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I discovered Julianna Zobrist through a friend of hers shortly after the birth of her third child. I loved her personality and her love for life. when I heard she was writing a book, i couldnt wait. the book is everything that makes Julianna which she is. it's honest. it's colorful. it's genuine and real.
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Powerful, poignant & praise-worthy.  Live a life of the purpose God made you for and remembering He approves of you.  Remembering that God is in your corner, is one aspect that she talks about.

Julianna Zobrist is often blunt and to the point and I liked that. I really enjoyed reading this book.  I would recommend this book.
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The cover is colorful. Julianna Zobrist loves color. Her picture on the front of her book makes me think of Lady GaGa due to the creative outfit she's wearing. Her memoir Pull It Off is a short book filled with how we view our identity shapes us and our confidence.

She is not preachy, but Julianna shows through Biblical scripture our identity is in Christ. Julianna doesn't harp on us being perfect, but on learning to accept our imperfections and allowing God to work through that. She provides stories from her life and what it's like to be married to her professional baseball player husband.

This memoir was light hearted with nuggets of Biblical truth sprinkled in. Julianna is not your typical Christian living genre type author. She thinks and expresses herself outside the box. The chapter where Julianna describes how her home is decorated made me sit in awe. Think of Candy Land throwing up decorations all over her home. Yes, it's that colorful and fun. The allegory about the dandelion at the end was emotionally powerful.

I received a complementary copy of Pull It Off by Julianna Zobrist from Faith Words and NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own. If you love Christian books that are helpful, but not bossy in tone then you may enjoy this book. I hope Julianna will write more books.
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Empowering Christianity is what Julianna is trying to push through her book, Pull It Off. She organizes the book with three sections; Authority, Identity, and Security. I personally found the first section about Authority the most interesting. In this section there are a few analogies that I connected with and feel like a large audience of women can connect with. There are a lot of biblical references and random stories that she tries to connect with to make her point, but admittedly I lost interest fast when those started, and that happened frequently in this book. 
In the last section she is mostly just describing who she is and that it is ok for everyone else to show their individualism and different ways she thinks the reader can do that. I wouldn’t recommend this book to someone who doesn’t usually read non fiction books or doesn’t enjoy them usually. Overall, I only liked a few points of this book and it was not my favorite. I received an advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review.
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