A Danger to Herself and Others

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Unreliable narrator of the best kind because Hannah actually convinced me half the time that everyone else is wrong and she is telling the truth.
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This books got a lot of elements that I love in my thrillers. It was a quick and easy read but a bit predictable.
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The story was interesting, but honestly quite predictable. It was hard to be sympathetic of Hannah because she was very self-involved and didn't show any remorse for what she thought had happened.
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I love thrillers and anything that Includes mental health subjects as well. This was a quick and pretty easy read for me. 

*Thank you to the author and Netgalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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A quick but fascinating read about a young woman with a psychiatric illness. Although the author is clear that this book is not intended to educate the reader, it still gives an insight into just how real hallucinations can be. The main character is an interesting one as she's not particularly likeable and is sometimes narcissistic. However, once you gain a greater insight into her childhood you start you realise the reasons behind some of her behaviours. I loved that the book does not have a clean cut ending. Highly recommended for book groups.
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For some reason I had trouble downloading this book-sorry for the lack of feedback! I'm not sure what happened.
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It took me only two days to get through this book, it sucked me into the plot so throughly that I just couldn’t wait to see how it ended up. There’s a huge atmosphere of “the other show is about to drop,” and boy does it.

The narrator of this novel is Hannah, who we meet as she begins her stay at an institution, labeled “a danger to herself and others.” All we know is that she was attending a summer intensive academic program in California when something happened to her roommate. And now she’s institutionalized. Soon, she gets a roommate, who begins to show her the ropes of the place, which helps Hannah get a clearer picture of what she needs to do to get out, but also leads her to remember things. And not everything she remembers s good.

That’s such a creepy set-up, and you could cut the anxiety and tension with a knife. I really, really wasn’t sure what was going to happen and I just HAD to know. And when it’s revealed....ooooh boy. It’s really great because it’s ambiguous, which I don’t normally like, but is true to this story. With the whole book having this edge of “is Hannah crazy or not?” It wouldn’t make sense to have everything all neatly wrapped up.

I don’t really want to give away too many spoilers, so I need to be kind of vague here, but this book really makes you think about mental illness and how the mind works. So much of the book is about what’s going on in Hannah’s mind, so it kind of makes you think about your own mind and things around you. It will make you shudder.

If you’re looking for high-action, this book isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a great tense, mind-bending thriller full of suspense, I suggest going out and getting this one. This book is incredibly atmospheric and creepy and I loved it. I would absolutely read more from this author - I look forward to it, in fact!
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Five stars and I would have given ten if it would be possible. I really loved this book and couldn't stop reading. Since reading it I have urged all my friends and colleagues to read it, it was that good. So, I highly recommend this amazing book to everyone.
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I received this as an arc from netgalley for an honest review. I have to say when I saw the mixed reviews for this one I felt as though I would be one of the people who didn't enjoy this story but I'm happy to say I actually did. The main character was frustrating at times but she was different from anything else I've read which Is why I felt as though it was so enticing and interesting through out the novel. 4/5 stars I highly recommend.
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This books synopsis had me hooked and wanting to read this novel. A young teenager Hannah finds herself institutionalized as she is considered a danger to herself and others. Hannah is sure that as soon as her doctors and judge find out she isn’t actually a danger to herself and others that they will let her go and live her life, returning to graduate high school. However, Hannah isn’t released as soon as she has initially expected, and finds herself bored with the day in and day out same routine she finds herself in. She is enclosed in the same room most days and is determined to get extra privileges for good behaviour.

Hannah is adamant that she is not responsible for hurting her good friend Agnes at summer school. She insists that what happened was an accident and she loves her friend Agnes, she would never hurt her. Or would she?

We get a glimpse into the daily life and thoughts of young Hannah as she is completely bored within the same 4 walls of this institution. It was interesting to see things as Hannah sees them and get a glimpse into her thoughts and views on things. Hannah is a troubled young girl who is going through some mental health issues and I found it quite an interesting read.
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This book was kind of like a race for me. A race to determine what was a reality and what wasn't. I don't know if you've ever read the War and Peace Series by K. Webster, but I don't trust crazy girls named Hannah. 

Hannah is a smart and privileged girl from New York City. Attending a summer school in California at her father's request isn't so bad. She's got a new best friend in her roommate Agnes and a cute boy she hopes to make hers, but then everything goes horribly wrong. 

Now she's stuck in what may as well be a cell. Eating room temperature meals and wearing clothing that isn't any thicker than a piece of paper. All because of a stupid game of Truth or Dare. A game that Agnes told her they were too old to play anyways. But Agnes can't have much of an opinion anymore. Not with her being in a coma. 

Hannah tries to fast track her progress so that she can get back to school. Getting back to school is essential in reaching the goals that she has set not only for herself but also to please her parents. 

This is an emotional journey that sees Hannah through denial and finally to accepting what has happened, to accepting the new normal that is about to become her life and what it will mean for the future that she holds so dear.
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Our protagonist is being framed for her best friend's death(?!) Suicide (?!) . 

A danger to herself and others is the medical condition and one line for our protagonist who resides in the asylum for her bff death.

Alyssa has managed to bring the plot and the writing beautifully and just took the ending like a fast flight. It doesn't make any sense.

