome on and boy... it totally says everything about this story! I also absolutely loved Charlie and his new relationship after losing his lover! It's a little creepy but that is a plus with this story... it all is a little creepy and keeps you on your toes. What the hell is chimera, well you may guess early on but its connected to some more creepy guys! It's not horror but just a little creepy, using the alienness of the races and individuals to the most dramatic.

While the other 3 main characters (other than Russell) Alice, Wex and Charlie aren't the most scintillating they do have potential. Wex is an ex-monk connected to the chimera, Alice used to serve the creepy god and Charlie has a soft heart even though its gotten him in trouble before. Their stories are just starting and I want to learn more! This isn't a shallow cast, but quite diverse and rich with villains and amoral characters that make events unexpected and fun.

Chimera was unexpectedly quite good at laying down questions and not quite answering them but making the journey fun and worthwhile nevertheless! I look forward to reading the next compilation of issues... I'm hoping the story has a lot more to tell us about our four thieves and all sorts of trouble to get them embroiled in!
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I was unable to read past the first few pages because of all the profanity in this graphic novel. I'm very disappointed. So I guess I can't really write a review, because I only read 5 pages. The colorful artwork looks beautiful, which is mainly why I wanted to read this. Too bad it looks beautiful, but the dialogue is ugly.

Disclaimer: I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.
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I have no idea what this graphic novel was about, even having read it! It made no sense and was so choppy and disjointed, jumping back and forth between sometimes seemingly unrelated events that even when they turned out to be related offered no clue as to what they were actually all about.

The art work was fine enough, but there was no coherent story there so all we had was a coffee table art book. The blurb claims that "...a crew of thieves is hired for a covert mission in the midst of a galaxy being ripped apart by an interstellar holy war." but I don't recall ever a crew being assembled. There was a rag tag group of four creatures who might be the crew referred to, but not a one of them was appealing as a character.

I did see relentless images of an artist's attempt to invent bizarre and threatening alien creatures, none of which had any inventiveness about them, and some made zero sense, which is what happens when an artist with no idea of biology, or evolution tries to invent alien organisms. I cannot recommend this at all.
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I absolutely enjoyed this! The story drew me in. The art was amazing. I would love to own a physical copy of this.
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A really great book that I enjoyed. Feels like Star Wars, mythology, and so much more. Interesting style that I really want to continue.
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If Star Wars and Firefly met and made a Dungeons and Dragons game, this would be the story they create. Its intriguing  plot and wide array of characters and backstory make it an easy-to-finish-in-one-sitting novel. The artwork sets itself apart and helps bring the whole story together.

The author uses "then" and "now" headings to give backstory which helps to differentiate whats going on and when. ( Especially helps when you are reading on a tiny screen, and are having trouble seeing the words already.) This first installment describes how the group came to be together and sets up for the next few books in a way that doesn't seem so information heavy.

I honestly cant wait to read the next one, and for this to become an overnight must have in the Manga/Amine/Otaku world.
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First Off, HAPPY RELEASE DAY to this book!

I really liked this. The art was solid, the story line was engaging, thought-provoking and most importantly, unpredictable. I adored the subtle nods to the queer characters and I’ll admit that sealed the 5-star rating for this book.

I must say, that the ending threw me for a loop and you best believe I’ll be looking for the next books in this series. Great work Tyler Ellis! You have a new fan!
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I truly enjoyed Chimera: The Righteous and the Lost. It hit almost all the perfect notes from me. From the on the surface stuff such as art style and lettering to the deeper stuff such as the actual story itself.

One of the things that I absolutely adored was that the main female character isn’t the hottest chick in the universe. There’s no emphasis on her great boobs, small waist, she doesn’t have lips that would look ridiculous on an actual human, etc. Instead, she’s actually kind of plain. Let me just repeat again how much I loved that! And there doesn’t seem to be an emphasis on the sexuality of the other female characters, either. Thank you, sweet baby Cthulhu!

It was also good to see some positive LGBTQ+ representation in the pages, as well. (I feel like we’re seeing this almost enough now that we don’t have to keep pointing it out. But I also know that’s probably wrong, so I’m going to keep pointing it out when I see it for now.)

