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I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is book 1 in the tartans and titans series. In this we have a wife that abandoned her husband and a husband trying to become a better man. I just wasn’t in love with her at all. She got on my nerves however I am looking forward to book 2.
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Aisla and Niall married really young and because of alcoholism, living in a diferente house, strange people and loss tearing them apart and six years later Aisla wants to divorce him.

Aisla live in Paris where she met her BFF Julien and he wants a convenient marriage with her to make his mother happy because she is very ill. Aisla goes back to Scotland to divorce her wild husband. When she gets there she wasn't  prepared to the change in him and in Tarbendale.

It's obvious that they love each othe but time and grief making them very sturborn to reconcilate.Yet Aisla wants to win her wager and she makes Niall suffers, but he is hurting in some other place too because he can't resist his beautiful wife and neither can she. Besides them,there others characters who adds to the story and moves the narrative. Like Julien and Makenna's pseudo flirting, Ronan escaping his mother's attempt to get marriage.

Niall is not rich as the youngest son but he is quite well in finances. Some attempts in his mines could be someone trying to get revenge. Always a little mysterious to put the story in track. I love the narrative, but the characters spent too much time in their heads. The details of the six weeks and if Niall and Aisla's talking would have helped.

Good story and a lovely end.
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Aisla knows her mind and is smart. Niall is a focused, smart guy. They have a history, of hurt and love, and I found it interesting to go back and see the relationship bloom and grow as this pair came together.
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I absolutely loved the story.
There’s only 1 reason why it didn’t get 5 stars from me and that is the fact that the timeline doesn’t match. I’m not so ignorant to expect historical accuracy from a historical romance but I would expect at least the right time period. This story happens in the 1860’s, however; the clan lifestyle in the highlands was extinct in the mid 1700’s, after the Jacobite risings. There would be no laird or clans as described, also the use of kilts and tartan at this point were just for special occasions.
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I am voluntarily submitting my honest review after receiving an ARC of this ebook via NetGalley.

This novel features a unique plotline that is engaging from the very start. In this historical romance, Lady Aisla Montgomery returns to Scotland after spending six years in France to seek a divorce from her estranged husband, Niall Maclaren. She finds a man much changed from the one she left, and the Niall she returns to is not ready to give up on their relationship. Sparks fly as they reacquaint themselves, settle old scores and decide if their marriage is worth saving. Although some of the characters do make appearances in previous works by these authors, this is the first book in the Tartans & Titans series. This is the first book by Howard and Morgan that I have read, and I was able to follow the story with no problems at all. The novel starts off a bit slow, but picks up in the middle and includes lots of fun banter, great chemistry, funny mishaps, danger, intrigue and of course, romance. This is a good read for fans of historical fiction, particularly those with a penchant for hunky Scottish Highlanders, and I'm looking forward to more in this series.
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Not read a book by these wonderful authors? That will nevaaaaaaa happen! 

This book is no different from anything else delivered by Howard and Morgan in that they give us storylines that are rich with history, lovable and engaging characters, plenty of chemistry, filled with twists and turns, and sprinkled with the right amount of intrigue. Ooooh yea that’s what I’m talking about...

Sweet Home Highlander is Book 1 of the Tartans and Titans series which is a spin-off from the Lords of Essex series. What a wonderful start and really looking forward to what comes next.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
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New authors for me but I am glad I read "Sweet Home Highlander." Lady Aisla is a unique character and you do feel for her. Niall is a naughty man but does redeem himself. Lots of romance with a few plot twists.
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I received a free copy from netgalley for an honest review. It took me awhile to get started in this book and I'm not sure why but I'm really glad that I actually read it and finished it. I really fell in love with this story. Niall and aisla eloped when they were younger and the marriage end up falling apart with aisla leaving and moving to Paris. She returns only to ask for a divorce and ends up having to stay in Scotland and of course they fall in love again. I really enjoyed the story and I'm glad I finally finished it.
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Received in exchange for a honest review.

