An Unwanted Guest

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I loved this book, and continue to look forward to Shari Lapena's books. Very intriguing story and the plot twists and thickens.
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Shari Lapena has quickly because a shelf staple in my house. Every time she releases something new I am quick to add it to my collection. This locked door (hotel) mystery is a must read for any suspense lover and rivals The Couple Next Door for the spot of her strongest book.
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A disappointing read for me. It felt very much like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None in the beginning, but then just petered out ( not that I was looking for a different version of ATTWN).  I liked the different characters' POVs, but in the long run, I was ready to get on to my next read.  The story seemed to lag in all the wrong places.  Then the last part seemed a little rushed, like the author didn't really have time to develop the storyline further.

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Reading this book sent me looking for others by this author and now I have a new favorite writer to follow.  Enjoyed the book and trying to guess who the murderer might be.  Style is similar to Agatha Christie and I loved that.  Great setting and interesting characters.  Keeps you guessing until the last page.
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This book tried really hard to be "And Then There Were None" but it failed to live up to its caliber.

An Unwanted Guest follows a group of guests staying at a secluded mountain hotel. They get snowed in, and someone begins to murder them, one by one.
You can see how this mirrors ATTWN.

My favorite part about this book was the characters. I thought Lapena did a great job of fleshing all of them out and making them feel real and distinct. I never mistook one character from another, which is saying something with a cast this big.
I also liked how in each chapter we got to see nearly everyone's point of view. The POV would jump from person to person within each chapter, and I thought that helped build the tension and develop the characters.

The one thing that really kept me from loving this book was the pacing. The first guest is killed fairly quickly into the book, and then it's almost 100 pages of everyone else being scared and wondering what was going to happen next. The middle of the book really dragged-it just couldn't match the tension that ATTWN has throughout the book.

I also was kind of disappointed by the ending. It wasn't a really shocking twist that came out of nowhere like I was hoping for-it was just a dull, typical mystery conclusion.

Overall, I wouldn't be the first person to recommend "An Unwanted Guest." If you are new to the mystery genre you might enjoy this, but if you're a veteran mystery/thriller reader, this won't be anything new to you.
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An Unwanted Guest, just the thing everyone wants on their weekend getaway. The perfect winter weekend getaway gets off to a rocky start with blizzard like weather conditions.  Not everyone makes it to the secluded inn, including staff. Guests and the owner are set to make the best of it. The evening is nice and cozy. The guests enjoy a nice meal and get to know each other. It seems the weekend will turn out great after all. Little do they know something sinister awaits. The morning brings a shocking discovery- one guest is dead. Surely it was an accident, or was it? What if it wasn't an accident? Who would want one of the guests dead? An intruder? Another guest? This novel will keep you guessing!
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This book was super creepy and entertaining! I don't usually read a lot in this genre but this one I really enjoyed.
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An Unwanted Guest is another great book by Shari Lapena! She may be the reason why I actually started reading thriller/suspense novels. I’ve read so many since reading The Couple Next Door. 

You are keep guessing through the whole book of who the unwanted guest may have been. You meet an old married couple who well just the wife are trying to keep their marriage together, an engaged couple, a couple who are dating, a lawyer on a weekend getaway, an author trying to write a novel, two best friends and the son and father who run the inn. There is a snow storm that strands everyone there and then things start to happen. 4 are dead and you have no idea who the killer may be. You think that there is someone extra there at the inn with them or at least you may be lead to think that.

Each time I thought I had it all figured out Shari Lapena throws a curve ball at you and leaves you to start over. Maybe you can figure it all out but I sure was startled to learn the truth because I wasn’t expecting it!

Like all other Lapena books you are left wanting more and trying to figure out what she has not concluded for you.

My one question was what was Gwen’s story? We never learned her story.

4 stars out of 5.
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A group of strangers out for a relaxing weekend in the mountains, what could possible go wrong?  A ice storm, a power outage, and a unwanted guest who is killing them one by one, that's what.  Could the killer be one of the group, or did someone sneak in?  And what is the motive behind all of this?  Great read that kept me up late trying to figure it all out and just when I got to the end and thought I had the answer, a big surprise!
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A psychological thriller that keeps readers in suspense until the final chapter! As in life, each of the characters has something to hide, and their secrets are slowly revealed as the snowstorm and tension both reach their zenith..
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Overall I did enjoy this book. It reminded me of the the game CLUE. The book had a lot of twists and turns and I did have trouble putting the book down. i will recommend it to my patrons. I am sure many will enjoy reading this book. i may have to order some of her other books.
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I didn't like this one quite as much as A Stranger in the House, I don't think, but boy was it a fun read. Like Stranger, it had many elements of cheap melodrama but somehow it just worked (at least to a point). Most of the characters don't have much to recommend them, but in this plot-driven book with incredibly atmospheric writing, that didn't seem to bother me as much as it usually would. Even reading this in the dead of summer, I kept getting chills like I was snowed in at a New England hotel in the dead of winter - now that's good writing. The whodunnit element gets a little chaotic, what with multiple seemingly unrelated people dead and lots of not very nice people who could have killed once but probably not more... and honestly the big reveal was actually a bit disappointing and maybe jarring. But. It was a heck of an in-the-moment read, an easy sell to fans of And Then There Were None or 1222.
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This book had everything i like in a good mystery.
It was like watching a movie. The way Shari describe the scenes 
it made me feel as though I was there.
Plot was very good. I was thinking about this book even when 
I was doing other things. Well done!
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If you’re a fan of “Who done it” books, games or movies, you will probably love An Unwanted Guest.
I’d say it’s a typical “Who done it” story, but in reality, I wouldn’t know, because I rarely read that type of books.
Why? Honesty, the only reason that comes to my mind is that those books are just not popular enough, and therefore, it doesn’t even cross my mind to pick up one.

