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I have read this author before and have enjoyed her work. This book was not that good. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review. Receiving the book in this manner had no bearing on my review.
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I absolutely love Lisa Jackson books but Liar, Liar just fell flat for me.   It just couldn't capture me past the first 50 pages and had to put it down.
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Thank you netgalley and the publisher.
I am a big fan of Lisa Jackson @nd I have read a LOT of her books and love them.
Unfortunately, I did not like this one.  It did not keep me interested and had a difficult time wanting to get back into the book again.
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Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson.  I reviewed this book last Spring.  I thanked the editor for putting me on a list of
automatically being approved for books.
It seems a couple of my reviews have been lost and this is one of them.
I remember enjoying the book.  It's a summer beach book, don't have to think too much.
Sara Somers
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I tend to really gravitate to Jackson's books but for some reason this was a hard start and took a lot to get through.  Everyone has a dud now and then and I'm hoping this is a one off and not a trend.
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Title :Liar,Liar

Author: Lisa Jackson

Genre: thriller

Pages: 416

In this riveting page-turner from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson, a woman searches for the mother she hasn’t seen in twenty years, and uncovers a nightmare of greed and deception . . .  


In death, Didi Storm is finally getting the kind of publicity that eluded her in life. Twenty years ago, the ex-beauty queen worked the Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator, too busy trying to make it big to spare much time for her daughter, Remmi. Shortly before she leaped from a San Francisco building, Didi’s profile was rising again, thanks to a tell-all book. To Detective Dani Settler, it looks like a straightforward suicide, or perhaps a promotional stunt gone wrong. But Remmi knows the truth isn’t so simple. Because though the broken body on the sidewalk is dressed in Didi’s clothes and wig, it isn’t Didi.


Remmi was fifteen when she last saw her mother. Their parting came in the aftermath of a terrible night in the Mojave desert when Remmi—who’d secretly stowed away in Didi’s car en route to meet her crush, Noah Scott—instead became witness to a mysterious rendezvous. Didi handed over one of her newborn twins to a man Remmi didn’t recognize. Subsequently, Didi disappeared, as did Remmi’s other 

half-sibling. Remmi has pleaded with the authorities to find them, but there have been no clues. Yet she’s always had the sense that someone is watching her . . .


If the victim isn’t Didi, who is it—and what’s the connection? Remmi is shocked when Noah resurfaces. He was also in the desert that night, and now runs his own PI firm. He too believes it’s time to find out what really happened. As they and Detective Settler dig deeper, the truth about Remmi’s missing family begins to emerge . . . a story of ruthless ambition and twisted lies that someone will kill again and again to keep hidden . 

My thoughts 

rating: 4.5 

Would I recommend it: yes

would I read more by this author? yes

First off I want to say that this one was way better then her Backlash , while that one made me want to put it down and I struggled with it , this one I didn't have any problems with it, it had me question every thing I knew was going on , and had me wanting to know whiter her mother was a live or dead, if her sister and brother was a live or die , what happened the last time she seen her mother and brother and sister , in fact I would say that it didn't let me down at all ,With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion. .
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I just absolutely love Lisa Jackson's books, and once again was not disappointed.  The book was well written, engrossing and I enjoyed the time jumps between the present and the past of 20 years ago.  
Well done, can't wait to read the next one!
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What really happened out in the Nevada desert? Didi Storm, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, has two babies in the back of her white caddie. What she didn't know was that her teenage daughter, Remmi, has hidden in the secret compartment. Didi seems to sell one of the babies to its father, but it was the girl dressed in the boys clothes. After which someone shot the buyer and the car exploded. Now 15 years later, Tammy sees someone dressed as her mother take a fatal leap, but was it really her mother? Lots of twists to keep you reading.
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I tried to like this book, but it just didn't capture my interest when reading it. Thank you anyway for the ARC. It' is important to librarians to read widely, even when we aren't successful in finding books that we personally enjoy.
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Do you ever have a book in your TBR pile, that just sits and sits, getting shoved further down because you "think" it won't be as good as the others? DON'T DO THAT with this book! Didi Storm was a Vegas impersonator trying to be a star. One night, her daughter Remmi, trying to sneak out to meet a boy, finds herself hiding in the trunk of her mom's car as it heads to the Nevada desert in the middle of the night. Unbeknownst to her, she witnesses her mom selling one of her twin siblings and watches in horror as the vehicle driven by the other person is blown up. It's almost the last time she sees her mom. Twenty years later, Didi Storm is finding the fame she looked so hard for, only she still hasn't been seen since the evening after that incident. 

A page turner for sure, my only complaint, it's seriously about 50-75 pages too long. Parts of it just dragged on much longer than necessary. When you find yourself skimming pages on multiple occasions, finish the book, and don't feel like you missed anything? Means there was a lot that could have left out. That being said, Lisa Jackson will remain on my list of authors to search for when I look through Netgalley (thank you for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)
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I had a really hard time with this book. I usually like Ms. Jackson's books so I tried several times to read it and just couldn't. I discovered quite a while ago that there has to be at least one character that I like. This book didn't have one I liked even a little. So I just couldn't finish it. For those who aren't hung up on "liking" a character, this would probably be a good read...lots of action! I'll look forward to her next book and a character I can like.
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Kensington and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Liar, Liar.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

Didi Storm's elaborate scheme backfired dramatically, resulting in her disappearance.  Leaving her daughter Remmi, a teenager who is forced to live with extended family despite never having met them before, Didi is not spotted for twenty years.  Will a tell-all book and a possible suicide bring Remmi closer to the truth than she has ever known?  Will the ghosts from Remmi's past finally materialize into solid form?  Can the truth set Remmi free from the guilt and shame that she feels over what happened twenty years before or will her search lead directly into danger?

