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Dangerous by Minerva Spencer is a very exciting book, full of emotion, adventure and hoards of memorable characters.  Minerva is a new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. I really, really liked this story! It was unique, captivating and full of humour.   The storyline itself sets this book apart and makes it stand out.  The plot is HUGE, unpredictable and extraordinarily well done. The characters are amazing! They all seemed so real and there was a lot of them. This book was incredibly difficult to put down! A page turner through and through.
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I really loved this book. It was original and very different from the typical Regency historicals I've read. The characters were unique and had great chemistry together.  I really liked how the heroine's personality helped the hero revert back to how he was before his own tragedy.  Warning though, the back story for the heroine is troubled and as she was in a harem for quite a while there is rape of a child and other violence in her past. It was done well and the horror wasn't shown, which I thought strange but it kept me from dwelling too much on it so that was good.  There was great romance but also action and emotion and the book kept me turning the page late into the night! This is the first book in a new series and I will be first in line to buy the next one!!
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Dangerous by Minerva Spencer is a fantastic read! Mia is a curiosity to the English ton, she has been gone from England for 17 years and no one knows where she was during this time away. The truth is, she was a captive in a sheik's harem and bore him a son. At 32, she is finally making her debut into society because her father is forcing her to marry.
Mia of course, doesn't want to marry especially a stuffy Englishman but she will to appease her father and then she will leave her husband and follow her dreams for her life. Most importantly, returning for her son.
Adam has buried two wives and no one is sure he didn't kill them. He is kind of reclusive, kind of an outcast and like Mia a bit of a curiosity. He is drawn to Mia, he has three daughters but decides he may as well marry again to sire an heir and Mia fits the bills. 
These two are in for a wild ride to their happily ever after. The passion between Mia and Adam leaps off the page, Mia doesn't feel sorry for herself or bemoan her situation - I believe she may be the most pragmatic character I have ever read in a romance novel. She is realistic and willing to enjoy the passion between them until she is ready to leave.
Adam is shocked by his depth of feelings for Mia and how compatible they are. He planned on having a typical ton marriage of convenience but Mia swept him off his feet. I also enjoyed that there were very few misunderstandings between Adam and Mia and that misunderstandings weren't used heavily as a plot device. Mia is an interesting character since many of her formative years were spent in captivity in a harem. She is much different than any woman Adam has ever known.
Very, very good story and I highly recommend this one to historical romance readers who enjoy passionate romance and developed characters.
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I couldn’t enjoy this book at all. Everything just seemed so far fetched and completely outside the realms of possibility. I felt like it was glorified erotica with a flimsy plot. I gave up reading properly about halfway through because I didn’t really care much what happened.
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Minerva Spencer’s Dangerous is one of those books that will go on my keeper shelf! It’s sensual, fast-paced, and has an action-packed ending that had me on the edge of my seat. Both Adam and Mia have events from their past that have molded them. Mia is a curiosity to the ton, and Adam is ostracized from the society he was born into. He needs a strong woman to draw him from the dark shadow he now lives under, and Mia is the perfect woman to show him that love is still possible.

This story also takes the reader from London to the country, then to Northern Africa. I don’t wish to give too much away, but the journey is fraught with danger, heroics, and the introduction of a new character that I’d enjoy seeing get his own story. I highly recommend this book.
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This book was amazing, so heartwarming, warm, thrilling and amazing! halfway through the ebook, I went online to put the paperback on my wishlist because I felt that I simply needed to have this one in print as well!
The contrast between London's ton and Mia's warm and sensusal manner is striking and you just feel her husband relax into something unknown to him, something warm and very much alive, you feel the love between the hero and the heroine grow and I loved to see the lightness and the laughter Mia brings into her husbands life. And I also loved to see how Adam de Courtney's acceptance of her past and her allows her to blosssom and to be happy.
Mia hugs and caresses her way straight into her husband's heart and when she disappears, well, he won't let her get away...and he won't let her face the danger alone.....
A wonderful book - I just wanted to say "to read on a sunny afternoon" but actually, no mattter where and no matter what the weather or the place, this book is always a good choice! I can't wait to read the next book in this series!
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I loved , loved , loved this book , it was such fun to read .
Dangerous is a great title and apt for the characters and the storyline.
Mia is brilliant such a great character, she sassy and different, not your usual Debutante at all , she’s got her own ideas and is not afraid to flaunt it .
Adam I loved so much , damaged by the experience of two bad marriages , kids he doesn’t gel with , the ton who avoid him , he’s just not excepted , until Mia , she slowly worms her way into his life , not changing him but giving him more reasons to develop himself and his attitude to people and life , she shows him how to relax and love and not be scared of his emotions.
By introducing the quantity and quality of secondary characters that she has , the author has left herself in an envious position.
She can use Adams sister and Daughters ,Mia’s Brother and sons and go down the family saga route .
Or she could use the friends route , to create a series , all of them are wonderful and would work well in their own right .
This book is well written with humour ,tension, and emotion . 
I can’t wait to read more of Minerva’s books , and I believe their is much more to come from such a good writer . 
I received an advanced copy of this book and chose to submit a review
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Well, poison is a woman's weapon.

She had a son? Where is he now? 

She's not a wilting virgin, Duke.

She wants to go back? Why? 

Ooh, why is he Murderous? And why does he never leave London? 

Dates are too sweet for me, but couscous is yummy.

Poor woman just wanted to go to Italy. 

World's shortest courtship.

Seriously, Cian, what the heck is wrong with you? 

Why do all his wives cheat on him? 

Massaging him in his sleep is probably inappropriate, but he would deserve it after drinking so much. 

If only all ladies could talk to their husband's mistress like that! 

She could give lessons at any bawdy house in England. 

You realize you have a teenager, right Adam? Hormones are not a sign of lunacy, if that's what you're worried about. 

Her husband or her son.

I don't trust Ramsay or Martin, and neither should she. 

Does she think sex solves everything? 

They didn't know about postpartum depression back then. 

These two so need counseling. 

She never does what she's told!
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Sometimes Adam's lady drives him bonkers, "he stared at her. She crossed her arms and stared back. Adam cast his eyes ceilingward. “Fine. A bargain.” I don't think Adam appreciates others seeing his wife naked, "...the door swung open and one of the housemaids entered. The girl’s jaw came unhinged and her eyes fixed on the naked backside of her mistress. He lurched to his feet. “Come back in five minutes.” The door clicked shut almost before the words left his mouth." Adam's woman knows how to tire him out, "he barely had enough energy left for a weak laugh. “You will be the death of me.” I liked this book, I loved that Adam's lady would drive him bonkers and make him question things.
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