A Danger to Herself and Others

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As soon as I read the synopsis for this book I was hooked and I wanted to read it. Sadly A Danger to Herself and Others didn’t end up being what I hoped it would be, I ended up being very disappointed in it. The main character, Hannah, is a very unreliable narrator which is something I don’t enjoy reading about.

There were some great discussions about mental health in this book. Also, huge trigger warnings for eating disorders. There were many scenes that I found hard to read because of the content and the rawness. While this is something other people might enjoy reading about, I didn’t. (Due to things relating to my own mental health.) I also felt that there were things brought up in therapy that were never really unpacked, by any of the therapists and they should have been.

Overall, I didn’t have a good time reading A Danger to Herself and Others. This book just wasn’t for me, but I can see a lot of other people liking it. Not being a fan of unreliable narrators does not make me the target audience of this book. I would recommend you this book if you like unreliable narrators and stories about mental health.
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Holy Moly this book has one of the most unreliable narrators, that I’ve ever read about. If you’re not a fan of that, them this book is definitely not going to be for you. 

Im not going to much into detailes because that would spoile the story. But this book is about Hannah who is institutionalized because she is a danger to herself and others. This story had many twists and it got very dark and mysterious at times. 

TW: Bulimia, anorexia, mental health issues, abandonment and neglect, suicide.
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I'm usually a big fan of unreliable narrators... but only when they are done well. And unfortunately, this one just wasn't done well.
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I received a copy from Netgalley.

Unreliable narrators aren’t usually my thing. They make me uncomfortable. The whole premise of this book made me uncomfortable. 

A perfect daughter of psychologists institutionalised for a crime. She’s convinced she did no wrong (even though it’s obvious from the start she did.) Her logic is flawed and frightening but also…in a weird way vey plausible. Which makes it all the more frightening. 

Hannah is a very intelligent girl who has a habit of latching onto people and calling herself the perfect best friend. She’s not cruel or violent or anything. She’s manipulative without even realising what she’s doing.  She’s doing a summer programme at a college and something terrible happens to her roommate. 

Police are called and they all think Hannah is responsible. She’s labelled “a danger to herself and other” and put in a hospital for evaluation until the trial. Despite how uncomfortable this book made me as a reader, it’s extraordinarily well written. It’s compelling and page turning and you just have to know what’s going on. What happened with the roommate, what makes Hannah the way she is? Is she faking it and a very good actress – or is she really just nuts and doing a good job of covering it up and trying to convince everyone she’s normal and no threat to anyone?

It’s a harrowing experience following Hannah as she wakes up in the hospital and goes through talking to the doctors and learning how things work and what she has to do to convince everyone what happened was an accident.

Slowly, we learn what really happened. The truth about Hannah’s involvement and what might happen next.  What makes it all the more believable is there’s no black and white right and wrong way to handle the outcome. It’s not a fair outcome, really but it’s a realistic one and something that highlights the tough decisions that justice systems sometimes have to make. 

It’s a difficult book to get through but a really good one.

Thank you to Netgalley and SOURCEBOOKS Fire for approving my request to view the title.
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Interesting look at mental illness from the point of view of an evolving patient.It is clear from the beginning that the narrator is unreliable, but the journey she takes might be a surprise.
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To be honest the whole "You can't trust your narrator" - trope gets a bit boring for me. Back when I started Gillian Flynns Books it was something new and impressing. Even "Girl on the train" had something surprising for me and I think the idea of "A Danger for Herself and Others" is a great one, but I wasn't really interested.

I was torn between having pity with Hannah and knowing she lies all the time and isn't in custody for nothing. The reader just KNEW from the beginning on that the narrator was lying, and I think that's what destroyed it a bit for me. That I thought from the beginning on, that Hannah is a liar. Still the book had some surprised, some twists and turns and even some deeper pits of humankind, but in the end it wasn't exciting enough for me, sadly.
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I was pleasently surprised with this book. The characters in it were well rounded and I was able to stay hooked.
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Anyone who knows me well, they know I’m very particular in how I read. Quiet, no distractions, laying in bed. Not with A Danger to Herself and Others!

Oh, no. I was reading this everywhere I got the chance, even while fixing dinner! I finished it in one day, which is something that rarely happens for me.

It was that good!

We have Hannah as an unreliable narrator. We have Lucy who has her own story to tell. Everything in between is a nail biting rollercoaster of drama and finding oneself.

What I can say is we follow Hannah’s experience of being institutionalized for a misunderstanding that happened at a summer retreat. Hannah fights for her innocence in a hospital that she doesn’t belong in, with little interaction.