Liar, Liar is the mystery/suspense equivalent of a beach read.  I did guess some of the plot twists early on, so I read most of the book just to confirm my suspicions.  The biggest issue that I had with the novel was the fact that Didi Storm was not a likable character.  When confronted early on with a person of deplorable character, who then becomes a victim, it is hard to have any sympathy for her plight.  Remmi has some redeeming qualities, but I did not feel like I got to know her outside of her mother's disappearance and the aftermath.  For these reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend Liar, Liar to other readers.
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Didi Storm is going to jump from that San Francisco building, or is she? And would you know it, her daughter Remmi is walking past the actual scene as she's about to.

Coincidence? Well not if they lived in the same house, or even the same city. But they don't, they're 20 years estranged, since ex-beauty queen/club dancer Didi left Remmi in the care of a babysitter, and drove off into the sunset, following a bizarre incident when Remmi witnessed Didi meeting a man in the Nevada desert, and handing over one of her twins for cash.

Detective Dani Settler also finds things a bit too coincidental, a tell-all book on Didi's life has just been published, and nothing will help sales like a body slammed into concrete. Well, whaddaya know, Didi didn't leap - it was someone dressed like Didi, down to the signature fingernail. 

Has anyone noticed the pattern with the names yet? 

Except it's only the girl's names. Boys, we get Noah, Brett, Oliver and so on. And there are other girls who fare better.

So far, it's an unlikely plot - too many weird coincidences, flat dully-named characters - apart from the investigators and one or two others, we don't find out what many of them do with their lives, and a fair degree of cheesiness when it comes to names and catchy songs that are hummed. But this isn't even the most annoying part. It's the writing. A phrase just repeats, every paragraph or so, and then the scene changes, and a new loop of phrase is born. It's not like I can quote a paragraph, you wouldn't get it -  it's just the phrase repeats, sometimes slightly different, but the words and meaning is identical. And the effect is cumulative, so the repeating phrase lodges somewhere in your brain, and the last time the phrase repeats, you want to throw something (the book perhaps). And definitely this review. Because maybe there are some people who need reminders from authors, and perhaps repetition can serve a purpose in writing, but too much of a repeating phrase is not a good thing. See.

So, if you're into earworms, throwing books and kindles around and cheese, then read this book. Else, give it a skip. It's not worth your time. 

Why did I finish it? I couldn't say for sure. I blame my mother, who chased me around the house with cauliflower once, because I didn't clean my plate.
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♥I got a copy from the publisher through NetGalley and this is my most honest uninfluenced review♥ 

I'm really busy these days so I'm going to need to review it later, but I wanna say that my only complaint is the ending was too rushed and I didn't get all the bad guys punished and it makes me sad

Full review to come
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What a ride of a book.  Didi has had a rocky life, a Marilyn Munroe impersonator and single mum, she is not always honest with her dealings and hold secrets from her oldest child Remmi.
20 years after Didi disappears, a tell all book is released, then a Woman falls to her death dressed as how Didi did when being Marilyn, and with Didi missing, the authorities are not sure if it is really Didi or someone else.
The week Didi disappeared, her newborn twins also disappeared, although each one in different circumstances  

Remmi engages detectives into who the suicide was, and also delving into Remmi's family and her life.  As Remmi and long lost Noah, and Detective Settler dig deeper, the truth about Remmi’s missing family begins to emerge.

A good engaging story, with intrigue and suspense, and a surprising outcome.  Well worth the read.  I always enjoy Lisa Jackson's books.  This was well written and kept me wanting to read more.
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I thought at first I'd have a hard time following this book, since it jumped around a lot. It ended up coming together nicely and wasn't hard to follow at all. This is the first book I've read by this author, but certainly will not be the last.
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Unfortunately I’m going to call it quits on this one. I’ve tried and tried to finish it but I’m still at 45%. I’ll read a few pages and then put it down and read.something else - and I’ve done that for weeks now.. I’m just not interested in the story or the characters.
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I absolutely love majority of Lisa Jackson's books but I was surprising disappointed with this book. It was so slow to read that I kept flying through the book just to finish the book. Wouldn't recommend . Which makes me sad because she is such a great author.
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Fabulous!!  Lisa Jackson is a great author and her books never let me down, would highly recommend to others.
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This book was very predictable and is a part of a slow slide of bad books that Lisa Jackson has been churning out lately. I used to be a big fan of hers and even counted her as one of my favorite authors. She has clearly lost her passion and has decided to use the same formula over and over again, with no real deviation and thought put to it. I keep giving her chance after chance but this is the last time I can waste time on another boring book from her.
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