What I like most about this book is how Aisla isn’t what you expect for the time this takes place in. She is strong, independent, smart,feisty and mischievous. You can see that her heart is still hurting from her past with Niall but she is also frustrated at what is happening as well. She guards herself well and is very wary of Niall and really doesn’t believe he has changed. I love the deviousness of Niall’s mom.

Niall long ago had his heart broken. He has come to terms with his part in Aisla walking away and has changed since than.He works hard and is there for the people of his laird. He doesn’t want handouts nor does he want sympathy. He just wants to work his land and mine and help his people. Only a wrinkle comes into his world and throws him off kilter.

Aisla must go back to face Niall and asks for him to let her go. This is where the fun begins. We can see the chemistry between these two ignite and spark the pages from the minute Aisla steps on his land but we also see the underlying anger and tension. Niall is angry she is back and why. Aisla is angry she has to be there and for his conditions to being set free. So she intends to make him miserable and win especially after what she overheard. What follows is some snarky banter, tension that sparks the pages, devious ways that have you smile at the antics between these two and a love that is being denied. Niall has changed so much since Aisla left but she doesn’t want to see it for she is afraid. She doesn’t want to feel hurt again. As she begins to see everything around her and learns about him and how he is with his people, her heart softens. But there is a mystery going on as well. someone is sabotaging Niall’s mines. And it is getting more dangerous with each mishap. While Niall is dealing with this he is also dealing with his wife’s antics to get him to secede and her win the bet on who succumbs to seduction first. Only Niall is just as devious and finds this side of Aisla invigorating and seductive.

Watching these two battle their attraction while relearning who each other is is fun and seductive. Seeing Niall do what those in love do so others can be happy is heartwarming and heartbreaking. The story is one full  of fun times, devious moments, snarky banter but also so much entertainment in the banter and love. We see family that is close and help one another while also protecting those around them. a mystery that keeps you intrigued and a romance that entrances you to the end with characters you love and villains you want to see get their just due.
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Sweet Home Highlander was a very enjoyable read and a great start to the Tartans and Titans series, a spin-off of the Lords of Essex series.

Lady Aisla Montgomery is happy with the life she’s made for herself in Paris, so long as her husband, Niall Stuart Maclaren, remains in Scotland. However, after six years she must travel to Scotland to seek a divorce, meaning she will be forced to face the life and man she fled. Niall is shocked to find Aisla has returned and even more so when she asks for a divorce. Niall agrees to give her what she wants, but first he wants one week for every year she was gone.

Aisla grew from a woman unsure of herself into one who knows exactly what she wants and how to go about getting it. Aisla no longer allows anyone to push her around or try and talk her into doing something she doesn’t want to do. I admired her willingness to do anything to help a friend in need even if I felt she held onto her promise longer than necessary when it became clear she shouldn’t keep it.

Niall is the most changed character from who he was six years ago when he drank too much and never put forth any effort to do anything with his life. After giving up drinking, he bought a parcel of land and with the mines on the property, he is making something of himself when so many thought he wouldn’t amount to anything. I enjoyed the inventions he created to help make up for his injury and liked the clever side of himself that so many never got to see.

Aisla and Niall’s relationship perfectly combined two of my favorite romance tropes, hate to love and second chance romance. In their youth, Aisla and Niall were caught up in their whirlwind romance which likely led to them marrying too early in life. Aisla didn’t know yet how to stand up for herself and Niall wasn’t sure how to break free of the limitations his clan placed on him. Also at that time the two didn’t communicate well which led to a number of issues between them. After six years apart, I feel like Aisla and Niall were perfect for each other as the more mature versions of themselves. Plus, they have great chemistry, fantastic banter, and the sexual tension was off the charts.

Throughout the story several characters from the authors’ previous series are mentioned with a few of them showing up here and there. It was nice hearing about some of the previous characters and getting a glimpse of their lives although reading the other series is not necessary for reading this one.

Sweet Home Highlander was a ton of fun to read and I’m looking forward to future books from this author duo as they’ve yet to disappoint.
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These were new authors to me, and I'm glad to say that I'm not the least bit disappointed.  I love a good Highlander story, and this was one.  Niall and Aisla were married young, and things did not end well!  They've been apart for six years, but are reunited when Aisla needs to obtain a divorce from  Niall in order to marry her best friend, Julien.  Things between our Hero and Heroine don't look too good now, either!

