Step Toward You

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This was the first book I read by Liz Ashlee and I immediately went to look for what else she has read! Take the time to read. FANTASTIC!
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."

In the beginning of this book Silas is so very angry still with himself over the accident he caused many years ago, struggling with his actions because of being an alcoholic, even though he is now in AA.  Then he meets Rooney and her mother Billie, who has cancer and is dying.  When Silas meets them, he starts to open up and become a much better man.  He quickly falls in love with Rooney, but still doesn't feel that he is worthy of her.  Rooney does everything she can to prove him differently.  I loved this book so very much.  It brought out so many different emotions in me at many different times.  Highly, highly recommend this one!
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I really wanted to read this book after I read the blurb. It was something different. It was literally perfect. Rooney and Silas needed each other for support because of the hard times they were going through. Rooney was distraught with her mother's cancer and being alone once she passes away. While Silas still trying to overcome his addiction to alcohol. One of my favorite reads of the month. Can't wait for the author next book.
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A story about mother and daughter strong bonds, the ravages of terminal illness and alcoholism and how it’s possible to heal even when dealing with deep guilt, depression and grief.
Silas and Rooney’s romance was sweet and the best medicine Silas could have, along with caring for Billie. I felt that they were good for each other and their connection happened in the right moment for both of them. 
Silas’s self-hatred in the beginning is violent and raw, his guilt insurmountable and his pain unfathomable.
I was moved and awed by Billie and Rooney’s love and the author’s depiction of Rooney’s grief.
Silas parents’ unconditional support and love is touching too.
For someone so hard with himself, I thought Silas was too careless about Brandon’s feelings (and I’m not a fan of love triangle stories). I also thought that at some point the romance became more about lust and the dialogue sometimes was a bit stilted.
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One choice can change your life in a matter of seconds either for the better or for the worst! 

Step Toward you was a story of two broken souls that need to be mended and are both stubborn to see what is right in front of them. 

Silas and Rooney are ment for each other and I felt they made each other complete. A wonderful read that kept me going until the very end!
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