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Wow, such a sad story but definitely one that needs to be told. I applaud the author for shining a light on such an overlooked  and sensitive topic. The subject matter is upsetting but the story is one that needs to be told and the author does a great job of doing so. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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Philomena (Unloved)by Christene A Browne is a story of a girl woman who suffers much pain throughout her life. This was not an easy book to read. Philomena father drowns before she is born and her mother abandons her at the age of two. She goes through like most of her life being unloved and we go through the book not knowing if Philomena leaves the her home in the Caribbean. So much more to this book but you need to be metal able to handle it.
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This is a hard book to read but the story is so true for children and women today. Abuse is still going strong even with all the advances we have made in helping others in America today.  It is a story of a girl/woman who suffers much pain throughout her life. 
Maybe more people need to read books like this to make them aware of the struggles of others.  
This story needs to be shared even though it is hard and dark.  I would recommend it. 
Thanks to Net gallery for allowing me to read this book.
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Like another reviewer stated, this is not a happy book. If you ever wondered how mentally ill people end up homeless or in precarious life situations, this book reads like a road map of that tragic journey.  Philomena's story does not shy away from the ugliness that is sexual abuse and all the ugliness that follows. The absence of a mother in Philomena's life is keenly felt and affects every part of the main character's DNA and how she moves through the world.  The writing was solid and pulls the reader along.  I desperately wanted more for Philomena-answers, happiness, love, but I also respect the writer's decision to keep it real.
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A heart-wrenching story of a child, and then a woman who is kicked, both literally and figuratively, her entire life. Her father drowns before she is born. Her mother abandons her when she is two, and the local priest starts molesting her when she turns 10, and continues well into her adult life.  

As the title says, she is unloved, and does not know what love is.

The story is told from two points of time, by the protagonist. One point is the present, and the other is the past. The present is when she is trying to seek help for her mental state. The past is where she got into such a bad way.

This is not a happy book. This is really a downer sort of story, though it reads quite true. Children are abused. 

The way the book is written, it is unclear where Philomena is, when she leaves the Caribbean. We only know it is a large city in a climate that gets snow in the winter, and is in North America. This might be to make her suffering more anonymous. That she is that homeless person on the street. 

Very sad, very tragic. You have to be in the right state of mind to read it. 

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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