The Awakening: A Wolf Creek Falls Novel

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Cara was officially starting her new life on her own in the home her grandmother had left her in Wolf Creek Falls. Cara used to come here every summer until her mother died in a car accident than her father wouldn’t let her come for fear of losing her also. It had been ten years since Cara had been here. Six weeks ago her grandmother had died and she didn’t find out until a lawyer-Ethan- from Wolf Creek falls showed up at the house she and her father shared. Upon learning of her grammy’s death she felt a piece of her heart ripped out. Ethan had come to read her grandmothers will- she had left everything to cara her cabin and all her possessions. Her grammy had also left her a tied blood red bag. Ethan told her she was to open it today and by herself. Her father and Ethan went out into the kitchen for coffee. Cara touched the bag and felt warmth radiating from it. The bag drew cara to it. She reached in the pouch/bag and saw a flat opal looking crystal. The weight was heavy in her hands. There was something deep inside the crystal.SHe could see it betrayed by it’s steady blue light. The more she stared at it the brighter it became. She couldn’t turn away than she is sin the crystal and heard her grammys voice. She said she had left her impression in the crystal. Her grammy said what she and her father had done was wrong and Cara had the right to know the truth. They had altered Cara’s memories and replaced them with new ones. Her grammy said she didn’t believe her mother had died that day. But she had never been able to locate her mom.  She knew her daughter would never leave Walter- her dad- or Cara. she added she could not let her father deny cara any longer. Her grammy stretched out her palm up toward Cara. Cara saw a flash of gold lightning streaking up her arm and focusing into a little ball of golden light. Than her grammy said I love you and now you can begin to live as a true sun witch should. Than her grammy disappeared. Car reached out to the org. Gold lightning raced up her arm and through her body. Memories flashed through her eyes. She could feel them filling up her mind too fast to even know what they were. She was a witch and Cara wondered how they could take away her magic. Than Cara passed out. Her best friend was Ella and she was going to miss her and the friends she had made at work  and he job at the Vet Clinic. But she also had a job at the Vet Clinic in Wolf Creek Falls with an elderly Dr. Avery. Cara loved the cabin that was now her new home. However, when she was outside she felt like she was being watched but didn’t see anyone. When on the sun Car turned her hand up to the sun and she could feel the strands of energy go up her armand feel the warmth growing inside. There was a loft and Cara was checking it out and found the most massive book she had ever seen. Cara was drawn to it. The book was glowing and got brighter the closer Cara got to it. Inside the cover was a letter from her grammy. This was the Grimoire of Light that her grammy said would guide and  teach her all the things she was going to need to know and answer questions she had. Her grammy hoped with time and the Grimoire or Light she would recover her stolen memories. She told Cara to use the Grimoire of Light to practice and grow her natural talent. She also said the path of a witch wasn’t easy, but it was full of wondrous and beautiful things. Than she told her to renew the protection spell on the house. To use the Grimoire of Light and there was a purple velvet bag on the trunk that had all she would need to do the spell. She also brought up the Calvetti brothers who had been waiting to Cara to return. Cara had no memories of these brothers and when she tried to remember she got an awful pain  in her head. Than she went in the kitchen and the sun stopped her pain. CAra dreamed of when she was a child and went to look for her two wolf pup friends. They jumped across the stream to come to her . She used her magic and found out their names were Lucian and Lucca. The next day cara goes to work and she hears Mrs Avery talking to Mr Calvetti-who was one of the brothers her grandmothers had mentioned in her letter. Than the man came back and Cara senses he is Lucca and she could remember his scent. His eyes roamed her face as if committing it to his memory. She seemed to have very little control today as a vision popped in her head of Lucca and herself kissing. She was completely confused by her wanton reaction to this man. The sheer force of her attraction frightened Cara. Deep down she knew there was something more. Cara found herself agreeing to Lucca and Lucian making dinner for them at her home.
Excellent paranormal book. I loved it with so many things in it likeSqueaks who is a light fairy and her pod, and dark witch, light witch. Wolf shifters, a familiar. danger, spells, natural mate, and so much more. I loved the pace and plot. I even loved Meads-the grumpy little dragon. I loved Lucca and Lucian and their devotion to Cara and love for her. This held my attention from beginning to end. I have a new favorite paranormal romance. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved how Cara immediately was willy to help Squeaks and her pod. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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I really enjoyed this book because of all the mystical creatures and paranormal it involves. I'm not a big fan of books where there are two lovers for one woman. I really think it would have been much better if it only involved two lovers. When you involve a third wheel, it always gets too dicey. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.
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The first thing I have to say is that this book is extremely NSFW and 18+. Please keep that in mind before purchasing. 

I'm giving this book a solid 3 stars. I liked the main character Cara but I felt a little uncomfortable with the relationship of 2 twin brothers and one Cara. I think that's more my thing than anything else so I kept going. But I just didn't really find the story needed the extreme amount of sex scenes. It felt cheap to me. Like the plot wouldn't have survived alone so lets' spend 85% of the book on sex scenes and hopefully the reader won't notice. I did. 