There’s a lot about this book that I can’t even talk about because of spoilers, and that makes it hard to write a proper review. Just know you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, discovering things you didn’t expect, and a complete “what the . . .” when you finish.
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This had such potential! I was so intrigued by this. Just the title alone hooked me in. Unfortunately, it was not for me. I wanted to stop reading this so many times, but also really wanted to get through it. I just really didn't enjoy this at all.
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I would rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars

I really struggled to understand the point of this novel. On the surface it appears to be a mystery novel, but they story is incredibly predictable. On another level it appears to be a mental health novel but the author herself acknowledges the mental health facility is not accurately represented. In addition, the reader is never told specifically what mental illness the character is dealing with so it is unclear exactly what the author is attempting to represent.

The book was fairly enjoyable but it didn't quite gel with me.
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Unreliable narrator of the best kind because Hannah actually convinced me half the time that everyone else is wrong and she is telling the truth.
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This books got a lot of elements that I love in my thrillers. It was a quick and easy read but a bit predictable.
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The story was interesting, but honestly quite predictable. It was hard to be sympathetic of Hannah because she was very self-involved and didn't show any remorse for what she thought had happened.
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I love thrillers and anything that Includes mental health subjects as well. This was a quick and pretty easy read for me. 

*Thank you to the author and Netgalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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A quick but fascinating read about a young woman with a psychiatric illness. Although the author is clear that this book is not intended to educate the reader, it still gives an insight into just how real hallucinations can be. The main character is an interesting one as she's not particularly likeable and is sometimes narcissistic. However, once you gain a greater insight into her childhood you start you realise the reasons behind some of her behaviours. I loved that the book does not have a clean cut ending. Highly recommended for book groups.
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For some reason I had trouble downloading this book-sorry for the lack of feedback! I'm not sure what happened.
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It took me only two days to get through this book, it sucked me into the plot so throughly that I just couldn’t wait to see how it ended up. There’s a huge atmosphere of “the other show is about to drop,” and boy does it.

The narrator of this novel is Hannah, who we meet as she begins her stay at an institution, labeled “a danger to herself and others.” All we know is that she was attending a summer intensive academic program in California when something happened to her roommate. And now she’s institutionalized. Soon, she gets a roommate, who begins to show her the ropes of the place, which helps Hannah get a clearer picture of what she needs to do to get out, but also leads her to remember things. And not everything she remembers s good.

That’s such a creepy set-up, and you could cut the anxiety and tension with a knife. I really, really wasn’t sure what was going to happen and I just HAD to know. And when it’s revealed....ooooh boy. It’s really great because it’s ambiguous, which I don’t normally like, but is true to this story. With the whole book having this edge of “is Hannah crazy or not?” It wouldn’t make sense to have everything all neatly wrapped up.

I don’t really want to give away too many spoilers, so I need to be kind of vague here, but this book really makes you think about mental illness and how the mind works. So much of the book is about what’s going on in Hannah’s mind, so it kind of makes you think about your own mind and things around you. It will make you shudder.

If you’re looking for high-action, this book isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a great tense, mind-bending thriller full of suspense, I suggest going out and getting this one. This book is incredibly atmospheric and creepy and I loved it. I would absolutely read more from this author - I look forward to it, in fact!
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Five stars and I would have given ten if it would be possible. I really loved this book and couldn't stop reading. Since reading it I have urged all my friends and colleagues to read it, it was that good. So, I highly recommend this amazing book to everyone.
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I received this as an arc from netgalley for an honest review. I have to say when I saw the mixed reviews for this one I felt as though I would be one of the people who didn't enjoy this story but I'm happy to say I actually did. The main character was frustrating at times but she was different from anything else I've read which Is why I felt as though it was so enticing and interesting through out the novel. 4/5 stars I highly recommend.
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This books synopsis had me hooked and wanting to read this novel. A young teenager Hannah finds herself institutionalized as she is considered a danger to herself and others. Hannah is sure that as soon as her doctors and judge find out she isn’t actually a danger to herself and others that they will let her go and live her life, returning to graduate high school. However, Hannah isn’t released as soon as she has initially expected, and finds herself bored with the day in and day out same routine she finds herself in. She is enclosed in the same room most days and is determined to get extra privileges for good behaviour.

Hannah is adamant that she is not responsible for hurting her good friend Agnes at summer school. She insists that what happened was an accident and she loves her friend Agnes, she would never hurt her. Or would she?

We get a glimpse into the daily life and thoughts of young Hannah as she is completely bored within the same 4 walls of this institution. It was interesting to see things as Hannah sees them and get a glimpse into her thoughts and views on things. Hannah is a troubled young girl who is going through some mental health issues and I found it quite an interesting read.
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