Both Aisla and Niall are strong willed people....perhaps stubborn would be a better word.  They are caught up in hurts and distrust from the past.  Just when it appears they have gotten past it, new things happen and things fall apart again.  I adored both characters, but I wanted to shake some sense into them!  There was some mystery woven throughout the story, adding a nice dose of excitement..  The chemistry between our leads, however, is the best part of the story.  Well, that and the steam!

I look forward to future books in this series.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.
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Warning, though I try my best to avoid this, all reviews can contain spoilers of some kind. If you would like to know just my overall opinion of the book, and otherwise go into reading it blind, please scroll down to my overall and would I recommend it section.

	I Voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

	I have to say that I am not only thrilled to have picked up these authors for the first time, but to be able to start with a brand new series like this one is fantastic.

	This story starts off with our hero Laird Niall Maclaren in a fistfight for fun and competition in Scotland with his long time friend, Hamish MacLeod. Niall notices this fight seems to have drawn in a lot more women than usual. Niall discovers this is an attempt to get the Laird over his wayward wife and interested in a new women. However, the Laird wants no part of love again. Meanwhile in Paris Aisla, the Laird’s wife, is trying desperately to get over the loss of her first love and their unborn child after being sent away by Niall himself six years prior. After she is proposed to by her best friend, she is forced to return and try to secure a divorce. This spurs on a wager between Niall and his brother that causes her husband to not grant her what she wants unless she spends one week for every year she has been gone with him. But will this wager spark an old heat that burns into a new flame or will it just add another nail to the coffin of their marriage?

	What a fantastic story. It was very slow to get started, I’ll admit, but after that it stole my heart. The energy between these two characters is seen right away when they first meet each other again after the six year separation. I love the way both characters instantly felt an assault of longing, anger, lust, bitterness, and love the second they lay eyes on one another. 

	After getting to know the circumstances of how these two parted and how their marriage was before hand, it is only understandable that Aisla feels very standoffish to the idea of feeling something for her husband again. However, one of the things I loved about the emotional tug-of-war between these two is Niall’s concerns with the whole situation. It’s true he believes the worst of her, but lots of people have gotten over that in the past, however he has a practical head on his shoulders and not only thinks about his own feelings and risks to them but that of the people he leads as well. 

	This was a whirlwind of a story that really captured my heart. Through all of their plotting and bickering, the underlining romance between these two just keeps breaking through every barrier that they had erected and every obstacle that gets in the way. I love how they come together and see not only how each other has changed so drastically, but learn how those changes mold them perfectly together, making them a perfect match in almost every way. 
	On a final note, the action scenes in this novel are amazing. They highlight the culture of the time as well as show how even a woman can be brave and kick some serious tail when they need to. 

This was a fantastic story that really melts the heart. I found myself in love with the way the characters are depicted and the story they told, the only down side was the amount of time it took for the book to really get going. After it picks up, it is a delight to read. If this is the first historical romance or highlander romance you have read, I will give you one important warning, this book may lead you to buy many more like it. 

Would I Recommend It:
Yes I would recommend it to anyone who loves romance. While I realize there are a lot of people out there that are not into historical romance, this book does not shove history down the readers throat. This is a beautiful story that incorporates aspects of history and culture with a clever story and colorful characters.
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really wanted Niall and Aisla to get back together because it is so very obvious that those two are in love despite everything that happened between them and I must admit that their lack of communication or sometimes even their malcommunication made me a bit mad. Fortunately, before they really made me mad, they started to talk and ...well. 

This book pulled me in and kept me reading despite their lack of proper communication. I loved Niall and Aisla and hated those that tried to tear them apart - again. Actually, I really didn't understand that Niall didn't see any of that (okay, he is a man, so probably that explains it all).  I also loved most of the minor characters and I can't wait to read Makenna's story which will hopefully follow (very) soon!