The book is overall good but the ending makes no sense and spoils the book.

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for granting me the opportunity to read and review this ARC
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This story is based around an event that takes place in a summer camp.  The main character is attending the camp, enjoying herself and getting along with others.  An accident happens.  Or was it an accident?  As the story progresses, the reader must follow the girl's logic to see what really happened.  A young woman is confined to a mental institution until she can demonstrate she is not a danger to herself and others.  An unusual story line with a very believable set of characters.
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This was a quite unique book, with some serious themes and a little bit of suspense, I like it a lot and I recommend it to the ones who are fond of this genre and kind of story!
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Like a day or so again I finally finished my ebook ARC copy of A Danger to Herself and Others (this book is already out, I am just a little behind on my reading due to work which is why this break has been so exciting)! I started this book not that long ago but I was able to finish it in about a day and a half once I started my break from work. I am glad I had the chance to read it and I feel Hannah’s story is interesting and in a way taught me a lot but I also feel like it may have been missing something.


Hannah Gold is away from her parent’s for the summer at an academic summer camp at a university before senior year starts. She has always been very into academics and this camp and senior year are important to her getting into a good school after high school. For this camp Hannah is out west, in California, she is from NYC and things are all new for her. She has a roommate named Agnes and the girls get along great, spending their nights staying up late talking and sharing things about their lives. That is until one night they are playing a game of truth or dare (turned dare or dare) and Hannah dares Agnes to stand out on the ledge of their window. This is where things go very wrong, Agnes performs the dare and falls (or was she shoved)? The fall leaves her in a coma, with brain damage and a long recovery in front of her and Hannah finds herself in a mental institution. From here Hannah meets Lucy a girl in the institution for an eating disorder or so Hannah thought. Hannah also encounters a long journey of earning privileges, learning about what could be wrong with her, and why she is labeled a danger to herself and others.

Overall, I thought this was an interesting story and I found myself constantly wondering did she shove Agnes? Sometimes, I was certain she did not then other times I was certain she did. I definitely did not catch on to the larger picture of what was going on with Hannah until it was revealed and then as a reader, I was looking everywhere for it. (I do not want to spoil what it is so I am not going to say what to look for or not look for). I gave this book three and a half stars on Goodreads.
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Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of A Danger to Herself and Others.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

The latest trend in YA fiction is to use an unreliable narrator to keep the reader guessing.  Hannah Gold, a teenager institutionalized after her roommate from a summer program has a horrible accident, is given the moniker "a danger to herself and others".  As the doctor continues to push Hannah to come to certain realizations about herself, will reality set in?

The author does a good job of highlighting the complexities of mental illness, giving a voice to those who are placed in similar situations like Hannah's every day.  Where the book falls short, however, is the conclusion.  In what feels like a rush to finish the novel, the author scarcely pays attention to the reality of Hannah's life.  Considering how closely Hannah is scrutinized by the doctor, I find it hard to believe that the events in the ending would unfold in such a manner.  Readers who like YA realistic fiction with an emphasis on an unreliable narrator may like A Danger to Herself and Others, but I thought that the author missed the mark because of the ending.
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in a danger to herself and others, about-to-be-high-school-senior hannah gold finds herself in a mental institution after an accident pegs her as the reason for another girl's severe injuries. except hannah knows this is all a misunderstanding, that soon everyone will realize what a mistake this all is. and then lucy, hannah's roommate, arrives, and things start to change for hannah. 

i'm a little conflicted about this one. on one hand, i really, surprisingly liked it? it was engaging, interesting, and hannah is definitely an unreliable narrator, which absolutely contributed to the engaging factor. i liked the writing a lot too! i think overall, this was a good book for me, i just didn't supermega love it.  

i can't say much on the portrayal of hannah's mi, as i don't know enough about her diagnosis (which is never mentioned by name, i don't think) to do so, but i did enjoy getting to see different sides of mental illness than books usually portray, and sort of the imperfect-ness of it? i don't know entirely how to word my feelings on it, but i think it showed an ugly face of mi's that aren't usually potrayed in ya. whether this was realistically done, or not. 

i wasn't a huge fan of the ending though, it felt very unfinished.
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After an accident happens at summer school, Hannah is institutionalized for "being a danger to herself and others." She knows she doesn't belong, that this is all one big mistake. Eventually someone will realize she doesn't belong and she will get to go home, but as time passes she starts to wonder "why are they keeping me here?!" 

This book was great. A little rough at times, but I loved it! I was constantly like, whyyyy? What is going on?!  

**I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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Well written and engaging, this story kept me hooked the whole time. There were enough hints provided throughout that the reveal of the plot twist didn't seem outlandish and the unreliable narrator was deftly used. I especially enjoyed the way Hannah's reality was respected. Although she was institutionalized, the staff treated her with respect, keeping the story from becoming yet another sensational tale of abuse in the mental health system.

The only thing that kept this from being a 5-star read for me is that I felt like it ended too soon. So much time was spent leading up to Hannah's revelation that the ending was too rushed. I would have liked to see how she managed and navigated the world with her parents after her release. I would definitely read a sequel that follows Hannah through more of her life.
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Really enjoyed this one! I’m not a huge thriller book fan, but this one may have changed my mind! Will definitely keep my eyes on this author!
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