Thanks to Shari Lapena, I can proudly say I read one “Who done it” novel this year.
If you follow my reviews for a while now, maybe you know how much I enjoyed Lapena’s first novel The Couple Next Door. 
So… when I had a chance to read An Unwanted Guest, I grabbed it.

The story follows several characters (honestly, I can’t even tell you how many of them there were) who end up snowed in in a hotel for the weekend.
Early in the morning, they find a dead body of a woman who stayed in the hotel with them, and since no one can get out from the hotel, and no one can come in, it is obvious that one of them killed the victim.
Or was it someone else all along with them in a hotel, an unwanted guest?

First of all, this story reads fast as lightning. Trust me, I’m a slow reader, but I sped through the book. If an inspiration to write some reviews for my blog didn’t hit me, I’d probably finish it in one sitting.
However it took me 2 days to finish it (actually, 6 hours to be precise).

At first I was afraid I wouldn’t keep up with all the characters, since there was so many of them, but it was easy to tell them apart.
Not once did I mix them up.

The story itself is not as intense as I thought it would be, but it was interesting all the time.
I was really invested and wanted to know what will happen’ next chapter after chapter.
Short chapters also helped to hold my attention.

The end was not shocking, but it was unpredictable.
I didn’t guess the killer.
As for the very end, I can say I predicted it. However, I think most readers will be satisfied with it.
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I received a digital ARC through NetGalley. I’m a fan of Shari Lapena’s prior two novels, and I was sorely disappointed by this one. I noticed a continuity error which irked me, but it may not have made it into the final publication, so I have chosen to not factor it into my ultimate assessment. The novel read like a tv drama which was unusual but not entirely objectionable. Though I called the identity of the “bad guy,” I was entirely disappointed by the rushed and disjointed justification of the bad guy. Sloppy writing and a lame ending. I will continue to recommend the author’s first two books, but I will vehemently recommend readers skip this one.
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(3.5 stars)    I loved the setting of this book--a weekend at a mountain lodge during a storm--so much at the beginning of the book that I kept wanting to get back to reading so that I could return to the lodge. As the murders started and the electricity went out, making the lodge dark, cold and frightening, it certainly seemed like a less appealing place, but I looked forward to reading to find out what was going to happen. The writing is wonderfully evocative, which I found to be the greatest strength of the book. I also admired the way the author made it easy to keep track of all the characters--something I worried about at the beginning when so many were introduced at once. I did find it all a bit choppy, though, going from character to character in rather short passages. I also didn't find the resolution overly compelling. Rather than feeling, "Wow! I didn't see that coming!" my reaction was more along the lines of "Eh, I guess that works." All in all, I'd recommend it if you are a fan of mysteries--and I definitely agree with other readers that it was reminiscent of Agatha Christie books. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance e-copy of the book.
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*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*

I could not put this book down! All of the characters were so well written that I couldn't imagine who was the killer. Kudos to the author for recreating a classic Agatha Christie set-up; it made me quite happy. I should have waited until a day I was snowed in to read this versus summertime, but that's okay.
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Thank you for the advanced reader copy of this novel, Unfortunately, I am not able to provide a full review.  As much as the premise of the book sounded interesting, I just could not get into the book.
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A good whodunnit. I couldn't zero in on anyone as the killer, but the ending was completely believable. The characterization was excellent. There were many players to keep track of, and Lapena does a good job of making each character unique enough that I could keep them all straight in my head.
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A classic whodunnit mystery, in the same vein as Christie or CLUE! An Unwanted Guest is a page turning thriller set in a remote, old school luxury hotel where guests are arriving just in time to shelter from a severe winter ice storm that cuts electricity and phone contract with the outside. As the plot continues, you feel like you're smack in a classic murder mystery. There is a killer amoungst the guests, and it's race to identify the killer before they kill again.

3.5 stars
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