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I have loved reading anything involving Anne Frank since I was introduced to her at the age of 11 during English class.  I am passionate about helping kids understand that other kids their age lived through some of the most harrowing experiences in history.  They were real kids.  With big problems.  Until that real world connection is made, history is just a story.
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This is a very informative book about Anne Frank's life along with an overview of the WWII and the Holocaust. There are photographs and illustrations that provide great context for the reader. It is written in an easily accessible manner for the reader. 

I might have rated this higher as a younger reader, but at this point in my life and with the reading I have already done most of the information was not new to me. Although full of great information, it also does not pack the emotional punch of some other books about this topic. As an eighth grade teacher, I have often taught the The Diary of Anne Frank: the Play and this would be a great supplementary resource.
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I loved this book.  As a middle school and high school teacher, I have studied Anne for many hours with my students.  I was lucky to get to visit the secret annex where Ann and her family hid out before being captured. All About Me is a great book for middle schoolers.  The pictures will grab their interest and the text is presented in an interesting way that will keep them reading.  I would love to have a class set of these to share with my students. I will be recommending the book to our school librarian.
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All About Anne by Anne Frank House is a middle grade book about the life and death of Anne Frank, compiled by The Anne Frank House is an vitally important book that should be read by everyone, regardless of age.  It explains in great detail, yet in child language, how the Frank family hid, why they hid and how this whole horrible chapter in our history came about. This book is a well written and a thoroughly researched book, that puts Anne Frank's diary in focus, and in context.

Anne’s life and death are presented in a simple, yet fact filled eighty-page book that takes readers beyond Anne’s diary to include her life from birth to death with many photographs. The book includes important historical facts about the Holocaust, including America’s refusal of refugees during that period. Using photographs and drawings, it depicts the city where the Franks hid, Mr. Frank's office and how the true heroes came daily with supplies to help hide the family from Nazis. 

I highly recommend this book for children to learn about holocaust and the impact it had on innocent lives. 

I received this e-ARC from Second Story Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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We all learned Anne Frank's story in school: a family forced to hide for years to protect themselves from Nazis. "All About Anne," though, goes further. With family photographs and background information about the time period, it does a thorough job of providing the reader a full picture of the area during the 1940's. I was surprised at the amount of new information that I learned while reading the book. This would be perfect for classroom use, with Grades 4-6 being the target age group. Despite the heavy subject, the Anne Frank House did a wonderful job of making the information accessible to children. The vocabulary is appropriate, not overwhelming. Great addition to children's literature for that time period.
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I loved this book.  Such a great book to add so much more to the story of Anne.  It is full of photos and details of her life before that we were unaware of.  The author shares stories of her family and of her friendships in school along with so many more aspects of her life.  
This is a great middle school book and I would highly recommend it. 
Thanks to Net Gallery for providing me a copy of this book to read. 
This is my honest opinion.
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I'm so glad materials continue to be published on Anne Frank. This is a great option for middle graders that I would feel comfortable recommending if they are going to read her Diary.
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All About Anne was a captivating look into the life of Anne Frank, her family, and friends. This book was accompanied by many photos and illustrations of Anne’s life, before, during, and after Hitler’s reign of terror. The authors provided detailed accounts not only from what was written about in history books but also through eyewitness accounts such as a friend who tried to help Anne when she was in the concentration camp. 
Every time we read the Diary of Anne Frank in class, many of my students would unabashedly cry. Afterwards, they wanted to know more… this book would certainly answer many of their questions… and then some. 
This book is highly recommended and should be a part of every school library.
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I have never read The Diary of Anne Frank but this book gives a lot of information about Anne's life and what life was like in Europe during the time before and during World War II.  I have read a lot about World War II but still learn new things each time I begin a new book.  It didn't matter if you practiced Judaism as a religion but what decided your fate with the Nazi's was how many grandparents you had that were Jewish.  This determined whether you were half or a fourth Jewish.
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I’ve been reading about Anne Frank since I was a small girl.  This was a fresh look at the story behind the story by answering questions from children.  Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read it.   Can’t wait to read more.
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If you have been reading my blog over the last few years, you are aware that I have a passion for Anne Frank and her history. One day, I hope to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam; however, for now I will be pleased with the information they provide online and in various materials. Today, (September 10, 2018) they release a new book entitled, All About Anne.

In my reading, I really enjoyed seeing more pictures of Anne and her family before they went into hiding; two in particular was Anne with a group of friends on her tenth birthday and the Frank family in town headed to the movies. I have never seen pictures of life before World War II, although her life was short it is nice to know she had normal everyday experiences in her early childhood.

In addition to the pictures, I enjoyed reading various stories not heard before. These came from questions that children have asked when visiting the Anne Frank House. Being written in kid friendly language, this would be an incredible reference book to have in an upper elementary or middle school classroom. This would also be a great book to pair with the reading of Anne Frank's diary; students would be able to have the background knowledge to better understand her personal experiences she writes about. 