Back to Niall and Aisla though. This heartwarming and heart-breaking second chance story was written beautifully and comes along with lots of treachery, misunderstandings and pure viciousness which were perfectly balanced by true love, friendship and loyalty. A really nice story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and I am already looking forward to the next book in this new series!

(One thing though - I was a bit upset because despite the fact that we read very often about the devastating effect that alcohol had on Niall's character (even tough he himself doesn't really acknowledge it despite the fact that he never drinks anymore), he smells is and tasts it again without any effect. He even prides himself because of his strong character that would allow him to never really drink again, a sip or a glass would be okay, though. Okay, I know that in those times people didn't know anything about it but I know that it is not that easy to drink "just one glass" or "just one sip" if you have been addicted to alcohol and honestly, as often as he was seriously drunk, as much as he destroyed by his drinking, I consider him a former addict - and I wouldn't let him near any alcohol because the danger of a relapse is always there. I know, that has nothing to do with the book itself but having met quite a number of former addicts in my life, it feels wrong to accept that Niall just drinks - or not - without any danger of a relapse.)
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Lady Aisla Maclaren has been living in Paris for years.  Her best friend has suddenly asked her to marry him. There is a big obstacle to that,  a certain Highlander she left behind in Scotland.  
Laird Niall Maclaren has spent the last few years dragging himself out of the bottle and rebuilding his life.  His family keep telling him that he needs a woman,  but nobody can take the place of the one that he sent away.  
An emotional story with lovely characters that have a tendency toward self destructive behaviour.  Our hero had something taken from him as a lad,  and has spent the rest of his life trying to prove he is not a cripple.  Jealousy and temper tantrums play a big part in the difficulties they face.  
This does say it's the first in a series but I know I've met this hero before when he was a young lad.  A very entertaining read.
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TW: Alcoholism, miscarriage, hints of domestic abuse

So, something to know about me. I love Sweet Home Alabama. (I watch it almost every year.) Yet, somehow, it didn't dawn on me until a third of the way through that this book is Sweet Home Alabama, except set in 1820s Scotland. You'd think the name would tip me off, eh? So many things were similar, from the reason Aisla returns for a divorce so she can marry someone else to the way she slips right back into her old accent when worked up. I was absolutely delighted.

So the premise of the book is that two Scottish teens fell in love over the course of a few years, eloped, and then had a pretty bad start at life together. After a particularly terrible event, Aisla leaves, going to live with an aunt in Paris, where she stays for six years and befriends a Frenchman. Due to an arrangement with the Frenchman, she returns – with him in tow – to Scotland to seek a divorce, only to find that Niall is not quite the same man he was years before. And Niall will only agree to let her leave if she spends six weeks with him as his wife, not realising that he was biting off more than he could chew! Because Aisla isn’t quite the same person either, and her fiery wit and stubborn strength shouldn’t be underestimated.

I liked both Aisla and Niall as stars. Both showed tenacity and intelligence, though they had their flaws. Niall, especially, was particularly pigheaded, and too easily swayed by others at times. I could understand why Aisla left the first time, as Niall drank too much and didn’t seem to understand or care about what she was going through, leaving her clan and being completely alone among his people. When tragedy hit them, he was particularly cruel, I think, though I understand that such events can affect people in different ways. But these flashbacks, while unflattering, were a good juxtaposition for who Aisla and Niall are now, both stronger but also more cynical.

While I adored Aisla and how strong she was, especially after what she went through, Niall really stood out for me. My first boyfriend turned into an alcoholic, and it was horrible, so I did not warm at all to Niall’s 18-year-old self. I was 100% on board with Aisla leaving. But who he became impressed me so much. He grew into a hardworking, highly talented, successful laird, not letting the fact that he was missing a hand stop him from being amazing. I loved that the authors included that detail but didn’t let it define him or hold him back. And, as an extra bonus, he went out of his way to employ war veterans, people with disabilities, and widows. Hell yes. Naturally, the Scottish brogue didn't hurt either. Swoon.

