A Slave of the Shadows

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DNF at 56%

I am totally the wrong person for this book. 
A quick, superficial and prejudiced read if you can be satisfied with it. 

I missed some depth in the characters and the plot. 

After struggling with it for more than one month I decided to give up.
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In 1850s South Carolina, the slave trade is apparent in all walks of life. For Willow Hendricks, a southern belle, meeting Whitney Barry, from Boston, is a life changing event. They will join in a fight for the rights of slaves, even to the point of putting themselves in danger.
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Hard to put down! Book gives a fascinating insight in what happened with/to strong women in the South during the time of plantations and slavery. Can't wait for the sequel!
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I received this copy of A Slave in the Shadows from Net Galley and Huntson Press Inc. It is the first novel for author Naomi Finley and the first book in its series of four. The second book, Guardian of Slaves, is due to release early winter 2019. 
Nikaleigh's Synopsis:
Willow Hendricks is a fiery spirit. She's outspoken, intelligent, and tenacious. Qualities that are quite dangerous for a women in Charleston in the 1850's.  Her father tries his best to keep her abolitionist views quiet; for her own safety. Though he's one of the few plantation owns who treats his slaves with dignity, she resents him for not doing more - not quite understanding the danger of her own outspokenness. 
When Whitney Barry moves into town from Boston, she finally finds herself an ally. Whitney is another strong women, one who's had to find her strength on her own terms: at the hands of her cruel and abusive father. 
Whitney and Willow soon become an egalitarian force to be reckoned with, but not without first facing just how cruel and heartless the south really is. 
Nikaleigh's Thoughts: 
This novel told an absolutely beautiful story and the authors writing style truly brought the time period and characters to life. 
It would leave me feeling amazed that a man as shy as him could have a laugh that started from his toes and worked its way all the way up until it filled the air around you with an inexplicable happiness.

The connection between Willow and her slaves was palpable, her conviction felt real - yet the plot felt slow. It wasn't until around the 50% mark where the storyline began to pick up. It was only the authors eloquence in setting the scene that kept me reading through the first half. 

While I do wish the pace of the first half of this book better matched that of the second half and prologue, I do understand that first books in a series can tend to have a slower build. For this reason, along with the authors writing style, I decided to give this read a LIKED it! instead of a So-So rating. The novel certainly did redeem itself in the second half for me and I believe this would greatly appeal to anyone who is interested in historical fiction.  - This review will go live on NikaleighReads.com at 8am EST on 6/6/18
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Willow and Whitney are southern belles Their born into a life of riches and opulence. Both of the young women are daughters of plantation and slave owners. Their fathers are very different slave owners. Willie's father runs his plantation with kindness and respect for the slaves. Whitney's father rules his plantation with cruelty, starvation and inhumanity. 
When the young women are left to run the plantation on their own. They will go so far as to help slaves escape. They will help their slaves find a better life. They will offer them freedom. 
This is book one of this series. It is written like a gone with the wind type of writting. Very descriptive. Each of the characters are given their own back story. This way you get to know the characters and how they became the people they are now. Also how the beliefs about slavery and being humane and not seeing color are a part if who they are.
Very well written, interesting, thought provoking. 
5 Stars
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This is an amazing book about Southern plantation life. Willow is a white woman, the daughter of a slave owner. she loves her father's slaves as the family she never had. However, she is exposed to the ugly aspect of unkind slave owners. She is resolved to do something about it. She is plagued with violence and secrets kept by her father. She tries to find the courage within herself to do the right thing. 

I loved this book. The characters were well developed and the history was accurate for the time period. It shows that there were kind slave owners. I love the fact that the author included a freed slave staying on the plantation.  This was not one of America's finer moments of history, but the author did a good job catching both sides of it. The book does describe in detail the abuse suffered by slaves, as well as the people that helped to free them.
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The best book I've read in a long time! I have always been fascinated with reading about slavery in the 1800's. Such an incredibly dark time for the Negro people. Such a morally wrong time. The author's descriptions of the horrors that happened to these people just makes me cry. What gave the white Southerners the right to do what they did to the slaves. No one has a right to enslave another human being . No animal should ever be treated the way these slaves were let alone another person. When they dared to rebel they were all killed every last man,woman and child. No one spared, this is after what they already endured. This book is just amazing and I am glad to see the author has some more books coming out. I must read them. This is the first book in the series and you'd never know it's a debut author. The emotions this book evoke really make you think and question past history.
Pub Date 28 Feb 2018 
I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Huntson Press Inc. through NetGalley . Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
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