Pretty much the first panels in Chimera: The Righteous and the Lost hooked me. A wolf-thing and a chameleon having snarky words over a certain game was definitely smile-inducing. There were a few times when I got a little frustrated with the flashbacks. However, I knew they had to do it for a reason. By the end of the book, I was all into it, and when the final scene happened, definitely a bit agoggle. Very curious to see what happened in the next book!

I think Chimera: The Righteous and the Lost will appeal to a lot of sci-fi fans. I’ve seen others say this as well. Thus far it’s not quite as fun or daring as some of the big names its being likened to, but I think the potential is there. The pacing is good, the characters are fantastic, and the dialogue will have you laughing at times. 

Highly recommended.
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Chimera is one of those graphic novels that is quite unpredictable because there are a lot of unexpected twists in the story. At first, I was uncertain whether to check out this or not. But I've read a lot of good reviews and positive rating feedback, therefore, I go with my instincts to read it immediately. 

I was not dismayed by what this comic book has to offer because it will surprise you especially at the end of this book one. The only problem I encountered is reading the fonts in the speech bubbles because of the typefaces used and size. Overall, I would recommend this to fans of fantasy/science fiction genre and to other fellow comic book enthusiasts.
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A promising start to a new series.

— 3.5 stars —

Reminiscent of FIREFLY and SAGA, CHIMERA follows the exploits of a rag-tag group of space traveling misfits. There’s Alice, the captain, who was the war-hungry Emperor-God’s champion in a previous life; her brother Charlie, who went AWOL from the rebel coalition; Russell, a three-eyed, telekinetic, wolflike alien; and Wex, the crew’s translator, who just so happens to look like an iguana. Their latest heist? Retrieve an artifact called the “chimera” – and use the funds to get the heck out of the ‘verse, and the holy war that’s tearing it apart. 

Based on the cover – specifically, its minimalist, playing-it-oh-so-close-to-the-vest artwork – I wasn’t sure what to expect from CHIMERA, or whether I really wanted to bother with it at all. I’m glad I did, because the artwork is stunning. Seriously, the cover doesn’t begin to do it justice. The world building is easily the best part of CHIMERA, from the desolate desert landscape to the plethora of wonderful and imaginative aliens. 

Less shiny is the actual story line, which I sometimes found muddled and confusing. There are so many different factions to keep track of, and their relationships to one another aren’t always clear. The true nature of the titular “chimera” remains a mystery throughout most of the book, and even when we get more information on it, it’s alternately referred to as both a piece of tech and a planet, which is hecka confusing. 

You know the old admonition to “show, don’t tell”? It’s the exact opposite with CHIMERA. 

Additionally, the first book feels incomplete; it ends before the story arc can be wrapped up, and as a result is deeply unsatisfying. 

Still, I regret nothing. THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE LOST is a promising start to a new series, and I look forward to the next installment. Maybe the inevitable re-read will even improve my grasp of the first book.
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I got this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a clear and honest review of Chimera: The Righteous and the Lost, by Tyler Ellis. This is a sci-fi/fantasy novel and releases June 20th. This is for mature readers due to some nudity and lots of violence. This GN is about A crew of thieves going on a mission within a warring galaxy, and this is their journey and story of survival in the past and present as they deal with aliens, demons and betrayal. If I say anything else I feel like I might get into spoiler territory. So let's first start with the art, the art was very colorful, vibrant and beautiful! There were soo many characters in this story and multiple different story lines going on at the same time, which I LOVE. I love when a good story is split up between 2 or 3 different arcs and then somehow they all come together and make sense in the end. The writing was really well done, it kept me hooked and the fact that they took half the time flashing back in the story, we were able to invest and enjoy/fall in love the characters. This was very fun to read, the story line was solid, art and pacing were so great and they were very clear on the flash backs/flash forwards. 4.5 stars. (my review will be up on booktube soon)
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A good science fiction fantasy mix-up. Many people will find it similar to Saga, however I feel the religious undertones of the series allows it stand out in it's own light. The characters so far in the story are believable, a fair number are likable, and their motivations are understandable. 

A darker story than similar titles, Chimera balances the bright pallets of it's art style with moments of ruthlessness and low cunning. I look forward to seeing how the story progresses from here.
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A wonderful blend of Saga, Star Wars, Firefly, and even a little Stargate.  The art and coloring are spectacular.  They really bring this world to life.  It's full of those "Ack!  I can't believe he just did that!" moments, wonderful characterization, and fantastic world-building.