From the Publisher: Anne Frank’s life story, told in words and pictures from the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam. Anne Frank's life story is told by answering the most frequently asked questions posed by children and young people visiting the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam. Text, detailed photographs, and beautiful illustrations combine to give the fullest picture of Anne's life, her diary, and the Secret Annex. Full of information about World War II, the Holocaust, and Anne's time in hiding, the book provides both an overview of the history as well as intimate insights into the life of the young woman whose story and diary continues to capture the imaginations of young people around the world.

Anne Frank Stichting organisation was founded in 1957 in collaboration with Otto Frank, Anne's father, and is dedicated to the preservation of the building at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam, where the Frank family and others were in hiding during WWII. Since 1960, the building, known as the Anne Frank House, has been open to the public as a museum, bringing Anne's words, as made famous by her diary, to the attention of people worldwide, raising awareness of the dangers of anti-Semitism, racism, and discrimination, and the importance of freedom, equal rights, and democracy.

I  would like to thank, Netgalley for the advanced reader copy I was given in exchange for my honest review. I read this book as a part of my #BookaDay Reading Challenge, inspired by Donalyn Miller.
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Great book for young readers. Lots of pictures and answers to questions kids might have. This should be required reading for middle-grade students.
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Growing up in Asia, the Holocaust was rarely a subject to be discussed in school, at least in depth. Despite my knowing about Anne Frank and the brief background around that time period at a very young age, there were many questions I didn't understand until I was in college. If there was a book like "All About Anne" available at the time I grew up, I definitely would be able to appreciate Anne Frank's diary and her story more.

This is not just a book about Anne. Anne Frank House did an amazing job to compile a conclusive picture of before, during, and after the Holocaust that many young children would question upon reading Anne Frank's diary. Not only the book vividly depicts the personalities, the worries and struggles of the Frank family, it as well explains the political and economic turmoils around Europe after the Great War that eventually led to the rise of the Nazi and the Holocaust. Everything in the book helps young readers to form a general idea about that time period. Rare pictures, propaganda, and sketches of the Secret Annex are especially interesting. 

"All About Anne" is a powerful and emotional read for readers of all age. It will also make a great companion book prior or after reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" for young children. I highly recommend "All About Anne."
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This book should be in all the schools. It explains not just about what happened to Anne Frank and her friends and family but what was going on in the occupation and the war. You can tell it is written to make it easier for kids to read but also doesn’t try to disguise the horrors that really happened.
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Another great book about Anne. This one geared toward the upper elementary crowd. This is perfect for the many who get obsessed with Anne Frank around this age.
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I was thinking that this book would be a watered down version meant for kids. I was wrong. Although it takes time to explain things in a simple manner, it includes a lot of difficult and violent concepts that occurred during the war.  I really liked all of photos. They brought the details to life again. 

I would definitely recommend this book for tweens or teens (or adults). I would probably read alongside those at the younger end of that range, to explain and answer the questions that are bound to come up.
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This easy to read text fills in gaps and questions that readers have about Anne Frank, her friends, and family during this horrific time in history. Numerous pictures throughout the book gave insight to the people and their accommodations at the camps and in the Secret Annex. This would be an excellent read for middle school students.
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Tough topic made tangible for kids.
By the time a child is old enough for a reading ability of this book he or she will most likely at least recognize the name of Anne Frank. This book brings the facts through stories and photographs in a way that enlightens, making Anne, as well as her family and friends, a beloved, real person.

With oh so very many books available on the World War II era, this is one geared towards children as thinking individuals. This would make an excellent addition to any teacher's shelf on the time period. Librarians can freshen up their offerings with this title while bridging the gap between Anne Frank picture books and higher (teen+) reading.
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This book captures the context and background around Anne Frank’s life. I liked reading the book as it provided a different view of the life then and especially the details when Anne’s family was in hiding. There are details in the book that make you shudder as you think about the challenges the families faced. 

The book would be valuable read for older elementary kids. This book nicely complements other books on the topic and would be valuable addition to readers who would want to know more Anne Frank and/or the life around the world war II. Some parts of the book are a bit repetitive and could use some editing but overall, I think it is still a good book for readers interested in the topic.

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This book follows the life of Anne Frank and her life during WWII.  It takes you through the life of Anne as a child and then a teenager who must go into hiding with her family. The story is very deep and covers everything that even the diary of Anne leaves out. 

The author even had entries from some of Anne's childhood friends. I know my students will really enjoy reading this book and viewing all of the primary sources in the book. 

As I have visited the Anne Frank house and walked through the Secret Annex, this book brought back this experience to me.  Seeing the diagrams in the book will help students understand the space available to the Franks.  

I would highly recommend this book!
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