The plot was actually decent. I liked the sun witch vibe, but I wanted to know more about the twins' mother and why she promised them to the dark moon woman and more about her too. Was she in love with them? Did she have pressure from her family to get the twins back? And did she know about Cara when the boys were growing up? I just wanted more back story. But I did like that we got to see the relationships between Lucca, Lucian, and Cara individually grow. It wasn't all threesomes all the time. But again, I was parched of actual character  and backstory growth.

Read if you like steamy scenes and an easy read. I read the second book's snippet but I think I'm keeping this as a stand alone read.
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This is book 1 in the new Wolf Creek Falls series.  It is erotic and full of shifters, fairies and witches.  Paranormal fans will love it.  A young woman returns to her grandmothers home and awakens her repressed memories and discovers she is a sun witch and the mate of twin wolves.  The story is exciting and easy to read. The characters are interesting and the story is well written.  Will be looking for book 2.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I really liked the concept of the book, the witches, the fairy and the wolves. I felt the backstory was lacking a bit of depth. However, I did enjoy the pace of the book. But I felt the chemistry between the characters was a little stilted and Cara came off sounding like a squeaking little thing (my interpretation). Overall it was an alright read, loads of room for improvement.
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On the cover we see the beautiful Cara, who was once a 24 year old tech vet in full success. She thought only of her future, never of her childhood, but when her grandmother dies, it will turn everything upside down. She will learn that at the time she was a witch of the sun, that she stole all her memories. She will decide to live in Wolf Crek Falls. She will meet Lucian and Lucca and be attracted to them. She will try to find the memory.

An exciting, captivating story filled with suspense and twists. The character of Cara is endearing, eager to read more.
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So, what did I like about it?
I requested The Awakening: A Wolf Creek Falls Novel through NetGalley for a number of reasons; the front cover caught my eye – you’ve got to agree, it is beautiful, the story description piqued my interest – buried memories, secret magical powers and a couple of rather delicious brothers, yes please and of course I love supporting debut authors. Unfortunately, The Awakening: A Wolf Creek Falls Novel didn’t turn out to be quite what I expected.

It was after reading the first half a dozen chapters that I felt that if you removed the explicit sex scenes from this story, the way the characters thought and reacted to situations, how the plot evolved, the good sun witch versus the evil moon witch plus the general writing style throughout the book all screamed adolescent/YA genre. I am not a YA fan.

Having said that, as a first novel in a new series, what I could appreciate was the world building; I think it sets up the series nicely. The readers also get the first chapter of the next book in the Wolf Creek Falls series The Tree Of Light as a teaser at the end of this one which I think is a lovely idea and a nice way to build up the anticipation.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before you’ll know that I do enjoy a HEA ending and I wasn’t disappointed here. The baddie is bested (for now), the hostages rescued, the girl gets her guys but more clues are revealed regarding Clara’s past and the mystery surrounding her family to lead on to book 2.

So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?
Ok, I’ve already said that YA stories are not my cup of tea, so putting that aside there were a few other niggles not related to the YA genre that continually cropped up while reading this book.

The first relates to the prose used - there was too much description regarding the mundane activities in this book; I don't need to read every detail, I think it slows the narrative down, for example, if a character is having a bath I assume it won't be with their clothes on, an author doesn't have to list every item (describing it in detail) that they remove. I found myself skim reading and getting bored.

The second niggle is that my eye picked up a lot of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors throughout the book, I understand that I read a NetGalley digital copy that obviously hasn't been proof-read and I did try to ignore them. These errors just added to my overall struggle with this book.

So, basically what I’m saying is...
I think that S.D. Vieau has found a new niche – erotic young adult. It wasn’t the book for me but I can see from the ratings received so far that plenty of readers are loving the mix.

Due to the explicit sexual content - it’s definitely very steamy at times - I’d rate this book 18+, I’d recommend The Awakening: A Wolf Creek Falls Novel to adults who aren’t offended by content of this nature but are fans relationship/romance tales where the heroine goes on a journey of self-discovery within the paranormal YA genre.
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Loved it! Any time I can find something in this genre that is not only a HOT read, but has a real plot line, I'm hooked! 2 giant thumbs up!
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I expected this to be a cookie cutter witch wolf manage read but it wasn't. The relationship happens very quickly but it didn't feel forced or odd. Usually these types of relationship are written in a way that someone seems like the third wheel but there is an even balance between Lucca, Lucian and Cara. The confrontation that the story had been building towards was a little anticlimactic, but the author made up for this by introducing the focus of the next book. Overall I think this is the beginning of a series that's worth investing in and I'll be looking for the next book.
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Great read, well written with a great plot and characters. I was engrossed from start to finish. If you like witches, dragons and wolf shifters, you will love this book. I couldn't put it down. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Netgalley.
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I loved this book. I must admit I am a sucker for wolves. This was an interesting read and I will recommend to others.
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This book took me all sorts of placing that I was not expecting!  I figured this would be a tame little coming of age story about a witch but then it started getting dark and dirty (in a good way).