The galaxy is in the midst of a religious war.  Four pirates have been deceived into tracking down the one device that will allow "God" to conquer the rest of the galaxy, the Chimera, a device capable of opening up portals between worlds.
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Special thanks to NetGalley for giving me the free ARC of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.

Star Wars meets The Guardians of Galaxy meets Greek mythology. Yeah, I know THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME. Another unexpected fave for this year!

I've been nursing this reading slump of mine and finally, I get to read NORMALLY again after this beauty! Chimera narrates the adventure of a crew of thieves heading on an almost suicide mission in order to gain their desired freedom from the war. What more can I say? A group of misfits in a suicide mission is too enthralling for my part. I love the overall pacing of this graphic novel, the inclusion of a twisted Christian theme really got me, as well as the diversity of every character and how they were fleshed out in a digestible manner. It's not overdone, it is just right for my taste. Other than that, I really reaaaaallly love how some of the characters were named after Greek myth personas and how they actually fit w/ the character. OMOOO (view spoiler)

The whole graphic novel also uses an amazing array of colors and graphics. They're really pretty to look at and had established the world effectively through it. This is my cup of tea and I really enjoyed reading this. DO NOT BE DISSUADED BY THAT HARMLESS COVER. 

"There's good and there's evil but it seems like those lines are constantly being bent or blurred. Or is that just me being overly skeptical?"
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Chimera has been compared to Saga and ooooh yeeesss ; it's as good if not better.

Most of all, I loved how complex the world seems. As in Saga, multiple POVs and plot-lines are wound together, and the result is an action-packed but beautifully told story. To me, Chimera was hilarious, innovative and heartbreaking. I seriously can't wait for the second installment!

Although I loved Saga, Chimera got me excited. I'm invested in the characters already after reading book one, and the plot seems like it can go any which way at this point. Similarly to Saga, Chimera has violence, swearing and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. But dissimilarly, there are no explicit sex scenes which just mmm I'm grateful for.

Highly recommend!
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Chimera was a beautiful and fun read.  It was a graphic novel and unlike anything I have ever read.  The artwork is amazing and I really appreciated the worldbuilding in this story.  It definitely gave off a Star Wars/Guardians of the Galaxy vibe and the backstories on all of the main characters was wonderful.  It was action-packed and ugh, the ending!!  Ready for volume 2!  Thank you very much to Comicker Press.
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This was one of the most enjoyable graphic novels I’ve ever read. The characters are all cleverly written and the story balances out creepy as hell evil, heart warming moments and general hilarity.

The illustrations are a perfect fit for the story, my favourite aspect being that the women are drawn to be powerful rather than sexy (always a good way to judge a graphic novel).

The story flips back and forth between ‘then’ and ‘now’, which tells us how the ragtag group of alien and human thieves got together and found themselves on a mission to steal a mysterious artefact. The synopsis isn’t wrong when it suggests that fans of Star Wars and Firefly will enjoy this story, it’s got all the best bits of those series and a fascinating slant to it.
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I picked this graphic novel up because of it's crazy beautiful cover art, the promise that it would be perfect for fans of Star Wars and the description on Netgalley (a covert mission in the midst of a galaxy being ripped apart by an interstellar holy war; whuuut?!). As it turned out, actually getting through the entire story was pretty hard. I started reading this novel about 5 times, before actually being able to finish it.
There were actually a couple of things that I really liked about Chimera. The artwork is just beautiful. I loved the color schemes, the details and the overall look of the entire novel. I also liked the idea of a galaxy, multiple planets, all sorts of creatures and a war amongst them. We get to see a lot of characters, both human and not so human, of all kinds of shapes and sizes, and all of them are shown in great detail. What was also pretty good about this novel, was the fact that we shift between "now" and "then" which creates a bit of a backstory as well.

Even though this novel seems to have everything I like, from beautiful artwork to an actual backstory, there still as something that made it difficult for me to finish this book. I didn't really feel invested in the story, there wasn't a connection with any of the characters, and the plot line was a bit confusing. I am not the best in keeping up when there are a lot of names/organizations/planets/etc. thrown at me without much of an explanation, and that is kind of what is going on in this graphic novel. I'm not the kind of person who has the patience to go back a couple of pages to re-read something, so I was confused at times. 

All in all, I think this is a decent graphic novel, it just wasn't the right fit for me.
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