Romance-wise, this was delicious. There was so much tension, so much pent up lust. I couldn’t get enough. I longed for them to give into their desire, and each kiss (and more) was perfect. A 5-star read for me needs to get a visceral reaction out of me, and each act of physical intimacy did. I love reading romance novels on the train (knowing it’s naughty makes it so much more fun), and I actually felt like it was too much, even though the acts themselves weren’t that dirty. The authors managed to write quite vanilla sex scenes with so much heat that I almost had to close the book because I was almost reacting too much!

Also, a nice touch with regards to the romance, as I know that some people find this can make or break a second-chance romance… Neither Niall nor Aisla have feelings for others during those six years, be they romantic or sexual. I know this isn’t very realistic, but in romantic fantasyland, I personally love this, as it shows just how meant-to-be they are. Which they 100000% are. 
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

Boy I adore stories about Highlanders and second chance romance. This story contained enough angst to keep you glued to your ereader. I loved the plot. I really breaks the heart to see two people who are meant to be together, separate. In this case, it was a good thing, I hated to see the book end as I was really enraptured by their stories. It was like saying good-bye to friends.
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Lady Aisla Montgomery only wants one thing from Niall Montgomery and that’s a divorce.  For the last six years life’s been perfect her has husband stayed in Scotland and she been living in Paris. Niall and Aisla were a young couple in love, they lost a child, then their whole world came tumbling down, and when this tragedy should have brought them closer it tore them apart. Their inability to talk and comfort each other was the source of their problems, but Niall’s drinking became an even bigger obstacle to overcome. 
Six years ago Niall drank too much and allowed his jealousy to rule so much so in a drunken jealous rage he sent Aisla away. Niall can’t believe his eyes when he sees Aisla and her escort at his castle doors, he’s dreamed of having her back, his wife he’s missed every day for the last six years. Now she’s returned to a changed man who wants for her to stay with him six weeks as his wife, in his castle their home, their bed in exchange for her freedom. 
I almost feel like Aisla leaving Niall was the best thing to happen to him, he finally quit drinking and started taking care of his Clan, made his land productive. It’s not too often two people get a second chase I was routing for these two stubborn and prideful characters to take advantage of this second chance at love and romance with twists treachery, jealousy, misunderstandings and to find that HEA they both so deserve!!!
This is my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no requirements for a review.
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Not having read either author before but they seem to know how to lure one in. The story was right up my way that I wanted to step back in time with one such as these. This one has two characters that will stir up plenty in their quest to have their way. Niall and Aisla will take you on a second chance romance but in Highlander fashion. The personalities when crossed create some high entertainment with also some roaring heat that make it squirmy. part of the allure of this one was seeing whom was going to get what they wanted.
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I have really enjoyed this writing duo, so I was super excited that they were writing another historical romance series. And I was especially excited this spin off started with Aisla and Niall. They were both so great and were fire together.

Aisla and Niall are both great but they are both incredibly stubborn. Neither one wants to be the one to back down and admit their faults and they were both at fault. What I loved was watching them grow and come together and learn from their past mistakes. It all made them stronger in the end. They were great together and had insane chemistry. I also loved the elements in the plot outside of the romance because it kept me on edge.

I’m also really looking forward to more from this series. Ronan has a story to tell and I’m excited! I’m also incredibly excited for Makenna; I want her to get the happiness she deserves. All of the characters and elements came together so well to deliver an engaging story.

Sweet Home Highlander was a great way to kick off this series and I’m definitely excited for more.
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This story was a joy to read,  Niall MacLaren and is wife Aisle have been separated for 6 years, thanks to Niall's drunkenness and jealousy, he sent her away to France, over the 6 years he's sobered and made something of himself that his clan can be proud of and now he just wants his wife back.  
Aisla comes back but she 's not alone and not here to stay, she waǹts a divorce but Niall won't give in easily, and so he tells her that he will acquise only if she stays for 6 weeks, but in those weeks she has to act like his wife and that includes in his bed. if she does that then after she can have her freedom. I loved Niall, he has a lot to make up for, but at least he's on the right road, all he has to do is convince Aisla.

I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
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