Cara is a girl who is trying to find her own way.  Her past was locked away by magic (hiding her own magic, by consequence) and when she unlocks all this via her grandmother’s passing, all hell breaks loose.  There’s good witches against bad witches, long lost loves in the form of wolf shifters, fated mates, and some down and dirty threesomes.  All of this rolls together to form a paranormal love story unlike one I’ve read in recent history.

I admit to having some trouble getting started with this book.  There is a world to be built and I guess I was a little anxious to get to the action (and so much action was to be had… in the bedroom… in the garden… etc.).  Cara is pretty much on her own so there’s really just the main characters to worry about introducing, but you can see that this book could establish a town’s worth of books to grow into.
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This was a great story. I was a little concerned in the beginning when I predicted who the love interests are. The author was tasteful, so my worries went away. I can't wait to read the next book.
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Well this was not what i was expecting at all. 

Cara is a sun witch, her powers had been stripped from her when she was 14 and her grammy dies and leaves her a letter and her cabin in the woods. 

Cara decides to go and live in the cabin and she gets her ppowers back and then she meets Lucca and Lucien, 2 Wolf shifters who had done her Grammys cabin up for her. 

This contains lots of sex, lots of it. And i personally found it rather odd, i am not sure how 2 brothers can share one woman and how one woman can have sex with 2 brothers at the same time, they do however so many times. Has disaster written all over it, but the scenes were sexy and hot and i did enjoy them, hypocrite i know. 

Will definitely read book 2.
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I could not finish the first chapter. It was too detailed and too much was going on in the first chapter to make sense. The structure of the first chapter was off and needs to be redone. Potentially even spacing out pieces of the protagonist's past to go along her journey to the new city might have been better. Also watch the use of first person in a third person novel.
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The moon, the sun and magic breathe life here. The pages are filled with magical creatures, fairies, shifters, witches and the light fighting through the darkness. I loved reading this book. The dialogue is upbeat and lively.

This one is listed as romance, sci-fi and fantasy. Maybe consider shelving it under sexy-hot-paranormal. Not one wolf, but two making the math easy for anyone to figure out that this is one hot read. The story is great, along with all the raw attraction. The love and lust make the fantasy what it is but the story is deeper than just sexual instinct. A connection exists and it is blended with the magic of this enchanted place where Cara returns after her Grandmother passes away.

In my opinion the quick and un-natural way these characters meet and dive right in, is the reason to read a paranormal in the first place. When I pick up a fantasy, I want to read about that 'out of the norm' stuff. I want the book to take my mind off reality. I want to lose myself in the book and the story. That is exactly what happened when I started reading The Awakening A Wolf Creek Falls Novel. The characters are interesting, colorful and fun. They got my attention and made me concern for them. I am fully invested and really hated to finish this book without the sequel out yet. I want to read more and looking forward to book 2, The Tree of Light.
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Really wanted to like this! But unfortunately, the writing for me was just not cutting it...
- The Good:

The Calvetti brothers were great and their relationship with Cara too was sweet. 
For the most part, I wanted to root for Cara and usually could for the better part of the story. 
I liked her powers 

The Bad: 
The introduction to Cara & the relationships she had felt super rushed. 
I didn't feel that the moon witch-angle was really all that well done. She was supposed to be this great big evil, but her obsession with the brothers didn't make much sense to me. There didn't seem to be anything more at stake than that and this didn't give me any sense of urgency or help me think of her as any great threat that needed to be neutralized. 
Why didn't Cara seem to care about keeping her relationships intact? She meets the brothers and afterwards, there's no mention of her father (who is supposedly so worried for her and her being a witch that he agrees to take her memories) or her best friend (who she's aiming to call constantly?). 

Overall, I felt like other than the scenes with the brothers and Cara and their romantic/ sexual relationship...the story wasn't really a priority. It wasn't moving anywhere. If this is the first in a series, I would hope there was more for me to invest in, in the story, than the fact that these characters are 'fated'. I will say, if the brothers and Cara were all the focus the book was supposed to have, then they are good, likable characters so fair enough! But has room and potential to be so much better.
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Is that a barbie doll on the front cover? Slow start, quick build with the romance. A lot of smut in this one. Cara returns to the place she’s forgotten and finds herself a sun witch continuing on with her childhood friends in a very different way. I didn’t think much of the villain in this one. I liked how protective the guys are but that’s to be expected given the extent of their relationship.
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It was easy to fall into this world of witches, shifters and more magical creatures. The first book in any series has to make me believe in the possibilities of that world actually existing in order for me to accept anything that happens there, The Awakening did all of that and more.

Cara is an intriguing character who thought her life was one thing only to learn that her memories of her true life would change her perspective on everything she thought she knew about herself, her family and her world. Lucian and Lucca were truly alpha men and their antics and devotion were a pleasure to indulge in.

I had fun in this world and that’s the whole point of believing in possibilities in the paranormal world. I’d recommend The Awakening to any Paranormal Romance reader who enjoys a rich world, fascinating characters and a solid story line.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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THIS. BOOK. WAS. SO. GOOD. I was dreading the end as I became obsessed with The Calvetti Brothers and Cara, right smack dab in between them. Not only was this book steamy in the best of ways, it had a fantastic plot and was very well written. I enjoyed this book far more than I intended to.
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